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Volume IV No. 1 page 3

Silver Creek Times -- Baptizing

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Volume VI No. 2 pages 60-61

Submitted by: Mrs. Lola Peterson, Silver Creek, NE 68663


6 April 1900--Mamie HUDSON, 11th birthday party Sat. at home.
   Anna McNAMAN, 19 yrs., died Thursday at Lincoln. Dau. of Martin McNAMAN form. of Lincoln, now of South Omaha.

20 April 1900--A son to Elmer TOOKER & wife at Beulah, Polk Co.
   L.P. ANDERSON d. at farm of P.W. SWANSON of Oakland. Surv.: wife, dau. and son.
   Iva MUNGER had 8th birthday party last Sat.
   William STONE d. Sun. at Schuyler. Son-in-law James IRVING att'd.
   Buel WOODRUFF, res. of Tecumseh for 30 yrs. died there.

27 April 1900 --- Frank SOBESLOUSKY d. at Brainard.
   Jennie PALMER, well known Cass Co. teacher, d. in Wisc.
   Mrs. Caroline A. WOODRUFF, aged 82, d. at Tecumseh. Lived in NE since 1865.
   George KENDRICK, prop, Kendrick Hotel, d. at Odell.
    Lou FELTER, a railroad brakeman of Omaha, d. Tues. at Central City.
   Mrs. Ariana GILBERT rec'd. word yesterday that her brother's wife d. in Omaha. She & her bro.
     will take the remains to Mich. for burial.

4 May 1900--H.G. MCANNENEY (thought to be) male, aged approx, 25, of Winona, Minn. was found dead east of Grand Island.
      The body was completely severed from limbs. A letter on his person was addressed to Mrs. I. EROE of Osceola.
    Nathan NELSON was fatally injured at Hildreth.

11 May 1900--John A. MALM found dead at farm near Bertrand. Bro. of Charles MALM.
    Frank CHADY was fatally shot by Joseph SLAMA, who later took his own life at Howells.
    Ted SULLIVAN fatally wounded by Bill DAUGHERTY, Lincoln.
    The infant child of John BIGNELL d. of choaking on a peanut at Alliance.

18 May 1900--Mrs. Lee HOLSTEIN of Overton fatally injured.
    Paul KOBALTER found dead at Pacific Junction.
    From Lincoln. E.A. RICHARDSON, Clarks postmaster, d. there.
   A baby girl was left on the doorstep of Henry PATTERSON & wife in St. Edward.
    A dau. b. to Mr. & Mrs. FEHRS near Genoa.
   A son b. Mon. to Ben McCORMICK & wife of Pleasant Valley.
   John BRETHOWER drowned near Havelock.

15 June 1900--Mr. TREBAUGH & Bertha ZIPPER mar. at home of August ZIPPER, Polk, NE.

5 July 1900--Charles CLARK, aged 20, d. by being hit by lightening. Lived 12 mi. SE of Benkleman.

19 July 1900--A dau. b. to Harry BOUGHNER & wife at Havens. Thomas CANNON is grandfather.

23 July 1900--A dau. b. to C.N. POWERS & wife (July 17, 1897).

27 July 1900--Joseph MEETS d. June 24 at Columbus. Funeral at home of Chas. SPRAGUE, Silver Creek. Rev. HAMPTON officiated.
    Luke PETERSON of Beatrice killed when struck by lightening.
    Jack WILSON lost his life in a Wyoming snow storm last April. Body returned to his home in Crawford.
    Joseph GIBSON d. at Cedar Rapids.
    Theodore MENGES, former land agent at Kimball, d. in Chicago.

July 1900--A son b. to Arthur MOORE & wife at Pleasant Valley.

3 August 1900--John CAMP of Arcadia took own life.
    Samuel M. TORRENCE of Silver Creek mar. Bessie ALLEN, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Daniel ALLEN, at the Windsor Hotel in Fremont. Groom is druggist at Silver Creek.
    Sophia WOOSTER, dau. of Charles WOOSTER, had 13th birthday party.

page 61 - Silver Creek Times newspaper items continued:

3 August 1900--James NYE, aged 11, drowned in Box Butte Creek near Alliance.

10 August 1900--Frank ROSSITER of Silver Creek mar. Jennie BROHMAN at St. Peters Catholic Church in Clarks.
     Couple to reside in Silver Creek.
   Charles MARTIN, formerly of Silver Creek, mar. Lorina HAAS in Fremont.
    A dau. born to J.E. PETERSON & wife.
    Myrtle HARRIS, 11th birthday at home of parents, Mr. & Mrs. Lawson HARRIS.
    A son born to Mr. & Mrs. DAVIDSON.

17 August 1900--A son born to Abe DAVIES & wife.

31 August 1900--Vivian Marguerite LAUDER, dau. of W.J. LAUDER, d., aged 3 yrs., 2 wks., 3 day. Funeral at home of parents. Rev.      HAMPTON conducted services. Wm. GAVES of Fremont, uncle, came to the funeral.
    W.F. YEOMAN of Buelah, d. at Salt Lake City. Interment: Buelah Cemetery.
   James DOOLEY killed at Portal.

21 September 1900--Joseph ROESLER, old resident of Schuyler, is dead.
   The James L. FISHERS celebrated 40th wedding anniv. at Table Rock.
   The infant dau. of Harry BOUGHNER & wife baptized at Episcopal Ch.
    A son born to Walker WOOD & wife.

31 September 1900-Grandman LUNDY Mrs. Wm. (Martha) celebrated 90th birthday. Her dau. Mrs. D.J. TOWSLEE had party.

20 October 1900--William H. KURTH vs. Alice C. KURTH, divorce at Lincoln.
    John NELSON, Omaha carpenter, killed himself.
    Wesley BENNETT & wife a dau. born "this week".
    Grandma REESE d. Silver Creek.


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Volume 7 no. 3 page 91

Source: SILVER CREEK TIMES, Friday 18 October 1895 Merrick County

   Mr. & Mrs. William YEOMAN recently made a trip to the west and have given us information in regard to some people who formerly were from Silver Creek and should be of interest to our readers:
   "Little" San YEOMAN is at Alm, WY. Sam mar. the dau. of a Mormon bishop.
    Frank GOODER, who was here in the 70's, is foreman in UP yards at Evanston.
    Ed SMITH & wife live on 20 acres at Hooper near Ogden. "Deanie" is mar. and near them. Lucia in Idaho. Mrs. SMITH's health isn't good. Hugh & Lew SWORTWOOD & families are at Salt Lake City. Both work for U.P.R.R.
    At Ogden they saw Sid GRAVES & family, Mrs. O. GRAVES, Mrs. Lizzie HOWLAND & family, Rev. CATES & family.
    At Wamsutter they saw Ott & Ed TURK.
    In Utah they visited a settlement of early Mormans. Stayed with Bishop KEYES.

    The 16 yr. old dau. of Mrs. Lucie BROCK widow, living on a farm 10 mi. south of Loup City fell from a wagon last Thurs. & died Friday from the injuries.

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Vol. 12 no. 2 page 64

   School Dist. #10 (Merrick Co.) for month ending Oct. 23, 1896, Neither tardy nor absent, Edith HOLDEN, Not absent: Forest SANDERS, Fern SANDERS Eddy HUNSCOTE, Nellie HUNSCOTE & Edward EBERLY. Teacher, W. E. TURK.
   Gardiner School Dist, #8. Number of pupils 8, Those not absent: Grace BENSON, John LICKLY, Charlie LICKLY, Durward DAVIS, Norvin DAVIS, Allen HILL. Those not tardy, Howard EDMISON John LICKLY, Charlie LICKLY, Allen HILL. Teacher, Nellie G. HILL.

NOTE: No source given, no submitter named.

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Vol. 15 no 3 pp 85-86

Extracts from The Silver Creek Times

17 May 1901, 5 Jul 1901, 30 Aug 1901, 20 Sep 1901, and 11 Oct 1901

Letter dated 1878

St. Lawrence Martyr Catholic Church Dedication

Silver Creek - 1967

St. Peter's Catholic Church Golden Jubilee

Clarks - 1968

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