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Merrick County Photo Album



Central City Library Photograph Collection


Merrick County Citizens
 Abels, Andrews, Miller, Mills, Myers, Shively, Terry and other surnames also an unknown woman we would like to have identified.
Military Photo - WW I or II? "Soldiers on their way to work for Uncle Sam"


Postcards published by Central City Nonpareil from HF Lee Collection by Katie Pegelow

     Threshing Oats, 3 residences, Warm Slough, 3 residences, Edmonds Company and "A busy day in Central City"

Postcards provided by Patsy Scheer
 Platte River Wagon Bridge, Stiltzer Ave in Central City, Heber Hord's lawn, Presbyterian Church & parsonage in Central City, High School, "View near Archer".

Chapman - Dahlstedt General Store

Clarks - Markers for Junction Ranch & the Old Military Road
Clarks - Photos of the town in 1885
Clarks, Downtown, 1907 - Thanks to Steve Frevert,
Merrick County Courthouse
Merrick County Library
Pollard Oil Co., Clarks
Prairie Island Bridge

Silver Creek & Clarks - photos & memorabilia of Camy Cremeen Rea (Jan 2010)

Union Pacific Depot at Central City

Prairie Creek Baptist Church - Thanks to MA Vampola & Steve Jones

Ashgrove School (repro of program - 1904-'05)
Clarks High School about 1924
     District 7
          Hartwell School (Clarks)   
Page One   Page Two
Hartwell School about 1900
     District 15
Pleasant Hill School about 1900
Pleasant Hill School before 1913 
     District 44 - Pemberton School, 1925 (teacher & students)

Bureau Cemetery at Pierce Chapel near Clarks, NE
The Chapel, the cemetery gate and photos of all the gravestones (Aug 1998, update Aug 2000 and August 2002).

     Chapman Cemetery - images & extracts of all the gravestones, thanks to Larry Coates. (Mar 2003)

     Note: photos are posted for the entrances to most cemeteries in the county. 


     1920 "Old Rose & Green" Central City HS Annual (photos of students and staff)

     Nonpareil's History of Merrick County, 1898 (photos from copies of microfilm, very poor)

     "Souvenir...Central City, Nebraska" - 32 pages of photos, primarily places (including residences) about 1910

     Photo list for 1899-1999 Central City Friends Meeting, Centennial (3 tables, some photos not in booklet.
     Some related to Nebraska Central Academy/College.)

Other photos, other publications on other websites:

    NSHS History, Vol VII, no 3, Jul-Sep 1924:
"The Route of the Spanish Invasion of Nebraska in 1720. The Site of the Massacre"
some photos taken during 1924 expedetion to vicinity.

USGenWeb Penny Postcards from Nebraska by Joy Fisher (organized by county)
    Scan down for postcards: "G Street, Central City" and "High School, Central City".



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