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     John Lutes was born 12 October, 1813 in Washington County, Pennsylvania, the son of Adam Lutes and Anna Lash. His birth record can be found in the records of the Stecher Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in Fallowfield Twp. in Washington County, Pa. He married Christina Donutt, daughter of George Donutt and Margaret Zuver, in Wayne County, Ohio on 11 April, 1833. In 1850 the John Lutes family was in Fulton County, Ohio.

      The 1860 census reading in Fulton County, Ohio has the family as follows:

John Lutes   48  Merchant   born         Pa. 
Christina    45                          Pa.
Jacob        21  Clerk                   Oh.
Elizabeth    19  school                  Oh.
Nancy        15  school                  Oh.
Mary         13  school                  Oh.
Clarissa      7  school                  Oh. 

     By 1870 the John Lutes family was living in Penn twp. of Cass County, Michigan. John was listed as being 56 , a dry goods merchant, and being born in Pennsylvania. Christina was also listed as 56, keeping house and also being born in Pennsylvania. Clarrissa was 16 and William was 8. The other children had started families of their own by this time.

      The last record we have of John Lutes is on the 1880 census of Loup twp. Merrick County, Nebraska. He is listed as being 66 years of age, with being born in Pennsylvania. Cristina is said to be 65 with a birth place of Pennsylvania. Their daughter Nancy, who married Robert Wooden, was living next door to them.

      Children of John Lutes and Christina Donutt:

Sarah Ann, born about 1836, married William Graham.
Jacob B. Lutes , born 1839, married Ellen ? He died in 1912, Vandalia, Michigan.
Elizabeth, born 1842, married Emil Accard. She died on July 17, 1827 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but is buried in Warsaw, Indiana, as is her husband.
Mary, born about 1847, married John Guyman in Cass County, Michigan on May 12, 1870.
Clarissa, born about 1853, H. A. Snyder on December 31, 1874 in Cass County, Michigan.
William, born about 1862. Not certain if he belongs to this family.

Ken Fawley  8 Jan 2003

John Cunningham LUTES

Generation No. 1


John Cunningham LUTES,
b. May 1849 WV - operated a cafe and bakery, owned mortgaged farm.

Married c 1874 to Jane E. (Eliza Jane) BLAGG who was
b. Apr 1856 PA or OH?
In 1900 census, she had 11 children, 10 living.

Children of John C. and Eliza Jane (BLAGG) LUTES


Linnie Leota LUTES,
b. 26 Aug 1876 Corydon/Wayne/IA
d. 21 Nov 1947 San Francisco/SF/CA


Elva Gertrude LUTES,
b. 2 Jan 1878 Bethany/Harrison/MO
d. 16 Nov 1967 Denver/Denver/CO
Gertrude moved to San Fransicso, where she worked as a motel maid until she retired.
She moved to Denver. Never married.


Clarence Theodore LUTES,
b.11 Aug 1879 Princeton/Mercer/MO
d. 20 Mar 1948 Lincoln/Lancaster/NE/USA
m Alice BURTON, 23 Dec 1908 Emerson/Mills/IA


Leala Myrtle LUTES,
b. 24 Feb 1882 Allerton/Wayne/IA
d. 29 Jul 1903 Central City/Merrick/NE.
Never married.


Blanche May LUTES,
b. 26 Sep 1883 Corydon/Wayne/IA
d. 3 May 1918 Central City/Merrick/NE
Blanche was Grandfather's favorite sister.
She died at age 35. Never married.
Cause of Death: Paralysis & complications.


Frances Rae LUTES,
b. 4 Apr 1885 Central City/Merrick/NE
d.14 Apr 1886 Central City/Merrick/NE
Rae died very young. Cause of Death: Whooping Cough
Grandfather says she fell into a polluted rain barrel and got some kind of bacterial infection.


John William "Bill" LUTES,
b. 6 Nov 1886 Central City/Merrick/NE
d. 1952 Inglewood/LA/CA
m. Grace RENFRO, 14 Oct 1914 Fremont/Dodge/NE


Hazel Berthena LUTES,
b. 19 Dec 1889 Central City/Merrick/NE
d. 1975 Denver/Denver/CO
m Marvyn M Greene (Marvin?)
8 Feb 1918 Central City/Merrick/NE (Marvin b.1892? Johnson/NE)
Hazel married and moved to Denver where she became a real estate agent.
She remained there until her death.



James Ercell Roy LUTES,
b. 7 May 1892 Central City/Merrick/NE
d. 8 May 1973 Escondido/San Diego/CA
m. Gladys Catherine KEEBLER, 14 July 1917 Fremont/Dodge/NE


Ned Carlos "Carl" LUTES,
b.15 Mar 1894 Central City/Merrick/NE
d. Jun 1973
m. Mary SCORSUR at.San Jose/Santa Clara/CA


Vaughn Cunningham LUTES,
b. 6 Aug 1895 Central City/Merrick/NE
d. 20 Jun 1967 Tylertown/Miss
m2. Vera Reeves CLAXTON, 30 May 1934 Los Angeles/LA/CA

Generation No. 2


James Ercell Roy LUTES married Gladys Keebler of Omaha.
He joined the Army and served in the Spanish American War along the border in Deming, New Mexico.

Children of James Ercell Roy and Gladys (Keebler) LUTES:



Jane LUTES - married and had 2 girls: Carol and Katie.


Ken LUTES - married and had 2 boys: Steve and Jim

Grandfather said his grandfather made him a bow and arrow out of hickory and it was to stay on the roof until it seasoned. He couldn't wait and one day took it down, "just to look at it" . He accidently (?) shot it and about that time the chinese laundryman was coming down the alley with his horse and buggy. The arrow pierced the buggy and narrowly missed the chinaman. Needless to say he was in trouble.

Another misadventure with the laundryman occurred when he and his brother Bill hid behind the wood pile and threw wood chips at the horse. The horse, thinking it was the tip of the whip would take off, with the laundryman yelling at him in Chinese...until he spotted the boys ... in trouble again.

This information is all personally verified by my grandfather James Ercel Roy Lutes.
Carol J. Culp   27 Dec 2001

"This is a story which my grandfather (James E. R. Lutes) dictated to me when I was a child: On May 11, 1860, having packed the wagon with their belongings, the family set out over hills and prairie. The trip to Corydon (Iowa) took three days, camping along the trail at night. On the evening of the first day, in the process of cleaning up after partaking of a meal prepared over the campfire, a yellow gravy dish was broken. Next morning before starting, the dish was cast aside as of no further use. This dish was a favorite of Janie's and she was very unhappy at leaving it by the way. She began to cry after leaving camp and it took the family a while to console her."

Please see family photos provided K Pegelow, posted to Merrick Photo Album.

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