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1885 Census -
16 Jun 2001 - Ted is extracting this microfilm and we anticipate heaps of corrections! The enumerator added/omitted letters such as "t" or "r" which will make soundexing almost useless. We are building a county wide data base and making comparisons - the names as found in 1885 cannot always be correlated with people found in 1900 census!It is NOT legitimate to do the extraction as what we "know is the correct name". Maybe you'll be lucky and find yours appeared in a way that at least approximates your expectations! When the 1885 extraction is posted on-line - expect you to use your imagination, explore ALL alternative spellings, then be creative beyond the usual!

SURNAMES that seem to be "scrambled" in Merrick County records
Barnholtz/Bornholtz Given name: Henry, extracted in 1900 census as Bornhardt (Prairie Creek Twp, ED139 p7a D126 F127). Cemetery extracts show surname as either Barnholtz or Bornholtz.
Hall/Hale Given name: James. Extracted in 1900 census as Hale (Vierreg Twp, ED141 p4a D65 F65), might be same as James Hall buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Palmer, NE.
Janssen Given name: Bruno, extracted as "Johnson" seems to be same as Bruno Janssen (buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Palmer, NE).  In marriage records of children his wife is identified as Catherina Bischof or Magreta Bishop or Edith M. Bishop.


1880 Census -

Twp., page, etc. What appears - What it should be -

ED114 Lone Tree Pct, Merrick, NE

Miller?, William G., etc.

Walker, William G.

Compare to record in 1885 census.

ED114 p26 D219 F230: Lone Tree Pct, Merrick, NE

Harper, Anton - age 21, born Canada

Given name: Ashton.

Mar 2009: Info from Nicki Harper



1885 Census -

Twp., page, etc.

What appears -

What it should be -

ED 526 Central City, Lone Tree Pct
p23 D239 F239

Persinger, Gadyer?

Should be "Gladys"
(daugher of F.M. and Harriett Persinger)
Sharon Ray <>

ED 525 - Clarks Village
p2 Dwelling 17 Family 17

McCabe, Eva ...
McCabe, Olive ...

Given names should be Ella, and Otis.
Eleanore Rose (GUNDERMAN) McCABE, my husband's great-grandmother, known as Ella.
Barb Walker <> Aug & Sep 2001

ED 530 - Prairie Creek Pct
p3 D22 F22

MILLS?, Heman

Should be MILLER, Herman

ED 530 - Prairie Creek Pct
p7 D59 F59

Conrad ANTON

Should be Anton CONRAD
Compare to 1880 Prairie Creek Pct - COONRAD

ED 530 - Prairie Creek Pct
p7 D61 F61

Scarborough, F.

Initial should be T.

ED 530 - Prairie Creek Pct
pp 8-9 D76 F76

Betsolt, Lewis & Selma

Surname should be Petzoldt. They are living next door to wife's parents.

ED 531 -Vieregg Pct
p1 D3 F3

Rice, Nellie O. f 23 - Parents born Han.
(eyeballs slipped down a line - sorry)

Father born Vt, mother born NY.

ED 531 -Vieregg Pct
p3 D34 F34

Surname as Huebras

Surname should be HUEBNER?

ED 531 -Vieregg Pct
p8 D71 F71 Osterholt family


Should be D79 F79

ED531 - Vieregg Pct
p12 D115 F115

COLEMAN family

Should be KUHLMAN(N)


1900 Census -

Twp, page, etc.

What appears -

What it should be

Central City, Ward One -
p1b, Dwelling 12, Family 12


family name is KOMBRINK.

Central City Ward One,
p13a D273 F279

GARVIN, William R. & Ellice M.
(they had no children)

surname is GAWNE.
He was William R. Y. Gawne.
Ellice was the oldest child of Truman and Sarah (Eatough) Parker. Her brother, Lewis, was the grandfather of my wife ...
Robert D. Bee <>

Clarksville ED 134, p1b D20 F20

CLINE, Lazarrette F.

Lafayette CLINE. He was named after his paternal uncle, Lafayette Cline who settled in York Co., NE.
Lori J Mentzel <>

Clarksville ED 134, p8b D155 F2156

Hagerman, Rose age 12, b Aug 1887, NE at school 9 mo. (etc.)

NOTE: Surname should be HEGEMAN
Wife's maiden name COSTELLO

Lone Tree Twp ED135 p6b D109 F109 or D111 F111

McCable family

Surname should be McCABE? Compare to McCABE family in 1885 Prairie Creek Twp. p6 D54 F54

Lone Tree Twp ED 135 p9b D173 F173

David Haworth, college pres

Several teachers & students at the Friends College?

Lone Tree Twp ED135 p10b D189 F189

KING, Asoph O. - No age or birthdate info appears.

He is probably O. A. KING found in 1885, born c1844, NJ. See also 1890 Vets

Mead Twp, page 3b D53 F54

Gegg, Wessie?

Jessie GREGG

Palmer - ED 137 p2a D3 F33
Palmer - ED 137 p2a D29 F33

McLELLAN, ____ard?

This is Harold Davis McLellan, my g-uncle. McLellan, Floyd - his middle name was Ellsworth and he was born in 1895.
Beth McLellan <>

Prairie Creek Twp, ED 139 p6a D108 F108

BETZOLT, Len__ , etc.

Surname should be Petzoldt or Petzholdt
(see marriages in Books B, F & H)

Note from Ted: Unfortunately, for most of the Palmer pages the ink was extremely faded. That portion of the 1900 extraction is a disappointment to us; had to insert alot of blanks & question marks.


Merrick County Marriage Records


What appears

What it should be

Marriage Book A -
The page & certificate numbers are "messed up" - in the original marriage book. We've been careful to double check those numbers.

Book A, p 69 #69
21 Feb 1874, Merrick Co., NE

Groom: John Connors

Other records for this family as O'Connors

Book A, p 70 #70
14 Mar 1874, Merrick Co., NE

Charles W. Bert

Surname should be BEST?
1885 census, a couple with these given names, but surname as Best is found in Lone Tree Pct ED 526 p3 D32 F32.

Book A, p 73 #73
22 Mar 1874, Merrick Co., NE

Groom: William Wagoner
Bride: Bertha Rudolph

Surnames should be WEGNER and RUDOLF.

Book A, p 74 #74
30 Mar 1874, Merrick Co
(For siblings, see pages 217 & 299 of Book A)

Groom: Zadok Fales, son of Atevnor? Fales & Analine Pierce
Bride: Mrs. Minnie Beeby, dau of M. C. Parners & Liddy Halcourt?

Groom: Zade Hooker Fales, son of Atwood Fales and Adeline Tina Pierce.
Bride: Mrs. Minnie Beeby. Parents were M. C. POWERS and Lydia HOLCOMB.
Bonnie Briggs, researching this family.

Book A, p 104 #104
21 Oct 1875

Groom: McEndru, Charles F.

Surname: McENDREE

Book A, p159 #159
30 Aug 1877

Groom: Gess, Charles

Surname: JESS

Book A, p 127 #237
10 Sep 1876, Merrick Co., NE

Lizzie Fanguier, dau of _ Fanguier & Margarett Gosnell.

Surname should be FAUQUIER. See Compendium of History Remininscense & Bio. of NE p378

Book A, p 249 #249 and p 274 #274

Groom: S.C. or S. A. Harrison
Bride: Susan Hilliard

Same marriage?

Book A, p 311 #311
13 Mar 1881 Merrick Co., NE

Groom's Father: C. A. Vansickle
Surname of bride & her father: Hudnoll

Initials should be O. A.
Surname should be HUDNALL.

Book A, p 350 # 350
7 Dec 1881 Merrick Co., NE

Chas. A. Faugaier, son of E. Faugaier & Margaret Tosuell?

Surname should be FAUQUIER. See Compendium of History Remininscense & Bio. of NE p378

Book A, p 407 #405
         and p 414 #212

Bride and her father: Clearland


Marriage Book B

Book B p 126 #572
20 May 1886, Central City, NE

Geertz, Frederic

Surname should be DEERTZ.

Book B, p 255 #701
24 Mar 1888 Clarks, NE

Casner, Harry W.

Surname: COSNER? See 1885 NE Census ED 525 p4 D40 F4

Marriage Book C

Book C p 351 #1246
Book D p 167 #1521
Book D p 261 #1615

Cospare, Catharine
Kaspau, Theresa
Kaspau, Anna

Maiden name for all 3 should be KASPARI.
Howard Curry <>
Note: Turns out the license numbers are NOT unique. Use book & page number to order copies from the Merrick County Courthouse, please.

Book C p 98 #988
12 May 1892 - Clarks, Merrick, NE
Stevens, Archibald & Stevens, Thomas J., Louey, Clara Stearns, Archiblad & Stearns, Thomas J., Loney, Clara

Book C p 264 #1159
6 Feb 1895 Central City, Merrick, NE

Parker, Lewis 25 b. Merrick Co., Neb;
res: Merrick Co., Neb; parents: Frank Parker & Sarah Eatough
Berryman, Leona 20 b. Ky; res: Merrick Co., Neb. parents: B. P. Berryman & Mary Dempsey

Married by J. W. Robinson, Clergyman. Witnesses: Harry J. Templin and Cary Berrymore.

Witness name: Cary Berryman, 1st cousin of bride, & daughter of Bell Berryman
Bob Bee <>

Book C p 340 #1682
17 Nov 1902 Central City, Merrick, NE

Guthrie, Fred H. 26 b Whitiade Co., Ills; res: Duluth, parents: Minn Wm Guthrie & Ella Beers
Berryman, Cary 26 b Merrick Co., Neb. res: Merrick Co., Neb parents: Bell E. Berryman & Ellen Riley

Married by J. W. Robinson, Clergyman. Witnesses: Carrie P. Durkes and Bell E. Berryman.

The birthplace of the groom, Fred Guthrie is actually "Whiteside County, IL" which is on the Mississippi and northeast of Davenport, IA.
Bob Bee <>

Book C, p 389 #1284
6 Jun 1897 Merrick County, NE

Bride: Tina Muhl

"The full name was Christina Muhl".
Bill Muhl, <> Magalia, CA

Marriage Book D

Book D p 36 #1391
1 Nov 1898, Silver Creek, NE

Groom's mother extracted as Emma Mykoff.

Surname should probably be WYCOFF. See Merrick Co NE Marriage Records Book D p9 #1362 and p182 #1536

Book D p 37 #1392
1 Nov 1898 Central City, NE

Bride's father extracted as "Sashington Yeoman"

Should be "Washington Yeoman.
(Mother not given, probably Martha Barney)
See Nance Co Marriage Record Book 2 p363; Merrick Co Marriage Record Book E p297 #2114 and Book E p447 #2260.

Book D p 46 #1401
29 Dec 1898 Central City, NE

Bride & her father extracted with surname as ORMSLY.

Surname might be ORMSBY? see 1880, 1885 & 1900 census records: Clarksville Pct, Merrick, NE

Book D p 86 #1440
21 Jun 1899 Central City, NE

Groom & his father: surname extracted as GLOTFELTER

Surname should be GLATFELTER.
See "Who's Who in NE, 1940" p 815

Book D p124 #1478
24 Jan 1900 Central City, NE

Groom extracted as GOLDSBERG

See 1900 Fed. Census NE Central City, ED 135 p11a D198 F198

Book D p 126 #1480
31 Jan 1900 Archer, NE

Bride extracted as HURST

Surname: HIRST

Book D p 130 #1484
12 Feb 1900 Central City, NE

Groom's mother extracted as Bodington

See Nance Co. Marriage Record Book 2 p362 - surname extracted as Roddington.

Book D p 132 #1486
27 Feb 1900 Merrick Co., NE

Groom's mother extracted as Dunoran

Wife's name extracted Lula Albro.

Surname Donovan.
See Compendium ...NE pp154-5, 145
Wife buried as Lela. See Chapman Cem.

Book D p 147 #1501
20 Apr 1900 Central City, NE

Groom: Albert Edison Simmons, identifies parents as Charles Simmons & Emma Smith.

Bride: Ada Helen Baker identifies her parents as John Baker & Lucinda Murphy.

Believe groom's parents were Charles Simmons & Anna Laura Bell McGovern.

Suspect the bride is the granddaughter of John Baker & Lucinda Murphy ... See Addie Dorsen in 1885 census.

Book D p 155 #1509
18 Jul 1900 Central City, NE

Bride Genevieve HART identifies her mother as Mary Eller.

Believe her mother was Alice Ellis. See 1885 NE Census ED 526 p35 D352 F352: Lone Tree Pct, Merrick, NE and 1900 Fed. Census NE ED135 p 9a D163 F163: Lone Tree Twp, Merrick, NE. See marriage records of the other HART children.

Book D, pp 167 & 261 - please see Book C, page 351 above

Bride: Surname extracted as KASPAU

Should be KASPARI.

Book D, p 230 #1584
29 Apr 1901 Central City, NE

Bride's given name extracted as "Dula"

Should be Della Gilyer.

Book D, p 233 #1587
3 Jun 1901 Central City, NE

Groom's surname extracted as Lavelle.

Should be LOVELLE

Book D, p 245 #1599
4 Jul 1901 Central City, NE

Groom's given name extracted as Butram.
Bride: Ethel B. HILL

Bride's mother: Eva M. Coinner?

Should be Bertram H. Christy.
Probably is "Blanch" Hill found w/parents in 1885 Merrick census, Prairie Creek Pct.
Should be Eva M. CONNER

Book D p 286 #1640
22 Jan 1902 Worms, NE

Groom and his father: Surname
extracted as BIER
Bride: Maiden name as MALMOOSE

Surname should be BICE

Surname shoud be MALMROSE

Book D p 289 #1643
12 Feb 1902, Chapman, NE

Bride, her father, & witnesses: Surname extracted as BIER

Surname should be BICE

Book D p 304 #1658
2 Apr 1902 Central City, NE

Groom: Michael Lavelle

Surname should be LOVELLE

Marriage Book H

Book H p 108 #3278
10 Nov 1920, Central City, Merrick, NE

McCarty, Robert Riley 33 bp: Mo res: Cross Center, Mo occ: Contractor parents: Thos A. McCarty & Rachel Clark Parker
Mary Edgarda 24 bp: Nebr res: Central City, Nebr occ: Accountant parents: Lewis Parker & Lena C. Berryman

Married by J. Marshall Dempsey, Min. Gos. Witnesses: WYR Gawner of Central City & Mrs Ellice M. Gawner of Central City

Mother of the bride - Lena C. Berryman is actually "Leona" (my wife's grandmother)

Witnesses: Gawner is actually "Gawn" He was a physician and Ellice was Lewis Parker's oldest sister. Edgarda and Mac were my wife's aunt and uncle.
Bob Bee <>

Book H p 354 #3524
8 May 1923, Merrick Co., NE

Groom: Roy W. BABL
Bride: Amanda C. Knipphals

Groom's name should be: Roy W. BABB
(deceased 30 Apr 2003, Fullerton, NE)

Marriage Book I

Book I p 343 #I-343

20 Jun 1928, Archer, Merrick Co., NE

Groom: Percy P. FAULK

Bride: Marjorie J. Sinsel

Groom's name should be FOULK

See History of Merrick Co. Nebraska, Vol I p 367


Rose Hill Cemetery, Palmer, NE
Lot / plot What appears What it should be ...
Lot 203 Kamper, Lydia M. (Reinig) 1903-1965, Mrs. Ernest Maiden name LUEBKE, husband Herman KAMPER

16 Sep 2007: email correction from Glenda J Hildman, Northwood IA - These dates are for Herman's wife, Lydia M. Luebke Kamper.

Note: Second wife of Herman's father Ernest August Kamper was Lydia M. Ament-Reinig (Rining/Ranig).  See Merrick Marriages Bk H p81 #3251. She was born Russia, age 50; had been married twice before, was divorced when married Ernest August Kamper 13 Aug 1920.

Central City Cemetery, Central City, NE
D-107 Age 48 - Born 12-24-1883 - Died 12/22/31 - Buried 12/25/31 Died 24 Dec 1883 Aged 48Yrs 5Ms 13Days

13 Feb 2008: email correction from Ruth Unzicker - "... As I said, I personally visited the cemetery and viewed and took photographs of the gravestones. The information on "Louisa A. Yenney"'s gravestone is as follows: 'Louisa A. Yenney Died 24 Dec1883 Aged 48Yrs 5Ms 13Days Dearest Mother thou hast left us! Here thy loss we deeply feel. But he is God who hath bereft us. He can all our sorrows heal.'"
Note: First wife of John R. Yenney. She was born in Illinois and listed in the 1880 Fed. Census, in Wisconsin, with her husband & 4 children, as Angeline Yenney, 45 years old.


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