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Central City Friends Meeting
Centennial Celebration, 1899-1999


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Central City - Friends Meeting House


United Society of Friends Women
Wilma Jensen, June Webb, Viola Johnston, Evelynn Schutz, Mary Bray, Lois Milisap, Mildred Mesner, Josephine McConnell, Grace McHargue, Erma Mesner, Alvena Erb, Kay Mesner, and Josephine Cox. (Eleven in photo and thirteen women named - Help!)

C 1

First Faculty of Central College and Academy
Daisy Nettleton, ? Hathaway, Alvin Macy, ? Spear, Carol Roberts, Riley Haworth, Herbert Mott, Ross Pickett

E 4


Family Photos (enlarged version)

Abel - see Myers


Mesner - see Barnes and Crosbie


Baker - see Hull


Mesner, Clifford, Kathy (Solt) and daughter, Amy

D 24

Bales - see Foley


Mesner, Hugh and Lois Watkins family
Front row: Kenneth, Lois, Hugh, and Delbert. Back row: Phyllis Smith, Doris Brown, and Dorothy Dunovan

D 24

Barnes Family, Joseph Ray & Bessie Amanda (Mesner)

D 10

Mesner, Kenneth and Mildred (McConnell) & family
Front row: Marty, Mildred, Kurt, Kenneth and Marilyn Grossenbacher. Back row: Bob and Janet.

D 24

Bennett, Dr. Eunice Ruth Hull & son Claude Fraser Bennett (in India)

D 10

Mesner Family, Neil and Kay (Roberts)
Ch: Miriam, Brian and Cheryl Mesner

D 26

Bennett, Ruth (Hull)

D 10

Mesner Family, Philip and Nancy (Emry)
Ch: Charles, Gilbert, Julia, Francis (Frank), John, Hugh, Oriella, Raymond, Bessie, Belle, Ralph and Angie

D 25

Benton, Merl & Lillian (Solt) - woman holding baby

D 11

Mesner Family, Raymond and Erma (Marsh)
Ch: Dale, Warren, Elizabeth, Neil, Helen, Philip and William

D 25

Boyce, Lloyd

D 9

Mesner, Warren and Selma (McConnell) (small image only)

D 27

Brown - see Mesner


Miller - see McHargue

Carrell, Ora W. & Golda O. (Ruan)

D 2

Mlynar, Carol (small image only)

D 27

Carey (see Hockett)


Mott - see Patrick, Schutz, Webb & Weddle


Cook, Lindley J. & Corona (Rayle), their son, Ralph

D 7

Mott. Herbert and Lillian (Watkins)

D 1

Crosbie, Milo and Julia (Mesner)

D 11

Murch - see Gibson


Crowe - see Reeves


Myers, Everett and Lucy (Stephen)

D 28

Cudney - see Solt


Myers, Harrison and Hannah (Abel)

D 28

Cunningham, Delano & Ardis

D 8

Neifert, Dan & Mildred Neifert

D 4

Dunovan - see Mesner


Newby, James & Elizabeth

D 7

Emry - see Mesner and Truesdell


Patrick, AraBelle (Mott)

D 29

Emry, David and Amanda (Talbert)

D 12

Perisho, Clarence and Margaret (White)

D 30

Everett - see Truesdell


Pilgert - see Solt


Everett, Bill and Clara (Wilder)

D 12

Rayle - see Cook


Farguhar - see Schorman


Reece family
Front row: Esther, Glen, Velma, Norval.
Back row: LeRoy, Jerald, and Lavona.

D 4

Ferguson - see Gibson


Reeves - see McMillan


Ferguson, Clara (Stokely)

D 13

Reeves Family, Don and Barbara (Crowe)
Ch: Randolph Kirk, Nancy Lynn, Richard Bruce, Scott Alan, and Evelyn Beth

D 30

Ferguson, John and Clara (Stokely) & family
Ch: Hazel, Dale, and Opal

D 13

Roberts - see Mesner


Foley, Nellie (Bales)

D 14

Ruan - see Carrell


Gibson, Raymond and Grace (Watkins)

D 14

Schank, Lois

D 31

Gibson Family, Children of Raymond and Grace
Seated: Ruth (Gibson) Van Zant.
Standing: Reva (Gibson) and Leonard Ferguson.

D 15

Schutz - Henry and Evelynn (Mott), with Bill and Betty (Schutz) Swanson

D 32

Gibson, Wilfred & Emma (Murch)

D 14

Shaw - see Watson


Glantz, Gladys (Myers) and Family
Ch: Don, Jean, Larry, & Vickie

D 15

Smith - see Mesner


Grossenbacher - see Mesner


Solt - see Benton and Mesner


Halling - see Haynes


Stephen - see Myers


Harris, Gordon

D 8

Stephen, James and Orissa (Kingsbury)

D 32

Haynes, Gerald and Edith (Halling)

D 15

Solt, Guy W.

D 33

Hockett - see Johns


Solt Family, William Ellis and Nellie Agnes (Cudney)
Ch: William Walter, Lula Mable, Addie Lucetta, Guy Wilbur, Leslie Waine, Lillian Agenes, Gladys Naomi, Donald George and Inez Louise.

D 33

Hockett, William Edwin & Mary Emily (Carey)

D 16

Solt, William Elton and Kathryn (Pilgirt)

D 35

Hockett Grandchildren: Don Hockett, Mary Hockett, Dale Wilder, & Dean Wilder

D 17

Schorman, Anna Watson and sister, Alice (Watson) Farguhar

D 36

Holding Family, Raymond
Helen, Ruth, Loren, Raymond, Robert, Philip, and Minnie

D 3

Stokely - see Ferguson


Holmes - see McConnell


Swanson - see Schutz


Honold, Katherine (small image only)

D 17

Talbert - see Emry


Hull - see Bennett


Truesdell Family, Will and Ella (Emry)
Don, Dorothy Winbolt, Evelyn (Everett) Truesdell, Fred, Ella, and Will Truesdell

D 35

Hull, Dr. Solomon & wife, Adda (Baker) Hull

D 17

Van Zant - see Gibson


Jensen, Elizabeth (Marsh)

D 18

Watkins - see Gibson, Messner and Mott


Jewell, Frank and Mary (Wild)

D 18

Watson - see Schorman


Jewell Family


Watson, Barclay and Mary - 50th Anniversary

D 36

Johns, George and Alta (Hockett)

D 19

Watson, Herbert and Vivian (Shaw)

D 35

Johnston, Archie and Viola; with sons: Donald & Larry

D 19

Watson, Odber and Kay

D 36

Jones, Eric

D 20

Watson, William and Christine, with Kay Watson

D 36

Joyce Family, Joseph and Annie
Front row: Jennie, Joseph, Annie, and Ruth. Back row: Clarice, Mabel, Stanley, Nellie, and Rachel

D 20

Webb, Weston and June (Mott)

D 37

Kingsbury - see Stephen


Weddle, Anita (Mott)

D 37

Krause, Marian and Milton "Pretz"

D 21

White - see Perisho


Marsh - see Jensen and Mesner


Wild - see Jewell


Mattson, Ronald

D 23

Wilder - see Everett and Hockett


McConnell - see Mesner


Winbolt - see Truesdell


McConnell, Effie

D 21



McConnell, Francis & Josephine (Holmes) and family

D 21



McHargue, Oscar and Grace (Miller)

D 22



McKinney, Howard and Flora

D 6



McMillan, Mary (Reeves)

D 22



Additional Photos -
On same CD with Centennial Booklet - not identified as part of the publication.

Friend's Property


Friends - College

  ? , Howard & Flora

Friends - First parsonage

#1 Group (18 individuals)

Friends House

#2 Group (14 individuals)

Friend's Library 1, Library 2

#12 Group (26 individuals)

Friend's Sanctuary

Reece Family - identified by Jerald L. Reece <> 9 Nov 2002
#13 Group (7 individuals) Glenn & Velma Reece family taken prob. May 1944 near the entrance of the CC Friends Meeting House.
Front Row (l-r): Esther Reece Painter (now of Woodstock, CT); Norval Reece (now of Yardley, PA).  Back Row: Leroy Reece (now of Riconada, NM); Glenn Reece (deceased); Jerald Reece (now of Sun City West, AZ); Velma Reece (deceased); Lavona Reece Bane (now of Richmond, IN).

Stephen House

#3 Man

Named Persons

#4 Man

Emry, David and Amanda Talbert (three photos)

#5 Woman

McConnell, George Henry

#6 Man

Mesner, Lois

#7 Woman

Porter, Ike and Olga

#8 Woman

Solt, Lusetta

#10 Woman

Schutz, Marie

#11 Woman

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