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Scrapbook of Mrs. C. J. (Elizabeth) Dittmer

The following items contributed by Lois Dittmer Fairfield from the scrapbook of her Grandmother.
Lois prepared the index. Thank you!

Notes: We started when Lois sent obituaries related to WW I, and old photos of Clarks. Later, it was a couple obits and a couple marriage announcment s. Now - she has offered to scan the entire scrapbook. As a consequence, there may be some reorganization in the future - and then again, maybe not! Material that is not yet in public domain will be extracted.

First Scrapbook Index By Elizabeth Dittmer March 1919

Page #1 (extracts)
Mr. and Mrs. Henry MANGELSON Celebrate Golden Wedding Anniv.Clarks, NE.
Obit. Ann Elizabeth McLEAN d. Jan. 8, 1930

Page #2
Obit. Hans Hugo DITTMER 1st Merrick Co. war casualty - Clarks NE
Obit. Pvt. Howard MOWERY - Shelby, Ia.

Page #3
Hans Hugo DITTMER, Memorial service killed July 21, 1918
Frank S. GESTRINE d. July 24, 1919 (Note: His gravestone shows 1918, in spite of newspaper)
Leslie BECK, Dies - training station, Chicago
T. E. GRAVES, killed in action, Sept. 27

Page #4
Thomas B. SHONSEY, Missing in action
Harley McELWAIN, Killed in France
John Harold ShHONSEY, d. Oct. 22, 1918
Chester MOORE Dies at Camp Doge (sic)
Wilson A. MORRIS, bur. Shelby, Ia.
Hans Hugo DITTMER, newsphoto

Page #5
Letters from Camp Stuart (2) Mar. 1918, from H. H. DITTMER
Letter from Joe SPIRES to his Dad

Page # 6
Benjamine R. MATTISON, writes from France
Howard MOWERY, last letter to Mom. Apr.22, 1918
Homer MOWERY to Mom - Camp Fremont, Ca. May 1918

Page # 7
Letter from Emil HEIN, Apr. 17, 1918, Ft.Worden, Wash.
Letter from Milford COLE
Letter from Burdette KNOWLES, Camp Eustis, Va. Aug. 25, 1818
Letter from Tom KOKJER
John JANDRALL, Camp Dodge, Des Moine, Ia.

Page # 8
Letters - from Dr. LITTLE and Frank R. DELPH, Somewhere in France.

Page #9
John ZIEGLER writes from Hawaii, to friends at Central City.
Harry PATTERSON writes from Allerey, France, Sept 15, 1918

Page # 10 and 11
4 letters from Harold ROBERTSON, somewhere in France, to relatives at Shelby, Ia. (1918)

Page # 12
3 letters from Harold ROBERTSON

Page # 13
Letter home from Corp. Harry E. PATTERSON
5 young Merrick Co. men enter training at Lincoln (Univ.) Malin METZER, Truman A. GEE, Frank R. MILLER,
     Jas. NIELSON and Daniel E. DONOVAN.
L. W. POWELL, formerly of Clarks, now Minatare, Nebr.
Classification of young men from Merrick Co.
John and Will MANGELSON in service. (Philipines to Russia)
Lid blows off and Clarks celebrates! (Armistice signed)

Page # 14
8 Nebraskan's named in casualties overseas -- MOGENSEN-Boelus, Hans DITTMER- Clarks, Ray W. SAVAGE-Nebr. City,
     SCOTT-Falls City, COLLING-Indianola, SIMON-Brewster, VAN CLEVE-Homer, and APPLEGATE-Union.
Class 1 men, military exams. 15 listed
No word on Tom SHONSEY, missing in action.
Pub. list of men going to Camp Kearney, Ca. Merritt, Shinkle, Douglas, and Sterm.
3 poems related to war.

Page # 15
Farming, Herman DITTMER - (newsphoto) west of Avoca, Iowa
Marr. license for Oscar MUSTARD, son of Earl, and Dorothy DITTMER, Clarks.
Obit. Howard MOWERY, Shelby, Ia.
Clarks, Cong. Church, item mentions Henry, C. J. Dittmer and Gus Hamen's
Extra! Extra! Train hits Santa Claus Wagon! Henry BLUMER Shelby, Ia.
Herman DITTMER, Clarks, and Ruth BROWN of Fremont, marriage.
Herman BROWN and Lillie DOMIEER, marriage, Geneva, Ne. Oct. 28, (?)

Page # 16
Billy UVICK fights for Camp Funston
Poem - "When the Blue Stars Turn to Gold"
Emerson KOKJER, visiting parents from Camp Eustice, Va.

Page # 17
Story of unnamed soldier avoiding draft.
H. C. MEINHOLD farm sold to W. A. DAVIS of Clarks.
Letter from Arthur BEST, to relatives at Shelby, Ia. (1918)
H. P. WEST, selling out, moving to Canada
BLUMER-OTTO Wedding, Lizzie Otto and Walter H. Blumer, farm so. of Shelby, Ia.

Page # 18
Service Flag & poem
Mrs. Sarah SPIRES, received word from sons Joe and Robert, in military service.
Edward STEWART Bartlett, NE, now at Ft. Des Moines. (letter from overseas)
Military photos of Joseph R. O'LEARY and Corp. D. S. KERR.
Nebr. missing in action - Clarence HALVERSON, Albert BENDER, Fred Charles DITTMER, next of kin - Henry Dittmer of Ohiowa, NE.
Ralph PERRY and Joe SPIRES both in same company in Germany.
Iowa - Dead & wounded list. Severely wounded includes John L. BLUMER of Wheatland, Ia.

Page # 19
2 war pictures from Omaha Bee (newspaper) Nov. 1918, France, where armistice was signed and peace conference was held.

Page # 20
"mustering out" - Nebr. and Iowa, Zirrel HIPKE, Ed JANDRALL, Dewey MADISON, J. P. LUFT, Tommy WATTS, Silas STARREL,
     Willard SMITH, Emerson KOKJER, Herman DITTMER, and Harold GALUSHA.
Letter to Gov. Neville, about Nebr.'s "hard fighting Yanks" and Camp Funston.
Intended marriage: Albert KOHL and Mrs. Vera TAGUE.
Govt. casualty list of servicemen - 2 from Nebr. (Mostly from Iowa)

Page # 21
Obit. Peter Langer family of Minden, Ia., victims of Spanish flu.
Obit. Miss Bertha GERBER, born 1902, Columbus, Ne.
Obit. Hans G. Eggers, died 1920, Shelby, Ia.

Page # 22
Letters from Burdette KNOWLES, France, Walter Stuhr, (from Iowa), Camp Johnston.

Page # 23
Obit. Richard L. HESLEY, soldier from Minden, Ia., died of pneumonia, Co. B, 312th Supply Train.
Merle LITTLE, back in cattle business at Clarks, after time in service.

Page # 24
Mrs. Wilson in Paris
Ex-Empress of Germany, seriously ill in Danish Capitol
Photo of E. E. HARTWELL Clarks.
Wedding of Fred JETCHATto Miss Minnie BLADT, both of Shelby, Ia.

Page # 25
Obit. Gladys Lucille CAMPBELL, died of flu. Dec. 25, (?), formerly of Clarks.
Obit. Thomas F. BURRUS of Silver Creek, age 92.
Obit. John F. KOHL, d. Febr. 1920, Clarks. wife, Emma Hensen.

Page # 26
Letters from John DITTMER, (son of C. J.), and Frank Wees, somewhere in France.
Lydia LEADERS becomes bride of Herman KAY, Febr. 17 (?), near Oakland, Ia.

Page # 27
Photos - Clarks Bank, front and inside.
Photo - Albert and Arthur DITTMER, Polk Co. twins.

Page # 28
Billy UVICK, ...Life Battle
Merrick Co. men who died in the service - 12 listed.
Grave of Hans Hugo DITTMER, son of Henry.

Page # 29
Letters from John DITTMER, Bitberg, Germany, 1918 & Edward Stuhr, France.
Letter from Roy INBODY, back from war.

Page # 30
Letter from W. D. FARRAND, Christmas in Germany, Dec. 25, 1918.
Marriage - Elizabeth BECK - Herman HANSEN.
Birth - Wilma, to Mr and Mrs. Fritz DITTMER.

Page # 31
Obit. Malince Hartwell KOKJER, wife of Hans M., died at Clarks, Feb. 1920, age 62.
Obit. Margaret R. TOBIAS, b. Clarks, 1899, d. 1920.
Obit. Aerl Ickes DAVIES, son of Tom, b. 1889- d.1920.

Page # 32
Esther VATH and Eric CARLSON, married.
Flu Victim, Olga Pearl SINDT, dau. of Gus and Lizzie (Bladt) Sindt, d. 1919, Shelby, Ia.
2 photos - Timm NEUHOFEL family and Raymond BECK.

Page # 33
Death of Fred LIND of Platte Precinct, farmer from Beulah neighborhood, Polk Co., brother of Mrs. C. O. Carlson. bur. Osceola cem.
Death of Albert BRINKMAN, June 7, 1921. Lived at Clarks since 1915.
Mrs. Della BRINKMAN died Jan. 4, 1925, bur. Miller cem.

Page # 34
Central City High School Team.
Clarks boy hero - Elmer GATES.
Community Club membership list. Clarks Enterprise.

Page # 35
Alfred SWEET dies, May 15, 1921.
Albert BECK dies in accident at age 14, (no date). bur. Pierce Chapel Cem.
Death of Charles WOOSTER (writer).
Cecil MUSTARD death at age 33, (no date) bur. Silver Creek Cem.

Page # 36
Married - Miss Minnie DITTMER, dau. of Henry, and Fred BLADT Nov. 26, 1920.
Married - Ruth TOBIAS and Burtus STEVENSON June 11, (?)
Married - Iva BROOKS and Orval SOWLS, June 15, (?)
Married - Lt. Thomas E. KOKJER to Miss Isabel HAWKINS, July 13, 1921.
Married - Walter BECK and Mabel TRULLINGER.
Photo - bride, Jean HUNTER, (Mrs. Harry MENOLD)

Page # 37
SOWL-BROOKS marry. (another article see page 36)
Married - Lloyd DEXTER and Mabel MARTIN.
Married - Miss Lucille ROBERTSON and Lester LEAMONS.
Married - Miss Eva KOKJER and Homer OSTERHOUT, June 16, 1921.

Page # 38
Death - Mrs. Rose GARVEY, age 113.
Married - Mrs Emma KOHL and George GOODELL, 1923.
Death - Arthur JANDRALL, Jan. 16, (?)

Page # 39
Hans Hugo DITTMER, death, bur. Clarks Cem. July 21, 1918.
Death - Zoe BECK, Sept. 26, 1921, age 20, wife of Geo. GRAVES. She died suddenly , married only 1 mo.,
     bur. Pierce Clapel Cem. (see page 40)
John James POLLARD, age 11 yr., died Sept. 26, 1921. Bur Clarks Cem.
Death - Mrs. G. A. CASSIDY, bur Shelby, Ia.

Page # 40
New home of Walter HESSLEY, Minden, Ia.
Married - Zoe BECK and Geo. GRAVES, Aug. 3, (?) see page 39.
Married - Charles TRULLINGER and Miss Edna LUMADUE.
Married - Elsie Marie DITTMER and James L. REGAN, Silver Creek.

Page # 41
Twin brothers celebrate birthday, Joseph and John FRUM, age 77, Shelby, Ia.
"Sandy" BLUMER runs car into creek, Shelby (or Minden) Ia.
Married - Miss Julia DOUGLAS and Thomas F. KIELTY, Clarks Catholic Church.

Page # 42
Photos of Clarks - high school, Farmer's State Bank, Bordy & Rosenthal Gen'l Merchandise, Pollard Hardware, Main Street

Page # 43
Photos of Clarks, - churches and businesses.

Page # 44
Charles WOOSTER, Sage of Silver Creek, dies.
A. M. JOHNSON dies, June 4, 1924, res. Clarks
Death - Chauncy B. KNOWLES, Sr. Jan. 29, (?) age 51, bur. Polk Cem. wife Lillian Koeplin, (died 8 mo. before)
Married - Miss Bertha OSHY and Zirrill HIPKE, Clarks Meth. Church.

Page # 45
New Years Wedding, Miss Alice OSTERMAN and Clarence E. ROSE, Clarks, Ne.(will reside at Fullerton, Ne.)
Married- Miss Fay McLEAN and Francis BENDER, 1925
Married- Leonard W. LUFT and Miss Ella GERDTS, (Dist. 50 neighborhood)
Car collision - Wm STUMPFF and Alfred FRAKE. Stumpff intoxicated, driving on wrong side of road.

Page # 46
Married - Mary WEST and Hubert BURRESS, Dec. 24, 1923 (or 24)
Mr. and Mrs. Eiler JACOBSON visited at the home of Grandma REIMERS.
Married - Herman F. BLUMER and Clara VAN DOREN, Minden, Ia.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace WILLITS of Polk, celebrate 58th wedding anniv.
Miss Helen PURCELL, engaged to Edward S. CHAMBERLAIN of Clarks.
Married - Frederick DITTMER and Miss Hazel H. WEST, Clarks.
Fred DITTMER, car wreck.
Death - Jacob BLUMER, 75 yr. Survived by wife and 2 dau., Gladys and Violet, Minden, Ia.

Page # 47
Married- Miss Bertha C. FOLKERTS and Ralph E. HAMILTON, Jan. 14, (?)
Married 60 yrs., Mr. and Mrs. W. F. SINSEL, Central City, Ne. Febr. 23, (?) Lived in sod house, first 4 yr. in Merrick Co.

Page # 48
Obit. Victor Emmitt GEIGER d. Jan. 30, 1925, Minden, Ia.
Biggest Barn in Polk Co., on Fred Lind farm near Stromsburg, Ne.
Death - Minnie Dittmer BLADT, Aug. 4, 1924, wife of Fred.
Extract - Death - Henry DITTMER, 1857-1926 wives: Gretta KOHL and Maggie JUHL. Bur. Clarks

Page # 49 - Extracts
Death - Salvester KSIAZEK, Jan. 7, 1933. (born 1916) Bur. Clarks Cem.
P.O. HARRIER, age 67 at Valley

Page # 50 - Extracts
Death - Gertrude (Meir) Pingle, July 26, 1926, Shelby, Ia.
Death - John H. Pollard 1858-1927, Clarks business man.

Page # 51 - Extract
Married - Mabel C. ROSE and Leslie L. BLACK, Nov. 26, 1925
Drawing - Geo. ARMSTRONG, police sergeant, Omaha.

Page # 52 - Extracts
Obit. Emily Susan PORTER PHILBROOK, 1847-1926 Clarks Cem.
Obit. Annie KEY, 1873-1926, dau. of Thomas, area pioneer.
Twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Geo. BINTZ of Iowa, after 18 years of marriage. (George & Florence)
Obit. Wm White FERGUSON, 1868-1926, wife Mary L. BISHOP.

Page # 53
Anniversary - 50 years, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. KAY, Minden, Ia.
Photo - Miss T. Daisy ENGEL

Page # 54
25th Wedding Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. MULLEN, (Mary DOLAN) Minden, Ia.

Page # 55
Photo - Omaha Bee (newspaper), Barbara Little, Glen Kelly, Betty Brown, (?), Gertrude Westman, Jr. Noble, (?), M. Westman, Hazel Philbrook, Bobby Campbell, Zola Carl(son)?, John Philbrook, and Marjory Key.

Page # 56 - Extract
Marriage - STENGER - OEHLRICH, Columbus res.

Page # 57 - Extracts
Obit. A. B. STEARNS, 1871-1929, wife Lizzie C. DUDNEY, bur. Bureau Cem.
Obit. Alfred L. BOBERG, 1878-1929, wife Luella JONES, Clarks, bur. Stromsburg.

Page # 58 - Extracts
Obit. Lucinda H Gardner WOLFE, died July 30, 1943, Clarks, NE. Husband - Clyde Wolfe. bur. Burke Cem. (11 mi. west of Clarks).

List of death notices (casualty lists) and obits from WW I (Primarily NE & IA)


Prominent People of WW I

Photos - Seven photos reproduced for City of Clarks, 1885
Three photos from District #7 School
Pollard Oil Company, Clarks, 1930's?

Marriage announcement extracts -

Obits/death announcements
Martha Annie (LIMP) MILLER

DITTMER mini-genealogy with photos of homes
Photo: "Soldiers on their way to work for Uncle Sam" - WW I or WW II?

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