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Generation No. 1

1. SAMUEL HARRY3 COLLINS (SAMUEL2, JESSE1) was born January 03, 1847 in Gentry County, MO, (near St.Joseph), and died January 31, 1931 in Santa Ana, Orange County, CA. He married SARAH VERLINA BROWN March 1878 in Chapman, Merrick County, NE, daughter of JACOB BROWN and CATHERINE HUNTLEY. She was born December 17, 1852 in Mauston, Juneau County, WI, and died March 10, 1915 in Chapman, Merrick Co., NE.


2   i. Flora M4 COLLINS, twin, born December 18, 1878 in Chapman, Merrick Co., NE; died January 22, 1890 in Chapman, Merrick Co., NE (unmarried).

3   ii. Dora N. COLLINS, twin, born December 18, 1878 in Chapman, Merrick Co., NE; died December 14, 1934 in Butler, MO. She married George W. DIXON January 14, 1903 in Chapman, NE; died 1941.

4   iii. George Wesley COLLINS, born July 30, 1880 in Chapman, Merrick Co.,NE; died February 28, 1941 in Long Beach, CA. He married Bessie Mae TACKETT October 28, 1903 in Downington, Wyoming; born December 11, 1877 in Odessa, MO; died January 23, 1938 in Anaheim, CA.

5   iv. Harrison "Harry" H COLLINS, born August 25, 1882 in Chapman, Merrick Co., NE; died March 17, 1907 in (ae 24). He married May DUNGAN June 06, 1906.

6   v. THOMAS JEFFERSON COLLINS, born March 16, 1885 in Chapman, Merrick County, NE; died October 10, 1958 in Orange, Orange County, CA (73 years). He married GRACE ANNA HANLON May 03, 1910 in Harvard, Clay County, NE; born April 16, 1888 in Harvard, NE; died February 09, 1945 in Orange, Orange County, CA (56 yrs).

7   vi. Ella Rose COLLINS, born November 14, 1887 in Chapman, Merrick Co., NE; died October 12, 1920 in Twin Falls, ID. She married William GRIEVE.

8   vii. Orra Sidney COLLINS, born April 06, 1891 in Chapman, NE; died August 12, 1955 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She married Walter E. HANLON; born August 13, 1886 in Harvard, Clay County, NE; died September 1967 in Jerome, ID.

Notes: Samuel Harry and Sarah Verlina (Brown) COLLINS were both buried in Chapman Cemetery. She died there in 1915 and he went to CA but his body was returned to Merrick County, NE and he, too, was buried in Chapman Cemetery.
18 Jan 2003 - Diana Davis, <>

On-Line References: Merrick Co. Marriage Record Book A p187. 1885 Census: Chapman Pct, p6 D55 F55.




John COMBS born 10 May 1835, died 1891. Married 4 July 1883 in Central City, Neb. to

Mintie Luella BOWERMAN - born 25 January 1867 in Nebraska. Her parents were James BOWERMAN and Mahalia CLEVER.

John and Mintie COMBS had 4 daughters:


Pearl May born 11 June 1884


Edith Irene born 18 July 1886


Gertie Ellen born 21 August 1888


Cora Lenora born 27 August 1890

After the death of John, Mintie and her daughters moved to Idaho.

Dates these people were in Nebraska were around 1867 - 1893.
Thank you. Noretta Hornbeck  17 Feb 2002


Joseph L. CRAWFORD, born Aug 1869, NE 1 2
  Died after 19 Oct 1932 3
Sources: Census: 21 May 1910 Emmett, Holt, NE
Census: 1920 Holt, NE
Marriage 1 - Jennie Lydia MARSHALL b: 16 Feb 1866 in Centerville, Appanoose, IA
Married: 13 May 1895 in Columbus, Platte Co., NE

4 5
William CRAWFORD b: Oct 1897 in Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Mabel L CRAWFORD b: Dec 1899 in Nebraska
Archie B CRAWFORD b: Abt. 1904
Carl C CRAWFORD b: Private
Marriage 2 - Spouse Unknown  
Alfred CRAWFORD b: Nov 1882
Charles CRAWFORD b: Dec 1886
Minnie CRAWFORD b: Feb 1889
Henry Harrison CRAWFORD b: Mar 1891
Arthur CRAWFORD b: Nov 1893
Sources: 1920 Federal Census of Holt Co., NE
1900 Merrick Co., NE Federal Census
Death Certificate of Jennie L Marshall-Abart-Crawford
1910 Holt Co., NE Federal Census
Marriage record of JL Crawford and Jennie L Abart
Submitted by: Rhonda Kren  3 Feb 2005  

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