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Scrapbook of Mrs. C. J. (Elizabeth) Dittmer

Assumption - that all these were published in the Clark's Enterprise ...
or the newspaper of Shelby, IOWA
None of the articles bear a publication date or name of newspaper.

Prominent People of World War I

     AND "SAMIES" 

   Camp Funston, Kan., Dec. 30.--
Word has reached here that Major General Leonard Wood, commander of the 89th division has arrived safely


in France with his chief of staff, Lieutenant Colonel C. E. Kilbourne. They went there to study field conditions.
   Paris, Dec. 30.--A Havas dispatch dated "somewhere in France," says a "contingent of United States volunteers" has landed there. The volunteers was received by the general commanding the military district, the pretect, mayor and other civil and military authorities.

   Commander -in-chief of allied armies who presented the armistice terms to the German delegation.

   British general who played a big part in bringing about the cessation of hostilities in the world's greatest war.


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