Merrick County's 100th Year: 1858-1958


First schoolhouse serving the Archer community. Later it became a home for the Lehr family. Mrs. Lehr is standing in the doorway, Addie at the corner, and Francis and George by the bicycle.






Archer Schools






Before District 46 came into being there was a schoolhouse located between the present homes of Albert Wegner and Guy Eckles which served the area. District 46 officially opened school in the fall of 1892. Henry Chapman was the first instructor, Fred A. Marsh taught the upper elementary room throughout the school year of 1897-'98. Mr. Marsh served also, as regent of the University of Nebraska for a number of years and as county superintendent of Merrick County. The school was located on the present site and was a two story structure. In 1920 it burned and school was held in the building north of the present implement house while the new building (the present one) was being built. The first eighth grade graduates were Bessie Baker, Harry Lehr, Alice Templin, Carl Hansen, Elsa Liebhart, Francis Lehr, Jessie Persinger, Mae Whitmore and Rannie Baker,

In the fall of 1925 the first full four year high school opened in District 46. High School previous to 1925-'26 was not a full four year school. Twelve students were seniors and were graduated that year. They were Katherine Hughes, Edna Brittin, Leonard Van Pelt, Herbert Stander, Dean Eckhoff, Viona Suck, Lola Belle Woodward, Mary Gardner, Elizabeth Sinsel, Ursual Held, Evelyn Bonness and Virginia Lindgreen. Archer continued to maintain a full four year high school until the spring of 1957.


District 46 School building burns in 1920.

The present Archer Schoolhouse.

Compliments of SCHNEIDERHEINZ LOCKER, Central City


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