Merrick County's 100th Year: 1858-1958




ANDREW M. TEMPLIN, 1871: born in Ohio, came to Merrick County in 1871. He was the first to prove up on a timber claim, which was the McNeal farm at the southeast edge of Palmer, where Mrs. Alvah Gee now resides. John Campbell was one of the three men who counted the 3000 three-year-old trees, the required number to make the claim legal. A number of old men and young boys had hoed the trees. Mr. Templin owned other land where the village was laid out in 1887. The first car load shipment out of Palmer was a load of popcorn grown by Andrew Templin. Mr. and Mrs. Templin took a leading part in organizing the Church of Christ in Palmer in 1888. Mr. Templin, Mr. Applegate and H. M. Cox were the first trustees of the church.


ALEXANDER S. NICHOLAS, 1872; Alexander Nicholas and Salena Burge were married July 2, 1858, in Wisconsin and came to this area in 1872. Their children and grandchildren have continued to play a prominent part in the development of this community. Their children were: Isaac, William A., Sarah (Mrs. Ira Giffin), Jemina (Mrs. George Stratton), Alfred, Mary (Mrs. James Peck), Samantha (Mrs. Wesley Devny), Martha (Mrs. Bert Strong), Charles, Joseph, Clara and Myra.


ROBERT ADAMS, 1873: born Dec. 22, 1835, married to Miss Amanda J. Sill of Pennsylvania and Illinois Feb. 7, 1865; homesteaded in 1873 eleven miles northeast of present site of Palmer where he lived until his death in 1897. Eight children: Nora (Mrs. Prutsman), Howard G., Nellie (Mrs. O. E. Burton), Birdie, Eva (Mrs. Frank Wymer), Luella (Mrs. R. W. Wolcott), Alvin, Blanche (Mrs. G. M. Grimes), and Elmer S.
     When Mr. and Mrs. Robert Adams came to Nebraska by covered wagon they were accompanied by three brothers: JOHN D. ADAMS, GEORGE ADAMS and WILL ADAMS, the latter settling near Clarks. Children of John Adams were: Harry, Laura (Mrs. Rome Peck), Jesse (Mrs. Marion Cresse). Children of George Adams were: Howard, Clarence, Fred, Florence (Mrs. George Charron), Emma (Mrs. Al Gee), Anna (Mrs. Byron Dooley), Will and Charles. Children of Will Adams: Frank, Nettie (Mrs. Art Trail), and Lillian.

Mother of William and Charles Porter and Mrs. Clark Newcomer, was claimed to be the oldest person to have lived in Merrick county. She was born in 1814, and died in 1916.



W. J. Copeland (left) and his son-in-law, Mr. McKenney, in his early day implement office in Palmer.


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