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P. S. Heaton

Letter MERRICK County, an area of 468 square miles or 299,498 acres most of which lies within the Platte valley, was established by legislative act approved Nov. 4, 1858. The soil is generally a sandy loam, highly productive and valuable agricultural land. A strip running through the north central part of the county, often referred to as ridge land, is lighter soil, but with irrigation is highly productive. Another strip along the northern boundary is sandhills, mainly used for grazing purposes, but some portions produce good crops, especially corn and alfalfa. During dry seasons this soil grows better crops than the heavier land. At present the county is the approximate center of the population of Nebraska--Mead precinct has been the exact center since 1920.
   In designating names for counties and county seats, the members of the legislature, as a courtesy to Henry W. DePey, speaker of the house at the time, chose Merrick as the name of the county and Alvira for the county seat. Alvira Merrick was the maiden name of Mrs. DePey. No town of the name was ever platted, although it has always been understood that the sponsors located an imaginary site a short distance from the present town of Clarks, but failed to establish the town.
   Research of early explorations of the state of Nebraska gives support to the theory that French trappers traveled over the Platte valley and the site of Merrick County. While there is only a possibility that Coronado and his men crossed the Platte river in the locality, there is no longer such doubt as to Pedro de Villasur. He and his army crossed the Platte a short distance east of the present site of Chapman. They proceeded east along the northern part of the county and arrived within a short distance of the present city of Columbus in August, 1720. Early in the nineteenth century a few trappers and hunters traveled up the valley of the Platte and along the border of other streams of the state. Next were the pioneers of the Mormon, the California, and Overland Trails in their noted treks to the west and the Pacific coast.

Lone Treespacer   Coming to the actual settlement of the county. recognition must be given "The Old Lone Tree," a magnet which drew settlers to the locality in which it stood. It has often been designated as the "Pioneer." It was the direct cause of the Western Stage Company's selecting its location for a station in the county in 1858. The tree was a stately cottonwood, well known to travelers as early as 1833. Lone Tree was described in a letter from Wells Brewer as it appears in Persinger's "History of Merrick County."

   The first time I saw the old Lone Tree was on the 20th day of September, 1860. It was then a green and vigorous tree. The next time I saw it was in 1863. It was then dead and leafless. The repeated fires of the pilgrims about its roots had done the work. It stood there gaunt and blighted, an emblem of death and desolation, for two years. It went down in the great storm of 1865. In its prime, it was a glorious tree--a typical cottonwood, between three and four feet in diameter at stump height, and twenty feet to the first limb. The branches were widespreading and the whole tree was remarkably symmetrical in its proportions. It was visible for twenty miles up or down the river. Seen from these points it appeared to stand a long distance from any other tree, but really it was only about eighty rods to other timber above on the bank of the Platte. It was a noted landmark in the old days of overland travel and was known in every town and hamlet from the Atlantic to the Pacific.

   Eugene Hilton, owner of the land on which the tree stood, said names had been carved on the trunk and lower branches of the tree to a height of thirty feet. He believed this extensive carving was the cause of the tree's death.
   The cut reproduced above pictures the monument erected by the county and dedicated on Aug. 9, 1911. It is one of the few monuments known to have been erected and dedicated to the memory of a tree.

   On Arbor Day of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the arrival of the first white settler in the


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county, another cottonwood was planted by Joe A. Hayes, secretary of the Merrick County Historical Society, and on Sunday, April 22, 1934, with appropriate services, the young tree was dedicated.
   Although the Vieregg farm was located in the western part of the county, several miles from the tree, the majority of pioneers selected land within a short distance of it. The first actual settler was James Vieregg, who, a short time before, had returned from the gold fields of California and was visiting his brother John, in Hall County. On Sept. 5, 1859, he came into Merrick County territory and staked out a claim on what was afterward designated, through the government survey, as the SE Quarter of Section 5, Township 11 North, Range 8 West. Vieregg was first to settle by only a few hours, as Charles Eggerton and Jesse Shoemaker arrived later the same day. They had been residents of Dodge County, and located only a short distance east of the present town of Chapman. The Shoemaker home became known as "Shoemaker's Point" and was the site of the first postoffice established in 1861 in Merrick County, with W. H. Mitchell as postmaster.
   Jason Parker was the first to settle with a family within the county. Shortly after establishment of the Western Stage Coach station at Lone Tree, Bill Hefvalton began erecting a building on what was then known as Eagle Island; before its completion, it was purchased by the Western Stage company. It later came into the possession of Major Hartwell and was known and operated as the Lone Tree ranch.
   Not uncommon along overland trails were billboards announcing where the necessities of life--flour, coffee, sugar, bacon, molasses, tobacco, cigars, and whiskey--might be secured at designated points. Merrick County citizens, however, claim pioneering in the development of the present-day billboard advertising, and give first honor to Cyrus Parker, a son of Jason Parker, as the originator of the idea. It is related that during the absence of his father, manager of the station, Cyrus erected the following sign:
130 miles to Omaha, 13 miles to Shoemaker's, 40 miles to Columbus, 70 miles to Kearney, 20 miles to Eagle Island. We came from York State. We are going to live here. This is no Telegraph Office you damn fool.

   It is recorded that upon the return of "Uncle Jason" the last sentence was immediately removed.
   Among other early arrivals were James Huston and James G. and Wells Brewer, who arrived in 1860. James G. Brewer remained permanently, but Wells Brewer returned to Michigan where he remained until 1863, when he came back to Merrick County and became a permanent settler. James Eatough, Frank Jewell, George Thompson, Ed Parker, Joseph Whaley, Charles Hartley, Henry C. Martin, Benjamin Hurley, Ede Stout, Wallace W. Burroughs, John Kyes, Charles Combs, John Mc Lean, John Donovan, Frank Coyle, H. A. Klingenburg, Claus Stoltenberg, C. B. Hartwell, A. Kerr, John L. Martin, Lew Hill, Charles Howell, Isaac Berry, Samuel McCathron, and the Cummings family all arrived within the next two years.
   W. T. Burroughs, son of Wallace Burroughs, was the first white child born in the county and Mary Eatough, a daughter of Richard Eatough, was the first white girl. Mary Eatough, now Mrs. George Wolcott, and her husband today reside in Central City. Burroughs died Dec. 5, 1927.
   Mrs. John L. Martin, who settled in the county in 1861 was the only physician between Columbus and Fort Kearny for five years after her arrival. One of her daughters married James Vieregg, the first white settler. Mr. Martin was the first county surveyor and the first superintendent of public instruction. His surveying instruments and diary are now in possession of the Merrick County Historical Society, because he was the only pioneer who kept a diary of important happenings during the early settlement period. With the diary are many documents and instruments of the early offices of the county, all written in longhand. Evidently they had always been in his possession and had never been placed among the county records.
   Of the twelve residents within the county subject to military duty at the outbreak of the Civil War, seven enlisted. They were: Frank Jewell, George Thompson, Ed Parker, Joseph Whaley, Charles Hartley, Henry C. Martin, Benjamin Hurley. Each served his full term of enlistment and none was killed or seriously wounded.
   The first Merrick County Indian tragedy was the death of Christian Goettehe and Christian Thramm, boys fifteen and sixteen years of age, who were murdered Jan. 6, 1868. Their graves, marked just a few years ago by descendants of Hall and Merrick County pioneers, are on the William Johnson farm southwest of Chapman. The boys arrived from Germany but a short time before the slaying. They were living with John Vieregg, Christian Thramm's uncle. The day before the murder, Vieregg and H. A. Klingenburg had started on a hunting trip to the Loup river and camped for the night between Loup and Oak creeks. The weather was fine, but the next morning a blizzard began and Vieregg and Klingenburg decided to return home, but first they wanted to try to get an elk. Leaving the boys in camp, they started out in search of game. Hearing shots in a short time, they returned to camp and found the boys had been murdered with their own weapons. The horses and all camp equipment were gone. They found tracks of seven Indians in the snow. Vieregg and Klingenburg went to a camp of men cutting timber some distance away. The camp members persuaded them not to follow the Indians. They arranged to have the bodies of the boys taken home. The Indians were never captured nor the stolen property recovered.

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   The next Indian murders were those of William Shoulders and John Sanford on June 15, 1869. Shoulders was an employe of Samuel McCathron. On the morning of the fatal day he discovered a mule missing from the McCathron farm and started out in search of it. Meeting Sanford, he learned two horses were missing from the John L. Martin farm, and the two joined in the hunt. Some distance below the Martin farm, they observed a horse grazing on the south bank of the Platte. Crossing the river, they started to ascend the opposite bank. Watchers saw them hastily spring back into the water, as a number of horsemen galloped up and began firing at them. They failed to return. The news spread rapidly and by noon a large group of men had gathered to start in pursuit. Notwithstanding the danger they might be facing, about a half dozen young men crossed the Platte. Upon reaching the opposite side, they learned the Indians had gone, but near the remains of campfire, they found a fresh human scalp. It was recognized as Shoulders'. The bodies were not recovered and the scalp was the only evidence of what became of the two men.
   The political organization of the county was effected in 1864, after the pioneer efforts in 1863 of John L. Martin. At first there was much opposition based on the theory that such organization was unnecessary, that the settlers could get along without a county organization, and there was no necessity or justification for the expense. Finally, however, a petition was filed in Platte, the nearest county, asking a special election of county officers. The commissioners of Platte County fixed April 18, 1864 as the election date. A week before the election, a meeting was held at the residence of James G. Brewer to select candidates for the various county offices. At first it was said to be difficult to find candidates, but nominees were finally chosen as follows: commissioners, Jason Parker, Jesse Shoemaker, and George Gelston; sheriff, T. F. Parker; clerk, W. H. Mitchell; treasurer, Wells Brewer; attorney, H. N. Lathrop; probate judge, James Brewer. The county was divided into three precincts.
   Opposition to some candidates arose and on election day a new ticket was submitted. The chief fight seemed to be over the office of county clerk with W. W. Burroughs opposing W. H. Mitchell, the regular nominee. Every one of the county's 27 legal voters cast his ballot.
   All regular nominees were elected and certified to Platte County. Attorney H. N. Lathrop took the oath of office in Columbus, then returned and qualified the probate judge, who in turn gave the oath to the other officers. The first meeting of the commissioners was held in May of the same year. Some of the early records of the county are unavailable, due to the fact that W. H. Mitchell, county clerk, was one of the many who fled the county during the Indian scare of 1864. There are two theories as to what became of the records.
   The supporters of Mitchell contended the records were stolen, while he was absent, from the building being used as a courthouse.
   Others said the clerk gathered up the records to take them with him, but as he started east afoot discovered they were retarding his speed, and threw them away. They were never found. Mr. Mitchell never returned so the facts relating to the disappearance of the records are not definitely known.
   Until the building of the courthouse in 1871, the homes of the county clerks were used as temporary courthouses. In April, 1870, the county addition to Lone Tree was platted, block 10 reserved for county buildings, and $16,000 in bonds was voted for a courthouse. A contract was let to Charles Lightfoot. He was unable to complete the building and it was finished by Q. B. Skinner at a total cost of $20,000.
   Another early day development was the organization of the first public school district and construction of the first school house. In July, 1866, the county commissioners resolved to levy a tax of $100 to pay expenses, but made no provision for building a school house. The citizens then living in the western part of the county decided to act. At a meeting on Oct. 20, 1896, John L. Martin, Claus Stoltenberg, and William Hayter were elected as board of directors of Dist. No. 1. Immediately thereafter, a log schoolhouse was erected. The cost, less than $100, was raised by subscription. Miss Ellen Abbott, who later married a Mr. Dodge, taught the first school session during the succeeding winter and was paid $33.
   The pioneer newspaper of Merrick County was the Merrick County News, which made the first of its weekly appearances in 1872 at Lone Tree. It was owned and edited by Henry Kelsey. In 1874 it was purchased by George A. Percival and L. Waters, and was named the Lone Tree Courier.
   The second paper in the county was the Sentinel, also weekly, first issued at Lone Tree by the Lone Tree Publishing Company in 1873 and in existence for about six months.
   The Clarksville Messenger was first issued May 4, 1876, by James G. Kreider; it was later published under the name of Revised Messenger.
   The Merrick County Item made its first appearance in 1880. The Central City Nonpareil, the only one of the aforementioned publications which is still existant, was established in 1882.
   The village of Silver Creek in a period of sixteen years had seven newspapers: The Silver Creek Times (first of that name), established in 1887; the Oriole, established in 1890; the Silver Creek Reporter, established in 1897; the Daily Times, the Silver Creek Times (second of that name), and the Alliance, all established in 1891, and the only existant one of these early publications, the Silver Creek Sand, established in 1903 by Daniel F. Davis, who contended that it took "grit" to maintain a newspaper in Silver Creek, hence the Sand.

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   Present newspapers in Merrick County include the Central City Nonpareil, Central City Republican, Clarks Enterprise, Palmer Journal, and the Silver Creek Sand.
   The event which began the growth and development of Merrick County as well as the entire Platte valley of Nebraska, was the building of the Union Pacific railroad. On July 4, 1868, the construction train could be plainly seen from what is now Central City and before the end of the month the road was completed through the county. Naturally, use of the railroad eliminated the stage line and stations. Cities and villages along the railroad replaced the stage coach stations. The depot and section house at Lone Tree, now Central City, were erected in 1868. With the establishment of Lone Tree, the station at the site of the old tree passed into history. The first building in the new town of Lone Tree, aside from the depot and section house, was a store erected by J. H. Berryman in the fall of 1868. The following year he added an addition which was used as a residence. In this structure was held the first session of the district court with Judge Crounse presiding. The Berryman store also was the scene of Central City's first revival services.
   Persinger's "History of Merrick County," says: "At the end of 1868 the business buildings in Lone Tree consisted of the store of J. H. Berryman, the building owned by Frank Lisk and used as a saloon, the land office of Ed Parker, and John Foulk's shoe shop. Among the next early business houses was that of Traver and May in which Mr. Traver for many years conducted a hardware business."
   Early in 1875, agitation for a change in name of Lone Tree began when thirty-five voters presented a petition to the Merrick County court asking for a change. A counter petition containing twenty-six names was also presented. After a hearing held on Feb. 24, 1875, the court entered an order changing the name from Lone Tree to Central City. On July 1 of the same year the postal department made the official change of names and Lone Tree passed out of existence as a municipality.
   The first marriage ceremony solemnized in Merrick County was that of John M. Kyes and Viola Parker, County Judge James G. Brewer officiating. The first sermon was preached in the home of James G. Brewer on March 5, 1865 by Rev. L. H. Jones. The first religious society organized was an Episcopalian group at Silver Creek with Rev. Henry Shaw as rector. The first Catholic services, the celebration of the Mass, were in the section house, the home of R. H. Kombrink in Central City in 1870, with Father James Ryan as celebrant.
   The village of Chapman was platted by the Union Pacific in 1866. John Donavon, the railway section foreman, was the first resident. The first building, other than those of the railroad, was put up by Reed and Leake, and was used as a store and trading post. The first general store was operated by J. I. Walker. The village of Clarks also was platted the same year by the railway company. C. B. Hartwell had located a ranch a short distance from the station point in 1865. It was called the Junction Ranch. John McLean and Frank Coyle settled at Clarks in 1866 and A. Kerr and Thomas Tague located there in 1868. The postoffice was established in 1866 with Kerr as postmaster.
   Silver Creek was platted by the Union Pacific in 1866. The first building after the erection of the section house was built by B. F. Hobert early in 1870, and in September, Cyrus Lee erected a hotel called the Lee House. The first settlers of the vicinity were the Shaw brothers, Mr. Lathrop and J. and Ed Howland. With the extension of the Lincoln and Black Hills railroad north from Central City, the towns of Archer and Palmer came into existence. The first building erected in Palmer was built in 1887 by Joe A. Hayes and it was used as the Hayes Brothers grocery store. The town is beautifully located a short distance from. the Loup River.
   The village of Archer was established in 1887. It was located on the Lincoln and Black Hills railway in Midland precinct in a prosperous farming community. In 1887, the Adam Center creamery and store was established by E. Hansen, who until the time of his death was an outstanding citizen of the Archer community and the county. Hansen and J. B. Templin formed a partnership and conducted a general store for many years.
   The decade 1875-85 was probably the period of the county's greatest agricultural development. The settlers had been able to establish good or comfortable homes and had overcome the handicaps and hardships of the real pioneer days. In the year 1884 the late T. B. Hord and his associates acquired large interests in Merrick County, and in a few years developed one of the largest cattle and sheep feeding industries of the state. Later they establishd (sic) the grain business, with a string of elevators in Merrick and other counties throughout central Nebraska. Other feeders also contributed to making Merrick County an outstanding cattle and sheep feeding locality and added materially to the wealth and development of the county.
   Today the citizens look forward with hope and confidence, and an abiding faith that Merrick County will maintain its standing as a prosperous community in Nebraska.
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Who's Who

   ADELSON, ORLIE A: Banker; b Polk Co, Neb Dec 5, 1904; s of Frank A Adelson-Nellie Stark; ed Polk HS 1923; U of N 1924-26; m Winnifred G McClure May 21, 1932 Hastings: s Donald Gerome, Richard Lee; 1926-33 worked in banks in Polk, Hamilton, Merrick Cos, as bkkpr, asst cash; 1933-37 farmed Polk Co; 1937-cash Bank of Clarks; AF&AM Clarks Lodge 134, past master Polk Lodge 311; owner & opr Clarks Theater; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, motion picture bus; res Clarks.

   AXEN, CARL JOHN: Lumber & Coal Dealer; b Pilger, Neb Oct 30, 1900; s of Carl C Axen-Amelia Ellerman; ed Pilger HS; m Lois Irene Smith June 18, 1923 Columbus; s Stanley Lee, Douglas John; d Phyllis Irene; 1919-20 with state highway dept, Pilger; 1920-22 with Hord Co, Primrose; 1922-23 asst mgr T B Hord Co, Monroe; 1923-33 in off T B Hord Grain Co, Central City; 1933- mgr T B Hord Grain Co lbr yard, Central City; pres Cosmopolitan Club; Comml Club, past pres; treas ARC; VP bd of edn; Presby Ch; hobby, hiking; res Central City.

   BEALL, HUGH E: Auto Dealer; b Clarksburg, Ind Apr 19, 1898; s of Dr C M Beall-Myrtle Logan; ed West Lafayette, Ind HS 1917; Purdue U 1917-18 1919-20; U of N, BA 1922; Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; m Elma Ross Jan 12, 1924 Central City; s Ross L; d Jacqueline T; 1922-27 with Caterpillar Tractor Co, III & Mass; 1927-30 ptr McCullough & Beall, Ford dlrs, Central City; 1930- ptr Ross, Cowgill & Hart; during World War, enl June 1918, ROTC, personnel hdqrs Purdue U, Lafayette Ind. disch Dec 1918; mbr city coun; Amer Leg; Comml Club; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, books; res Central City.

   BEARDSLEY, MRS FERN ALLERTON: Editor & Publisher; b Selden, Kas Mar 22, 1889; d of William Myron Allerton-Hannah Hoge; ed Clarks HS 1906; m George Beardsley June 23, 1909 Clarks; 1906-09 tchr, Merrick Co; 1919-23 librarian, Clarksville Twp Lib, Clarks; 1923-33 asst PM Clarks; 1933- with husband editor, publisher Clarks Enterprise; secy lib bd; Research Club; RNA; Meth Ch, jr supt SS, pres WFMS, past pres Hastings dist, past dist counselor young people; Rep; hobby, book reviews; res Clarks.

   BEARDSLEY, GEORGE: Editor & Publisher; b Burlington, Ia Sept 12, 1870; s of Charles Beardsley- Eliza McCloud Pool; ed Washington D C; Burlington Ia HS; U of Ia, Iowa City, PhB 1893; Chicago ColI of Law, Chicago U 1894-95; Ind U, Bloomington Ind, MA 1897; England; Scotland; Beta Theta Pi; m Ethel Fern Allerton June 23, 1909 Clarks; 1897 English instr U of Ind, Bloomington; 1906-12 prac law, Clarks; 1906-23 in real est bus; 1923-33 PM; 1933- editor & publisher Clarks Enterprise; during World War, chmn war savings stamp sales, com sold $27,000 worth in one afternoon; JP 5 years; org Carnegie Clarksville Twp Lib 1916; chmn sch bd several years; NPA; MWA; Rep, Merrick Co chmn 1934-39; hobby, travel; res Clarks.

   BECKWITH, ALFRED A: Dentist; b Beatrice, Neb Sept 6, 1894; s of 0 W Beckwith-Amanda Spencer; ed Beatrice HS 1912; Neb Wes 1914-15; U of N, DDS 1923; Xi Psi Phi; m Helen Requartte July 10, 1918 Deming N M; s Dick; d Jean; 1923 dentist, Central City; during World War, enl May 1917, ROTC 2nd lt, Camp Cody, Deming N M, disch Oct 1919; Central Neb Dist Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; Comml Club; Meth Ch; hobby, gardening; res Central City.

   BENSON, EMMETT HILL: Mortician & Furniture Dealer; b Silver Creek, Neb July 20, 1911; s of DeAlton Benson-Nellie Gray Hill; ed Silver Creek HS 1928; LSC 1929-30; U of N 1930-32; Williams Inst of Embalming, Kansas City Mo; Farm House; m Irma May Mick Aug 23, 1934 Belle Fourche SD; s Donald Eugene; 1933-34 with Splain, Schnell & Griffiths, Lincoln; 1935-36 with Benjamin Person, Genoa; 1937- in furn & undertaking bus, Central City; Comml Club; Neb Funeral Dirs Assn; KP; MWA; Meth Ch; hobbies, golf, hunting; res Central City.

   BENTON, JOSEPH EUGENE: Physician & Surgeon; b Davis, III Jan 10, 1876; s of Eugene Alson Benton-Della Thurston; ed Central City; Neb Central Coll 1887-90 & 1891-92; Cornell Coll 1893- 94; U of N, MD 1897; Adelphians at Cornell; m Jenny Conkling Mar 20, 1900 Central City; s Eugene Alson; d Dorothy (Mrs A M Scott); 1897- prac med Central City; phys for CB&Q & UP RRs; staff mbr Comm Hosp, Central City; assoc staff mbr St Francis Hosp, Grand Island; past pres Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM; Meth Ch; hobby, golden pheasants; res Central City.

   BERRYMAN, BELL EDWARDS: Retired; b Hartford, Ky Dec 25, 1847; s of Thomas Berryman-Jane Bell; er (sic) Hartford Ky; Evansville Ind Bus Coll; m Ellen Riley Apr 23, 1874 Owensboro Ky; s William Riley, Clyde Vernon; d Cary (Mrs Cary Guthrie); 1868-71 acct, Cloverport, Ky tobacco market; 1871-1902 mcht, Central City; 1902-ret; past mbr sch bd: past mbr city coun; AF&AM, org first lodge in Central City; Cumberland Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, bees; res Central City.

   BISHOP, ORRIN T: Hardware Dealer; b New Lisbon twp, N Y Mar 20, 1858; s of Samuel Morris Bishop-Elizabeth Hall; ed New Lisbon NY; Albany State Normal; m Eva Viereg Nov 1892 Central City; d Florence Marie (Mrs Carl H Free); 1880-83 tchr Otsego Co, NY; 1883-85 clk in country store & PO, Burlington NY; 1885-86 worked in gen store, Alma; 1886-87 worked for Berryman & Patterson Hdw, Central City; 1887- opr Bishop Hdw Co; past mayor; past mbr city coun & sch bd; Neb Hdw Dlrs Assn; past mbr KP; Episc Ch; Dem; hobby, gardening; res Central City.

   BROWN, ANDREW D: Physician; b Atlantic, Ia. May 27, 1886; s of Charles L Brown-Sarah Mosier; ed Atlantic, Ia, HS; U of N, BSc, MD 1912; m Fannie Hoffline Sept 28, 1912 Omaha; d Elizabeth Anne; 1912- prac med, Central City; AF&AM; KT, Atlantic Ia; Shrine; Comml Club; Neb St Med Assn; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, dogs; res 2201 16th Ave, Central City.

   BRYANT, DEWITT SHERMAN: Dentist; b Steele City, Neb Feb 16, 1899; s of Frank Bryant-Anna Hough; ed Steele City HS; Pomona Coll, Calif; U of N, DDS 1922; Xi Psi Phi; m Clara Kula July 6, 1921 Silver Creek; s Jack Maurice; 1922-32 dentist, Valparaiso; 1932- dentist, Silver Creek; during World War, enl Aug, 1918, ROTC Lincoln, disch Nov 1918; Amer Leg; Neb St & ADA; chmn Merrick Co Study Club; Comml Club; treas sch bd; Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, baseball; res Silver Creek.

   BURR, EDWIN M: Editor & Publisher; b Aurora, Neb Nov 30, 1893; s of George L Burr-Hattie Bonnet: ed Aurora HS 1912; U of N, BA; m Mattie Miller Feb 14, 1923 Alliance; s True Miller; 1919-22 in ptrship with brother, published Alliance Herald; 1922- editor & publisher Central City Nonpareil; during World War, enl 1917 ROTC, served in France as capt AEF, disch 1919; Amer Leg; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, woodworking; res Central City.

   CARRELL, MRS GOLDA 0 RUAN: Educator; b Beacon, Ia; d of William H K Ruan-Fannie J Mendenhall; ed Beacon HS; Penn Coll, Oskaloosa Ia, PhB; Hartford Theological Seminary, BD 1915; Columbia Coll of Expression, Chicago, BE; m Ora W Carrell June 22, 1912 Oskaloosa Ia; 1908-12, 1917-18 tchr, Oskaloosa Ia; 1918- head of dept of speech, Neb Central; does program & recital work; Natl Assn of Speech Tchrs; Neb St Forensic Assn, past secy-treas; Woman's Club; Society of Friends Ch; hobbies, music, gardening, dogs; res 2121 W 11th, Central City.

   CARRELL, ORA W: Educator; b Waukee, Ia, May 1, 1883; s of George Bayard Carrell-Harriet Jones; ed Union, Ia HS 1903; Penn Coll, Oskaloosa, Ia, BA 1908; U of Ia grad work 1908-09; Hartford Theological Seminary, BD 1915; Pendle Hill, Philadelphia, grad work summer 1938; m Golda 0 Ruan June 22, 1912 Oskaloosa, Ia; 1913-15 pastor Friends Ch, Fall River, Mass; 1915-18 field secy Ia yearly meeting of Friends, Oskaloosa, Ia; 1918-21 head of dept of religious education Neb Central & pastor Friends Ch, Neb Central; 1921- pres of coll; Comml Club; VP, past pres Neb Assn of Church Colleges; bd of edn of the Five Years Meeting of Friends in Amer; Amer Friends Service Com; Soc of Friends Ch; hobbies, travel, reading; res 2121 W 11th, Central City.

   COOLIDGE, LEE C: Clerk of District Court; b Merrick Co, Neb July 19, 1880; s of Richard Coolidge-Alice A Burnett; ed Central City HS; m Ethel Amy Shaw May 19, 1907 Sargent; d Jessica Mae (Mrs Bart Hickey), Lois Patricia (Mrs Elton Johnson); 1898-1902 worked for OSL RR; 1902-05 worked on sailing vessels between Calif, Africa & England; 1905-13 with CB&Q RR; 1913-15 oprd groc, Central City; 1915-25 salesman for oil co; 1925-32 opr restaurant; 1932- clk of dist court, Central City; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Dem; off Courthouse; res Central City.

   COPELAND, WILLARD L: Pharmacist; b Stamford, Neb Aug 8, 1895; s of Robert T Copeland-Effie Rhubottom; ed Arapahoe HS; Babcock Sch of Pharm, Des Moines, Ia, PhG
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1915; m Ruth Irene Peterson Aug 1, 1917 Curtis; s Van Terry; d Muriel Virginia; 1915-18 with Phillips Pharm, Washington, Ia; 1919-22 pharm, Mullen Drug, Ashland; 1922-26 emp in pharm, Smith Center, Kas; 1926- opr Copeland Drug, Clarks; during World War, enl July 1918 Co A, ST inf central OTS, Camp Pike Ark, disch Nov 1918; AF&AM, past master Solar lodge; Neb St Pharm Assn; Amer Leg; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Clarks.

   CROSBIE, MILO H: Librarian; b Henry Co, Ia Dec 19, 1885; s of Havilah H Crosbie-Lillie A Cook; ed Whittier Acad, Salem, Ia; Neb Central Acad Coll, Central City, PhB 1909; Penn Coll, Oskaloosa, Ia, 1909-10: U of N; m Ortella Mesner Dec 27, 1916 Central City (dec 1923); d Lois M (dec 1919); m Julia M Mesner Sept 5, 1926 Central City; 1911-12 tchr, Sheridan Cc; 1914- librarian, Neb Central Coll, Central City; recording clk Neb Yearly Meeting of Friends; alumni secy Neb Central Coll; treas Central City Monthly Meeting of Friends; Neb Lib Assn; Neb Assn of Church Colls; Friends Ch; Indep; hobbies, Neb geography, birds, genealogy; res Central City.

   DAVIS, DYO F: Editor & Publisher; b Columbus, Neb Mar 24, 1889; s of Daniel Frank Davis-Eva Della Chambers; ed Columbus; Chattanooga, Tenn; Schuyler; Silver Creek; m Gertrude Mary Boro Feb 12, 1912 Grand Island; d Helen Marie (Mrs Robert F Coles); with father who was atty & publisher, estab Silver Creek Sand, 1903; father said it took grit to run a newspaper in Silver Creek & sand was grit, hence, The Sand, has been in publication since; owner & publisher since father's death 1916; clk town bd 10 years; chief Silver Creek vol fire dept, mbr 20 years; Merrick Co supvr 10 years, chmn bd 2 years; notary public; mbr Silver Creek band 20 years, past dir; Tennis Club: owner Merrick Co farm land; MWA; NPA; VP Columbus Country Club; Comml Club; KC; Cath Ch; Rep; hobbies, music, bridge; res Silver Creek.

   DEMEL, RALPH B: Insurance Agent; b Steele City, Neb Jan 23, 1895; s of Anton K Demel-Caroline Stutz; ed Central City HS; m Ruby V Staats Jan 25, 1922 Fremont; d Virginia M; 1913-24 PO clk, Central City; 1924-29 asst PM: 1929-34 PM; 1934- ins agt; during World War, enl Dec 1917, inf training camp, Waco, Tex, disch Nov 1918; AF&AM; Comml Club; Amer Leg, past comm; Golf Club; sch bd secy; Izaak Walton; Presby Ch; hobbies, golf, sports; res Central City.

   DEXTER, MISS BEULAH AUGUSTA: Teacher; b Clarks, Neb Dec 21, 1887; d of Steven Hinsdale Dexter- Edwa Augusta Morgan; ed Clarks; KSTC 1906-08: U of N, BA 1913; U of Wis; U of Denver; Delta Kappa Gamma; 1913-16 tchr, Central City, 1916-19 prin, 1919-22 supt; 1924- head of math dept, Grand Island HS; NSTA: NEA; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, travel; res Clarks.

   DINSDALE, GEORGE: Farmer; b Nance Co, Neb Oct 30, 1888; s of George Dinsdale-Anna Greenwood; ed Nance Co; Palmer HS; St Paul Bus Coll; m Rena Nicholas June 14, 1913 Palmer; s George Thomas, John Alfred, Roy, Howard; prior to 1908 farmed with father, Nance Co; 1908- grain dealer, cattle feeder, farmer near Palmer; Comml Club; pres sch bd; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, cattle; res Palmer.

   DINSDALE, T G: Farmer; b Douglas Co, Neb Feb 23, 1884; s of George Dinsdale-Anna Greenwood; ed Nance Co; Fremont Normal; prior to 1907 farmed with father, Nance Co; 1907- grain dlr, cattle feeder, farmer Palmer; St Paul Golf Club; Comml Club; past chmn Palmer city coun & Merrick Cc bd; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Palmer.

   DOUGLAS, ROBERT R: Physician & Surgeon; b Clarks, Neb May 28, 1889; s of Robert R Douglas-Anna McCarthy; ed Clarks HS 1907; Creighton U, MD 1911; interne Mercy Hosp, Des Moines, Ia, 1911-12; m Olive Moulton Nov 12, 1913 Wessington Springs, SD; s Philip F; d Doris Ann; 1912- prac med, Clarks; Merrick Co, Tri-Co & Platte Valley Med Socs; Neb St & AMA; Cath Ch; Indep; hobby, golf; res Clarks.

   ENOS, ARTHUR AXTELL: Physician and Surgeon; b Stanton, Neb Nov 12, 1908; s of George A Enos-T Belle Rice; ed Stanton HS 1926; Neb Wes, BA 1930; U of N Coll of Med, MD 1934; 1934-35 interne Uni Hosp, Omaha; m Evelyn Lucille Gausman June 4, 1934 Hampton; s Larry Arthur; 1935- prac med, Central City; Comml Club; Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Grand Island Municipal Band; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, music; res Central City.

   EOFF, GEORGE J: Grocery; b Taylor Co, Ia Jan 10, 1871; s of Orson J Eoff-Josephine Engram; ed Conway, Ia HS 1887; m Mabel Berryman Sept 23, 1905 Central City; s George J Jr, Lee G, Dale Berryman, Edwin J, Hardin B; d Evelyn Joy (Mrs H Sandall); 1887-90 worked on farm & in dry goods store, Coin, Ia; 1890-1917 salesman for whol dry goods, Wheeler & Motter, St Joseph, Mo; 1917- groc & mcht, Central City; AF&AM; York Rite; Temaha Shrine; Comml Club, past pres; past Merrick Co counsellor, Lincoln Highway Assn; Neb Fedn of Retail Groc; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing, res Central City.

   FEEHAN, WILLIAM FRANCIS: Stockman; b Clarks, Neb Jan 14, 1884; s of Daniel Feehan-Elizabeth McCarthy; ed Clarks HS; 1905-10 farmed, Merrick Co; 1910- stockraising, Merrick Co; Neb Sheepfeeders Assn; Holy Name Soc; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, cattle; res Clarks.

   FITCH, GEORGE C: Printer; b Orient, N Y Feb 25, 1861; s of Rev Albert Fitch-Harriet Vernon; ed Ill; 0; Neb; 1877-79 worked on Central City Courier; 1879-95 published Central City Courier; 1905-09 published Central City Record; 1879- ptr of brother in print shop; Comml Club; Presby Ch; hobby, gardening; res Central City.

   FOSBURY, WILLIAM JAYNE: Furniture Dealer; b Kearney Co, Neb Oct 8, 1878; s of E W Fosbury-Emma Jayne; ed Kearney HS 1899; Neb Wes, BL 1903; Theophania; m Mary Buckley Oct 28, 1909 Denver; s Walter Joseph; d M Evelyn; 1903-04 tchr, Lancaster Co; 1904-06 supt of schs, North Loup; 1906-09 tchr, Philippine Islands; 1909- in furn & undertaking bus, Clarks; MWA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Clarks.

   FOUTS, FRED: Physician & Surgeon; b Central City, Neb Jan 23, 1877; s of Silas Fouts-Sarah Weeks; ed Osborne, Kas HS 1895; Bellevue Coll 1895-98; Creighton U, MD 1902; m Nellie Catherine Boring Aug 8, 1900 Osborne, Kas (dec 1933); m Wilma E Weber June 12, 1935 Central City; 1902-04 prac med Osborne, Kas; 1904-05 prac Central City; 1905-11 prac Ichowfu, China; 1911-12 staff mbr Clifton Springs Sanitarium, NY: 1912- prac med, Central City, eye, ear, nose & throat specialist; Tri-Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA; Neb Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Soc; Omaha & Council Bluffs Ophthalmological & Otolaryngological Soc; AF&AM, Scot Rite; Presby Ch; hobby, gardening; res Central City.

   GAGE, PERRY: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Howard Co, Neb Jan 3, 1879; s of W C Gage-Julia Stratton; ed St Paul Coll; m Esther Ross Mar 7, 1906 Nance Co; s Bruce Perry, Raymond Alonzo; 1898-1906 in Howard Co; 1906-09 supt of schs, Palmer; 1909-13 with Redpath-Horner Chautauquas in midwest; 1913-34 editor & publisher Palmer Journal; 1934- real est & Ins agt, Palmer, also engaged in writing; Ars Poetics, ch mbr; IOOF; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; res Palmer.

   GLATFELTER, HARVEY EDWARD: Physician & Dentist; b York, Penn July 2, 1869; s of Edward Glatfelter-Sarah A Herman; ed York Collegiate Inst, York, Penn; U of Md, DDS 1890, MD 1891; grad work Johns Hopkins Hosp, Baltimore; Phi Sigma; m Nancy Fouts June 21, 1899 Central City; d Victoria Shannon (Mrs Raymond Gage): 1891-96 prac med & dentistry York, Penn; 1896- prac med & dentistry, Central City, also farmer & livestock grower & feeder; Platte River Water Protective Assn; Comml Club; chmn bd of dirs Merrick Co Pump Irrigation Project; pres Merrick Co Med Soc; past pres Platte Valley Transcontinental Highway Assn; chmn com which induced Lincoln Highway Assn to use Platte Valley Road, 1913 org & presided over only Lincoln Highway meeting held outside of Detroit; Maccabees; BPOE; Merrick Co Old Settlers Assn; mayor of Central City 1899; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbies, good roads, conservation Platte River & Platte Valley subterranean water; off Courthouse; res Central City.

   GREGG, GEORGE D: RFD Carrier; b Central City, Neb July 1, 1899; s of E Frank Gregg-Eva Halsey; ed Central City HS; Neb Central Coll; m Wilma Desch Mar 27, 1921 Central City; d Wilma Georganne, Lois Marilyn; 1922-24 city mail carrier, Central City; 1924- rural mail carrier; during World War, enl June 22, 1918 79th div Co B 304th Engineers, disch June 6, 1919; Amer Leg, past comm & adjt; Izaak Walton; Golf Club, exec bd mbr; Presby Ch; hobby, golf; res 607 Ave E, Central City.

   GREVING, HENRY FRANKLIN: Dentist; b Prairie View, Kas Sept 20, 1904; s of William Grevlng-Camelia Dragt; ed Long Island, Kas
Horz. bar


Who's Who

HS 1923; Creighton Dental Coll, DDS 1929; Delta Sigma Delta; m Phyllis Smith Dec 27, 1932 Marshall, Mo; d Jeanne 0; 1923-25 tchr, Phillips Co, Kas; 1929- dentist, Central City; Comml Club; Merrick Co Dental. Soc, past pres; Neb St & ADA: AF&AM; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, gardening; off 1528 17th Ave; res 2228 16th Ave, Central City.

   HADDIX, LAWRENCE L: Owner Welding Shop; b Winside, Neb Oct 16, 1900; s of Calvin Haddix-Ella Purdy; ed Custer Co; m Helen Nielsen Aug 5, 1925 Grand Island; d Faye, Lois; 1922- opr L L Haddix Shop, Central City; pres Comml Club; past chmn fire chief's section, Neb League of Municipalities; chief vol fire dept; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Indep; hobby, fire fighting; res Central City.

   HANWAY, ARVAL J: Lumber Dealer; b Buckner, Mo Dec 12, 1892; s of John L Hanway-Minnie McMullen; ed Orrick, Mo HS; Kansas City, Mo Business Coll; m Aurelia B Freebie July 18, 1918 Denver; s Ajay, Dale K; 1919-29 mgr Foster Lbr Co, Ordway & Towner, Colo; 1929-33 opr Ford garage, Ordway; 1933- opr S A Foster Lbr Co, Central City; during World War, enl July, 1918 machine gun co 38th inf 3rd div, disch Aug 1919; AF&AM; Amer Leg, past comm; VP Comml Club; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, sports; res 207 D, Central City.

   HARRIS, MINER E: Editor & Publisher; b Dixon Co, Neb Mar 25, 1890; s of Frederick Miner Harris-Isabell Eaks; ed Ord HS; 1908-10 tchr, Valley Co; 1910-20 farmed, Osage Co, Kas; 1920-22 farmed near Beatrice; 1922-23 editor Douglas Enterprise; 1923-34 editor Wolbach Messenger; 1934 owner, editor, publisher Palmer Journal; NPA, secy Comml Club; twp clk; past village clk, Wolbach; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; res Palmer.

   HART, BERTRAND E: Hardware Dealer; b Pleasantville, Penn July 19, 1872; s of John H Hart-Alice Ellis; ed Central City HS; Neb Central Coll; m Bertha Salchow Sept 12, 1897 Central City; m Myrtle Meredith Sept 17, 1921 Grand Island; s Donald Bertrand; d June (Mrs John J Oed); prior to 1897 farmed with father, Merrick Co; 1897-1907 worked in Bishop & Withrow Hdw Store, Central City; 1907- opr Ross Cowgill & Hart Hdw; KP; Comml Club; past mayor; pres Golf Club; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, golf; res Central City.

   HAWLEY, SEARLE E: Superintendent of Schools; b Waco, Neb June 6, 1902; s of Phillip Sheridan Hawley-Mary H Marsden; ed Waco HS 1921; U of N, BSc 1930, MA 1939; Theta Chi; m Bernice Press Aug 12, 1936 Manitou Springs, Colo; s Searle Edward Jr; 1928-31 prin of schs, Cowles; 1931-32 with McClellan Stores Co, Duluth, Minn; 1932-38 supt of schs, Bladen; 1938- supt of schs Silver Creek; NSTA; AF&AM, Chris Ch; Rep; hobby, gardening; res Silver Creek.

   HAYS, JOSEPH A: Retired; b Adams Co, Ill Sept 25, 1857; s of John Hays-Melinda Roberts; ed Lone Tree; m Elizabeth Sellers July 10, 1883 Central City; 1875-76 tchr, Merrick Co; 1876-81 carp with father, Central City; 1881-90 in produce & shipping bus; 1890-1905 merc bus; 1905-12 engaged in trading land for stocks of goods; 1912 pur Merrick Co Courthouse for $150, used material to build Hays Hotel; 1913-15 oprd Hays Hotel; 1915- ret; 1876 att World's Fair Centennial, Philadelphia; 1910 supvr census 3rd congl dist; secy Merrick Co Hist Soc; secy lib bd since 1903; Rep; hobby, sports; res Central City.

   HEATON, PATRICK S: Attorney; b Montreal, Canada Jan 22, 1869; s of Henry Heaton-Ann Conway; ed Merrick Co; m Ade Hunscote Kombrink June 2, 1898 Central City; s Francis L, Henry R, Patrick J; d Gertrude Agnes (Mrs Ray L Clinton), Mary Cecelia; with parents came to Neb 1871 & until 1892 was on farm with father, Merrick Co; 1894 adm to bar; 1896-1909, 1915-17 Merrick Co Judge; 1900-15 & 1916-17 in real est bus, McCook, Central City; 1918- prac law, Central City; Comml Club; Merrick Co & Neb St Bar Assns; pres Merrick Co Old Settler's Assn; Neb St Hist Soc; KC; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, pioneer history; res Central City.

   HEDGES, GEORGE E: Retired, b Edwardsville, Ill June 15, 1871; s of David N Hedges-Eliza M Hoskins: ed Lancaster Co; m Olive Mae Akeson Jan 12, 1903 Lincoln; 1892 with father on farm, Lancaster Co; 1892-1907 farmed, Lancaster Co; 1907-17 farmed, Merrick Co; 1917- res Central City, opr farms; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, livestock; res Central City.

   JONES, HOWARD M: Telegraph Operator: b Marion, Ia Jan 18, 1900; s of John Q Jones-Mary Elizabeth Lemmon; ed Marion Co, Ia; Chillicothe, Mo Bus Coll; m Evelyn T Mills July 14, 1923 Lexington; s Robert C, Philip H, David J; 1919-21 relief work, UP RR: 1921-29 RR teleg opr Lexington; 1929 teleg opr, UP RR, Central City; mbr sch bd; AF&AM, past master, secy; UP Old Timer's Club; ORT; Golf Club; Meth Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, astronomy; res 2112 17th Ave, Central City.

   JORDAN, GEORGE L: Postmaster; b Schuyler Co, Ill Aug 22, 1873; s of John Jordan-Caroline Garrett; ed Bloomington; Franklin Acad; American Correspondence School of Law, 1907; m Nora M Adams May 13, 1906 Holdrege; d Frances, Dale; 1893-1903 tchr in Neb; 1904-06 Kearney Co judge; 1909-19 in printing bus, Neb; 1919-33 editor, publisher Clarks Enterprise; 1933- PM, Clarks, Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, traveling; res Clarks.

   LAMBERT, MARK V: Stockman; b Carroll Co, Ia Oct 30, 1877; s of Thomas R Lambert-Grace Longstaff; ed Coon Rapids, Ia; Capitol City Comml Coll, Des Moines, Ia; m Lillie May Carpenter Sept 6, 1900 Coon Rapids, Ia; s Donald B; d Lucille; 1902-11 engaged in stock raising, Coon Rapids, Ia; 1911- stock raising, Merrick Co; Meth Ch; Indep; hobbies, horses, Hereford cattle; res Palmer.

   LARSON, M A: Real Estate Auctioneer; b Hamilton Co, Neb Mar 10, 1885; s of John Larson-Fredericka Pearson; ed Hamilton Co; prior to 1908 farmed with father, Hamilton Co; 1908-10 with John Deere Plow Co, Omaha; 1910-12 in immigration bus, South Tex; 1912- real est auctioneer, Central City; Comml Club; past pres Neb Real Est Assn; Rep; res Central City.

   LAUTENSCHLAGER, WILLIAM 0: Oil Dealer; b Howard Co, Neb Oct 8, 1899; s of John Lautenschlager-Mary Busche; ed Howard Co; m Frieda Kunze Mar 28, 1930 Grand Island; prior to 1923 assoc with mother on farm Howard Co; 1923-25 worked in Millers store, Palmer; 1925- oil dlr, Palmer; Neb Petroleum Marketers Assn; United Transporters Assn; Comml Club, pres; Luth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, bowling; res Palmer.

   LAWSON, MRS EVA L: Florist; b Saline Co, Neb Sept 1, 1880; d of J N Pate-Ella E Odell; ed Dorchester; m Joseph W Lawson Mar 1, 1899 Seward Co (dec 1937); 1907-14 opr greenhouse, York; 1914-18 opr greenhouse Fulton Ill; 1919- opr floral shop Central City; Comml Club; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, home; res 2104 12th Ave, Central City.

   LINDERMAN, FRANK L: Retired; b Shenandoah, Ia Oct 31, 1873; s of Charles Frederick Linderman-Lettie Jane Wiley; ed Howard Co; m Helen S Gage Oct 11, 1895 St Paul; 1898-1901 photographer, Neb; 1901-03 in gen mdse bus, Mitchell; 1904-07 in hdw & furn bus, Cushing; 1907-10 in hdw bus, Silver Creek, 1910-20 in auto bus, Central City; 1920-33 opr first service station in Merrick Co, Central City; 1933- ret; AF&AM; Meth Ch; Dem; hobby, woodwork; res Clarks.

   LOCK, HERBERT: County Clerk, Register of Deeds; b Merrick Co, Neb Oct 4, 1882; s of Thomas James Lock-Mary Harriet Smith; ed Central City; Creighton U, PhG 1903; m Georgia Fouts Sept 21, 1904 Central City; s Herbert F; 1903-04 with R Tooley Drug Co, Central City; 1904-31 owner drug store; 1931- Merrick Co clk; Comml Club; KP; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby music; res Central City.

   LOCKE, GEORGE E: Grain Dealer; b Merrick Co, Neb Dec 15, 1880; s of Thomas James Locke-Mary Smith; ed Central City HS; Neb Central Coll 1899; Omaha Comml Coll; m Pim C Colwell Feb 28, 1906 Deadwood S D; s Owen Locke; d Mary Alice (Mrs Len Wolcott), Margaret Pim (Mrs Ted Little), Sarah Jane; 1905-06 representative for ICS, Chicago; 1906-10 with Swift & Co, Chicago; 1910- with Hord Corporations, Central City; dir Hord & Son, Inc; dir Lakeside Ranch Co; dir T B Hord Grain Co; part owner JusticeLocke Drug Co, Comml Club; AF&AM; Tehama Shrine; Golf Club; MWA; Maccabees; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; res Central City.

   LOGAN, WILLIAM C: Banker; b Newcastle, Neb Nov 27, 1894; s of William P Logan-Stella G Conner; ed Norfolk HS 1912; Doane Coll 1913-14; m Irene S Gilmore May 30, 1920 Fullerton; d Jamie C; 1917-21 with Farmers State Bank, Belgrade; 1921-22 cash First Natl Bank, Akron, Colo; 1922-23 VP Farmers State Bank Brighton Colo; 1923- cash Farmers State Bank, Silver Creek; Comml Club; Neb St Bankers Assn; Presby
Horz. bar

in Nebraska


Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Silver Creek.

   McALEER, E P: Dentist; b Albion, Neb Dec 16, 1906; s of J F McAleer-Margaret Hughes; ed Albion HS; Creighton U, DDS 1933; Delta Sigma Delta; 1933-34 asst in dental offs, Omaha & Albion; 1934 dentist, Central City; 1st lt ROTC med corps; Comml Club; Men's Chorus; Merrick Co Dental Study Club; Neb, St & ADA; Cath Ch; hobbies, golf, singing; res Central City.

   McCAULEY, EDWARD J: Stockman; b Cedar Co, Neb Aug 25, 1886; s of William McCauley-Minnie Langan; ed Fullerton HS 1907; LBC 1907-09; m Elizabeth Row Apr 6, 1910 Fullerton; s William L; 1909-12 with Kent & Burke Co, Merchiston; 1912- mgr Kent & Burke Ranch, Silver Creek; mbr twp bd 20 years; Royal Highlanders; Cath Ch; Indep; hobbies, horses, cattle; res Silver Creek.

   McCULLOUGH, ROY D: Auto Dealer; b Marne, Ia Feb 8, 1890; s of Sam McCullough-Sarah Pritchard; ed Berkeley Cal HS 1912; U of Cal; Theta Xi; m Julia Molina May 30, 1924 Buenos Aires S A; d Gloria Mae, Marlene Grace; 1916-25 with Ford Co, Buenos Aires, Argentina, S A; 1925- Ford dlr, Central City; Comml Club; past mbr Lions; past mbr Kiwanis; past mbr Golf Club; Ford Dlrs Assn; Neb St Auto DIrs Assn; Presby Ch; Rep; res Central City.

   McENDREE, CHARLES C: Banker; b Central City, Neb Jan 29, 1873; s of William McEndree-Anna Cobin; ed Central City HS 1886; Neb Central Coll; m Eva B Agnew June 1, 1898 Central City; s Ted Agnew; 1911-16 VP Stockgrowers Natl Bank, Cheyenne; 1891-1911 & 1916-28 bkkpr, VP Farmers Natl Bank Central City; 1928- pres; AF&AM, past master; Comml Club; Rep; res Central City.

   MACHAMER, JOHN W: Merchant; b Jo Daviess Co, Ill Nov. 5, 1868; s of Thomas J Machamer-Mary E Solt; ed Aurora; m Mary Titman May 29, 1889 Aurora; d Lela B (Mrs Ralph Montgomery); 1883-92 in saddlery bus & hdw store with father, Aurora; 1892-96 salesman for Burlington Ia. hdw firm; 1896- in dry goods & clothing bus, Central City; AF&AM; KP; Comml Club; mbr city coun; past mayor 6 terms; Presby ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Central City.

   McHARGUE, EARL: Stockman & Farmer; b Knox Co, Ky May 8, 1883; s of Hiram McHargue-Rosa Terrel; ed Knox Co Ky; m Pearl Dizney Apr 19, 1905 Central City; s William H, Edward, Eugene, Bernard; d Laverne (Mrs Carroll H Christensen); 1906-12 oprd gas & oil wagon, farmed Merrick Co; 1912- farmer, stock raiser, Merrick Co; MWA; past mbr sch bd; Friends Ch; Dem; hobby, livestock; res Central City.

   McLEAN, ROBERT E: Merchant; b Clarks, Neb Aug 5, 1880; s of John McLean-Mary Elizabeth Hartwell; ed Clarks HS; m Cora P Sanders May 23, 1903 Clarks; d Fay (Mrs F P Bender); 1896-1901 with UP RR, Clarks & other Neb towns; 1901-11 mgr lbr bus, Phillips; 1911-19 groc, Clarks; 1919-34 traveling salesman, Neb & other western states; 1934- ptr in groc, Clarks; mayor; JP; chmn twp bd; Congl Ch; Dem, local chmn Central Com; res Clarks.

   MacQUEEN, ALEXANDER: Retired; b Inverness Shire, Scotland June 16, 1860; s of Donald MacQueen- Mary MacLeod; ed Inverness Shire; m Lizzie T Terry Oct 20, 1890 Central City; s Glenn Donald; 1884-1919 farmed, raised stock Merrick Co; 1919-ret: AF&AM, ch mbr Silver Creek lodge; IOOF; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, weed eradication; res Silver Creek.

   MATTSON, EDWARD: Farmer; b Merrick Co, Neb Aug 27, 1881; s of Thomas Mattson-Nettle Nelson; ed Fremont Normal; m Anna Nelson Dec 29, 1909 Merrick Co; s Harry T, Gerald Edward, Joseph Donald, Robert Warren; 1906- farmer in Merrick Co; Farmers Union; Master Farmer 1934; Meth Ch; hobbies, carpentry, blacksmithing; res Central City.

   MAYBERGER, CHARLES W: Tourist Camp Owner; b Platte Co, Neb Aug 12, 1889; s of Carl Mayberger- Frances Tiehl; ed Oconee; m Elizabeth Lloyd Apr 29, 1914 Council Bluffs Ia; d Elizabeth Louise; prior to 1911 with father on farm, Platte Cc; 1911-16 with Council Bluffs Auto Co, Council Bluffs Ia: 1916-19 emp by Ford Motor Co Omaha; 1919- in oil & garage bus, Silver Creek; Neb Petroleum Marketers Assn; dir Lincoln Highway Assn; Comml Club: Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Silver Creek.

   METZER, CHARLES R: Miller; b Sheboygan Co, Wis Jan 10, 1873; s of Nicholas Metzer-Pauline Hohlfeld; ed Adams Co; m Marie Urban Apr 1896 Lincoln; s Malin Charles; d Thelma Marie (Mrs A 0 Hunter); 1893-1903 in milling bus, David City, also in West Point & Havelock; served as appr Holstein Neb & Tipton & Oberlin Kas; 1903-04 miller, Humphrey; 1904- miller, Silver Creek; Millers Natl Fedn; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, livestock; res Silver Creek.

   MEYER, CASPER: Farmer & Stockman; b Binde Westphalia, Germany Nov 6, 1880; s of Casper H Meyer-Marie Rosenkotter; ed 2 years In Germany; dist 17 & parochial sch, Grand Island; m Marie Mettenbrink Nov 17, 1909 Grand Island; s Wilber, Arthur (dec Jan 1923); d Esther, Norma, Pauleen; 1889 came to US; 1898-1909 with father farmed S E of Grand Island; 1909- farmed indep on father's land; added many bldgs & modern ten room house, now farms 615 A; specializes in purebred hogs, cattle & certified seeds; Luth Ch; hobbies, fishing, hunting; off & res RFD 4, Grand Island.

   MEYER, MRS MARIE: Homemaker; b Grand Island, Neb May 28, 1887; d of Charles H Mettenbrink-Mary Ostermeier; ed dist & parochial schs, Grand Island; m Casper Meyer Nov 17, 1909 Grand Island; s Wilber, Arthur (dec Jan 1923); d Esther, Norma, Pauleen; parents came to Neb from Germany in 1881, engaged successfully in farming & livestock raising, acquired several farms in Hall Co; Luth Ch; hobbies, flowers & home; res RFD 4, Grand Island.

   NEWLON, BENJAMIN FRANKLIN: Retired; b Taylor Co, W Va Mar 19, 1869; s of John S Newlon- Henrietta A Coplin; ed Merrick Co; Neb Central Coll; m Elmyra B Peck Apr 26, 1893 Palmer; s Floyd H, C Leroy; d Ethel J, Maude B (Mrs Alfred P Smith); 1889-93 tchr, Merrick Co; 1893-1928 farmer, stock raiser, Merrick Co; 1928 ret; 1933 state legislator dist 49; Chris Ch; Dem; hobby, agriculture; res Palmer.

   NICHOLAS, ARTHUR C: County Treasurer; b Merrick Co, Neb Mar 18, 1882; s of Isaac J Nicholas-Cora E Coolidge; ed Merrick Co; m Francina E Campbell Sept 16, 1903 Palmer; d Elnora (Mrs Arthur H Bass), Elaine I (Mrs H L Temple); 1903-15 farmed Merrick Co; 1915-19 Merrick Co dep treas; 1919-33 in banking bus Central City; 1933-34 with state banking dept; 1935- Merrick Co treas; Comml Club; AF&AM, Chris Ch; Dem; off Courthouse; res 2215 17th Ave, Central City.

   NORAGON, MILLARD HAROLD: Superintendent of Schools; b Fairmont, Neb Apr 2, 1901; s of Almond Noragon-Esther Green; ed Fairmont HS: U of N, BSc 1923, MA 1925; Phi Tau Theta; m Opal Johnson June 20, 1928 North Platte; s Larry Allen; d Sibyl Jeanne, Marilyn Joan; 1925-28 tchr Lexington HS: 1928-39 tchr Herman HS; 1930-32 tchr Millard HS; 1932-33 tchr Waterbury HS; 1933-35 tchr Liberty consolidated sch; 1935-36 supt Snyder schs; 1936-38 supt Eckley consolidated sch;, 1938- supt of schs, Palmer; local chmn Neb Tuberculosis Assn; Meth, Ch; Rep; hobbies, music, sports; res Palmer.

   NORDSTEDT, STEN L: Merchant; b Motala, Sweden Oct 2, 1884; s of Ludwig Nordstedt-Hilma Oier; ed Motala, Sweden; m Mary Alice Logan Oct 4, 1912 Omaha; d Marcia Niel; 1903-08 emp by B L Paine Clothing Co, Lincoln; 1908-15 worked in men's clothing store, Central City; 1915- opr men's clothing store; past dir Comml Club; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Central City.

   PATTERSON, EDWARD J: Attorney; b Central City, Neb Nov 9, 1886; s of John Patterson-Carrie Persons; ed Central City HS 1905; U of N, BA, LLB 1911; m Maude Conkling Sept 25, 1912 Grand Island; s John E, Rex C; d Joann (Mrs B M McDonald), Marilyn, Patricia, Lillian Jean; 1911- prac law, Central City; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; AF&AM; BPOE; Presby Ch; Rep; res Central City.

   PORTER, METTA: Teacher; b Portland Mills, Ind Oct 20, 1866; d of William A Porter-Margaret Nichelson; ed Central City HS 1886; Neb Central Coll 1887-88; PSTC; Lincoln Normal; Drake U, Des Moines, Ia; 1888-1902, 1909-18 tchr Central City; 1918-20 govt employee, Washington, D C, allotment & allowance dept; 1920-23 tchr, Archer HS; 1923-31 tchr, Cozad HS; Rebekah, past noble grand; WRC, past pres; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, needlework; res Central City.

   RAECKE, WALTER R: Attorney; b Grand Island, Neb Oct 17, 1895; s of Robert J Raecke-Hedwig Pinsch; ed Central City HS 1913; U of N, LLB 1917; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Alpha Tau; m Orral J Young Nov 16, 1821 Grand Island; s Richard J, William R; d Marjorie Jean; 1919- prac law, Central City; 1919-35 Merrick Co
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Who's Who

atty; 1919-32 city atty; during World War, May 10, 1917-Dec 23, 1918, 2nd lt inf, Ft Snelling, Minn, Nashville, Tenn & Richmond, Va; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; past grand master of grand lodge AF&AM 320, Hastings Shrine; KP; Amer Leg, past comm 6th dist; Comml Club; Country Club; pres bd of edn; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, golf, reading; res Central City.

   RAMAGE, GRANT: Merchant; b Morgan Co, 0 Aug 7, 1870; s of Joseph Ramage-Hulda Wortman; ed Morgan & Noble Cos, 0; m Mary Myers Mar 1, 1900 Zanesville, 0; s Richard G; 1902-04 with A E Starr Co, Zanesville, 0: 1904-09 in gen merc bus, Polk; 1909-23 traveling salesman, Neb; 1923- groc, Central City; AF&AM; Bapt; Rep; res Central City.

   REILS, EDWIN A: Physician & Surgeon; b Omaha, Neb Dec 10, 1893; s of John A Reils-Nellie M Pratt; ed Omaha HS 1912; U of Omaha, BA 1916; U of N, MD 1923; interne Swedish Immanuel Hosp, Omaha & Providence Hosp, Detroit; Phi Chi; m Helen Pelikan June 27, 1923 Omaha; 1916-18 tchr, Emmett, Ida; 1918-19 tchr, U of Omaha; 1924-25 prac med, Detroit; 1925-29 prac med, Brainard; 1929 prac med, Palmer; Chris Ch; hobbies, music, gardening; res Palmer.

   REZEK, FRANCIS IVAN: Superintendent of Schools; b Esbon, Kas Mar 1, 1909; s of Frank Rezek-Bertha Moravek; ed Belleville, Kas HS 1927; U of N, BSc 1932, MA 1936; m Twila Marie Spurgeon June 5, 1934 Lincoln; d Sherall Rae; 1927-29 tchr, Republic Co, Kas; 1932-39 supt of schs, Primrose; 1939- supt of schs Clarks; NSTA; Prot; Indep; hobby, woodwork; res Clarks.

   RICE, ROBERT ENOS BENJAMIN: Editor & Publisher; b Central City, Neb July 3, 1888; s of William H C Rice-Margaret Doherty; ed Central City HS 1906; Neb Central Coll, Central City 1906-07; prep sch, Annapolis, Md 1907-08; U of N, BA 1912; m Edna Watterworth Oct 18, 1917 Glencoe, Ontario, Canada; 1914- editor & publisher Central City Republican; PM 6 mos in 1929, Central City; past mbr city coun; past pres Comml Club; res Central City.

   ROSS, BRUCE LORENZO: Osteopath: b Waukon, Ia Feb 27, 1890; s of A H Ross-Rosa Leah Stern; ed Fremont Normal 1915-16; Kirksville Coll of Osteopathy & Surgery 1921; m Marian E Tooley June 26, 1927 Central City; s Robert Bruce; d Joyce Marie; 1921- prac osteopathy, Central City; during World War, enl May 1918 in 63rd field arty, med sgt in med detachment, disch Dee 1918; Comml Club; past pres Neb St Osteopathic Assn; AF&AM; OES, past patron; Amer Leg; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, dogs; res 108 Avenue D, Central City.

   SAMPSON, DONALD F: County Attorney; b Archer, Neb Aug 1, 1905; s of William G Sampson-Ora Ferris; ed Central City HS 1922; U of N, LLB 1927; Scabbard & Blade; Innocents; Kosmet Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; m Esther Ross Aug 24, 1925 Central City; s Donald R; d Mary Eugenie; 1927- prac law, Central City; 1939- Merrick Co atty; 1928-39 Clarks village atty; 1932-39 city atty Central City; Comml Club, past pres; secy legal section, Neb League of Municipalities; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns; AF&AM; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbies, woodwork, flowers, farming; res Central City.

   SCHMIDT, CARL H: High School Principal; b Boone, Ia Feb 21, 1898; s of Christian N Schmidt-Wilhelmina Debner; ed Okoboji, Ia HS; U of Ia, BA 1924, MA 1931; U of N, grad work; Phi Delta Kappa; m Minnie Kyes Aug 4, 1926 Lincoln; s Kenneth Carl, Donald Francis; 1925-27 tchr, Wisner HS; 1927-38 tchr, Columbus HS; 1938- prin Central City HS; AF&AM, past master; Natl Assn of Secondary Sch Prins; NSTA; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, poetry, woodwork, writing speeches; res Central City.

   SCHNEIDERHEINZ, AUGUST: Mayor; b Columbus, Neb Apr 22, 1886; s of Carl Schneiderheinz-Sylvia Fritche; ed Columbus; m Sophie Hoffman Nov 14, 1911 Columbus; s Carl, Earl, Dan; d Louise, Grace; 1901-04 with Mike Cassin, Columbus; 1904-09 in meat bus, Omaha; 1909-17 with Charles Sayers; 1917- opr meat market, Central City; 1930-34 mbr city coun; 1934- mayor; Comml Club; MWA; WOW; KP, past grand chancellor, domain of Neb; hobby, mayoral duties; res Central City.

   SCOTT, ALLEN MERLE: Dentist; b Aurora, Neb Jan 8, 1894; s of Orion M Scott-Jeanette Stowell; ed Sargent HS 1912; Creighton U, DDS 1921; Xi Psi Phi; m Dorothy Denton (sic) * Oct 10, 1923 Central City; s Roy Denton, Joseph Merle; d Norma Scott; 1921- prac dentistry, Central City; during World War, Oct-Nov 1918, inf, Creighton SATC, Omaha; AF&AM; KT; York Rite; Comml Club; Amer Leg; pres NW Dist Dental Assn; ADA; Golf Club; Rep; Presby Ch; hobbies, golf, music; res Central City.
* Typo in original - see BENTON above.

   SOLT, LESLIE W: Mortician; b Central City, Neb Nov 4, 1897; s of William E Solt-Nellie Cudney; ed Central City HS 1918; m Beulah Marie Turney Oct 20, 1920 Chapman; s Ronald Everett, Merlyn Wayne; 1918-23 with Martin Furn & Undertaking Co, Central City; 1923- opr Solt Funeral Home, Central City: 1923- opr farm, Chapman; AF&AM; OES; IOOF; KP; Comml Club; MWA; Presby Ch; hobbies, farming, livestock raising; res 1720 24th, Central City.

   STANSBURY, G W: Retired; b Rutland, 0 Aug 23, 1858; s of David Stansbury-Beata Lasher; ed Rutland, 0; Hillsdale, Mich Coll, BD 1899; m Ida Bell Hooper Apr 19, 1881 Athens Co, 0; s David R, John P; d Edna B (Mrs E J Patch), Edith B (Mrs R E Clapp); 1888 ent ministry in Ohio; 1899-1903 pastor Bapt Ch, Davison, Mich; 1903-05 pastor, Paw Paw, Mich; 1905-09 at Parker Coll Ch, Winnebago, Minn; 1909-10 pastor, Marcus Ia; 1910-12 Blair; 1912-19 Central City; 1919 Osceola; 1920-21 Maxwell; 1921-25 Friend; 1925-29 resided Blanchester, 0; 1930-31 pastor, Rushville; 1932 ret; AF&AM 32o; past pres Minn Free Bapt, Assn; Rep; hobby, language study; res Central City.

   STEWART, RUSSELL A: County Agricultural Extension Agent; b Cortland, Neb Aug 5, 1888; s of Charles E Stewart-Rosa Day; ed Peru HS; PSTC 1909-11; U of N 1913-15; Alpha Zeta; Sigma Phi Epsilon; m Pauline Aden Sept 30, 1911 Surprise; s Grant; d Pauline Aden; 1915-18 tchr, Holdrege; 1918-19 agrl agt, Washington Co; 1919-31 Madison Co agrl agt; 1931-32 with Purina Mills, Neb; 1933 Merrick Cc agrl agt; Comml Club; past mbr Kiwanis; AF&AM; OES; Meth Ch; hobby, flowers; off Courthouse; res Merrick Hotel, Central City.

   STITT, J HENRY: Clergyman; b Belfast, Ireland May 22, 1882; s of Hamilton Dixon Stitt-Mary Gawn; ed Belfast, Ireland HS; London, England; Columbia U; m Blanche Kemp Aug 17, 1896 Whitstable, England; s Rupert Hamilton; d Mabel Kathleen (Mrs Merril M Vanderpool); 1903-05 pastor, Neb; 1908-18 registrar of conference, bd of ministerial training; 1935- pastor Meth Ch, Central City; during World War, chaplain in France with 36th div AEF July 1918-Aug 1919; 1938-39 mbr st exec com Amer Leg; chaplain several posts in Neb prior to election as dept chaplain; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, swimming, wood. work; res Central City.

   THOMPSON, MRS LOUISE ORMSBY: Homemaker; b Sharpsville, Penn Aug 25, 1875; d of Edward Wilson Ormsby-Mary A Hoxie; ed Central City; New England Conservatory of Music, Boston 1895-99; 1900- 04 studied in Florence, Italy & Paris, France; m Allie G Thompson Jan 25, 1912 Central City; 1904-07 concert work, Europe; 1907-09 soprano soloist, St Bartholomew's, N Y; 1909-12 concert work in US; past state ofcr League of Women Voters; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, music; res Central City.

   WATSON, MATTHEW HERBERT: Educator; b Springville, Ia, Aug 20, 1882; s of Barclay S Watson-Ada Ransome; ed Penn Coll Acad, Oskaloosa, Ia. 1901; Penn Coll, BA 1908, MA 1909; Pi Gamma Mu; m Vivian M Shaw Aug 12, 1914 Vassalboro, Me; s William R, Barclay H, Odber B; d Alice M, Anna M; 1901-02 tchr, Mahaska Co, Ia; 1902-03 with Cowan, Hambleton & Loring, Oskaloosa, Ia; 1905-06 tchr, Salem, Ia; 1909-10 tchr, Oskaloosa, Ia; 1910-11 tchr, Westtown, Penn; 1911-13 tchr, Oak Grove Seminary, Vassalboro, Me; 1913-24 farmed, Douglas & Lyon Cos, Kas; 1924- history professor, Neb Central Coll, Central City; 1926- dean of Neb Central Coll; presiding clk of Neb Yearly Meeting of Friends; Neb Assn of Church Colls; Friends Ch; Dem; hobbies, gardening, stamp collecting; res Central City.

   YOUNG, PARK: County Judge; b Beloit, Kas Jan 13, 1894; s of Jasper M Young-Martha Ann Sherman; ed Central City HS 1914; Neb Central Coll, Central City 1914-15; 1915-16 with George F Johnston, contr, Central City; 1916-32 in chg of hdqrs off, T B Hord Grain Co, Central City; 1932 clk dist court; 1933-38 Merrick Co dep clk; 1938- Merrick Co judge; Comml Club; Cosmopolitan Club; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, radio, reading, autos; off Courthouse; res Central City.
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