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   Richard Lock MILLS was born September 22, 1833 in Exbourne, Devonshire, ENG, and died July 21, 1921 in Central City, Merrick, NE. He married Elizabeth Eliza KNIGHT April 7, 1861 in Bristol, Somersetshire, England, daughter of Erasmus KNIGHT and Elizabeth LEDDRA.

Children of Richard MILLS and Elizabath KNIGHT MILLS were:

i.  Roselia Lillie MILLS, b. January 18, 1862, Pleasant Grove, UT; d. February 24, 1950; m. Michael Joseph McMAHON, November 18, 1882. Roselia Lillie had 14 children. Five of them died from diptheria. The disease was carried in a letter from Eva Diehl, sister of Mike. The letter told of the death of their child from diptheria. Mayme, six years old, carried this letter around lamenting the death of her cousin. These 5 little headstones are in the C. C. cemetery: Mayme, 6 years; Raymond; John, 6 mo.; Alfred; and Richard - Born 1886 to 1893.

ii.  Richard Erasmus MILLS, b. December 17, 1863, Pleasant Grove, UT; d. June 2, 1945; m. Susie BLAIR.

iii.  Lucy MILLS, b. October 16, 1865; d. 1868.

iv.  Emma Jane MILLS, b. March 30, 1868, Pleasant Grove, UT; d. August 18, 1925, Clarks, Merrick, NE; m. Oscar TAYLOR.

v.  William Edward MILLS, b. February 22, 1870, Lone Tree, Merrick, NE; d. November 13, 1945, Omaha, Douglas, NE; m. (1) Christina R. WOLFF, October 19, 1893, South Omaha, Douglas, NE; m. (2) Maude H., October 6, 1909. (Photo Album: WE Mills with first wife & children)

vi.  George Lewis MILLS, b. November 7, 1871, Lone Tree, NE; d. October 3, 1954, Hot Springs; m. Rhetta.

vii.  Frank MILLS, b. August 30, 1873, Central City, NE; d. 1873.

viii.  Selina MILLS, b. August 30, 1873, Central City, Merrick, NE; d. September 14, 1966, Rocksprings, WY; m. Harry Lee KIDDER, December 25, 1895.

ix.  John MILLS, b. 1875; d. 1875. John died at birth.

x.  Elizabeth 'Betty' Luddra MILLS, b. October 3, 1877, Central City, Merrick, NE; d. December 14, 1970; m. Frank DANIELS, January 13, 1898. Both of Frank and Betty's children died early.

xi.  Susan MILLS, b. September 30, 1879, Central City, Merrick, NE; d. April 22, 1941, Chico, CA; m. Hugh Albert BAIRD, October 25, 1900.

xii.  Annie MILLS, b. November 10, 1882, Central City, Merrick, NE; d. January 3, 1942; m. David McClellen 'Clell' BAIRD, March 4, 1908.

Please see History of Merrick County Nebraska, Vol II, (1987) page 205 for a photograph of this family taken at the 50th wedding anniversary celebration April 20, 1911.

submitted by: Ruth L. Jenkins-McIntire
and Greg Humphrey


Elisha "Harrison" MYERS, son of Christian MYERS and Lucinda HARTMAN, was born March 25, 1857 in Finley, Hancock, OH, and died June 26, 1939 in Central City, Merrick, NE. Hannah Marie ABEL was born February 11, 1863 Belle Plaine, IA and died January 7, 1951 San Jose, Santa Clara, CA. They married on February 3, 1881 in Clarks, Merrick, NE. She was the daughter of William ABEL and Esther STANLEY. Harrison and Hannah were Quakers. They raised their family to be strong and well educated.
Children of Harrison Myers and Hannah Abel are:

       i. Marietta Myers, born June 30, 1882 in Merrick Co, NE; died September 20, 1883 in Merrick Co, NE.
      ii. Everett Myers, born April 8, 1883 in Merrick, NE; died August 1, 1964 in Palm Desert, Riverside, CA. He married Lucy STEPHEN March 14, 1906.
     iii. Clarence Myers, born May 20, 1886 in Merrick Co, NE; died November 9, 1890 in Merrick Co, NE.
     iv. Mabel Elma Myers, born October 12, 1888 in Clarks, Merrick, NE; died April 20, 1967 in Yakima, WA. She married Frank MYERS June 1910.
      v. Esther Pearl Myers, born May 12, 1893 in Clarks, Merrick, NE. She married Elmer WATKINS September 10, 1914.
     vi. Eva Myers, born August 1, 1895 in Merrick Co, NE; died March 30, 1896 in Merrick Co, NE.
     vii. Harold William Myers, born January 18, 1897 in Clarks, Merrick, NE; died June 23, 1977 in RI. He married Mary Viola FERGUSON June 7, 1922
     viii. Sybil "Inez" Myers, born October 17, 1899 in Clarks, Merrick, NE; died January 14, 1994 in Mesa, Maricopa, AZ. She married (1) Edward Aaron MILLS August 8, 1919 in Council Bluffs, IA. She married (2) Paul George KLOMHAUS October 15, 1955 in Tucson, Pima, AZ. (Photo Album: picture of "Inez" Myers)
      ix. (girl) Myers, born March 2, 1902 in Merrick Co, NE; died April 4, 1902 in Merrick Co, NE.
       x. (Hannah) Leona Myers

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The attached picture was taken of this family on September 14, 1920 after the funeral of Esther's newborn child, Eileen.

On the stairs: Harold William Myers, (Hannah) Leona Myers, Edward Aaron Mills, Frank Myers (cousin and husband of Mabel),

In chairs: Hannah Marie (Abel) Myers and (Elisha) Harrison Myers

Back: Elmer Watkins, Ida Neochia Rose Myers, (Sybil) Inez (Myers) Mills, Esther Pearl (Myers) Watkins, Mabel Elma Myers, Lucy (Stephens) Myers, and Everett Myers.

Ruth Jenkins-McIntire

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