Vol. XVI

Business Directory for 1917

POLK-McAvoy Directory Co., Omaha, Nebraska

Central City




Silver Creek

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     CENTRAL CITY. Pop, 3,000. Merick county. The county seat on the U P and C B & Q Rys 22 miles n e of Grand Island. Has Baptist, Catholic. Christian, Christian Science, Episcopal, Friends, German and Swedish Lutheran, Methodist, Free Methodist and Presbyterian churches. a new court house costing $100,000, 4 banks, 2 hotels, a commercial club, 3 grain elevators. flour, alfalfa and planing mills, a creamery, 2 libraries, an auditorium, 2 opera houses, a college, a gas plant and water works. Two weekly newspapers, the Republican and the Nonpareil are published. Land sells at $50 to $200 per acre. Ships hay, grain, flour and produce. Exp Am and Adams. Tel W U and Postal. Edw H Bishop P M.
ALMQUIST OSCAR General Contractor Wood Working
     Shop and Planing Mill Painting and Interior
     Decorating Box 491 Phones Office Black 357
     Res 306 (See p 28)
Ayres Saml D lumber
Bald Fred A lawyer
Barge Bros (Robt E and Craig E) gen store
Beatrlce Creamery Co Fred G Wilson mngr
Benson B W county surveyor
Benton Jos E phys
Berryman Belle E apiarists supplies
Bishop & McDonald (Orin T Bishop Vernon McDonald)
BLAKE W A AUTO CO (Walter A Blake) Automobiles
     Supplies and Repair Shop (See adv)
Bowie Arthur J real est
Boyd Earl E phys
Brannan Clyde W barber
Brown Andr D phys
Bulger Ralph L mens furnishings
Burke Mercantile Co Geo Wolcott pres 0 D Burke sec
     and treas gen store
Campbell Duncan K baker
Carlson Jonas G shoes
Central Bottling Works R M Robinson pres
     E W Cox sec
Central City Commercial Club G H Gray pres
     Jas Henderson sec
Central City Gas Co H L Wiser mngr
CENTRAL CITY NATIONAL Bank (Capital $50,000
     Surplus $50,000) G H Gray Pres G P Bissell
     and Heber Hord Vice Presidents J H Carnes Cashr
     Member Federal Reserve Bank
Central City Public Library Margaret M Anderson
     Robert Rice Editor and Publisher Guaranteed
     Circulation 1,800 Up to Date Book and Job Printers
Central City Water Works Jno Anderson comnr
Clark Geo A phys
Clark Oliver W feed
Clark & McIntosh (Harry Clark Walter W McIntosh)
     proprs Hays Hotel
Coleman Jno C restaurant
Community Welfare Club Jno Martin pres Jno Hilton sec
Conservative State Bank (capital $35,000) S D Ayres pres
     S J McCracken cashr
Cooper L J Pub Central City Nonpareil
Costello Thos A agt U P R R Am Exp and W U Tel Cos
Dehm Wm A blksmitth
Desch Jno A marble wks
Desch W S & Sons (Wm S Floyd G and Harold W)
     marble wks
Dewey Asa livery
Donnelson Theatre Saml Donnelson mngr
Dorshimer J Edw lawyer
DUFFY PHILIP A Whol Cream Eggs and Poultry
Edger Mills Co W H Edger pres A M Edger sec and
     treas S E Cogswell mngr flour mill
Edger W H housemover
Empress Theatre Arch Kerr mngr
Farmers State Bank (capital $25,000) Jno Clay pres
     J W Viereg; cashr
Farrand Frank W gen store
Feuhrer Jacob housemover
Fitch Bros (Alb and Geo C) printers
Forsell Anton F blksmith
Foster S A Lumber Co B A Dorschimer mngr
Fouts Fred phys
Fuehrer Jacob laundry
Gawne Wm Y R phys
Glatfelter H Edw dentist
Gosnell Thos N conf
Gray Dewain R notions
Haas & Hord Cattle Co Chas Haas pres
     G P Bissell sec and treas
Haddox Martin D real est
Hall Percy F garage
Harrison Bros (Jno and Louis) conf
Hastings Marshall L jeweler
Hays Hotel Clark & McIntosh proprs
Heaton Frank agt Postal Tel Cable Co
Heaton Frank grocer
     P S Heaton Sec and Treas Real Estate Loans
     and Insurance (See p 64)
HEATON PATRICK S, Attorney at Law and County
     Judge Merrick County (See p 64 and Legal Blue
     Book Dept)
Henderson Jas shoes
Henderson Wm C shoemkr
Herbert Mahlon B grocer
Hoagland Geo A Jno L Johnson mngr lumber
Hoagland Newton J osteopath
Hoagland Wm & Co (Wm Hoagland Aaron H
     Buckstaff) harness
HOLTZ & GALLEY (Wm E Holtz Geo F Galley)
     General Contractors (See p 28)
Hord Alkali Products Co Heber Hord pres
     G P Bissell sec
Hord T B Alfalfa Meal Co Heber Hord pres
     0 A Mead mngr
Hord T B Grain Co Heber Hord pres G P Bissell
     sec T B King treas
Hord T B Land & Cattle Co Heber Hord pres
     G P Bissell sec and treas grain elevator
Jacobson Rupert H barber
Jenkins Jno E flour mill
Jensen Peter C blksmith
Johnson Geo F contr
Jones & Kelly (Edw J Jones Jno Kelly) automobiles
Kelley Jno dentist
Kenyon F M gen store (Sunrise)
Kerr Jno K grocer
Kerr Wm C real est
Lakeside Ranch Co Heber Hord pres
     J W Hutchison sec and treas
Lear Alb D blksmith
Lee Lawrence K vulcanizer
Levene Axel tailor
Lininger Implement Co E H Martelle mngr
Lock T J & Son (Thos J and Herbert) drugs
Logan J Elsie phys
Luff Alonzo W dentist
Lyon Wm real est
McDonald C Edw expman
McGill Mate E photogr
Machamer Jno W dept store
Martha Ellen Auditorium W C Shelton mngr
Martin Walter E furniture
Martin & Bockes (Jno C Martin Thos W Bockes)
Merrell Marion G second hand goods
Merrick County Cemetery Assn
     J W Vieregg sec
Merrick County Farmers Co operative Assn
     Edw Smith agt grain elevator
Mid-State Poultry Assn M G Scudder pres
     W D Farrand sec
Miller Noah N restaurant
Myers Everett real est
Nebraska Central College Eli H Parisho pres
     2 miles n w
     Mark Carraher) Real Estate at Auction
Netsell & Comstock (Joe F Netsell Lucius G
     Comstock) proprs Ratcliff Hotel
Newmyer Chas F abstracts
Nordstedt Sten L clothing
Odell Edwin 0 vet surgeon
Patterson & Patterson (Jno and Edw J) lawyers
Peregrine Jacob E notions
Perry & Son (Mrs Lizzie A and Ralph G) bakers
Phelps Lillie B milliner
Platte Valley State Bank capital $50.000) M V Scott pres
     F K Sprague cashr
Porter Louis livery
Porter Sisters (Flora J Porter Mrs Margaret I Comstock)
RATCLIFF HOTEL Netsell & Comstock Proprs
Reed Jno M gen repr
Reynolds Jno H feed
Rice Robt pub Central City Republican
Rice Wm H C lawyer
Riddlemoser Chas wall paper
Riddlemoser Mrs Mary E restaurant
Rogan Sisters (Myra C and Ollie I) ladies furnishings
Rohde Louis shoemkr
Ross, Cowgill & Hart (Alonzo B Ross Pearl H Cowgill
     Bertrand E Hart) hardware
Rose Elmer E county atty
Saal Frank C barber
Sayers Chas H meats
Schiller Edgar drugs
Schiller Geo E real est
Shelton Wm auctioneer
Shields Thos barber
Siegel Fred L dentist
Siegel Michael M meats
Staats Mnfg Co L C Staats pres G E Bockes sec
     cultivator shovels
STATTS REAL ESTATE investment Co Lewis C Staats
     Mngr Land Bought and Sold Office Platte Valley
     State Bank bldg Phone 220
Starrett Saml B real est
Sullivan Danl T tailor
Tooley Bros (Jno and Frank) restaurant
Tooley Roller drugs
Triangle Furniture Co J B Skiff pres G E Anderson sec
Troh Berthold blksmith
Tyndale Isaac S dry goods
Wardman Alt J Jeweler
Welch Henry S Jeweler
Welch Wm M agt C B & Q R R Adams Exp and W U Tel Cos
Williams A Huxford (Hiram A Williams Chas W Huxford)
Wilson Saml garage
Wilson Verne L restaurant
Wolcott Bros (Walter W and Reuben M) grocers
Woolery Glenn W grocer
Young Mens Christian Assn C W Reeve sec
Zamzow & Rembolt (Aug Zamzow Gottlib Rembolt)
     farm impts
Ziegler Alb shoemkr
Horz. bar
     CHAPMAN. Pop 250. Merrick county. An incorporated village on the U P R R 10 miles a w of Central City. Has Baptist and Methodist churches, a bank, a hotel and 2 grain elevators. Exp Am: Tel W U. Ethel I Corcilius P M.
Anderson Jas W automobiles
Bebermiss Edw auto livery
Brandt J W grocer
Burcham E A restaurant
Cahow Luther S barber
Calhoun S W r r exp and tel agt
Chapman Hotel Plaites Lewis propr
CHAPMAN STATE BANK (Capital $10,000)
     M V Scott Pres D E Mugnuson Cashr
Chapman Telephone Assn D W Donovan pres
     R E Crandall sec
Chicago Lumber Co
Frimann Jess grain
Galloly Ezra I gen store
Garbers Jno hardware
Grosch Julius F blksmith
Hord T B Grain Co Clyde Wolf mngr
Lewis Plaites propr Chapman Hotel
Smith & Knight gen store
Stewart Wm A meats
Triplett J M phys
Ury Elza drugs
Horz. bar
     CLARKS. Pop 700. Merrick county. A village on the U P R R 12 miles n e of Central City. Has Catholic, Congregational, Episcopal and Methodist churches, 2 banks, a hotel, 3 grain elevators, an opera house, electric lights and water works. A weekly newspaper, the Enterprise, is published. Land sells at $75 to $160 per acre. Ships live stock, hay and grain. Exp Am. Tel W . Elizabeth McLean P M.
Atkinson Jno M hardware
Beardsley Geo real est
Bittinger Otis A telephone line
Boberg Alf L r r exp and tel agt
Bordy & Rosenthal (Nathan Bordy Wm Rosenthal)
     gen store
Brown W W & Co (Wallace W and Chas R Brown)
Campbell Bros (Robt J and Geo R) gen store
Christie Ralph C phys
City Water Works (Municipal)
Clarks Enterprise Jno I Long pub
Clarks Opera House Matson M Kokjer mngr
Crossley Jno harness
Davis Ellsworth barber
Davis Wallace W shoemkr
Douglas Raymond R phys
Douglas Wm gen store
Fairmont Creamery Co Mrs P W Crawford agt produce
Farmers State Bank (Capital $20,000) G R Campbell pres
     J R Chamberlin cashr
Ferguson Wm W feed Ferguson & son (Wm W and
     Wm V) garage
Fosbury Wm J furniture
Gates Wm A notions
Gion Jos 0 billiards
Growcock Fred garage
Hackman Wm T blksmith
Henderson & Hipsley (Wm J Henderson Jno L Hipsley)
Hord T B Grain Co Alb Masters mngr
Hord & Shonsey Cattle Co Michael Shonsey mngr
     grain elevator
Johnson Harry R vet surgeon
Kahley C Le Roy drugs
Keefe Thos drugs
Kokjer Matson M farm impts
Little Lowell phys
Little Shaw dentist
Long Jno I pub Clarks Enterprise
Lyric Theatre (Wm and Vincent Douglas)
     motion pictures
McClintic Jesse barber
Merrick County Agricultural & Fair Assn
     H M Kokjer pres J I Long sec
Merrick County Farmers Co-operative Assn
     W F Sheppard mngr grain elevator
Morris Jno E auctioneer
Morse Wm R & Son (Wm R and Harold M) real est
Noble Ross auctioneer
Ouderkirk Horace E blksmith
POLLARD JOHN H Hardware Harness Farm Implements
     Heating and Plumbing
Roach Geo R restaurant
Sanders Frank M grocer
Shrader Chas E lumber
Smith G J & Son (Granville J and Melvin) contrs
Sorenson Chris J propr The Travelers Home
Stanley Willard L gen store
STATE BANK OF CLARKS (capital $50,000 Surplus and
     Undivided Profits $5,500) Walter Chamberlin Pres
     Michael Shonsey Vice Pres Marvin Chamberlin Cashr
     M P Sears Asst Cashr (See adv)
Stevens Edw livery
STUART SAM Restaurant Cigars Confectionery
     and Soft Drinks
TRAVELERS HOME THE Chris J Sorenson Propr
     Special Attention Given to commercial men
Wolfe Jas gen store
Horz. bar
     PALMER. Pop 400. Merrick county. An incorporated village on the C B & Q R R 16 miles n w of Central City. Has Christian Episcopal, German Lutheran and Methodist churches, 2 banks, 2 hotels, 2 grain elevators, an opera house, an electric light plant and water works. A weekly newspaper, the Journal, is published. Land sells at $25 to $75 per acre. Ships hay, produce, cattle and hogs. Exp Adams. Tel W U. A J Perris, P M. .
Arrasmith Wm phys
Barth Alf pool
Charron Geo M restaurant.
Clark Elton M blksmith
Cole & McGonagle Jos H McGonagle mngr
     gen store
Commercial Hotel Wm R Heck propr
Crowfoot Thos barber
Dinsdale Bros (Geo and Thos F) grain elevator
Farmers Elevator Co Jno Kasperio agt
Foster S A Lumber Co Edw T Conklin mngr
Gage Perry A pub Palmer Journal
Gammon Louis J livery
Gee Geo gen store
Gorby Wallace B automobiles
Grammer Chas H automobiles
Haggart Hotel Mrs Mary A Haggart propr
Haggart Jno A barber
Hastings Marshall jeweler
Heck Wm R propr Commercial Hotel
Jandebeur Frank P blksmith
Kellogg Alb S r r exp and tel agt
Kruse Mercantile Co (Jno W H Martha and Wm A
     Kruse) gen store
Leffelbein & Beyer (Karl Leffelbein Jno Beyer) feed
Linder J Fred harness
Linderman Bros (Ora and Chas R) hay
Loup Valley Bank (capital $25.000) M V Lambert pres
     C W Tidd cashr
McKay Jos M gen store
McKenney & Copeland (Wm L McKenney Wm J
     Copeland) farm impts
McKenny Mrs Nellie baker
Miller Mros (Ferd and Jno) farm Impts
Minnich Chas S phys
Minnich Thos C drugs
Nicholas Bros (Alf and Jno J) real est
Nicholas Co L E Nicholas mngr hardware
Palmer Electric Light & Power Co Dallas Wills supt
Palmer Journal Perry A Gage pub
Palmer Opera House Karl Leffelbein mngr
Palmer State Bank (capital $25,000) Jno Clay pres
     H J Templin cashr
Palmer Telephone Co Alf Brown pres H A Wells
     sec and treas
Rasher Wm A garage
Roberts Wm barber
Robinson Chas meats
Stockham Chas A pool
Taylor Lee baker
Tuttle Edw D blksmith
Horz. bar
     SILVER CREEK. Pop 800. Merrick county. A village on the U P R R 24 miles n e of Central City. Has Catholic, Congregational, Episcopal and Methodist churches, 2 banks, 2 hotels, an opera house, a flour mill, 2 grain elevators, an electric light plant and waterworks. A weekly newspaper. the Sand, is published. Exp Am. Tel W U. Wm S Gray, P M.
Bivens Grace M propr Lincoln Highway Hotel
Bordy & Rosenthal (Simon Bordy Wm Rosenthal)
     gen store
Buchanan Floyd ins agt
Buchholz Walter shoemkr
Buchholz Wm W meats
Chicago Lumber Co E B Woods mngr
Clutter Virgil M billiards
Coolidge Lee C notions
Crystal Theatre (Allen M Davies Arthur K Roth)
     motion pictures
Cutsor Alb saloon
Davis Dyo F pub Silver Creek Sand
Farmers Elevator Co Edson L Ives mngr
Farmers State Bank (capital $20,000) G W Cremeen
     Pres C A Frasier cashr
Finecy S & J (Susan and Joshua) grocers
Garrison Berton L restaurant
Getchell & Bivens (Frank Getchell
     Thos Bivens) livery
Gillespie Edw J phys
Graham Merritt S garage
Gray Wm S undertaker
Hobart Paul V r r exp and tel agt
Home Drug Co (Carl O Arnold W and Laura E
Hord T B Grain Co J C Reed mngr
Hutchison Thos B barber
Irving Jas blksmith
KARGES & MASON John Karges Frank Mason) Proprs
Lincoln Highway Garage (See p 12)
Kent & Burke Co E J McCauley and Clinton T Moore
     mngrs cattle feeders
Lacey Benj F auctioneer
Layton & Son (Frank E and Cecil J) farm impts
Leap Mrs Jennie V milliner
     Proprs (See p 12)
Merrill Geo W pumps
Metzer Chas R flour mill
Monson A 0 Co C A Olson pres M A Mills Jr sec
     R C Evans mngr clothing
Parris Ralph B dentist
Robinson Wm C phys
Roth Alvin F meats
ROTH & KULA (Monroe A Roth Jno Kula)
     General Store
Schemek Henry H barber
Schramek Chas H produce
Shank Bros (Hiram and Frank) real est
Shank Frank saloon
Silver Creek Cemetery Assn
     Floyd Buchanan sec
Silver Creek Hotel Mary Whaley propr
Silver Creek Light & Water Works
     W G Brown supt
Silver Creek Live Stock Shipping Assn
     S W Barker mngr live stock dlrs
Silver Creek Opera House Floyd Buchanan mngr
Silver Creek Sand Dyo F Davis pub
     Surplus $18,500) N L Squier Pres D J Towele
     Vice Pres P H Bell Cashr J W Jackman and
     A M Davies Asst Cashrs
Sprague Chas L blksmith
Torrance Saml M drugs
Towslee Darius J harness
Wallace Harris L gen store
Ward Bros (Earl J and Myron V) grocers
Whaley Mary propr Silver Creek Hotel
Wilson Hiram N vet surgeon
Zeimba Carl blksmith
Horz. bar

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