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Anson Leonidas JEFFREYS is listed in Nebraska State Gazetteer for 1890-1891 as an eastern Gage County farmer in Filley. Anson died 1-24-1893 in Beatrice, Nebraska. His son was:

Edward Duke JEFFREYS

born 12-12-1866 in New Middleton, TN

died 5-5-1932 in Plattesmouth, NE

buried Prairie Creek Cemetery

wed 8-20-1895 -


born 8-19-1876

died 5-29-1917

buried Prairie Creek Cemetery

(Prairie Creek Cemetery, 8 miles west of Central City, Merrick, NE)

     Edward Duke & Ida Mary JEFFREYS had 8 children.


Ada Estella Jeffreys: born 3/29/1896 in Lanham, Gage, NE. Married Floyd F. RICE


Ida Viola Jeffreys: born 6/5/1897 in Clatonia, Gage, NE. Married Ralph SLIMMONS.


Edwin Forest Jeffreys: born 1/31/1899 in Rockford, Gage, NE. Married Bessie BOREN.


William Anson Jeffreys: born 1/29/1901 in Rockford, Gage, NE.
Married Mary Gertrude EBY (born 7/20/1900 in Marquette NE) & had 6 children.


Bessie Pearl Jeffreys: born 11/17/1902 in Rockford, Gage, NE. Married Livern KELLER.


Mildred Frances Jeffreys: born 5/17/1906 in Rockford, Gage, NE. Married Elton ROSS.


Luella Emma Jeffreys: born 9/27/1909 in Morrowville, Kansas. Married Milton BACHAT.


Alice Charlotte Jeffreys: born 2/25/1915 in Central City, Merrick, NE.

Terri Kroeker 21 & 22 Jul 2000




     William D. Johnston, son of Alexander & Susan Johnston, in Monticello, Indiana on Sep 2, 1859. He passed away in Merrick County, Nebraska on June 25 1949. According to census records he and his family resided in Mead & Midland, Merrick, Nebraska.

     On June 1, 1881 he married Almira (aka. Myra) Angeline Jewell at her parents home, C.C. & Lucy Jewell, by Rev. William Esplin. Myra was born in Olean, New York on Aug 1, 1859 and she passed away in Merrick County, Nebraska on Jul 22, 1950.

Children of William & Myra Jewell
i. Charles A Johnston, 1882-1923
ii. James N Johnston, 1883-1964
iii. Maggie Johnston, 1884-??
iv. Robert W Johnston, 1886-1949
v. George A Johnston, 1888-1947
vi. Hattie Mae Johnston, 1890-1897
vii. Franklin N Johnston, 1892,1971
viii. Cecil J Johnston, 1894-1949
ix. Cora L Johnston, 1897-1984
x. William Johnston, 1899-1971

Contributed by G. Johnston  8/29/2008

Additional notes: See the following resources -

History of Merrick Co. Nebraska, Vol I pp247 (C&L Jewell), 250 (C&B Johnston, & GA Johnston), 251 (N&S Johnston), 252-3 (W&M Johnston)

Compendium of History Remininscense & Bio. of NE pp 386-7

1885 NE Census ED 530 p5 D42 F48

1900 Fed. Census NE ED138 p9b D160 F164

1920 Fed. Census NE ED161 p3A F9

Merrick Co Marriage Records Bk A p327 #327

Marriage Records Book E p84 #1903 (w/ch: James Nathan)

Marriage Records Book E p307 #2124 (w/ch: George Archie)

Marriage Records Book G p481 #3015 (w/ch: Cecil J.)

Marriage Records Book H p179 #3348 (w/ch: Robert W.)

Marriage Records Book H p377 #3537 (w/ch: William S.)

Marriage Records Book I p6 #3550 (w/ch: Cecil J.)



Generation No. 1


August1 KOLLER was born December 24, 1832 in Marianwald, Prussia, and died Unknown. He married Johanna LIPKE.

Children of August Koller and Johanna Lipke were:


Karl2 KOELLER, b. September 06, 1853.


August KOELLER, b. October 13, 1854.


Fritz K(O)ELLER, b. September 09, 1859.


Auguste KOELLER, b. About 1861



Hellmuth Otto KOELLER, b. May 22, 1865, Marianwald, Prussia; d. March 19, 1954, Rock Island, IL.


Albert KOELLER, b. October 28, 1866.


Otto KOELLER, b. November 11, 1871.

Generation No. 2


Hellmuth Otto2 KOELLER (August1 KOLLER) was born May 22, 1865 in Marianwald, Prussia, and died March 19, 1954 in Rock Island, IL. He married Josepha PECH June 16, 1902 in Morse Bluffs, Saunders, NE, daughter of Joseph PECH and Helene WALZ.

Children of Hellmuth Koeller and Josepha Pech were:



Hubert Gerald3 KOELLER, b. March 13, 1903, Clarks, Merrick, NE; d. May 27, 1994, Fontana, CA;
m. (1) Genevieve May TRENNEPOHL, October 20, 1932, Neligh, NE;
m. (2) Evelyn Mae LEWIS, 1951.


Anita Helen KOELLER, b. October 04, 1904, Clarks, Merrick, NE; d. January 02, 1987, Pella, IA;
m. Leo Nicholas MEYSENBURG I, August 22, 1924, Clarks, Merrick, NE.


Paul Hellmuth KOELLER, b. April 06, 1906, Clarks, Merrick, NE; d. April 24, 1990, Lincoln, NE;
m. Edith Zoe WARREN, June 27, 1929, St. Teresa's Church, Lincoln, Lancaster, NE.


Eric Otto KOELLER, b. December 10, 1908, Clarks, Merrick, NE;
m. Lucille G. CARR, March 29, 1935, Philadelphia, PA.


Alfred KOELLER, b. September 12, 1912, Clarks, Merrick, NE; d. May 17, 1993, Rock Island, IL.

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