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John Thomas Makinson was born in Missouri in 1846, the fourth child of George and Sarah Makinson. His name appears with the rest of the family in the 1850 & 1860 US Census for Sullivan Co. Missouri and Henry County, Illinois respectively. The next record of John was found quite by accident in Union County Iowa when I was at the abstract office in Creston Iowa where I had stopped on the way from Ottumwa, Iowa to Omaha, Nebraska. I stopped because I knew that Alex and Sarah Beath had lived there and wanted to get some further information on them. At the abstract office I found that on an adjacent piece of property to where the Alex and Sarah lived, that a John T. Makinson had bought an piece of property on June 9, 1869 from a Stephen Browder and at least until March 3, 1879, he owned this property, This is recorded in book L page 214,314 and book 2 page 198 and book 3 page 167. This was too much of a coincidence to be overlooked. It would appear that Alex and Sarah Beath moved to Iowa in 1881 onto an adjacent piece of property. Further study may reveal that it might even be the same property? When we talk about Lydia Jane Makinson Jennings we will state that she lived in Thayer Iowa until after the turn of the century and ran a hotel and boarding house for railroad men. At one time at least three of George and Sarah Makinson's children lived in or around Thayer, Iowa.

The next we hear of John Thomas Makinson is from the newspaper THE NONPAREIL, official paper of Central City, Nebraska on Thursday, November 17, 1898. The account reads as follows:


Prominent Citizen of Palmer Passes Away While a Guest at the Occidental Hotel in Grand Island

Yesterday, about noon, the attaches of the Occidental Hotel became aware of the fact that in one of the rooms of the hotel there was a very sick man. A Physician was at once summoned and it was ascertained that the man was on his deathbed. In fact, he lived but a few minutes after the doctor arrived, and was beyond all human aid. J.T. Mackinson, for such was the stranger's name, stated to the doctor that bad whiskey did it, and it has been learned that he has been on a considerable spree. But it is stated that his death resulted from a liver complaint. It appears that he has been in the city for several days, that he drove here from his home in Palmer and that his team was first put up at Wasmer's barn and later at Knowles' stable. He is said to have had considerable money when he came here and quite an amount was still in his clothing, as were also his watch and other valuables. His own remark and all other circumstances surrounding the case were such strong evidence that the man had died of natural causes that Coroner Hawk considered an inquest entirely unnecessary. Mackinson's home is at Palmer, and the intelligence of this death was at once sent to that point. Word has since been received by wire from Palmer that the news had been communicated to a brother in Shenandoah, Iowa and from this it is supposed that the man had no relatives and no family at Palmer. The remains were taken to the undertaking rooms of Joseph Sondermann and will be held until word is received from the brother in Iowa. --- Grand Island Independent

Also in the paper is the following:

Friday it was announced that "Col" J.T. Mackinson, had died at Grand Island. For many years "Col" Mackinson had resided at Palmer, Nebraska. where he was extensively engaged in baling and shipping hay. He was an ardent democrat and supporter of Grover Cleveland. In 1894 he was the candidate of his party for state senator from this district. "Mack" had his faults, but who has not? He was generous, warm hearted and true to his friends. It is sad to think that no friend was near and that his last moments were not more peaceful but such is life. (Typed as written in the newspaper)

Central City, Merrick County, Nebraska Thursday, November 17, 1898

DIED (J.T.MANKINSON) MANKINSON,-- At Grand Island, on the 11th instant, J. T, Mankinson, of heart failure, Funeral was held at Palmer. Deceased has been a resident of Palmer for a number of years, and has been a prominent politician there. At one time he was candidate for state senator on the Democratic ticket. He had been a heavy baler and shipper of hay. Last Friday morning he was found very seriously ill in his room at one of the hotels in Grand Island, and died a few moments after the physician arrived.

At the time of his death he had his three sisters and brother still living. His brother, William, came to bury him. John had a wife named Nellie and no children at the time of his death. With him at death he had a gray mare and a gray horse, a hay wagon and hay rack, a nearly new opticians spectacle traveling case, a bill book, pocket book and a leather hand satchel. He had $600.00 cash and no real estate so far as can be determined from the probate records. It cost $4.00 to dig the grave and later there was a $2.00 rebate on the grave digging.

On January 9, 1915 cash was received from the legacy of Joshua Crowther, brother to John's mother, Sarah Crowther Makinson, who died in 1913 at the age of 99 years. At that time John's widow, Nellie could not be found and most of the money was used by the administrators and courts ($250.84). Joshua left 500 Pounds to his sister and a share was given to my grandfather and to great aunt Gertrude as surviving children of William Makinson.

In 2004 I have done some further research on John Makinson. I have found coincidences that need to be mentioned. It may be that Nellie Makinson, his "supposed wife" , may have been a young niece of his wife Anna Quilter Cunningham at one time and is it possible he ran off with this young woman who was 5 years old when he married Anna?? Here is the story.

Supposedly our great grandfather's brother was born in Missouri in 1846. The John T Makinson who married in LaSalle County in 1871 was three years younger and born in Missouri. How many other John T Makinson’s would have there been in Missouri in 1840's? Now John married a woman named Anna Quilter.  John and Anna were married in LaSalle Co. Illinois on 6/19/1871.  This is where our 2nd great grandparents were living in 1870 when the census of that year was taken and John and Mary Elizabeth (his sister) were living in the home with their parents at that time.  A woman named Mary Quilter married a James Cunningham in LaSalle County Illinois on Jan 25, 1868. I presume this woman to be Anna Quilter’s sister. Now please note in the data from the 1880 census below John and Anna are living in Springfield Illinois and that the three children living with them have the surname of Cunningham. They are listed as nephews and a niece and I assume these from the wife’s sister Mary Quilter Cunningham, who must have died and then her sister took over the children for her.. Now jump to Nebraska 1885 census; there is the same family. (SEE BELOW) Note that the children have all been adopted with the surname of Makinson.

Now the puzzling question, John T. Makinson died in 1898 and was living in Palmer NE. Merrick Co Nebraska and had no heirs except his wife named Nellie. Is it possible that John started living with young Nellie somewhere along the way? She would not have been blood kin and he would have raised her? In 1891 when John's mother died in Union Co Iowa, the obituary says her son John was in New Mexico. Maybe when Nellie was about 16 he ran off with her? I have always puzzled why there is no record of her anywhere.. I wonder if there by chance is a marriage record of their marriage in Polk Co Nebraska where they were in 1885. It just so happens that Polk County is adjacent to Merrick County Nebraska where John and Nellie, his wife was living when he died in 1898. The court could not find Nellie in 1913 when they reopened the probate on John Makinson after Joshua Crowther, his mother’s brother, died and left him some money at his death. My great aunt Gertrude got part of the money as well. There are just too many coincidences here for there not to be a story here. The very fact that Anna & John married in the county where our great great grandparents and their nephew George Makinson and his family also lived is too much to overlook... Stranger things have happened... Maybe they were not married, just living together as man and wife since they had the same last name now that she had been adopted by John years before this.

Here is a census for Illinois for 1880 and another for Nebraska five years later.

 1880 Census Place: Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois

 Source: FHL Film 1254249  National Archives Film T9-0249     Page 245D    

Spacer RelationSpacer Sex SpacerMarrSpacer Race SpacerAge SpacerBirthplace

John T. MAKINSON SpacerSelf SpacerM SpacerM SpacerW Spacer31 SpacerM
      Occ: Works In Woolen Mill Fa: ENG. Mo: ENG.
Anna MAKINSON SpacerWifeSpacerFSpacerM SpacerW Spacer29SpacerNY
      Occ: Keeps House Fa: IRE. Mo: IRE.
Charles CUMMINGHAM SpacerNephewSpacerM SpacerSSpacerW Spacer11 SpacerIL
     Fa: MA Mo: NY
Frank CUMMINGHAM SpacerNephewSpacerM SpacerSSpacerW Spacer9SpacerIL
     Fa: MA Mo: NY
Nellie CUMMINGHAM SpacerNieceSpacerFSpacerSSpacerW Spacer5SpacerIL
     Fa: MA Mo: NY


 Database: Nebraska State Census 1885

Location: Canada Precinct, Polk, Nebraska, Date: 06 Jun 1885 

Name SpacerAgeSpacer Birth Place
John Makinson Spacer36 SpacerMissouri
Anna MakinsonSpacer 34Spacer New York
Charles H. MakinsonSpacer 15Spacer Illinois
Frank Makinson Spacer14Spacer Illinois 
Nellie M. MakinsonSpacer 10 SpacerWisconsin


Death mentioned in Shenandoah World Newspaper Friday November 18, 1898

W.G. Makinson was called to Grand Island, Nebraska Monday by the death of his brother, who died suddenly from heart disease at that place Saturday. His home was at Palmer, Nebraska and he was quite a prominent man in that section.

There is one last twist to this story. My sister Elaine found a news article announcing the marriage of one Lida Frey to John Makinson of Palmer Nebraska in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Here is the announcement.

John T Makinson and Lida E. Frey were married July 29, 1891 in Council Bluffs, Iowa by the Justice of Peace. He is 38 and resident of Palmer, Neb.  She is 29 and a resident of Mineral Point Wis. 

Submitted by Lee Makinson 4 Feb 2006



Elijah & Margaret "Jane" (Davis) McKENDRY

A biography appeared in Compendium of History Remininscense & Bio. of NE, 1912 on pp 212-13.

August 2009 - A descendent, John McKendry < > - has provided photos of this family. "One is of the McKendry Family Farm near Archer, Neb about 1890.  Elijah and Margaret Jane(Davis) McKendry and their children....Charles (my great great Grandpa).  I have titled the pics that I have on facebook (over 100).  The pic of the old woman sitting with a white hat is my GGG Grandma."

McKendry, Goodenough, Hiller Vintage Photos
# 20 - 40+ people # 16  - Margaret "Jane" (Davis) McKendry 2 # 27  - Leon McKendry, brother of Charles who is Father of Will McKendry
# 10 - 3 young men - Archie McKendry (sitting), Charles McKendry (standing right) # 31  - 2 young men - Charles McKendry (right with straw hat) 2 # 95  - 30+ people (outdoors)
# 11 - one young man - Archie McKendry # 53 - Archer Nebraska Band 1890 or earlier.
Top: Henry Durst, Chris Nuemeyer, Roy Farnham, Gene Wickham.
2nd: Harry Wickham, Brazil Halsey, Chas. Adams (Drum Major), Dut Halsey, Harry Templin.
Bottom: Gary Neumeyer, John McKendry, Dr. Chas. Barnett (Leader), Will Templin.
Note: John McKendry was the Uncle of Will B. McKendry (My Grandpa) and Brother of L.D. McKendry of Wilmette, IL

2 #100 - McKendry family farm near Archer, Neb. about 1890.

Back row...Charles, John, Margaret, Jesse and Winnie. 

Front row...Albert, James, Elijah and Lenna.

Up-dated material about some of the McKendry's can be found in 1981 History of Merrick Co. Nebraska, Vol I pp 291 (Morse), 297 (E McKendry II, & w/ch: John).  Write to Central City Library or to Merrick Co Historical Museum for copies from the book.

Look for them in the following Merrick County, NE on-line resources -

1885 NE Census Midland Pct, Merrick, NE - ED 530 p8 D77 F83

1890 Veterans Census P.O. Archer, NE

1900 Fed. Census NE Midland Twp, Merrick, NE - ED138 p12a D213 F218

Marriage Records Book C pp 106 #1001 (w/ch: Charles); & p396 #1271 (w/ch: John)

Marriage Records Book D pp 235 #1589 (w/ch: Jessie); & p458 #1799 (w/ch: Winifred)

Marriage Records Book E p289 #2106 (w/ch: Lenna)



6 Apr 2008 - I am attaching a photo of Thomas William Mendenhall, Sr. taken in 1905 when he was 71 years old.  I do not have one of Mary Jane Farley.  I keep hoping someone of that family will discover an identified one and give me a copy.   Gerald V. Mendenhall, Secretary / Mendenhall Family Association
1908 Sparks Street / Midland, TX 79705-8529  /  432-682-9986

MENDENHALL, Thomas William Sr. - Born 17 Dec 1834, Cambridge, Guernsey Co., OH. Died 26 Mar 1917.
  married 30 Oct 1856, Morgan Co., OH to (my gr-grandparents)
FARLEY, Mary Jane - Born c1833, VA. Died 28 Jan 1906.

About 1882 they left Nodaway Co, MO and moved near Hordville, Hamilton Co., NE. They are found in 1885 census at Central City, NE (ED 526 p7 D65 F65), with six children.

Before 1900, they moved to Lincoln, NE. Both are buried at Yankee Hill Cemetery, Lincoln, NE.

Celia MENDENHALL - Born  c1859, OH (1885 census)
Benjamin Elzie MENDENHALL - Born 1860, Morgan Co., OH. (see below)
John MENDENHALL - Born c1866, Nodaway Co, MO.  (1885 census) He was a resident of Hamilton Co., NE in 1877 when married Lydia Dunn at Clarks, NE (Merrick Co. NE Marriage Record Book B p188 #634). John ... had two sons, Harry and William.   John suffered a head injury and was institutionalized in Hastings where he died in 1914.  Lydia Dunn (a neighbor of the Mendenhall family) ... divorced and married James A. Finnerty and raised the sons, Harry and William, who took the name of Finnerty.  
Charlotte MENDENHALL - Born c1867, MO (1885 census)
Susie MENDENHALL - Born c1870, MO (1885 census)

Thomas "William" MENDENHALL - born Aug 1872, Nodaway Co, MO (1885 census). He was a resident of Hamilton Co, NE in 1893 when married Sybil Mary Shull (Merrick Co NE Marriage Records Book C p169 #1064).  They had 4 children. Family was living in Merrick County in 1900 & 1920 census.  Wife (divorced) & 3 children are in Central City in 1930 census.

1926: William married second to Nellie Georgia Reeves at Gering, NE. They had 3 children.  He died 11 Apr 1960 at Scottsbluff, NE as result of gas cylinder explosion.

James MENDENHALL - Born c1874, MO (1885 census)
Charles MENDENHALL - Born c1876, MO (1885 census)

Mendenhall Family in Central City, NE in 1911.  

The three men in the back left to right are William Nelson (Nels), Charles Lyndly (Lynn) and Homer Glen (Jack).  

The four women in the middle row left to right are Florence Myrtle (Coot), Lydia Ellen (Lyd), Stella Mae (Tid) and Bessie Mable (Bess).  

The five people left to right in the front are Mary Leora (Ora), Benjamin Elzie (Ben), Vernice Nathaniel (Vern), Elizabeth and Daisy Belle (Dae).

MENDENHALL, Benjamin Elzie - Born 1860, Morgan Co., OH. 

     Son of Thomas W. & Mary J. (Farley) MENDENHALL.

  married at York, NE to (my grandparents)

BROOKS, Elizabeth - Born 9 Dec 1859, Preston Co., VA. Daughter of Samuel & Mary (Queer) BROOKS. Died 1939 at Grand Island home of daughter Mary L. Willits.


Benjamin & Elizabeth lived in Hamilton County, NE until about 1903, when moved to Central City, NE. 1914: Divorced.

Charles Lindly MENDENHALL - Born 1884, Hamilton Co., NE.  He married Martha Schultz. (see History of Merrick County, NE Vol. I pp 285-6)
Daisy Belle MENDENHALL - Born c1885, Hamilton Co., NE. 1904: Married Nathan L. Baker (Merrick Co NE Marriage Records Book D p467 #1808)
Lida Ellen MENDENHALL - Born c1887, Merrick Co., NE.   1910: She married Fred B. Smith (Merrick Co NE Marriage Records Book E p443 #2256)
William Nelson MENDENHALL - Born 1889, NE  
Mary Leora MENDENHALL - Born 1891, Hamilton Co., NE. 1910: She married Claude C. Willits (Merrick Co NE Marriage Record Bk F p42 #2331).  They were living in Grand Island, NE in 1939.
Florence Myrtle MENDENHALL - Born 1892, NE. 1910: She married Ernest Buckley (Nance Co NE Marriage Record Bk 3 p489 #A174)
Bessie Mable MENDENHALL - Born 1894, NE.  1910: She married George W. Galusha. (1920 census: Prairie Creek Twp, Merrick Co., NE)
Rena Elvina MENDENHALL - Born 1896, NE.  Died young.  
Homer Glen MENDENHALL - Born 1897, NE.  
Stella Mae MENDENHALL - Born 1900, NE  
Vernice Nathaniel MENDENHALL - Born 1903, Central City, NE (my father)
Notes about Elizabeth BROOKS

Her step-father was Harmon SKILES (1880 census Hamilton Co, NE).

Her mother, Mary Queer Brooks SKILES was born 17 May 1831 at Somerset Co., PA.  She died 15 Aug 1919 at Lyons, Rice, KS.  Buried at Bushton.

Her sister was Ellen BROOKS b. c1868.

Elizabeth Brooks Mendenhall married second to John C. Whetstone (Merrick Co. NE Marriage Record Bk G, p 158 # 2699, where she identifies her parents as Herman Brooks and Mary Quin) and moved to OK. By the time of 1920 census, she is back in Central City living as Elizabeth Mendenhall with her brother Jacob Brooks.  

I'm looking for information about Elizabeth's sister, Ellen BROOKS.  She was eleven years old in 1880; born in MD. Do not know if she married. Are there descendents?

18 Jul 2007:

Gerald V. Mendenhall
1908 Sparks Street, Midland, TX 79705


     My MENDENHALL grandfather b. Morgan County OH 1860 and great grandfather MENDENHALL b. Guernsey County, OH 1834 moved to Hamilton County, NE about 1882 from Nodaway County, MO and settled near Hordville. They lost their land and moved to Central City, Grandfather Benjamin Elzie in 1901 and his father, Thomas William, Sr. in 1903. My father Vernice Nathaniel was born in Central City in 1903.

     Benjamin and his wife, Elizabeth, divorced in 1914. Elizabeth married a John WHETSTONE and moved to Oklahoma. She returned in 1919 reclaimed the name MENDENHALL and remained in Central City until a year before her death in 1939 at the home of her daughter, Mary Leora WILLITS, in Grand Island. Family legend says that all her possessions probably including her marriage certificate from York, NE and divorce papers were burned while in storage in Central City.

      Thomas, Sr. moved to Central City in 1903 and shortly thereafter moved to Lincoln, NE.  He & his wife, Mary FARLEY are buried at Yankee Hill Cemetery in Lincoln.  Benjamin & Elizabeth lived in the Central City area for sometime. (Later note from Gerald indicates Ben's brother Thomas Wm. Mendenhall lived in "Irish Town", a neighborhood in Central City)
     Benjamin Elzie and Elizabeth BROOKS MENDENHALL (b. 1860 VA) are buried in Central City. Several of their children, Charles Lindly 1884, Daisy Belle 1886, Lida Ellen 1897, William Nelson 1889, Mary Leora 1891, Florence Myrtle 1892, Bessie Mable 1894, Rena Elvina 1896 dy, Homer Glen, 1897, Stella Mae 1900, Vernice MENDENHALL 1903, remained in and around Merrick County for many years.

I'm looking for descendants of Elizabeth's sister, Ellen BROOKS.

Have her calling card, and some photos that could be/include her (indiv. photo; group photo on postcard; reverse of postcard).

18 Jul 2007: submitted by Gerald V. Mendenhall
1908 Sparks Street, Midland, TX 79705

For additional MENDENHALL information please consult Mendenhall Family Association.




Almon Miller (1817-1878) NY - m. Mary Ann Evans (1822-1884) NY

They had eight children. Three children moved to Mead Twp, Merrick Co., NE.
Albert Miller (1842-1920) NY, NE - m . Lovica Silloway (1847-1929) NY, NE
Louisa Ellen Miller (1844-1904) NY, NE - m. George Waite (1839-1924) NY, NE
Hudson Miller (1848-1913) NY, NE - m. Matilda Woodruff (1853-1946) NY, CO?

Family photo  Albert Miller & Lovica Silloway were married 29 Oct 1864 in New York. They   had 16 children born  in New spacerYork and Nebraska. Only 7 survived to adulthood. They all lived in Mead Twp, MerrickCounty and then in Fullerton, NE. Most are buried in Bureau Cemetery at Pierce Chapel, Clarks, NE.

Warren "Ray" Miller (1868-1946) NY - m. Clara Bessey (1869-1958) IA
Grace Mae Miller (1870-1955) NY - m. Joseph Snodgrass (1866-1934) MO
Hattie Adel Miller (1872-1955) NE - m. D. "Dudley" Miller (cousin) (1857-1941) NY
Charles Albert Miller (1881-1949) NY - m. Lillian Evans (cousin) (1882-1914) NY
spacer- m2. Lucy E. Shively (1891-1960) NE
Mary "Mae" Miller (1883-1967) NE - m. Charles Wellman (1876-1950) IL
Edna Miller (1888-1910) NE - m. Walter Headlee (1886- ?) NE
A. Adelbert Miller (1894-1971) NE - m. Edith Bennett (1897-1970) NE
Millers also appear on the Nance Co mini-genealogy page.

John Albert Miller and family

Family photos

First Generation in America -

1. John A. MILLER b: 9/10 Oct 1842, Voigtshagen, Treptow am Rega, Pomerania, Germany. d: 6 Aug 1928, Palmer, Merrick, NE.
   He was the son of Peter (1807-1888) & Charlotte Gauger MILLER (1807-1894). His siblings included Herman, Wilhelm, Martin and Ferdinand August MILLER. (Both Martin & Ferdinand lived in WI, as did John Albert.)
   John A. Miller served during the Civil War with Company H, 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, 1861-1864.
   John A. Miller married Albertina Theresa Louise HOFFMAN - 29 Jan 1868, Kewaunee County, WI or 17 Jan 1868 at Alnapee (Algoma) WI. Albertina Theresa Louise HOFFMAN b: 23/24 June 1851, Pomerania, Prussia (Germany). d: 14/15 June 1920, Palmer, Merrick, NE.

2nd Generation & descendents




Amelia Ann MILLER b: 6 Mar 1869, Kewaunee County or Ahnapee (Algoma) WI d: 23 May 1927
   +John SCHIEBE b: 1 Nov 1858. d: 21 Mar 1940.



Julius Martin MILLER b: 18 Sep 1870, Kewaunee County, WI or 18 Sep 1871 at Ahnapee (Algoma), WI. d: 1 Dec 1942 at Omaha, Douglas, NE.  
   +Emma BRUNK b: 3 Apr 1876



Elizabeth MILLER b: 8 Oct 1872, Kewaunee Co, WI or 6 Oct 1870 Ahnapee (Algoma), WI. d: Nov 1958, Litchfield, Sherman, NE     

     +William OTTE b: 8 Oct 1872, Coffee Precinct, IN or 2 Apr 1872. d: 6 Oct 1948 Litchfield, Sherman, NE



Emil Lorenz Ferdinand "Lawrence" OTTE b: 20 Oct 1910, Worms, Merrick, NE. d: 5 Jan 1996, Kearney, Buffalo, NE  
   +Elva Larene FRANKLIN m: 4 Jun 1935, Kearney, Buffalo, NE. Elva b: 9 Oct 1913, Poole, Buffalo, NE. d. 1 Nov 2003, Kearney, Buffalo, NE (see Grand Island Independent obit 3 Nov. 2003).



Susanna/Suzanna A.M. MILLER b: 13 Nov 1874, Palmer, Merrick, NE.  d: Jan 1963.   
   +Henry THEDE b: 24 April 1869. d: 18 Nov 1934



Julia Ann MILLER b: 16/17 Jan 1877/78, Palmer, Merrick, NE. d: 31 May 1952.  
   +Herman RUPHOFF b: 17 Jan 1871. d: 29 Jan 1932



Esther Marie MILLER b: 11/18 Nov 1878, Palmer, Merrick, NE. d: 1 Sep 1941.  
   +Albert PETERS b: 13 Oct 1877. d: 8 May 1954.



Ferdinand H. MILLER b: 28 Dec 1880, Palmer, Merrick, NE. d: 3 Jan 1967 in Norfolk, Madison, NE   
   +Rosa BADER b: 16 Sep 1884. d: 18 April 1959.



Emolia/Amolia Minna MILLER b: 28 Nov 1882, Palmer, Merrick, NE. d: 28 Nov 1978.   
   +Oscar ERNST b: 1 Dec 1879, son of Adolph Gustav Ernst and Sophie Blaser. Oscar died 15 Jan 1939.
    3 Children: Edna Agnes Ernst , Clara Alice Ernst &Walter Andrew Ernst.



August Wilhelm MILLER b: 12 Apr 1885/6, Palmer, Merrick, NE.  
   +Anna BARNHOLDT b: 21 Nov 1891. d: 29 June 1980



Emma Sophie MILLER b: 13 May 1887, Palmer, Merrick, NE. d: Jan 1981, Amarillo, TX.    
   +William KRAUSE b: 11 July 1884. d: Dec 1964



John Fredrick MILLER, Jr. b: 26 Feb 1889, Palmer, Merrick, NE. d: 30 May 1974, Palmer, Merrick, NE



Sarah Christine MILLER b: 20 Apr 1893, Palmer, Merrick, NE. d: 1948.   
   +John A. BEYER b: 4 Nov 1891. d: 1 Oct 1972



Clara Helen MILLER b: 25 Dec 1894, Palmer, Merrick, NE. d: 21 Mar 1948.  
   +William RETZLAFF b: 2 Feb 1884. d: 8 May 1957


Submitted by: Patrick D. Deuel
by: Mike & Kate Hughes
   They have a family page at <>. Chose "Our Family Tree" in the upper left corner.

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