Merrick County's 100th Year: 1858-1958




CLAUS FREDERICK HOLTORF, 1878: born in Germany in 1841, learned the brickmaker's trade; came to America in 1865 to Indiana, where he molded brick for two years, and later in 1867 at Omaha. He was married in 1867 to Miss Catherine Reimers, also a native of Germany. They lived in eastern Iowa until in 1878, they came overland to Merrick County, bringing thirty-seven cattle and five horses. Their homestead was 9 miles northwest of Central City and eleven miles east of Palmer. Children: Adolph, Rosa (Mrs. T. Neuhofel), Minnie (Mrs. George Grage), John H., Marx C., Wilhelm, and Molly (Mrs. George Stuart).


GEORGE M. BURLINGAME: settled herein the late 70's, lived on the present Robeoltmann farm 2 miles north and 1 mile east of Palmer, where he had the first post office in this locality. He also served some years as postmaster in Palmer after the village had been established. He also did some auction work and building. When he built the house in which the Wayne Carlson family now reside it was considered the last word in fancy home building. It first stood on the other edge of the block facing south on Commercial Street. Mr. Burlingame spent his later years in Pasadena, California.

HENRY C. WELLS, 1871: born in New York state, Sept. 9, 1836, married a Miss Cynthia Green in July, 1858; served three years in Civil War, severely wounded in the battle of Fairoaks; moved to Iowa in 1868, homesteaded 6 miles northeast of Lone Tree, Merrick County in 1871, proved up, and then took a timber claim 2 miles north of the present site of Palmer on what is now a Tibbetts farm. Before Palmer was founded, Mr. Wells was postmaster for several years at the Burlingame post office which was located near his timber claim. Their children included four sons: Henry A., George, Fred and Charles.

ANDREW JACKSON HUXFORD, 1871: born in Indiana in 1834; married to Miss Dilemma Burton in 1854; came to Merrick County in 1871 and homesteaded five miles north of Chapman and 9 miles east of Central City; Children: William, Josephine (Mrs. Eugene McDonald), Margaret (Mrs. J. M. Persinger), Rosella, Charles, Anna (Mrs. Robert Morrison), and Dora.

A. TUNKS, 1871: born in Illinois 1847; served in the Civil War one year; married to Miss Bell Martin in 1871 and they came overland to Merrick County, homesteading 7 miles north of Central City. They helped organize school district No. 21. Children: Edith (Mrs. H. C. McGrath), Ethel (Mrs. Clare Betts), and Glen B.

ISAAC S. TYNDALE, 1875: born in Quebec, Canada in 1855; family dates back to the Tyndales in England to the time of William Tyndale in 1500. Came to Central City in 1875, started in a dry goods store in 1879 and continued for many years. Mr. Tyndale served as County Commissioner, was Mayor of Central City, and was appointed postmaster in 1907. He was married to Miss Ada Simpson in 1889.


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