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1885 Nebraska Census Merrick Co., NE


Guidelines: The Surname Index to Location lists alphabetically all surnames enumerated in the 1885 Census of Merrick Co. Each surname entry includes a soundex and the location (township, city, village etc) where the surname can be found. This index can be searched (using your browsers Find) by soundex or surname. If you do not know the soundex, click on Calculate a Soundex.

The archive files are organized by township or ward. To access a particular surname, find the location associated with the surname in the surname index. Then find and click on that location in the location column of the table of contents.

Each archive file is ordered as extracted. The file can be searched by Surname; Surname, Given name; or by the associated soundex. The surname spelling in as extracted with no attempt at spelling correction in either the archive file or the surname index.

Some things to watch out for: Each enumerator had his own peculiarities. Some were careless in entering birth dates and a considerable number are 10 years off. One, who enumerated Columbus Township, entered the months the individual was employed in the Months Unemployed column. Some entered the number of deceased children in the Number of Children Living column. So be careful how much credence you give to the data. Remember that census extractions are a secondary record source.

Table of Contents

Surname Index to Location

Calculate a Soundex

Enumeration District


NE ED 526

Central City Village

NE ED 525

Central Pct

NE ED 527

Chapman Pct

NE ED 525

Clarks Village

NE ED 525

Clarksville Pct

NE ED 526

Lone Tree Pct

NE ED 528

Loup Pct

NE ED 528

Mead Pct

NE ED 530

Midland Pct

NE ED 530

Prairie Creek Pct

NE ED 529

Prairie Island Pct

NE ED 524

Silver Creek Pct

NE ED 531

Vieregg Pct

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