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Merrick Co.

Ash Grove, District 57, Mead Twp.


              ASH GROVE
            PUBLIC SCHOOL
           DISTRICT NO. 57.
        MEAD TWP., MERRICK CO., 
    MAE WHITMORE,   ---    Teacher.
             1904 -- 1905.
            - P u p i 1 s -
  Jessie Weatherston      Ora Bending
  Lawrence Shively        Harry Wages
  Robert Weatherston      Pearl Moore
  Bessie Weatherston     Lucy Shively
  Viola Watts          Parkie Brigham
  John Scott               Eddie Sowl
  Rachel Weatherston        Mary Fish
  Roy Sowl               Lester Wages
  Ralph Watts              Beth Scott
  Harvey Wages            Lottie Fish
  Henry Moore            Klar Shively
  Johnie Fish             Jerry Moore
  Dorothy Scott        Clarence Wages
             SCHOOL BOARD.
   E. Y. Scott   -   -   -   Director
   Jas. Bending  -   -   -  Moderator
   T. Wait   -   -   -   -  Treasurer



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