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James & Mary (Rayburn) HARMAN

James HARMAN was b 6 Feb 1840 in Switzerland Co, Indiana.
He was the ninth child of Philip & Nancy (Jackson) Harmon. His siblings included Jackson, Sarah (Gibbs), Mary "Polly" (Herron), Samuel, Euphemia (Cole), John, Julia Ann (?), Rebecca (Chambers)(twin to James), Archer and Michael.

James & four brothers served in the Civil War. Please see additional information about James on the NEGenWeb Project Civil War website.

James married Mary E. Rayburn on 18 Oct 1865 in Shelby Twp., Ripley Co, Indiana.
James and Mary had the following children:
1. Elmer E. d. before Mar 1915, buried at Central City, Merrick, NE
2. Susan E. (Settles) d. after Mar 1915
3. Mary R. "Dolly" d. before Mar 1915, buried at Central City, Merrick, NE
4. Mable R. (Nett) d. after Mar 1915
5. Earnest P. d. after Mar 1915 (single in 1915)
James Harman's first wife Mary, died in 1888 and is buried at Central City, Merrick, NE.
James then married a second time to Kate Bodenson on 05 Feb 1891 in Merrick Co, NE. Kate died in 1903.

He lived a total of 26 years in Silver Creek, Fullerton & Central City, NE.

James Harman died on 3 Apr 1932 at National Military Home, Leavenworth Co, KS. His body was then shipped by train to Central City, NE to be buried near his family in the Central City Cemetery. James Harman's son Earnest P., was the informant. His residence was Wendling, OR in 1932.

NOTE: James seems to have used HARMAN although he occasionally appears in records as HARMON. Other lines have used HARMON most of the time.
Submitted by Corri Johnson <> 10 Jun 1999

Descendants of

Generation No. 1


Abram A.1 HAVENS was born in New York. He married Laura J. SIMONDS.

Child of Abram HAVENS and Laura SIMONDS is:



Anson L.2 HAVENS, b. April 06, 1860, Amherst, OH; d. June 28, 1947, Omaha, Douglas, NE

Generation No. 2


  Anson L.2 HAVENS (ABRAM A.1) was born April 6, 1860 in Amherst, OH, and died June 28, 1947 in Omaha, Douglas, NE. He was agent for Union Pacific Railroad, and the Wells Fargo & Co express. So he probably had office at RR station and was in charge of freight. He was also listed on his death certificate as being a coal dealer. Cause of Death: Cancer. Interment at Forest Lawn, Omaha, NE, Section 9, Lot 85, Grave # 16.

  He married Harriet A. WELLS February 10, 1886 in Central City, Merrick, Nebraska, daughter of George WELLS and Harriet JOBINE. Witnesses to the wedding: Edward Price Berryman and Daisy Wells. Cause of Death: Heart Block. Interment at Forest Lawn, Omaha, NE, Section 9, Lot 85, Grave # 11.

Children of Anson HAVENS and Harriet WELLS are:


Paul Anson3 HAVENS, b. March 6, 1887, NE; d. October 23, 1938, Long Beach, Calif;
m. Bessie TOWNSEND, November 24, 1909, Omaha, Douglas, NE.


Marguerite F. HAVENS, b. January 2, 1890, NE; d. March 22, 1966, Omaha, Douglas, NE; m. ???. The 1949 Omaha Nebraska phone book list her as living there at that time. She was once married but after the divorce apparently took back her maiden name. No children by the marriage. Cause of Death: Pulmonary Edema. Interment at Forest Lawn, Omaha, Nebraska, Section 9 Lot 85 Grave # 12


Mark Edward HAVENS, b. April 3, 1896, NE; d. December 10, 1972, Denver, Colorado. Interment at Forest Lawn, Omaha, NE, Section 9, Lot 85, Grave # 13. Married Jeannetta A. ???. Cause of Death: Heart Attack. Interment at Forest lawn, Omaha, NE, Section 9, Lot 85, Grave # 14. The 1949 Omaha, Nebraska phone directory list both Mark and his wife Jeannette as living there at that time.

Linda Hendley 23 Apr 2003

HOWE -WALLACE mini-genealogy on Nance County has Merrick County connections.

James Jr. & Catherine Louisa (Hall) HUGGINS

14 Oct 2006 -

This mini Genealogy was written by Ida May Huggins my grandmother who was the daughter of James Huggins, early pioneer of Merrick county.

Mary Alice Vampola < >
August 24, 1955
     My daughter Alice Kinney wants me to write down what I can remember of the Huggins family. I am 85 years old and have forgotten some of the names and dates.  James Huggins Sr. was born in England.  There were 5 brothers.  They were purported to be some kind of cousin to the King or Queen of England which ever reigned at that time.  They  were sent to America on a mission and landed in New York and during their activities 3 were killed by Indians.  James and Benjamin were left.  Benjamin escaped the Indians and boarded a ship and went to Boston Massachusetts.  There he married a raised a large family and lived and died in Boston.      James stayed in New York and married an English girl named Nancy Clapsaddle.  To them were born 10 Children 4 boys and 6 girls.  The boys names were Zadock, John, James and David.
     The boys were given Bible names for grandmother was a great Bible student.  The girls names were Catherine, Betsy, Mary, Laura, Clara and Julia ( the youngest).  Catherine married and left her man had one boy Charles.  She resumed her maiden name and went to Niagara Falls to live and there she lived with her boy and died there.  Betsy married a Mc Math and they lived in Syracuse New York.  Had 2 boys and one girl.  They was very wealthy.  Mary married a man named Eddy had one boy little John.  Laura married a man named Joe Owen no children they lived and died at Little Valley, New York.  Clara married Bill Payne they lived in Monroe Oregon and had 2 children David and Alice.  Julia married a man named Bradford who was a newspaper editor and they lived at Salamanca, New York had 2 boys and Julia died young at childbirth.
     That is all I can recall of the girls (and now the boys) Zadock married and they lived in Detroit Michigan.  Raised a large family do not remember his profession.  Jonathon next he stayed with his father in the business got married and they had 2 girls.  He was very high tempered and bull headed so he blew up and departed for the west and the gold fields located at Carson City Nevada.  Then he had a gold mine.  He sent nuggets home to the folks but never came back to his family.  His wife got divorced and married again.  No one knew how or where he died or what became of his mine.
     James Jr was next he worked with his father in the sawmill and lumber business and was also a first class carpenter and builder.      By that time Grandfather was very old 95 years (Grandmother had died several years before) a beam from a building fell on Grandpa and injured him so bad he died.  Then there was a great scramble to settle the estate.  My father James was the administrator and finally got it settled all satisfactorily.  David was the youngest boy he married and went west and settled in Monroe Oregon was a farmer and fruit grower raised 6 children and lived and died at Monroe Oregon.  This concludes all I can remember of the James Huggins Sr. family.
     And now my father James Huggins Jr. .  Besides being a carpenter and builder he was a musician he played the violin he helped play for Balls at the leading hotels of the surrounding country.  He was six foot tall and wore evening clothes at the Balls, ruffled shirts or pleated, black broad cloth swallow tail coat and modish trousers and a silk hat he looked very impressive I suppose.  It was at a Ball that he met my mother Louise Hall.  He spotted her as she was on the floor dancing got introduced and it was a whirlwind courtship.  They were married in a few days.  Much to the chagrin and disappointment of her ex boyfriend she had been going with for several years.   Off and on to them were born 6 children.  Emma Jane came first then Lyman, John, Ella, Ida, James William the youngest he was dubbed Prairie Bill as he was born in Nebraska.  The folks lived in different parts of New York for a while then moved to Oil City, Pennsylvania.  It was a great oil region.  My father being a carpenter and builder took to building oil derricks lived in fine style of the day then he concluded to speculate in oil himself so they they moved to Petroleum Centre an oil district.  So he invested a lot of money to sink a well of his own it was a great success and brought in a gusher.  There was great excitement to get it harnessed and save the oil but got it all OK and the money rolled in for several years.  I was born there.  Then someone else put a well down close to his and tapped his vein so his well began to decrease in output and he got awfully discouraged.  At that time there was a lot of propaganda being distributed about the wonderful opportunities of going out west and get free land and make all kinds of money.  They went to Albert Lee Minnesota first.  Mothers sister lived there and grandpa Hall lived with them.  There came a big snow storm for 3 days and everything was snowed under.  My Dad left immediately to go father west and find a milder climate.  He landed in Omaha and there he was stricken with typhoid fever and he had to stay till he got better in the meantime my sister Emma and her man went on farther west and located at Lone Tree on the UP (which was later and is now called Central City in Merrick county).  My Brother-in-law was a soldier and he could file on 160 acres of land whereas others could take only 80 acres so they picked out a timber claim for the folks by planting 10 acres of trees.  A few years later the law required only 5 acres of trees.  They built a sod house and planted the ten acres and my sister Emma and her man located a mile farther west.  They built a sod house and fixed it up swell as they brought a lot of nice things with the from the east.  They had some friends that located adjoining them.  All went well for several years till there came a Prairie fire and it jumped the fire breaks and no one could stop it.  It burnt them out slick and clean all their nice clothes and things.  The animals were turned loose and escaped to safety.  It was the same with and neighbors.      They all went back East as soon as they got rid of their land.  My Father took over 80 acres of my Brother-in-laws 160 and a neighbor (that had a timber claim) took over the other 80.  As homesteaders built sod houses.  My Dads house was different than most of the sods.  It had a shingled roof and a brick chimney (most of the others had sod roofs over tar paper) and a stove pipe up through the roof.  My Father did mason work also for others.  All went well for several years, Father worked both the timber claim and the homestead.  My brother Lyman got mad at the folks and pulled out for the wild west.  He went to work for the U.P.P.R. Co. was a fireman a few years then got to be a first class Engineer lived among the Mormons.  He married a Mormon girl, Hetty Browning they raised six children.  Father had to hire a man to help him on the farms as my youngest brother was to young to do much.  My sister Ella took hold of the farm she done plowing with the oxen and the way she could handle horses was a wonder.  She could ride bucking broncos.
     We had an Indian pony.  The folks used to trade with the Indians on reservation around St. Paul , Nebraska they traded flour and a fancy vest for the pony.  My sister used to ride her at the County fair and win.  She sure could ride bareback standing or with saddle.      The folks built a frame house later and also one on the timber claim.  Had to lease out part of the land on shares as his health gave out.  He had a bad Heart attack which done him up for a number of years.  Never could do any hard work on the farm afterwards.

     He died at the age of 64 years by that time my youngest brother Will could take over and run the farm.  Sister Ella married James Powers about 1881 they had 4 children only one lived to grow up.  Grace died of the flue when it was raging left 2 little girls.  My brother William married Jessie Cole they had 5 children.  All are living.  My brother was stricken with arthritis and was an invalid for several years.  He died of a heart attack at the age of 64.  Me (Ida) I married my cousin Charles Hall in 1889.  We had 9 children 6 boys and three girls.  3 died in infancy 2 girls and 1 boy.  6 lived to grow up, 5 boys and one girl.  Their names were Lee, Lyle, Ralph, Rex, Maxwell and Alice.   The ones that died was Lora Louise, Gladys May and Owen Emory.  After my marriage we went to Minneapolis, Minn. to live after a year I was so homesick I had to come back.  I thought I would never leave them again.

Obituary James Huggins
Central City Nonpareil - Thursday April 16, 1891
     On Sunday morning March 8, 1891 James Huggins departed this life at his home in Prairie Creek Township, in this after several weeks of great suffering, age 64 years 2 Mons. and 17 days.  The deceased was born in the town of Marion, Wayne County, NY Dec. 21, 1826.  In 1831 his parents moved to Cattaraugus county, in the same state, where James worked with his father on the farm for 20 years.  At the age of twenty four he married the daughter of Lyman and Abigail Hall, who survives him.  They had six children, all of whom are still living, and all were at his bedside save one, who was detained  by sickness.  
     Eleven years after his marriage he moved with his family to Salamanca, NY.  After remaining there two years he removed again to Oil City, Pa. where he remained eight years and worked at his trade, that of carpentry.  From there he moved to this county where he made his home steadily up to the time of his death.  He was one of the earliest settlers of Merrick County, and went through all the hardships that the pioneers of the county had to endure.  About fourteen years ago he was converted and united with the Central City Baptist church.  Sometime afterward he and his wife were granted letter to unite with the Prairie Creek Baptist church, of which he was a member at the time of his death.
    About eight years ago he was attacked by a serious illness, from which he never recovered and from the effects of which he finally fell asleep in Jesus, To awake where there is no more pain and sorrow.
      "Servant of God well done,
       Thy suffering warfare past;
       The battles fought, the race is won,
       And thou art crowned at last"
   The funeral took place March 10, and the remains were laid to rest in Prairie Creek Baptist church cemetery.  May they rest in peace.

Obituary Catherine Louisa Hall Huggins
Central City Nonpareil - Thursday March 5, 1908

     Mrs. Catherine Louisa Hall Huggins passed away at her home in Prairie Creek Township Monday, February 24 following three weeks of suffering from a complication of diseases.  The remains were laid to rest on February 26 in the Prairie Creek Baptist Cemetery.  The deceased was born July 2, 1830, at Oberlin Ohio.  When about twelve years old she moved with her parents to Cattaraugus County, New York, where she lived until her marriage to James Huggins February 2, 1851.  In 1861 they moved to Oil City, Pennsylvania, residing there until 1872, when they came to Merrick County and settled on the S W 1/4 of section 6-13-7, Prairie Creek Township.
     Six children were born to this union three sons and three daughters, all of whom are still living as follows: Emma J. Paiste, of Titusville, Pa.; Lyman W. Huggins of Minadoka, Idaho; John W. Huggins of this County; Ella McRae of Ashland Wisconsin; Ida M. Hall of Erickson, Nebraska; William J. Huggins of Western Canada.  There were at her bedside when she died two daughters, Ella, Ida, and one son John.
     Mrs. Huggins survived her husband seventeen years, he passed away March 8, 1891.  In 1877 he united with the Prairie Creek Baptist Church and remained a faithful member of the same until her death.  She was a faithful wife and loving mother and was highly respected by her neighbors.  She was one of the oldest pioneers in the county and suffered many of the hardships of early day life in a new country. For the past few years she has made her home with her son, John, on the farm first taken by her husband as a timber claim in 1872.   

Family File

James HUGGINS Jr. born 21 Dec 1826, Marion, Wayne, NY.  Parents: James HUGGINS and Anna Nancy CLAPPSADDLE. 

Died 8 Mar 1891, Prairie Creek Twp, Merrick Co., NE. 

Buried: Prairie Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Prairie Creek Twp, Merrick Co., NE.

  Married 2 Feb 1851, Catarraugus Co., NY to    
Catharine "Louisa" HALL, born 2 Jul 1830, Oberlin, OH.  Parents: Lyman Hall and Abigail Seaman.

Died 24 Feb 1908, Prairie Creek Twp, Merrick Co., NE.

Buried: Prairie Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Prairie Creek Twp, Merrick Co., NE.

Their children:

Emma Jane HUGGINS, born 24 Nov 1851 at Mansfield, Cattaraugus, NY.

Married 14 Mar 1868 in Pennsylvania to Samuel R. PAIST.


Lyman N. HUGGINS, born 9 Jul 1855 at Mansfield, Cattaraugus, NY. 

Married 7 Jan 1879 to Hester (Hettie) BROWNING.

Died 18 Jul 1923, Weber Co., UT.


John Wallace HUGGINS, born 16 Jun 1860 at Mansfield, Cattaraugus, NY.

Died 25 Mar 1915.


Cora "Ella" HUGGINS, born 15 Apr 1857, Oil City, Venago, PA.

Married 23 Dec 1880 of James C. Powers at Merrick Co, NE (Merrick Co. Marriages Book A p299 #299)

2nd marriage: c1886 to John A. McRae (see 1900 census: ED136 p7a D137 F137: Central City, Merrick, NE)

3rd marriage: 15 May 1908 at Merrick Co., NE to Charles DUNLAP  (Merrick Co. Marriages Book E p298 #2115).


Ida Mae HUGGINS, born 1870, Cornplanters Twp, Venago, PA.

Married 27 Feb 1889, Prairie Creek Twp., Merrick, NE to Charles Spencer HALL. (Merrick Co. Marriages Book B p323 #767)

Second marriage: 8 Jun 1931, Central City, Merrick, NE to William Alonzo PARKS (Merrick Co. Marriages Book I p551)

Died 9 Mar 1958 at Omaha, Douglas, NE. 

Buried: Prairie Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Prairie Creek Twp, Merrick Co., NE.


James "William" HUGGINS, born 25 Dec 1872 at Central City, Merrick, NE.

Married Tina JENS.

Second marriage: Jessie COLE.

Died 18 Dec 1937 at Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN.

14 Oct 2006 - submitted by Mary Alice Vampola  

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