1890-1 Business Directory & Farmer's List of the Nebraska State Gazetteer 


Central City





Silver Creek

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Archer is a station on the Arcadia branch of the B. & M. R. R., in the central partof Merrick county, eight miles from Central city, the county seat, and has a population of 75. The Methodist, Episcopal and the Baptist denominations have churches here. (1890 U.P.R.R. Gazetteer)
Brink L H, station agt B. & M. R. R.
Chapman C D, hardware, postmaster.
Dressler J N Rev, pastor M E church. Frazier L L, agt Kendall & Smith.
Giles R E, blacksmith.
Hanson & Templin, genl mdse.
Harrington C E Rev, pastor Baptist church.
Kendall & Smith, L L Frazier agt, grain, coal and flour.
Sinsel & Burnett, drugs, groceries.
Wickham E, live stock.


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Central City is situated in the southern part of Merrick county, of which it is the county seat. It is a prosperous little city of some 2,500 population, and is surrounded by a well settled and progressive farming country. It is also a junction point of the Burlington & Missouri River and the Union Pacific Railways and has all the facilities of competitive railway service. Distance from Omaha 132 miles. There are large flouring mills here which turn out an excellent product, an extensive brick yard, three banks, two good hotels and a number of solid, well established mercantile houses. The city is amply supplied with excellent water by the stand pipe system. The Nebraska Central College, under the auspices of the Methodist church and the supervision of President F. B. Ware, and Principal H. G. Pittenger, is an institution which holds a high rank and occupies one of the finest educational edifices in Nebraska. The public schools at Central City surpass those of most towns of its size and in this the city and surrounding country are highly favored. The High School building is a very handsome one and cost $13,000. There are two places of public amusement, the Grand Opera House and the Academy of Music, either of which will accommodate any ordinary gathering of citizens. The churches are Episcopal, Presbyterian, Methodist Episcopal, Baptist, Free Will Baptist and Roman Catholic. (1890 U.P.R.R. Gazetteer)

City Officers.

Mayor, J. B. Whittaker; clerk, W. Y. R. Gawne; treasurer, J. W. Sparks; police judge, T. J. Ingham; engineer, M. Patterson; water commissioner, N. H. Baldwin; marshal, A. L. Warner. 

Academy of Music, W G Stitzer mgr.
Agnew Franklin, barber.
Andre Chas & Bro, merchant tailors.
Ayres G W, supt public instruction.
Baird J B, carpenter, wagonmaker.
Baird John, barber.
Baldwin N H, supt water works.
Barritt E H, feed stable.
Benson Christ, agl implts, etc.
Benton E A, phys.
Berryman J H & Bro, dry goods, groceries
Bishop & Withrow, hardware.
Bleyer A S, watches, clocks and jewelry, mgr Grand Opera House.
Bloyer Wm, restaurant.
Bockoven & Co, produce, commission.
Bowles A J, pres Merrick Co Abstract Co and notary public.
Brininger & Hostetter, dry goods, shoes.
Brinkerhoff D W, livery, feed and sale stable.
Brown Gene, saloon.
Bruno L S, harness mfr.
Burgin & Richards, house and sign painters.
Butt & Noble, agl implts, wind mills.
Cassidy J S, restaurant.
Central City Bank, capital $20,000, surplus $5,500, N Merriam pres, F M Persinger cashier.
Central City Courier (weekly), A Fitch & Bro props.
Central City House, Morgan L Wright prop.
Central City Nonpareil, L R Robbins editor and prop.
Central City Water Works, N H Baldwin supt.
City Hotel, J H Thommpson prop.
Conway Bros, clothing.
Corcilius Brow, confectionery.
Covert B M, watches, clocks, etc.
Craig I E, harness mfr.
Desch W S, marble works.
Dolk Emma Mrs, bakery, restaurant.
Doshimer & McConald, ins, real estate.
Edger E, groceries.
Estes W C, mgr W U Tel Co.
Ewing A, atty, notary.
Farmers State Bank, capital $25,000, Thos Bryant pres, H Eilers cashier.
Faucett L H & Son, dry goods, groceries, etc.
Fitch A & Bro, props Central City Courier.
Gates L H, hay, grain.
Gawne W Y R, phys.
Genge Ed, mgr W U Tel Co.
Grand Opera House, A S Bleyer mgr.
Hanson & Barritt, real estate.
Hards E, dry goods, groceries.
Harris O C, livery stable.
Harris Sadie Miss, dressmaker.
Hastings M L, watches, stationery, guns, etc.
Havens A L, agt U P Ry and Wells Fargo & Co express.
Hawn I, carpenter.
Hawn L & Cover L, carpenters and contractors.
Hays & Co, groceries, wall paper.
Henshaw S, meat market.
Holden J G, abstracts of title.
Holden F Mason, real estate.
Huber J F, barber
Inghram T G, real estate, loans, insurance, notary public, treas Merrick County Abstract Co, justice of the peace and police judge.
Jansen H N, saloon.
Joyce K Miss, dressmaker.
Kendall M E Mrs, restaurant.
Kerr W C, sec Merrick County Abstract Co.
Kingston M J, restaurant.
Kombrink R H, funiture, undertaking.
Larsen C, agl implts.
Leach M V, restaurant.
Lear David, blacksmith.
Lee & Thompson, attys.
Levene A, merchant tailor.
Lung Sam, laundry.
Lutes J C, bakery, restaurant.
Martin Bros, drugs.
Martin D, pres Platte Valley Bank.
Martin J E, phys.
Martin J J, real estate, ins. notary.
Martin & Vieregg, flour mill.
Mason J R, drugs, groceries.
Mears C E, dentist.
Merrick County Abstract Co, A J Bowle pres, t G Inghram treas, W C Kerr sec.
Merrick County Lumber Co, W G Seeley mgr, lumber.
Merrick County Republican (weekly.) W P Watson prop.
Millard H B, job printing.
Miller J W, wagon shop.
Minter & Smith, groceries.
Nebraska Central College (Methodist), Rev F W Ware pres.
Newton Hotel, W V Nickles prop.
Nickles W V, prop Newton Hotel.
Oleson & Peterson, blacksmiths.
Oliver O, lumber, coal.
Patterson M, county surveyor.
Persing & Tidd, groceries, crockery.
Persinger F M, cashier Central City Bank.
Persinger J M, genl mdse.
Persinger N R, postmaster.
Persinger W J Mrs, millinery.
Persons, H W, dry goods, shoes, clothing.
Platte Valley Bank (The), capital $20,000, surplus $5,000, D Martin pres, S L Starrett cashier.
Porter N J, cigars, tobacco, confectionery.
Ramey A B, furniture.
Reed, George, confectionery.
Reid J F, grain, coal.
Rice & Watson, attys, real estate.
Robbins L R, editor and prop Central City Nonpareil.
Robertson W L, livery stable.
Robinson E L, physician.
Rohde Louis, shoemaker.
Sagerty J B, billiards.
Salisbury C B, butter, eggs, poultry.
Scott & Adams, lumber, coal, ins.
Sellman Sisters, millinery.
Shimoneck J, boots, shoes.
Shriver J W, justice of peace.
Smith O F Mrs, millinery.
Snodgrass J W, livery stable.
Sparks J W, atty.
Sprague C H & Co, grain elevator.
Stableton & Gray, groceries.
Starrett S B, cashier Platte Valley Bank.
Stitzer C A, drugs, books.
Stitzer W G, mgr Academy of Music.
Stutsman W G, photographer.
Thompson W T, county attorney.
Thurston W B, physician.
Tomlin C W, books, stationery, news.
Traver Isaac B, iron, hardware.
Traver Wm M, hardware.
Troh B, wagonmaker.
Tyndale A H, dry goods, carpets.
Warrell A B, agt B. & M. R. R. and Wells Fargo & Co express.
Watson W P, prop Merrick County Republican.
Wetherell R T, coroner
Whitaker J B, drugs, books.
Wright & Connor, meat market.
Wright Morgan L, prop Central City House.
Wright M L Mrs, millinery.
Yenney M, real estate, ins.


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Chapman is a village of 250 inhabitants on the U. P. Ry. in the south western portion of Merrick county, 10 miles west of Central City, the county seat. An excellent country surrounds the village, being particulary favorable for stock raising. The churches are Methodist and Baptist.
Dahlstedt C O, confectonery.
Dye D S, photographer.
Freeman Jesse, grain, coal.
Bacon M, hardware.
Bank of Chapman, C W Thomas pres, J Freeman cashier.
Bowle Wm, butter, eggs.
Cady A B, justice.
Chapman House, D L Greiner prop.
Conaway A T, genl mdse.
Coquillette J W, blacksmith.
Cercilius Wm C, barber, confectionery.
Coughlan Chas, drugs.
Crone F, cheese mfr.
Calloghly E I, postmaster, confectionery.
Galloghly J J, genl mdse.
Greiner D L, prop Chapman House.
Hannon R, sta agt.
Hansen C G, live stock.
Hollister & Pavy, meat market.
Kellogg Saml, painter.
Lamb J A, drugs.
McIntosh J W, live stock.
Mealman Ira, blacksmith.
Morrill F J, pianos and organs.
Morrill J E, phys, agl implts.
O'Hearn P, grain.
Olson J, shoe and harnessmaker.
Peterson F F, carpenter, wagonmaker.
Raser W W, apiary.
Sutton A, live stock.
Sutton J H, stock dealer.
Swanson & Anderson, oatmeal mill.
Tester Maurice, mgr Chapman Lumber Co.
Vermillion J C, cooper.
Woodworth A W, justice.


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Clarks is a town of 1,000 inhabitants, on the U. P. Ry., in Merrick county, 12 miles northeast of Central City, the county seat. The surrounding country is particularly a hay producing section; specific farming is, however, a very remunerative occupation. The schools and churches are in a flourishing condition, the latter being the Methodist, Congregational, Episcopal and Catholic. Societies: A. O. U. W.
Anderson W W, blacksmith and wagonmaker.
Asher Phoebe Mrs, bakery.
Brindel & Richardson, real estate, insurance.
Brohman W D, meat market.
Carrabine O, saloon.
Castle & Hoffman, hardware.
Chamberlin W, cashier Merrick County Bank, notary.
Chronicle The, E W Harvey editor and prop.
Clarks Opera House, Clarks Opera House Co props. (seating capacity 400.)
Cochrane & Myers, lumber.
Cochrane S B, genl mdse.
Commercial Hotel, L M Pratt prop.
Davis E E, barber.
Dietz J F, lumber.
Dixon T L, genl mdse, postmaster.
Donelson J D, saloon.
Douglas J C, billiards.
Dunam J S, justice.
Erdman F F, painter, paper hanger.
Foulkes John, shoemaker.
Gibson E M, live stock.
Gray D R, confectionery, restaurant.
Hartwell J C, genl mdse.
Harvey E W, editor and prop The Chronicle.
Hatch Thos, hardware, imp;lts.
Hoskins & Co, genl mdse.
King P C, grain elevator.
Kinney & Reames, harnessmakers.
Kokjer H M & Bro, blacksmiths, agl implts.
Martin J C, atty.
Merrick County Bank, capital $50,000, H Chamberlin pres, W Chamberlin cashier.
Nelsen Peter, clothing.
Noble F A, carpenter.
Pacific Bank of Clarks, capital $10,000, S B Cowles pres, M S Foss cashier.
Pierce R K, hardware
Pratt L M, prop Commercial Hotel.
Quinn Patrick, saloon.
Ravenscroft Mark, livery.
Robinson W C, phys.
Sears A D, W H McCabe mgr, grain, coal, hay, live stock.
Simmons E M Mrs, millinery, dressmaking.
Spelman J P, blacksmith.
Stanley R I, billiards.
Starrett S E, genl mdse.
Stovin A T, auctioneer.
Thurston M D, dentist.
Van Dorn E W, live stock.
West G W, prop Wests Hotel, livery.
Westgate S H, genl mdse.
Wests Hotel, G W West prop.
Westveer H, drugs and jewelry.
Wetherell R T, furniture, undertaker and confectionery.
Whaley M H, drugs.
Yarman Wm, billiards.


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Lockwood, a side track and flag station on the U. P. Ry., in the southwestern part of Merrick county, 16 miles west of Central City.


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Palmer is situated at the junction of the Burwell and Arcadia branches of the B. & M. R. R., in the northwestern corner of Merrick county, 16 miles north from Central City, 145 miles west from Omaha and 110 miles northwest from Lincoln. The town is built on high rolling ground, between the valleys of the Platte and the Loup rivers. Cattle raising is carried on extensively in this part of the state, and large shipments of corn and hay are made from here. The Loup river and the Elk river, which are but one mile south and east from the town, furnish abundant water power. A substantial bridge has been constructed across the Loup river three miles from Palmer, which has made a large additional territory accessible and tributary to the business of the town. The Palmer Deposit Bank is the monetary concern, and the Palmer House and the Railroad House are the hotels, while the Palmer Sun enlightens the community with the news of the day. The Christian, Presbyterian and Methodist churches are all represented here. The population is 300.
Arnold H B, phys.
Beatty & Shipman, real estate.
Cole, Copeland & Co, live stock, agl implts.
Conklin J E, sta agt B & M R R.
Copeland W J, justice.
Cox N I Miss, millinery.
Cox Sherman R, hardware, harness.
Davis John L, farm machinery.
Eyre Grant, mason.
Fidlier Thos H, mason.
Harris Wm M, hardware.
Hickman H W, carpenter.
LeMaster C W, barber, confectionery.
McGonagle J A, postmaster, news stand.
McKay George C, grain.
Mallen R M & Co, real estate.
Minnich Chas S Dr, drugs.
Moore E, prop Palmer House.
Olsen & Walker, wagonmakers.
Palmer Deposit Bank, W C Beatty pres, Geo E Shipman jr cashier.
Palmer Sun, Charles I White pub.
Penny E B, genl mdse.
Persing & Tidd, groceries.
Pierce Frank S, prop Railroad House, live stock.
Railroad House, F S Pierce prop.
Templin John W, lumber, coal.
Tyndale A H, dry goods, clothing.
Vanness Charles, carpenter.
Weeks J C, real estate, town lot agt.
Wells H C & Son, genl mdse.
White Charles I, pub Palmer Sun.
Winter G W Rev, Christian church.


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Silver Creek a town of 350 inhabitants on the U. P. Ry., in the nrotheastern part of Merrick county, 20 miles distant from Central City, the county seat. The adjacent country is best adapted to stock raising, still a large portion of the district is given up to farming and is being well cultivated by a thrifty class of farmers. Large quantities of baled hay are shipped from this station. The improvements most notable consist of a splendid school costing $3,000, an M. E. church costing $1,500, and the fine new hotel erected by Mr. J. J. Wanke, one of the leading merchants, which is unexcelled in all its appointments. The churches are the Congregational and Methodist.
Alpaugh & Robins, carpenters and contractors.
Bailey E S, hardware, pumps, windmills.
Bank of Silver Creek, J H Pope pres, F C Caulton cashier.
Bennett R G, prop Clifton House.
Bowlby C W, furniture, groceries and wall paper.
Brooks Peter S, meat market, grocery.
Campbell A B, grain and hay.
Central Hotel, John Stoneking prop.
Chicago Lumber Co, N B Dolsen agt, lumber.
Clifton House, R G Bennett prop.
Gates Amos, barber, billiards.
Heller W L, sta, tel and ex agt.
Hinebaugh & Bond, live stock.
Hobert B F, genl mdse.
Hurst Ed, grain.
Irving James, blacksmith.
Kerr W E, postmaster, ins.
Lemon Frank L, editor and pub Silver Creek Oriole.
O'Connor M J, livery.
Pethick F M, drugs, stationery.
Pierson Chas, boots, shoes.
Pope J H, agl implets, grain, harness.
Roth A F, saloon.
Silver Creek Oriole, Frank L Lemon editor and prop.
Smith Ida M Mrs, millinery.
Sprague F & C, blacksmiths and wagonmakers.
Sprague J K, feed stable.
Squire L J, justice.
Squire L J & Son, dry goods.
Stoneking John, prop Central Hotel.
Towslee D J, harnessmakor.
Towslee E F & Co, groceries, hardware.
Towslee Sol C, clothing, dry goods.
Wanke J J, groceries, prop Wankes Hotel.
Wankes Hotel, J J Wanke prop.
Wilson James & Son, livery.
Yeoman Jennie Mrs, milliner.
Yeoman Wm F, carpenter.
Young D B, jewelry, drugs, phys.

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