The Prairie Island Bridge


According to Nancy Johnson of Merrick County - there were four wooden bridges existing by 1887; they were at Silver Creek, Clarks, Chapman and Prairie Island. The Prairie Island bridge was the last remaining wooden bridge, 825 feet long. Old timers remember when there was a turn-out in the center of the Prairie Island bridge. Some of the NEGenWeb Project county coordinators recall stopping there to watch the water flowing below. In 1958, the turn-out was removed during remodeling.

The bridge was destroyed by fire November 4, 1999. Residents will have many more miles to travel to get to the city. Below is a view of the burnt bridge and two buttons for selecting other views.


Photograph     Photograph

Above photos provided by Nancy & C. Richard Johnson, Gail Ferris.

4 Nov 1999 - News article in the archives of the Grand Island Independent
about the burning of the Prairie Island Bridge (must register to view).

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