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Gazetteer lists are scanned directly, surname and given name or initials, with no soundex. The business list includes occupation and is ordered by location. The farmer list includes their service post office, which may not have been in Merrick County, but "over the line" in an adjacent county.

Census are extracted as read, no correction is made for misspelling. A soundex is added to aid in surname searches. Calculate a soundex for your surname by clicking HERE. Please use your BACK button to return to this page.

Andreas "History of Nebraska", 1882
Merrick County Chapter (Look for link to the index for the chapter)


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Note: Norwegian Cemetery in Howard County (west of Worms) - see the NE page of Tombstone Photo Project -
select Howard County (from bar near top), then scan down to the Norwegian Cemetery


Nebraska Historic Buildings Survey - by county, 1992 NSHS files

Nebraska State Hisorical Society

NEBRASKA RECORDS - What you can expect to find, and where ...

RESEARCH AIDS - Genealogy Buff website for lists of abbreviations used in records, emblems found on gravestones,
birthdate calculator, nicknames & naming traditions, all sorts of handy info ...


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