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     THIS LITTLE BOOKLET will introduce the Platte Valley Land and Loan Company and is a little souvenir or token of the appreciation of your friendship.
     In this little booklet are many valuable pictures of Central City and Merrick County. In our judgment, after having traveled practically all over the United States, we think that Merrick county offers more advantages to the investor and home builder than any other county. Our county has not a dollar's worth of bonded indebtedness and has no saloons. Our people are a prosperous people. The county seat, Central City, is without doubt one of the leanest and most up-to-date little cities in the state of Nebraska. We are doing a flourishing business, more than we would try to tell in this little booklet. It is the headquarters of the T. B. Hord Grain Company and the home of Mr. T. B. Hord and Mr. Heber Hord. the largest and most successful feeders in the world. These gentlemen ate for anything that will advance the intereats of Central City or Merrick County. Central City in 1900 was supposed to have about 1,900 people, today it is claimed on good authority that we have 4,000 population. Our growth has been steady and is not a boom. We have in the neighborhood of thirty elevators in the county and thirty feeding stations. We have two independent creameries and one old line creamery. We have three flour mills. The Nebraska Central College, which turns out a large number of finished business men and women each year, is located here. This is one of the most completely equipped colleges in the state. It has the only 220 yard straight-away cinder path in the state. It has a fine campus and dormitory, and in fact. has a little city of its own lying around it. Central City has the most up-to-date modern alfalfa mill in the state, owned and operated by the T. B. Hord Company.
     We handle land all over the state, in fact all over the United States. We make all kinds of exchanges that have merit in them We are here for the business. We write insurance and attend to rentals. We pay taxes for non-residents. If you have anything for sale or exchange or wish to buy. drop us a letter. Be frank with us and tell us what you want and if we have not got it, we will endeavor to find it. We remain.

Yours for business,

Platte Valley Land and Loan Company


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