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Fullerton's First 100 Years (1879-1979)

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Family Histories


   John Dubas, Sr. was born June 6, 1858, in Poland to Joseph Dubas and Marchiana Pyrchla Dubas. He came to the United States sometime before he was 18. He worked on the railroad at Duncan, NE and then farmed in Polk county. He moved to Nance county before 1897 to a sod house north of where Charles Lesiak's live now, east of Fullerton near the river.
   He married Marcyanna Iwan on February 6, 1888, at Duncan, NE. She was born in Poland in 1872. She came to the United States in 1878. Their children were Joseph, Frank, John, Adeline, born in the sod house east of Fullerton, and Mary also born in the sod house. Two children died in infancy. Marcyanna died in February 1900.
   John married Maryanna Bosak on July 29, 1900, and moved west of Fullerton in 1919 and then to the North Star area in 1911. He was naturalized a citizen September 14, 1906. They moved into Fullerton in 1936. Their children were Charles, Walter, Carroll, Henry, Sophia, Clara, Edward, Cecelia, Ellen, and Louis. Three children died in infancy. Maryanna (Bosak) Dubas died in 1948, and John Dubas died September 25, 1950.
   Joseph Dubas was born on December 6, 1888, in Platte County Ne. Monica Valeria Czapla was born on March 29, 1896, in Platte County, Nebraska. Their children are Frances, Mrs. Norbert (Valerie) Wozny, Joseph J. (deceased), Virgil, Anna and Raymond A., all of Fullerton.
   Marcyanna Mary Dubas was born on October 29, 1927 in Nance county Nebraska. She attended Fullerton public schools and graduated and took some education at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She married Edward Frank Voichahoske on October 25, 1954, at Fullerton, NE. Their children are: Michael Edward, Nadine Marie, Allen Francis, Donald Joseph, Lori Susan, and Patrick Kevin.
   Frank Voichahoske was born on June 15, 1875, in Poland. He came to the United States and was naturalized on October 13, 1921. Catherine S. Malek was born on March 31, 1889, at Tarnov, NE. Their children are: Mary (deceased), Joseph of Belgrade, NE; Dennis M. Voichahoske, and Bernard Voichahoske of Fullerton; Esther Casey (deceased); Norbert (deceased); Alice (deceased); Elenore Nelson of Loomis, NE; Irma Jean Brown of Louisville, NE; and Edward Frank of Fullerton, NE. Edward Frank was born on June 4, 1922, at Raeville, NE. He attended rural Boone county schools and St. Edward high school where he received a diploma.
   Valeria Leona Dubas was born on May 26, 1920, in Nance county Nebraska. She graduated from Fullerton high school. She married Norbert Frank Wozny on June 24, 1942, at Fullerton, NE. Their children are: Roger Joseph, Brian Thomas, Rosalla Mae, Paul Edward, Mark Allen and Timothy Gene.


   The name McNeff according to our great grandfather, Thomas George McNeff is Scotch Irish.
   The Scotch Irish were people of northern Ireland, who were descended from Scotch settlers. Some of them migrated to the United States, before 1841. The earliest known facts about the McNeff family came from the 1850 census of Indiana from Morgan County, which lists Thomas McNeff age 49, occupation farmer. Value of real estate $4400, born in Kentucky and his wife Mahala R., age 37, born in North Carolina.
   Thomas George and his wife Mary (Foote) settled on a farm near French Lick, Indiana. Five children were born to them, Phillip, William Luther, Leon, Addie and Sadie. William Luther was born September 28, 1870.

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   Their farm was a small one, partly wooded on which they raised mostly corn, tobacco, and a few pigs. They also had a few hounds. William said their living was mostly hand to mouth much of the time. The McNeff family moved to Nebraska in 1892 in time for the drouth year of 1894. They settled about 10 miles west of Fullerton. Thomas George went by the name of George. He always wore a moustache. He had a fine tenor voice and sang in the choir at the North Star Evangelical Church. He passed away in Fullerton in 1919. Unknown to his family he had been supporting a missionary in China and had not revealed this to his family even when they complained of being poor. After his death, the missionary society wrote asking why the support had stopped and so the family discovered.
   His son Phillip become a railroad station agent at Menona, Iowa. His sons William and Leon became farmers.
   One fall they were farming in Boone county Nebraska, and decided to burn a small area to pile their corn. They first got well prepared to put out the fire with wet sacks. When a large area had been burned William said, "That's big enough", "let's put it out". Just then a whirl wind came from no where twirled thru the fire and scattered it out across the prairie for a quarter of a mile. The resulting fire burned a lot of prairie and 40 hay stacks. It took 200 men to put it out. The owner of the hay stacks told William he would have to pay for the hay stacks. A very worried William went to see a lawyer and asked him "what'll I do, I don't have any money". The lawyer advised "Just stay away from him for a while and he'll forget it".
   Leon McNeff used to play the harmonica, also at community gathers at
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Wedding picture of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. McNeff.
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rural District 50 school. In response to popular demand, he would play and sing folks songs and humorous songs for example, "With the wife's cold feet in the middle of your back, there's no place like home" & etc., also Jonah and the Whale.
   Some how William started a correspondence with Emma Somers, a housewife's helper in Denver, Colorado. They became engaged by mail, and he sold a load of pigs and traveled to Denver to marry her although they had never met face to face before. A humorous incident happened when they met. She said, "your teeth look like you chewed tobacco". (he did and never quit the rest of his life.) He answered "That's scurf", (scurf is a film, such as a film left by chewing tobacco). They were married in Denver, Colorado, October 9, 1899, and moved to the farm south of North Star presently owned by Robert McNeff.
   Emma Somers had been born in Chicago, Illinois and the family moved to Argonia, Kansas. Her parents were George Koahler Somers, who was born in Germany and Anna Katherina, whose maiden name was Aver, and who was born in Switzerland. They were married September 12, 1865, in Washington D. C., both members of the Presbyterian Church.
   George Koahler was a cabinet maker. He built bridges for the confederacy during the Civil War. His wife Anna came from a family of union sympathizers because among her daughter Emma's possessions was found a hand written copy of the "Battle Cry of Freedom" beautifully written and embellished with the design enclosing a sketch of an eagle and signed "Miss Aver, Washington, D. C. August 31, 1863". Mrs. Anna Somers visited in the home of her daughter Mrs. William McNeff many times as late as in 1920.
   William and Emma McNeff had eight children: Four boys and four girls. Muriel Ruth (Barnica), Fern Marie (McCray), George Edward, Vivian Luther, Marjorie Belle (Bennett), Lee Roy Jennings, Helen Cathrine (Grapes), and Raymond Arthur. In order to support a large family, William found it necessary to farm a large amount of land. The children grew up in an atmosphere of hustle and hard work. The boys especially had little time for play during the summer. However Sundays were for recreation and church going and the family always attended the North Star Evangelical Church.
   They were lucky to grow up in one piece. In a large family of eight it was hard to keep them out of mischief. For example Vivian was four when his father drove into the farm stead with a team of horses pulling a load of coal in the wintertime. Vivian ran to the moving wagon in an attempt to climb on the step. He slipped and fell and the wheel ran over his stomach. (He was after a sack of candy, which his father brought to be divided among the children). His father carried him to the house and told his mother, "I've killed Him" . . . but he was only knocked out, frozen ground had saved him.
   William used to play the violin. He could hear a piece of music at the Fullerton Chautauqua and go home and play it.
   The William McNeff Family lived on the farm South of North Star until 1911, where seven of the children were born. In 1911, they purchased the farm presently owned by Raymond McNeff and where Raymond was born. The reason being so the children would be close to school. The "L" schoolhouse was in a comer of the farm, where all the children attended and graduated from the eighth grade.
   They built the present house on the farm in 1917. A Gordon Van Line home, a precut house being shipped here in a railroad car, costing $1100 laid down.
   While living on this farm all the children attended Fullerton high school, and were married and established homes of their own.
   In 1936, they retired and moved into Fullerton, where they attended the Methodist Church. In 1940, they bought the Kemp house across the street from the Evangelical Church, now owned by Kurt Liesch.
   William McNeff passed away in Fullerton on September 16, 1954, at the age of 83 years, 11 months, and 18 days.
   Emma Sommers McNeff passed away in 1965 at the age of 90 years, 11 months and 28 days.

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   Herman John George Wolters came to the United States when he was five years old. He was born July 27, 1875, in Hamberg, Germany, to George and Katherine Marie Wolters. He married Matilda Marie Louise Schultze. To this union was born eleven children, Leo George, Irene Leona Johnson, Gladys Elizabeth Scofield, Gerald Fred, Harry David, Lawrence William, Frederich Schultze, Ernest Carl, Greda Marrie Denney, Vivian Rose Elmore.
   Marguerite Louise was born May 4, 1911 at Fullerton, Ne. She married Ernest Glenn Hopwood, on April 8, 1931, at Fullerton, Ne. To this union was born four children. Ruth Marie Hagman, now of Broken Bow, Ne; Glenn LeRoy, now of Colorado; Rolland Eugene, now of Missouri; and Patty Kay now of Grand Island, Ne.


   Ruben Davis Bumgardner was born November 27, 1848, at Otter Creek, Iowa. He married Justine Reynolds born February 13, 1850 at Linn County, Iowa. They were married April 2, 1871 at West Prairie, Iowa. They moved to Washington County, Nebraska in 1882, then came to Nance County in 1892 and lived on a farm 6 miles north west of Fullerton. They had four children: Preston L. Bumgardner of Ericson, Mary, Mrs. Miles Bishop of Fullerton, and Ida and Lenora at home. Ida and Lenora worked like men and did the farming. Their father, Ruben, died in 1919. His wife died September 5, 1934, at the age of 84 years.
   Ida and Lenora continued farming until 1944, when they had a farm sale and moved to Lincoln. They helped raise the 3 children left by Iva and Jess Richards. Ida did house cleaning in Lincoln for people. Lenora passed away in December 1952. Ida continued living in Lincoln until she came to Fullerton Manor in Fullerton to live in 1973.
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Ruben Dean and Justine Bumgarder (sic).


   Miles Loftus Bishop, son of Robert and Elizabeth, was born near Graham, North Carolina on August 1, 1868. In 1895, he came to Nance county and lived on a farm 5 miles north west of Fullerton. He married Mary Jane Bumgardner on

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April 7, 1896. To them was born 9 sons and two daughters. Preston Bishop of Belgrade, Alber of Greeley, Robert of Elba, Iva Richards of Cedar Rapids, and Earl, Roy, Jessie, and Alice Sidders of Fullerton. Three sons died in infancy.
   Miles lived on the same farm 62 years. In 1930 (August) he lost his wife and daughter, Iva, 3 days apart. A double funeral was held for both at the Methodist Church in Fullerton. Iva's husband, Jess Richards, was in an Omaha Hospital in critical condition with a broken leg and other injuries he received while going home from threshing grain near Cedar Rapids. He was riding a horse and leading another, when a car ran into him. He was so bad he didn't know about the deaths of his wife and mother in law for several weeks after. The three Richards children were raised by aunts, Ida and Lenora Bumgardner, who lived up a hill from the Bishop Home.
   The only survivors of the Bishop Family living now are Alice Sidders of Fullerton, Roy Bishop of Fullerton, and Robert Bishop of Omaha.
   Jessie Bishop was killed in World War II in France in 1944. His body was shipped back for burial two years later.
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   Back row: Earl D. Bishop, Ivy I. Bishop, Albert Bishop, Roy M. Bishop. Front row: Alice May Bishop, Father, Miles L. Bishop, Robert N. Bishop, Mother, Mary J. Bishop, Woodrow W. Bishop, and Preston S. Bishop.



   Milford H. Sidders and Alice May Bishop were married at York, Nebraska in 1933 and Phyllis Ann was born in 1935 at Fullerton, Nebraska. She married Tom E. Riggen in 1956 at the Methodist Church. They have one daughter, Jo Lynn, born in 1962 at Wichita, Kansas. Sharon Kay was born in Fullerton, Nebraska in 1946 and she married Jerry Horn in 1964. They had two daughters, Kelly Jo and Kristi June. In 1970, she married Richard Steckel and had a son, Bobbie.



   Michael C. Fitzgerald came to the United States from Ireland when he was 16 years old with a brother. In 1876, he was united in marriage to Clara Mitchell of Champagne, Illinois. In 1888, they moved to this area with six daughters. Mrs. Fitzgerald died in 1943. The family lived on a farm just north of Fullerton before retiring to Fullerton.
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Michael and Clara Fitzgerald

The Fitzgerald Children are listed below with their families.

MABEL (1877-1976)
   Married William E. Smith
   Three sons:
      Cecil of Dunning, Nebraska married Nellie Castle of Fullerton. They had 4 children, among whom
        is Paul Smith of Fullerton. He married Fern Sonderup and they have 5 sons.
      Forrest (deceased) had 2 children. He married Irene Finch of Fullerton.
      Bay (deceased) single
   Second Marriage Married R. L. Workman
      1 daughter Geraldine (Mrs. Thomas Hughes) She had 2 children.
NELLIE M. (1879-1949)
   Married N. L. Crawford
   Three Children
      Harold (deceased) single
      Lynn (deceased) 2 children
      Mildred (Mrs. Archie Stalnaker) 4 children
ESTELLA (1881-1974)
   Married Marshall Jennings, died 1935.
   Four Children.
      Vera ( Mrs. John Wolles) 3 sons
          (John Deceased in 1979)
      Clarence, married Myrtle Jenning
      Hazel. Deceased 1978
         Married Dexter J. Hoy Deceased 1966. They had 3 children:
            Alvin, married Phyllis Grotelueschen of Fullerton. They have 5 children.
            Fredabelle, married Max Swanson, Belgrade. They have one daughter
            Billy W. Married, US Navy Career
      Bethel, (Mrs. Frank Hoefer) McAllen, Texas Mr. Hoefer is deceased.
ETHEL: (1883-1965)
   Married Albert Pepper
   Two daughters
      Mrs. Irene Hust, Fullerton
      Lucille, Married Frank Kimble, Fullerton.


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EDITH: (1885-1947)
   Married Will Minor
   Six Children
      Clifford, Ona, Gerald, Evelyn (deceased) Ron and Maxine
INA: (1887-1977)
   Married Laird Cordell Sidders
   Three Children:
      Milford: Married Alice Bishop, two daughters.
      Helen, married Roy Bishop, three children.
      Genevieve: Married Harold Anderson, 4 children.


   James Reed was the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reed. He was born June 3, 1884, at Harlan Iowa. He attended a country school near Harlan. He with his parents came to Fullerton, in 1905, by covered wagon. He married Lela Main at Columbus, Nebraska on April 2, 1910.
   Lela Main, the third child of Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Main was born February 19, 1884, at Lamont, Iowa. At the age of four she moved with her parents by covered wagon to the vicinity of Kimball, South Dakota in 1888. In 1889, she accompanied the family to move to the farm near Belgrade, Nebraska. She attended school at Kimball and also at Belgrade.
   In 1907, she moved with her family to Custer county, Nebraska. She and Mr. Reed had met while she with her parents were living near Belgrade, and he was farming and living in the vicinity with his parents. In April, 1910, he journeyed to Custer County and they returned to Columbus by train to be married. They then lived on several farms in Nance County. Later they became owners of their own farm.
   Their two children were Doris Reed (Hawthorne) of Fullerton, and Vane Reed of Grand Island.
   In 1952, Mr. and Mrs. Reed retired from farming and bought a home in Fullerton. He was employed part-time by Dr. B. W. Kramer, a veterinarian.
   Mr. Reed passed away May 25, 1957 and Mrs. Reed passed away November 24, 1973.
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Mrs. James Reed, James Reed,
Vane Reed and Doris Reed.


   Charles Hawthorne and Doris Reed were married August 3, 1928, at Columbus Nebraska. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1978. They farmed until 1939, when they moved into Fullerton, where Mr. Hawthorne
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did commercial trucking and later had his own cornsheller and picker sheller. He retired in 1972.
   They are the parents of 5 children, several grandchildren and a great grandchild.
   Their children are:
   Mrs. Vivian Kolm, Cedar Rapids, Nebraska
   Mrs. Bernadine Batenhorst, Cedar Rapids, Nebraska
   Lyle Hawthome, Dumas, Texas
   Russell Hawthome, Albion, Nebraska
   Larry Hawthorne, Fullerton, Nebraska

   Charles Hawthorne was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Hawthorne near Silver Creek, Nebraska, April 10, 1904. He attended a public school near his home and worked on the Merchiston Ranch and later the Kent and Burke Ranch.
   Doris Hawthorne was born to Mr. and Mrs. James Reed on February 17, 1911 in Boone County. She with her parents moved to a farm in Nance County in 1913. She was enrolled in the Cradle Roll Sunday School Class, held at the Merchiston School house. Mrs. George Hoag was Cradle Roll Superintendent and Will Hilton Superintendent of the Sunday School.
   She also attended the Merchiston School until in 1924, the family moved to District 20.

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Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hawthorne's
50th Anniversary


   George Albert Uzendoski was born in Poland in May 1879. He came to the United States with his parents when he was 7 years old.
   Michael and Agnes Barzz Uzendoski along with Brother Pete and sisters Anna, Catherine, and Mary settled near Duncan area.
   George Uzendoski married Bernice Knopick at Duncan, Nebraska and moved south east of Fullerton, and later in 1918, moved to Reimers Ranch, which has been the Family Home since.
   Six Children were born to them: They are:
      Helen Uzendoski Micek, Mrs. Joe Micek
      Marion Uzendoski Stetz, Mrs. Frank Stetz
      Natalie Rose Uzendoski, Mrs. Ed Ksiazek
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Sr. M. Alberta (Monica)
Sgt. Stanely Albert Uzendoski
Mike Uzendoski married Rose K. Choyeske

Mike and Rose now live on the home place. Their children are as follows:
      Natalie Rose, Married Robert A. Sobraske
      Emily June Uzendoski, PHD Education
      Dr. Donald M. Uzendoski, Children specialist
      Michael S. Uzendoski, Dr. Rep. IFG Leasing Co.
      Virginia Lee Uzendoski, Rinkevich
      Michelle Ann Uzendoski



   The family most familiar to your area would be the Shotkoski's. The name was originally spelled SZATKIWSKI. I do not know when Gregory and Agatha Szatkowski came to the United States, but they evidently lived around the Krakow area in the early 1900's.
   Their son, Andrew, later known as Henry, was born in Pilzno, Poland in 1855/6. Most of the information I have about him can be found in his obituary. He came to America at the age of 24 and worked with the railroad in Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. In 1884/5 he married Sophia Paproski at Tarnov, Nebraska. Sophia Paproski's family was from the Columbus area. Her parents Andrew J. and Mary Anna Galus came to the United States in 1874 with their three oldest children, and continued to raise a large family. Sophia was born in Tarnov, Poland in 1869.
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Henry and Sophia Shotkoski
   Andrew, or as he was better known, Henry, and Sophia had 12 children - ten of whom lived to maturity and had families of their own.
   Frank, born 1886 - died May 1979
   Joe, born 1887 - died August 1979
   George (Albert), born 1891 - died February 1976
   Mike, born 1893 - died October 1975
   Mary (Mrs. Frank Torson), born 1895
   James, born 1897
   Henry, born 1899
   John, born 1902
   Vera, born 1904 (Mrs. Alex Sliva)
   Edith, born 1909 (Mrs. Joe Krzycki)
   (All of these children were born in Nance county, Nebraska.)
   Most, if not all of these children, raised their families, or at some time lived in Nance county.



   The Borowiak family is also well-known in the area. Evidently there were two men by the name of Martin Borowiak, but I have not been able to determine if the younger Martin (who we trace to) is in fact the son of the older

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one. Martin and his wife Katherine Tomelski, came to America in 1879. Three of their children - Sylvester born in Austria/Poland; and Victoria and Anton, born in Nebraska - grew to adulthood. Martin was naturalized a citizen of the United States on September 21, 1906.
   In 1900 the Martin Borowiak family lived on a farm in Prairie Creek Township, Nance county. Victoria Borowiak, daughter of Martin, received her early education in schools near Genoa, Nebraska. She married John Krzycki in 1905. Three of their five children were born in Nance county (Lonnie, Edwin and Louie). Barbara (Mrs. John Shotkoski) and Joseph, even though they were born in Platte county, lived for many years in Nance county.


   Jennie Fisher, the third daughter of Mary Francis and Bailows Fisher, was born near Big Rock in Scott county Iowa on November 15, 1879. She grew to womanhood in Iowa and moved with her family to Jewel County, Kansas on November 30, 1898. She married W. E. Allington at Mankato, Kansas. Except for a short period in Iowa the family lived on farms in Kansas until 1928 when they moved to Nebraska where she had since resided in the North Star and Fullerton areas. The couple observed their 50th wedding anniversary in 1948. W. E. died March 10, 1954. Their children, Lela Swanson, Irene Porter, Clyde, Orvill, Ruby Ostrander, Guy, Cecil, Peral Gleason, Glenn, Mildred Sharman now deceased. Jennie died November 15, 1978 at 99 years old.


   Norbert Frank Wozny was born July 16, 1912 in Nance county Nebraska to Francis Steven and Josephine F. Nowicki Wozny. He attended rural Nance county schools. He married Valeria Leona Dubas on June 24, 1942 at Fullerton Nebraska. They have farmed in Nance county. Norbert has three brothers, Louis S, retired farmer of Fullerton NE, Bernard L., Auditor, Grand Island, NE and Raymond W. of California. Norbert and Valeria have six children, Roger, Brian, Rosella Mae, Paul, Mark and Timothy.


   Hubert McCray was born September 2, 1887 at Rising City, Nebraska, to Robinson and Frances McCray. In 1905, he came with his family to Nance county, where they engaged in farming. He married Hattie M. Stark on February 28, 1917, at Wolbach, Nebraska. After their marriage, they made their home on the family farm near Fullerton.
   On September 12, 1957, Mr. McCray passed away. Mrs. McCray continues to live on their farm with their son, Robert.
   Mr. and Mrs. McCray had six children: Everett of Fullerton, Doris (Berney) of Arvada, Colorado, Louise (Wondercheck) of Fullerton, Robert of Fullerton, Leila (Cyza) of Alliance, and Kenneth of Wolbach.


   Leonard Wondercheck and Louise McCray were married on October 11 1943. They have four children:
   Lana, married Michael Gonsior of Central City. They have two children Scott and Shelli. They live in Fullerton. Ronald married Sharlene Jarecke and live in Columbus, Nebraska. They have two children: Terra and Ryan .
   Harold lives in Fullerton and Wayne lives in Fullerton. He is married to Evelyn Urkoski and have two daughters, Renee and Jessica.


   I. A. Niles and wife Mary (Waln) Niles came from Riceville, Iowa to Fullerton, Nebraska in 1894 with their four children, Ruth, Edwin, Blanche, and

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Ranson. They settled on a farm 1 1/2 miles south of Fullerton consisting of 320 acres, 160 acres farmland, and 160 acres pasture reaching to the Loup River.
   1894 was the year of the drouth and there was a complete crop failure in Nance county. This meant a very difficult time for the Niles family. They came in a covered wagon with as little in furnishings as they could possibly get along with.
   In 1899, Sarah (Niles) Anderson was born on the farm South of Fullerton.
   I. A. Niles and wife paid for that farm South of Fullerton, had good equipment, had built on to the house and I. A. had gone into the thoroughbred Belgian horse business. He had plenty of those 2000 lb. horses. Some purebreds and some halfbreeds.
   I. A. Niles had an Uncle (Nat Niles) living South of Fullerton before he came to Nance county.
   They sold the farm in about 1917 and bought the residence and acreage in the northwest part of Fullerton from Mrs. Critchfield and moved to town bringing 1 team of Belgian mares, a wagon and a little more equipment. That place now belongs to Miss Levetta Hosler. It was a great place for Junior and Senior parties in 1917 and 1918.

   George Hawthorne and Clara Parker were married October 28, 1889 at the home of her grandparents near Silver Creek, Nebraska.
   Mr. Hawthorne was born to Mr. and Mrs. George Hawthorne, Sr., August 7, 1868 at Lexington, Illinois. He came with his family by covered wagon when he was sixteen years old to Nebraska. They settled near Silver Creek. He bought land and built the building. After he and his bride were married, they lived there and raised nine children. In the spring of 1918, they sold the farm and bought land near Big Sandy, Montana. The family moved, shipping their livestock, machinery, and automobile by rail. The father and boys rode in the stock car with the livestock. The mother and daughters rode in the passenger coach.

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George and Clara Hawthorne, 50th wedding anniversary.
   Due to the mother's health, they moved back to Nebraska, and farmed in Nance and Howard counties. Their youngest daughter was born during this time.
   They moved into Fullerton in 1931. Mrs. Hawthorne was born to Mr. and Mrs. Willard Parker at Lebo, Kansas, September 22, 1886. Besides raising a large family, she helped in homes caring for the sick and assisting deliver the new babies. She operated a nursing home in Fullerton for several years. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on October 28, 1948, at their home. She passed away August 21, 1972, and he passed away July 2, 1954.
   Their children are:
      Mary Meyer, Earl Hawthorne, Charlotte Eckstrom, Lilly Rodwell, Charles, Clifford, Sam,
      Lavern, and Cecil. George Hawthorne, III passed away in 1968.

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   William David Bridgland was born November 27, 1860 in Tippecanoe county, Indiana. In 1879 his family moved from Iroquois county Illinois to Nebraska. The first four years was on a farm on the Loup Valley about 10 miles Southwest of Fullerton moving from their farm near North Star were they had resided.
   Augusta Bridgland was born January 2, 1874 or 77 at Calhoun, Nebraska. To William and Augusta were born six children. Arthur Paul, Jessie, Frances, Esther, Viola and Thomas, now deceased.
   Arthur Paul was born May 13, 1897 at Fullerton, Nebraska. He was educated in District 50 from 1904 to 1912. He worked as a mechanic for Nelson Barber and Sheaff & Sons and later farmed. He married Dora Elizabeth Taylor on March 3, 1920 at Central City, Nebraska. They moved to Benson, Minnesota where they still reside. They have two children. Darwin Arthur married Lucy Marie Cox in St. Edward, Nebraska. They live on a farm in Benson, Minnesota and have three children. Edward Richard married Barbara June Williams. They have three children.
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Daniel and Ann Bridgland


   Isaac Taylor was born September 20, 1855 in Preston, England. He came to the United States in 1884 at the age of 29. On April 28, 1887 he was married to Dorothea Winchester in Illinois. In 1888 they moved to Fullerton, Nebraska where they had 10 children. Alice H. Scott, now of Grand Island, George T. Taylor, now deceased, Margaret A. Campbell, now deceased, Lena M. Bosselman, deceased, Edward O. Taylor, deceased, James I. Taylor, deceased, Dora E. Bridgland, deceased, Mary E. Dodds of Mesa, Arizona, Martha M. Jackson Ericson, Nebraska and Iva M. Gordon, Omaha, Nebraska. Dorothea Winchester Taylor died July 20, 1904 in childbirth. Isaac died near Ord, Nebraska December 9, 1931.


   Charles Henry Adams and Cornelia Frances Flasher were married August 8, 1866 by a Methodist minister in Troy, New York. They came to Fullerton in the early 1880's. Their children were: Charles William, 1867, Troy, New York,

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Robert Grant, 1870, Troy, New York, Julia Estelle, 1872, Troy, New York, Maude Alice, 1874, Troy, New York, Ruth Emma, 1877, Troy, New York, Florence Jessie 1879, Troy, New York, Chester Arthur, 1881, Troy, New York, Mable Grace, 1883, Troy, New York, Evangeline 1886, born in Nance county Cedar Township. Mrs. Adams died on September 12th at the age of 43 years, 7 months. She is buried in the Fullerton Cemetery.
   Charles was a postal clerk in Troy, New York. In Fullerton he drove a bus from depot, was custodian of church, choir singer and mail carrier north of Fullerton.
   Charles married Mary Alice Gleason. Their children were Mildred, now living in Orange, California, Dorothy living in York, Nebraska, Evertt deceased, Merion living at St. Edward, Ralph living at 29 Palms California. Bertha Esther was born April 19, 1899 at Fullerton, Nebraska. She was educated in the Fullerton schools and became a teacher and taught 1916-1917 in Greeley, Colorado. She married Harvey H. Allard on September 2, 1917 at Fullerton, Nebraska. She now lives in Wolbach, Nebraska.
   Mildred went to school in the third grade in the old Methodist Church, while the present church was being built. Jessie Kriedler was the teacher. Chester Adams, son by a first marriage, fought in the Spanish American War. Everett Adams was in the 2nd World War and fought under General Patton. Charles Allard Grandson of Charles Adams fought in the Second World War. Robert, son of the 1st marriage was the first minister and started the Methodist Church. Mrs. Allard could not find any record about the store. She said "He may have helped his son Will Adams get started. The Store Building was just south of the Fullerton National Bank and was called the Racket Store. Mrs. Allard has four children. Lucille Viola born May 13, 1919 in Greeley county; Charles Nelson born May 3,1920 in Greeley county; Aleatha Mary born on November 29, 1922 in Fullerton, Glenn Harvey born January 19, 1924 in Fullerton.
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Charles and Mary Adams


   William Price Hatten was born in Atchinson county Northern Missouri on November 5, 1861. He came to Nance county in 1889 in the fall with his wife Emma Houts Hatten who was in poor health. They came because of her health, they thought the climate would be better. They had lost a son prior to the move. They camped in the yard of S. H. McClure three miles northwest of Fullerton. The next fall Emma went back to visit her folks in northern Missouri and took sick and died on Thanksgiving Day, November 27, 1890.
   Mabel Hatten Hess was born February 4, 1890 on a farm three miles north of Fullerton and after her mother died, her grandmother Mrs. W. H. Hatten of Hamburg, Iowa came and took her back to Missouri.
   William Hatten married the second time in 1893 to a niece of S. F. Rolph, who was in the grocery business in Fullerton. Bell Fisk was a teacher from near Clarks and she had come to this area from Olean, New York.
   To William and Bell there were four children born: Dean Allen, married Lillian Blaufield, Fred Everett, married a Cedar Rapids girl, Leta King, Richard Fisk, married a Denver girl and Louise. Louise was killed in an automobile

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accident in New Mexico. Mabel had come back from Iowa and lived with them in 1900.
   William was elected county Treasurer and was later employed in the Fullerton National Bank where he was an officer for many years. Mabel was married on January 13, 1915 to Carl Henry Hess, by Rev. W. H. Cooper. His daughter Audrey played the piano during the ceremony. A few close friends were there and a wedding breakfast was served by her parents.
   Mabel later operated what was formerly the Adams Racket Store and called it the Hess Cash Store. They sold a few groceries, work shoes and novelties. In 1927 Carl bought a cabin out of the park at the cost of $50 and the moving cost more than the cabin. He installed one machine, mammoth incubator with a capacity of 12,000 eggs. Only one third were set at a time, so it was a continuous operation. It was increased to 36,000 later. Carl died October 31, 1954. He was operating the Fullerton Hatchery. Carl belonged to Masonic Lodge 191. Carl and Mabel belonged to the Presbyterian Church and Order of Eastern Star. They had hoped for children but none came so they filled their home with teachers and office workers until salaries were much higher. Inez Rundall Cradick made her home with the Hess's during the four school years of high school and that was her weekend home during the four years she taught school in Nance County. Done Rundall stayed a short time as did Tom Rundall.


   Family of Julian Martin Brower as recalled by daughter, Maree Brower Cooper.
   Julian was born in August, 1887. He was the second child, first son, of Martin I. Brower and Ella Clark Brower. He graduated (or not?) from Fullerton High School in 1905. He with other members of his class refused to give an oration at that time required of all graduating seniors. In this stance he evidently had the support of his father, however, diplomas were withheld from those not giving orations.
   After leaving school he was taken on a long trip to the west coast by his father. The two of them traveled extensively in California that summer (one year before the San Francisco earthquake of 1906) visiting friends and relatives as they went.
   Julian worked one year near Worland, Wyoming, on land owned then by his Father. He returned to Nebraska to attend Business College in Lincoln. Later he became associated with his father in the Fullerton National Bank, becoming president of that bank upon the death of his father in 1920. He served as president 36 years retiring in 1956.
   Julian married Elsie Nissen of Aurora, Nebraska, in 1916. Elsie had been employed as clerk and buyer for the Krasne Department Store in Fullerton. They had two children: Maree 1917, Robert 1919.
   Robert attended University of Nebraska where he studied petroleum geology. He left school a few units short of graduation to enlist in the Navy Air Corps, when it had become apparent that the United States was about to become involved in World War II. He served in the States, in the Aleutians, and was later based on Okinawa. His plane was shot down off Okinawa in the summer of 1945. He had met and married Ben Rockefeller of Seattle Washington, while he was in the States. Their son, Peter Robert, born to them December 1944, was never seen by Bob.
   Maree attended the University of Nebraska, and graduated from Hastings College, Hastings, Nebraska summa cum laude. She served with American Red Cross overseas during World War II: New Guinea, Biak, The Philippines, Japan. She returned to get her Master's Degree in Social Group Work at Western Reserve University,Cleveland, Ohio. She married Eugene L. Cooper, son of Leland and Hattie Cooper of Fullerton, Nebraska, in 1950. They had three children: Robert Jean, 1952, Sandra Maree, 1955, Michael Julian, 1958.
   Their family moved to Fremont, California, 1960. Elsie died in 1962. Julian now lives in Fremont, California, near the home of his daughter. November, 1979.

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