Merrick County's 100th Year: 1858-1958

PhotographThe Clarks, Nebraska
The earliest available records in connection with this organization, have to do with meetings conducted by a Methodist minister, Rev. David Marquette, at Junction Ranch about three miles northeast of Clarks in 1871.

The first church edifice was erected in 1879-1880. Various changes and remodelings took place during the years. On Nov. 30, 1947, the church building was destroyed by fire. A beautiful new church building was erected at the same location and was dedicated, free of indebtedness, on April 16, 1950.

A noteworthy incident in connection with the fire was the fact that a large framed picture of Christ which hung on the west wall of the sanctuary was undisturbed, not even the glass broken. The same was true of a picture of the Christ Child on the north wall which was left leaning outward, in spite of the damage caused by the falling roof and ceiling of the building.

Mr. and Mrs. Granville Smith and son, Melvin had an active part in the activities of this church for many years. Mrs. Smith, over 90 years old, is the oldest living member of the church.

Among the names of the early day members, the following families appear:
     Brunk, Burch, Wm. Stanley, Noble, Al Morse, Smith, Heater, Hartwell and John Cole.

The present pastor is Rev. Walter E. Neth.



Clarks, Nebraska
This Church was organized in 1878, and the first Church edifice was erected the same year. Considerable remodeling has been done during the succeeding years. The 75th anniversary was celebrated in 1953.

The first pastor was Rev. George S. Desco and the present pastor is Rev. Paul W. Nelson.

The Charter Members were:
     Mr, and Mrs. W. R. Morse, Henry Beardsley, J. B. Philbrooks, R. E. Wetherel, J. D. Porter, L. M. Chamberlain, J. H. Castle, S. H. Westgate, T. L. Dixon, M. M. Kohjer, H. M. Kohjer, J. T. McLean, Mrs. H. M. Lyons, W. C. Robinson, and Mrs. C. L. Hatch.


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