Merrick County's 100th Year: 1858-1958

Archer, Nebraska
The Archer church was originally part of the Fairview Methodist Church at Fauver's Corner near Archer, Nebraska, and organized as the Archer Methodist Church in Archer, Nebraska in the early 1890's.

The first sermon was preached in Archer Hall by Rev. C. F. Haywood.

The new church edifice was dedicated on February 11 1900.

Organization Members:
     Mr. and Mrs. Burt W. Baker, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Chapman, Mr, and Mrs. S. N. Gurney, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Templin, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Hansen, Mrs. E. H. Wickham, Lina Wickham, Mrs. E. W. Lehr, Mrs. George Kull, Mrs. D. W. Overstreet and Mrs. M. H. Rawlings.

Present pastor, Rev. Warthen Israel.

Archer, Nebraska
The first church organization was in the winter of 1872 and 1873 in Merrick County District No. 26 schoolhouse. The first pastor was Rev. Fairchilds. Other early church services were held in the Burke, Gardner Baker and Crites schoolhouses.

PhotographThe first church edifice was dedicated on March 16, 1884 and the name FAIRVIEW adopted. The fine new church was built in 1951.

The names of the charter members of the Fairview Church are:
     Rev. and Mrs. Esplin, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Crites, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jewell, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Chapman, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Willeman, Mr. and Mrs. George Ferris, Mr. and Mrs. William Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. William Clark, Mr. and Mrs. George Clark, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Deselm and Mr. and Mrs. Amasa Insko.

Many pastors served this growing church and the following names appear, although possibly not in the order in which they served:
     Rev. Fairchilds, Rev. Donaldson, Rev. Dressler, Rev. Marsh, Rev. Pearson, Rev. Hilderbrand, Rev. Esplin, Rev. Wilson, Rev. Fowler, Rev. Porterfield, Rev. Leedom, Rev. Haywood, Rev. Keyes, Rev. Donnelly, Rev. Vogt, Rev. Green, Rev. Molesworth, Rev. Rorick, Rev. Shacklock, Rev. McReynolds, Rev. Underwood, Rev. Trezona, Rev. Taylor, Rev. Campbell, Rev. French, Rev. Sanders, Rev. Morey, Rev. Porter, Rev. Howe, Rev. Romick, Rev, Runnels, Rev. J. H. Fowler, Rev. Geiger, Rev. Brink, Rev. Fry, Rev. Tipton, Rev. Fishel, Rev. Whitman, Rev. Lowell Jones, Rev. Dawson Park and Rev. Charles Funk.

During recent years, the Fairview field has been joined with that of Central City, in that the resident pastors of the Central City Methodist Church have served both charges.

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Silver Creek, Nebraska

Established as a Mission Church in 1902, the first building was erected in the fall of 1903. M. L. Rossiter, a Catholic banker of Silver Creek headed a campaign for funds that made possible the first church. 40 mixed families joined in this effort,

Father Rembert Stanowski, O.F.M. of Duncan served as the first priest in the Parish. In 1908, Father Edward Soliwowski of Karakow (sic) cared for the parish. Beginning in 1917, Father John Kunkel of Clarks served the parish for 20 years. In 1938, St. Lawrence was a mission of St. Rose of Genoa.

On June 17, 1956, St. Lawrence Mission Parish was officially incorporated as a parish of the archdiocese of Omaha. Father John F. Wieczorek was the first resident pastor.

The following are the names of some of the earlier member families: Kulas, Dubas, Pollards, Dwyers, Shanahans, Donleys, Karges, Bacobis and Masons.

Silver Creek, Nebraska
Organized March 1, 1869, and church building erected in 1870 and dedicated in 1872 by the Bishop.

The first pastor was Reverend H. C. Shaw.

Among the Charter Members were: J. P. Shaw and E. C. Shaw and their families. These people were homesteaders in Silver Creek township.

This church is said to be the first church in Merrick County. It has been closed for many years. The church building was torn down and the parsonage sold. The first marriage in this township was William Jarman and Bridget McDermit in the Episcopal Rector's study, December 26, 1870. The first marriage in the church was in 1871. The first religious services were held in a log cabin in 1867 and were conducted by Henry Shaw and Samuel Goodale. The first death was Ann Fuhrman, interment being in the yard of St. Stephen's Church in 1871.

Silver Creek, Nebraska
The Congregational Church was organized March 5, 1874, with 12 charter members.

The church continued to serve its congregation for many years and the church building still stands, although services were discontinued a good many years ago.

The Reverend John Roberts was one of the early pastors.


Photograph    Photograph

Silver Creek
The church was organized on March 29, 1888. The first meetings were held in what is known as Hill Hall in Silver Creek. The first pastor was the Rev. J. E. Moore, who came on the field March 24, 1888.

The first church building was erected in 1889 and work on the present. church building was started about 1918 and was dedicated on September 11, 1921. The parsonage was built in 1924 and both buildings are in excellent condition. The present pastor is Rev. L. A. Hansen.

The present membership has grown to 189, with a Sunday School of 140. The church attendance averages 130. Some of the charter members were: Dr. E. L. Robinson, Dr. and Mrs. Crisp, and Mr. and Mrs. James.

This church was organized on March 16, 1899, and regularly established on August 31, 1899. Its organization was largely in connection with the early history of Nebraska Central College. Prior to the regular organization, the first church building was erected in 1898 and dedicated on January 15, 1899. The present church building was dedicated in 1909.

The first pastor was Rev. Herbert J. Matt whose untiring efforts during a lifetime of service contributed very much to the success of the organization.

The present pastor is Rev. Lindley J. Cook.

The following persons were Charter Members:
     Berry S. Abel, Lettie Abel, Charles W. Abel, Bessie Abel, Herbert W. Abel, Esther M. Abel, Lillian E. Abel, Mary Reeder, Joseph Reeder, William Shelton, James Stephen, William E. Solt, Nellie A. Solt, John N. Thompson, Seth Compton, Olive Compton, Elwood Knight Family, Hugh Littleton, Lizzie Littleton, Herbert J. Mott Family, Joseph Phelps Family, Newton Potee Family, William Roberts Family, Bertha Wadsworth, Mary Ida Ward, Lettie H. Willoughby, William Williamson, Gertrude Goodrich.

Early records indicate that a Friends Meeting had been established in Clarks, Nebr. in 1887, and also an organization north of Clarks called Prairie View.

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