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Fullerton's First 100 Years (1879-1979)

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Barbara Jean (Mrs: William E. Hayes) Santa Barbara
Jessie Ruth (Mrs. J. T. Rankin) Santa Barbara
Russell Gilbert, Camarillo, California
Thomas Laird, Thousand Oaks, California


   John Thomas Russell was born near Fullerton on September 3, 1890, the eldest child of William Thomas and Lillias Laird Russell, pioneer residents of Nance county.
   He grew up on a farm in the Loup Valley west of Fullerton, attended rural school, high school in Fullerton and Stuart, Nebraska and Lincoln Business College. In 1910, he was employed by the Fullerton National Bank, and in 1913 the Russell family became stockholders of the First National Bank. James R. Russell became president, and John T. became bookkeeper and assistant cashier. In 1915, he became cashier and was active in managing the bank, and in 1928, he was elected President and remained in this position until his death November 25, 1960.
   On May 26, 1915 he was married to Jessie Whitney of Fullerton and three children were born to them: Margaret, Jean, and John W. (Jack).
   J. T. had a strong interest in community welfare and its advancement. He was interested in fields of business, farming and livestock. He was member and Elder of The Presbyterian Church, a charter member of the Lions Club, served on the Volunteer Fire Department and City Council, and was Treasurer of American Red Cross many years and through World War I and II. He served the Bank as its President for 32 years.
   Margaret Russell was born in Fullerton, educated in Fullerton Public Schools and graduated from Fullerton High School. She attended Rockford College, Rockford Illinois, University of Nebraska, and graduated from Lincoln School of Commerce. She is employed at First National Bank and Trust and is currently Vice President.
   Jean L. Russell Young was born in Fullerton, educated in Fullerton Public Schools and graduated from Fullerton High School. She graduated from Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri and the University of Nebraska and received her masters from Colorado State University, Greeley, Colorado. She taught school in Oakland and Pender, Nebraska and has been in the Voc. Ed. Department of Highland Park, Illinois High School, teaching in both food and fabrics.
   John W. (Jack) Russell was born to John T. and Jessie Whitney Russell February 20, 1924 in Fullerton. He was educated in Fullerton City schools and graduated in 1942. He attended the University of Nebraska one semester and enlisted in the armed services in February, 1942. He served overseas and was discharged a 1st Lt. in August 1946. He returned to the University of Nebraska where he graduated with a BA and BS degree in Pharmacy. He married Dorothy J. Davis, August 14, 1949 and has owned and operated Russell Drug Store in Fullerton for more than 25 years. Their children are John Davis Russell born August 4, 1954, graduated from Fullerton High School in 1972 and Hastings College in 1976 with a BA in Business. Timothy William was born May 8th, 1957, graduated Fullerton High School in 1975 and Hastings College in 1979 with a BA in Business.


   Elizah James and Zilpha P. (Bell) Bloyd came to Nance county from Green county, Kentucky in February 1920 and farmed in Nance county Nebraska until Mr. Bloyd's retirement in 1947. Their children were William J. Bloyd deceased, Alice Putnam, Denver, Colorado, Elizabeth Davis, of Fullerton, Emmett deceased, John Marvin of Fullerton, Laura Reardon, deceased and Raymond Bloyd deceased.
   John William Davis and Elizabeth Bloyd were married in 1928. John was engaged in the trucking business and later owned and operated the Davis

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Amusement and Carnival for more than 20 years, touring Fairs in Nebraska and Iowa. They had one daughter Dorothy J. who graduated from the Fullerton schools and received her BS in Education from the University of Nebraska in 1951. She taught kindergarten in the Fullerton schools and was married to Jack Russell August 14, 1949.


   Emmet A. and Nancey Tilton Griffin came to Fullerton about 1912 from Bancroft, Nebraska. Mr. Griffin was a jeweler. They had 4 sons:
   Fay A. Griffin, a pharmacist. He and his wife Vera Cooper Griffin of Des Moines, Iowa owned and operated Griffin Drug Store in Fullerton many years. Their son William J. Griffin now lives in Santa Barbara, California.
   Hugh Griffin who with Gilbert started Griffin Cafe and then he later moved to Oregon. His wife was the former Alta Ely.
   Guy Griffin owned and operated a theater at Plattsmouth, Nebraska.
   Gilbert D. owner of Griffin Cafe.


   John Laird was born in Scotland in 1821. He married Lillias Kerr in 1854 and after her death came with his three children John, Lillias, and Margaret, to the United States in 1884. Mr. Laird and his son, John. farmed east of Fullerton and their ranch was known as "Victoria Ranch", located near Merchiston. The Laird's brought beautiful Clydsdale horses from Scotland to Nebraska and raised Hereford Cattle.
   John Laird and his sister Margaret moved to Stuart, Nebraska, where John was a rancher and stockman. Lillias Laird married William T. Russell and resided at Fullerton until her death in 1946. Margaret Laird returned to Fullerton, after the death of her brother John in 1930, and lived with her sister, Mrs. W. T. Russell. Miss Laird passed away in 1950.


   John William Whitney and Louise Georgianna Riehl were married at Cedar Falls, Iowa, December 1875. In the spring of 1876, they came to Omaha and bought a team of horses and a wagon and drove to Central City, where they took a homestead claim on 1/4 section of land in Merrick county, about 10 miles north of Central City (Prairie Creek area). Later they sold the Homestead claim and bought land near what was then Pawnee Reservation. In January 1879, when the land in what had been Pawnee Reservation was put up for sale, John W. (Jack) Whitney bought 93 acres at $3.00 per acre, ($1.00 down and two years time on the rest). They moved to this location on the Loup river which became their home until their deaths, John W. in September 1916 and Louise G. April 1938.
   In 1879, they bought the ferry known as the "Black Mariah". This ferry had been launched in the Loup river south and east of what is now Fullerton but because of unfavorable river conditions was moved up river seven miles to the site near the Whitney home. This was the only crossing of the Loup between Genoa and St. Paul, Nebraska, at that time. "Captain Jack", as he was called operated the ferry for about ten years until a bridge was built south of Fullerton.
   Many travelers who reached the ferry in the evening were given food and lodging in the Whitney home, which was a small sod house.
   One memorable event was ferrying a small circus across the river. The caged animals in wagons were loaded on the ferry, but the elephant was too large so it was made to swim across the river. When the elephant got about mid stream, it decided to stop and play in the cool water, shooting water in the air with its trunk. It took considerable persuasion to move the elephant across the river.
   During the time the ferry was in operation, the home of Jack and Louise was known as the "Ferry Ranch" and later was called "Whitney Ranch".

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   Not only was Jack a farmer, rancher, and ferry boat operator, but also he was one of three temporary commissioners appointed by Nebraska Governor Albinus Nance, for whom Nance county was named. He served in the organization of Nance county and in the location of the county seat and later served one term as Nance county Treasurer. He helped organize the Farmers State Bank of Fullerton, and served as Bank President about 1914-1915.
   Jack and Louise had a family of eleven children, nine of whom grew to adulthood, married and with exception of two (Alice Peggy) who lived in California and (Mary Dade), who lives in Sutherland, Nebraska, made their homes in the immediate vicinity of the Whitney Ranch. The children of these families were educated in Nance county schools and with few exceptions graduated from Fullerton High School.
   The Whitney's also provided a foster home for 6 year old twin girls: Cleo and Leo Bohannen who were brought to Fullerton on the so called Orphan train about 1906. Cleo and Leo came from Lincoln, Nebraska, under supervision of Miss Bogardus, representative of a Lincoln orphanage. The twins lived in the Whitney home until their marriages. Cleo married Allan Shively of Central City, Nebraska. They raised a family of ten children, lived in Sutherland, Nebraska. Leo married George Smith also of Central City, Nebraska. They had one daughter and lived in Omaha, Nebraska.
   Members of the J. W. Whitney family still living in Nance County are Jessie Russell and her daughter Margaret Russell, and son John W. (Jack) Russell, his wife Dorothy Davis Russell and their sons, John and Timothy. Fred Whitney and wife Helen Forney Whitney, their daughter Linda and husband Dale Lesiak and their chidren (sic) Chris, Jennifer and Nicholas.

MARY ELIZABETH (Dade) deceased married spacerWilliam A. Hossack deceased
   John William Hossack
   Mary Louise
   Jessie Isabel, deceased
   James Jacob, deceased
   Nellie Katherine

JOHN NICHOLAS (Barlow) deceasedspacerLena Price, deceased
   John Franklin
   Evelyn Louise, deceased
   Ardene Elizabeth, deceased
   Barlo Nicholas
   Riel L.
   William C.

(A)LICE LOUISE (Peggy) deceasedspacerArthur G. Buckner
   James Whitney Buckner, deceased

GEORGE WILLIAM BENJAMIN, deceasedspacerNettie Ann Wingerd
   Florence Ruth
   Helen Georgiana
   Josephine Charlotte, deceased
   Mark Wingert
   Madge Wiolet
   Mary Grace

WINNIFRED ADELLA, deceased age 7 months

SAM CHARLES, deceasedspacerLessie Myrtle Crow, deceased
spacerGladys Beck Milton, deceased
   John Francis
   Sam Merton
   Georgeanne Milton (step daughter)


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JACOB PHILIP, deceasedspacerMary Spliechal, deceased
   Joseph William, Dec.
   Leslie Philip
   Fredric Raymond
   Mary Emma
   Teressa, deceased age 2 years

LUCY SELMAspacerJames B. Drury, deceased
   Jessie Edna
   Alice Louise
   James Leonard

ROBERT FRANCIS, deceasedspacerGoldie Lee Trotter, deceased
   No family

JESSIE ELLAspacerJohn T. Russell, deceased
   Jessie Margaret
   Jean Louis
   John William (Jack)


   The Wm. Albert Hamilton family moved from Greeley county, Nebraska to Fullerton in 1900. He was born in Indiana in 1854. He married Sarah Ellen Thompson at Keekuck Iowa in 1859. He had a twin brother and twelve other brothers and sisters. His father was a pioneer Lawyer in Indiana, served as an officer in the Cavalry in the War of 1812. He was quite prominent in politics served as Lt. Gov., a Judge, and in both houses of the Legislature of Indiana., in all he served continuously for 40 years. His wife's maiden name was Albertson and her father had served in Congress from New Albany, Indiana.
   The Hamilton's had 5 children - William, who married Lydia Medbery Shull, Laura, who married Frank Forbes, Estella, who married William J. Murray - Dora Mae, who never married, and Joseph Arbor, who was killed in World War I in France. Of these, Lydia Medbery Jackson is the only one still living. She lives at Fullerton.
   When the Hamilton's lived in Greeley county he taught rural school. He was teaching when the blizzard of 1888 struck. Rather than endanger the lives of the pupils by trying to get them to safety he left them at the school house with strict orders to remain while he went to the nearest farm house for food and warmer clothing. He brought the supplies back through the blinding blizzard and not a child was endangered. He did not gain the publicity, the lady did who tied her pupils together and led them to safety of a warm house, through the blizzard, but he was considered hero by his family to his dying day.
   The older Hamilton children were teen-agers when they moved to Fullerton. Laura and Estella both became rural school teachers. Estella taught several years, married Wm. J. Murray, and was postmistress at Belgrade for a number of years. Laura taught several years, taught in Santin School (west of District 55), Mt. Zion, and Glenwood. It was at Glenwood that she met Frank Forbes whom she married on Valentine's Day in 1906. They were married at Fullerton, then went by horse and buggy to the Glenwood Community. She was the only member of the Hamilton Family to have any children. She and Frank had 4 - Fred L., Robert, Dorothy and Evalyn.
   Frank Forbes was the son of John Fred Forbes and his wife, the former Nancy Jane Ayers. They had come to the Glenwood Community from Wilton Junction, Iowa in the late 1800's. They lived in a dugout until they could get a house built. There were no trees in the valley then but there were still Indians in the area. On a clear day one could see for a long ways. The father would have to go to Fullerton for supplies; there was no river bridge at Palmer at that time. There was a place on the trail near where Zimmer's now live that was the highest spot between Fullerton and the farm at Glenwood. When he would get to that

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spot he could see a sheet on the clothesline at home and that was the way he was to learn if all was well at home. They lost three children to childhood diseases for which there were no serum to prevent at that time. Frank and his sister Justa were the only ones to survive.
   Justa Forbes married Clifford Lamberson and they lived around Palmer all their married life. They had six children - Leta (Mrs. Harvey Brown), Otis (married Clarice Hoback), Guy (married Pauline Drury), - Lois (married Oscar Hadley) - Maxine, (married Jack Brown), Fay, (married Lois Fisher). Otis and Lois Hadley and Jack Brown are deceased.
   Frank's children all married - Fred (married Nellie Russell), Robert (married Wynona Hadfield), Dorothy (married Donald E. Kilday), and Evalyn (married Ernest Todd). Fred is deceased, his children all live in Nebraska - Marilyn (Mrs. Vern Sonderup) at Fullerton, Dorothy (Mrs. Duane Dudney) at Hastings, and John of the Glenwood Community. Bob's children - Ardythe (Mrs. Wayne Moeller), Sandra (Mrs Steve Leininger) of Grand Island, and Larry of Glenwood. Dorothy's children are scattered - Donald P. Kilday lives at Glenwood, Gary (married Eileen Santin) lives at Cincinnati, Ohio, and JoAnne (married Richard Gerber) and lives at Winston Salem, N. C. Evalyn (Mrs. Ernest Todd) lives in San Diego, as do her children, Steve, who is married, and Jennifer who is single.


   Mads Mogensen was born June 12, 1858 at Kastbjerg pr. Grenna, Denmark. He came from Denmark to McPherson, Kansas in 1881. November 2, 1887, he was married to Mary Gertrude Hansen at McPherson, Kansas. Mary Hansen was born August 2, 1861 at Eskildstrup on the island of Fyn, Denmark. Mary Hansen came from Denmark to McPherson, Kansas in 1882. To them were born three children, the eldest dying in infancy. February 14th 1889 the family moved to Gothenburg, Nebraska and then to Fullerton in March 1902. Two daughters Mabel S., on October 27, 1890 and Annie July 4, 1892 were born in Gothenburg. Mads Mogensen was a blacksmith and learned the trade in Denmark. He won many first prizes on his exhibits at the state blacksmith convention. Some of his exhibits that received first prize were a flower stand, hall tree, bolt chipper and a pair of pinchers. They were all fashioned by him and he took great pride in his work. Mads Mogensen had a half brother Marius and five nephews who live in Lindsborg, Kansas.
   In 1930 Mary returned to Denmark for a visit with her two sisters. Her sisters died at the ages of 92 and 96 shortly before she died at the age of 85. On November 2, 1937 Mads and Mary celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Mads died May 30, 1942 and Mary February 15, 1948.
   Their daughter Mabel married Ray Arthur Peregrine. They both graduated from Fullerton High School in 1909 and Mabel taught school until she married on November 24, 1915. Annie Mogensen, the youngest daughter of Mads and Mary graduated from Fullerton High School, and the University of Nebraska, received her master's degree at the University of Nebraska. She also did graduate work at Cornell University, University of Wisconsin, University of Iowa, University of Colorado and the University of Southern California. She taught for a time at Hastings High School where she wrote the course in botany for study in normal training schools of the state and was often associated with University professors in their biological science research work making many of the drawings and illustrations for their books. Annie taught bacteriology, botony (sic), and biology at Kansas City Junior College at Kansas City, Missouri for 28 years. She provided inspiration and guidance for many students who later became doctors, research workers and technicians. She made several trips to Europe and visited Danish ancestors. Besides English she knew German, Latin, French and Greek. Annie died November 3, 1954.


George Reuben Peregrine was born January 12, 1853, a twin, in Jasper

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county, Indiana to Joseph and Catherine Robertson Peregrine. His twin Frank died in infancy. In 1854 he moved with his parents to Adams county, Iowa. He married Eliza Alvira Delay, January 16, 1872. Eliza Delay was born April 1, 1854. They had ten children, two dying in infancy. The family moved to Nance county, Nebraska four miles south and two miles west of Fullerton on a farm in 1879. Ella, Estella (Stella), Joseph (Jacob), Ernest, Ray Arthur, and Bertha were born on this farm. Eliza Depay Peregrine died June 22, 1918. George Peregrine married Mary E. Vaughn Dec. 8, 1922. Mary E. Shore was born October 5, 1861.
   George Reuben died February 13, 1926. George and Eliza are buried in Riverside cemetery south of Fullerton. Mary died October 9, 1938. George Peregrine's brother Charles had the C. S. Peregrine Music Store in Fullerton for a while and taught band in the high school.
   Ray Arthur Peregrine was born December 16, 1889. He was next to the youngest child of George and Eliza. He graduated from high school in 1909 and married Mabel S. Mogensen on November 24, 1915. Mabel S. Mogensen was born October 27, 1890. Ray A. and Mabel had two children Maxine Evelyn and Ray Ernest. Maxine married Robert B. Hammond and has three children Evelyn Robert and Carolyn. They live in California. Ray married Lenore Evelyn Russell. Mabel Peregrine died December 19, 1959 and Ray A. died April 8, 1965.
   Ray Ernest Peregrine was born August 25, 1923. He attended Liberty Knoll School and graduated from Fullerton High School in 1940. On August 8, 1948 he married Lenore Russell. They both attended the University of Nebraska. Ray farms and raises cattle. They live on the original Peregrine farm which has been in the family over one hundred years. They have two children Donald Ray born November 15, 1955 and Janet Kay Peregrine born April 14, 1963. From his Peregrine ancestors Ray inherited the talent of a beautiful singing voice. Donald Ray Peregrine graduated from Fullerton High School in 1974. He received a State Farmer degree in the Future Farmers of America and attended the College of Agriculture at Curtis. He farms with his father and does cattle feeding. Janet is attending Fullerton High School.


   John Cunningham, and Gertrude, his wife, were both born in Canada. They eventually came to Syracuse, New York. They had twin children Philander Bruce and Phileura, born July 4, 1820 at Canton, New York. Have no history on Phileura.
   John Cunningham fell from a roof of a barn at a barn raising and was killed when the twins were three or four years old, either 1823 or 1824 in New York state. After his father's death, Philander was raised by his aunt Rachel and uncle Norman Curtis.


   Philander Bruce Cunningham was born July 4, 1820 near Syracuse, New York. Julia A. Cunningham was born January 8, 1821 at East Waverly, New York. They were married May 1, 1844, and celebrated their Golden Wedding May 1, 1894. They had ten children.

1.  Myron A. born September 25, 1846 and died September 7, 1918.
2.  Phileura G. born January 27, 1848 and died December 29, 1849.
3.  James Elmer born August 19, 1850. Married Mary Agnes Kelley. Mary
     Kelley was born February 15, 1860. James Elmer died May 30, 1900.
     Mary (Kelley) Cunningham died February 18, 1931.
4.  Frank Edgar Cunningham was born Aug. 21, 1852 and died September 18, 1967.
5.  Mary Elizabeth Cunningham, born February 25, 1854, died March 1, 1918.
     Married Hugo Vogel on February 15, 1876 and came to Fullerton, Nebraska in 1880.
6.  Alexander was born May 2, 1855 and died April 7, 1882.
7.  Ann Eliza was born Apirl (sic) 5, 1857 and died August 7, 1880.


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8.  Charles P. was born July 19, 1861 (at Geneva, Illinois). Married Belle M. Divelbiss January 1, 1885.
     Belle (Divelbiss) Cunningham died August 26, 1895. They came to Nebraska in the winter of 1889 and had five children. After Belle's death, Clara L. Cunningham took care of her brother's children for seven years.
     On December 10, 1902, Charles P. Cunningham married Olive Myrtle Bergen. Olive Bergen was born January 18, 1877. They had nine children.
     Charles Cunningham died April 28, 1944. Olive (Bergen) Cunningham died May 4, 1953.
9.  Clara Louise, born August 27, 1863 (never married). Died June 27, 1948.
10. Rachel Gertrude, born April 11, 1866 (never married). Died October 17, 1954.


   James Elmer Cunningham and Mary Agnes Kelley (Cunningham) had 6 children.
1.  May Cunningham married Arthur E. Johns seven children.
     Clarence, Thelma married Ace Shermer, Wilma married Bernard Clark, Evelyn married Arthur Tierney,
     Gerald married Margaret     , Marvin married Ann     , Shirley married D. Agastino.
2.  Elmer Bruce Cunningham married Mabel H. Sherman on October 31, 1905. 3 daughters.*
     Elmer died in April, 1972, Mabel died Mar. 14, 1978.
     Beulah married Peral Lawrence, Bernice married a Brown, and Bethel married a Smith.
3.  (Benjamin) Ralph Cunningham married Martha Matilda Held on December 25, 1912. Martha Held was
     born May 8, 1892. Martha (Held) Cunningham died March 5, 1962; Ralph Cunningham
     died October 28, 1968. 8 children.
     1.  Lemoyne R. Cunningham was born February 7, 1914. Married Lucille Brockman in June, 1946.
     2.  Alva Cunningham was born March 31, 1915. Married Grace Weeks in May of 1944.
     3.  Ruth Cunningham was born January 30, 1917. Married Venoy Mullens in 1938.
     4.  Norman E. Cunningham was born May 6, 1919. Married Ruth Miller in 1944.
     5.  Esther Cunningham (twin) born December 23, 1922. Married Bryce Erickson in June, 1946.
     6.  Chester Allen Cunningham (twin) born December 23, 1922. Married Bertha Vogel on January 17, 1946.
         Bertha Elizabeth Vogel was born December 1, 1922.
     7.  Ivan Cunningham born February 9, 1924. Married Shirley McCray in June, 1948.
     8.  Arlene Cunningham born March 8, 1929. Married Alden F. Louden May, 1949.
4.  Warren Cunningham was born December 25, 1887. Married Leta America Weeks on December 20. 1911.
     Leta Weeks was born May 2, 1893.
5.  Clarence Cunningham
6.  Grace Cunningham (widow, no family)

   Charles P. Cunningham and Belle M. (Divelbiss) Cunningham had 5 children.
1.  Merton Louis Cunningham, born January 15, 1886, died in May, 1944. Married Mary Irvine in 1908.
     Mary Irvine was born in 1894. Merton Cunningham died in May of 1944. Mary (Irvine) Cunningham
     died in November 1949. They had 4 children.
      a.  Margaret Louise Cunningham born April 12. 1909. Married Franklin C. Williams August 9, 1938.
          Franklin Williams was born Apirl (sic) 5, 1911.
      b.  Charles William Cunningham born July 2, 1912. Married Elizabeth Flynn in 1935.



     *Elmer & Mabel also had a son - James Elmer Cunningham, who was born in Fullerton, Nebraska on February 6th, 1913
     and passed away on January 12th, 1980 in Omaha, NE. He was married to Doris Maxine Grable. They had 2 daughters.

     2010: email message from one of daughters.


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     c.  Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Cunningham born March 1914. Married Daniel W. Roche in May of 1937.
     d.  Margaret Cunningham married Franklin C. Williams. They had three children: Faith Suzanne,
          Alison Day, and Marshall Ward.
2.  Charles, born June 30, 1888, died August 29, 1889.
3.  Lester Vogel Cunningham born June 30, 1889. Married Eva E. Downing May 26, 1915.
     Eva (Downing) Cunningham died March 26, 1918 had 1 child.
     Married Nina Elsie Anderson June 26, 1919. Lester Cunningham died June 21, 1968.
4.  Gladys Merle Cunningham born July 18, 1892 (nurse) died August 16, 1933.
5.  (John) Bruce Cunningham born July 4, 1895. Bruce Cunningham married Edna Lewis.
      Pvt. 149 Aero. Sq. Died May 25, 1925. They had 4 children.

   Charles P. Cunningham and Olive Myrtle (Bergen) Cunningham had 9 children.
1.  (Elsie) Marguerite Cunningham, born April 7, 1904. Married T. Westley Dobson November 22, 1922.
      They had three children. Westley died July 9, 1957.
2.  (Clara) Blanche Cunningham, born September, 8, 1905. Married (Edwin) Clyde Russell. 4 children.
      Clyde Russell was born January 1902. Clyde Russell died February 22, 1971.
      Blanche (Cunningham) Russell died September 25, 1976.
3.  Alice Louise Cunningham was born August 9, 1907. Married George Theodore Holmstedt
     December 5, 1928. They had 2 children.
4.  Dorothy Evelyn Cunningham born April 15, 1909. Married Leo Peterson August 22, 1931. The (sic)
     had 3 children. Leo Peterson died September 21, 1952. Leo Peterson born February 16, 1910.
     Dorothy (Cunningham) Peterson married Floyd Sims on April 16, 1955.
     Floyd Sims was born April 3, 1909.
5.  Myron Edgar Cunningham (born in Haines City, Fla) born on February 17, 1912.
     Married Opal Myers. They had 1 son. Divorced.
     Married Velma Sherman Kruger November 30, 1940. They had 3 children. Myron Cunningham died    .
6.  Ruth Leona Cunningham born March 19, 1914. Married John Greer April 16, 1935.
     They had 2 sons. Ruth (Cunningham) Greer died February 16, 1968.
7.  Olive Berniece Cunningham was born January 22, 1916. Married Chester Vernon Frederick
     December 10, 1935. They had 2 daughters. Olive (Cunningham) Frederick died May 22, 1940.
     Chester Frederick married Beulah Nicklasson October 7, 1941.
8.  Julia Rachel Cunningham was born July 6, 1918. Married W. Newman July 2, 1942. Five daughters.
9.  Harold Charles Cunningham was born January 10, 1920. (Fighter Pilot in World War II.) Lieutenant.
     Married Mona Lani (McGuire) Forst. Adopted her two daughters.


   Merton Louis Cunningham and Mary (Irvine) Cunningham had 5 children.
1.  Margaret Louise Cunningham was born April 12, 1909. Married Franklin C. Williams August 9, 1938.
     Franklin Williams was born April 5, 1911. They had 3 children.
     a.  Faith Suzanne Williams was born April 4, 1940. Married Ronald Everett Van Putte July 16, 1960.
     b.  Alison Day Williams born April 5, 1942. Married Douglas Andrew Van Putte July 21, 1962.
     c.  Marshall Ward Williams III. was born October 2, 1945. Married Claudia Kesler August 12, 1967.
2.  Charles William Cunningham was born July 2, 1912. Married Elizabeth Flynn in 1935.
     Married Hazel    .
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3. Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Cunningham born March 1914. Married Daniel W. Roche May, 1937.
4. Lester Vogel Cunningham and Eva E. Downing
     a. Kenneth Eugene Cunningham born March 26, 1918. Married Grayce Francis Wildman
        September 11, 1938. Grayce (Wildman) Cunningham was born July 21, 1915. They had 2 children.
4. Lester Vogel Cunningham and Nina (Anderson) Cunningham
     b. Donald LaVerne Cunningham born October 25, 1922. Married Bethel Lorraine Kellogg March 3, 1944.
        Bethel (Kellogg) Cunningham born November 23, 1923. They had 6 children.
     c.  Barbara Jean Cunningham born September 13, 1926. Barbara Jean died April 22, 1953.
     d. Robert Lester Cunningham born July 6, 1929. Married Fern Elizabeth Kentopp June 8, 1958.
        Fern Kentopp was born February 12, 1937. They had one son. Fern (Kentopp) Cunningham died
        January 13, 1962. Funeral January 16, 1962.
        Bob Cunningham married Maxene Vivian Harlan Wilkins on October 24, 1964.
        Maxene Vivian Harlan was born March 7, 1927. They had one boy.
        Maxene had two boys from previous marriage.
5.  Bruce Cunningham and Edna (Lewis) Cunningham
     a.  Maribelle Cunningham born August 14, 1918. Married Henry William Morrissey on September 12, 1939.
          Henry Morrissey was born January 30, 1916.
     b.  Edith Marie Cunningham born May 23, 1921. Married H. Krill.
     c.  Robert Raymond Cunningham born October 3, 19  .
     d.  Helen Lucille Cunningham born September 16, 1924. Married Jay Garrett.

   Henry and Maribelle (Cunningham) Morrissey had 3 children.
1.  Arlene Jeanette Morrissey was born August 27, 1940. Married Claude Edward Hosten* on November 25,
     1961. (no information)
2.  William Edward Morrissey born March 30, 1949. (no information)
3.  Michael Gene Morrissey born April 8, 1953. (no information)

   Charles P. Cunningham and Olive (Bergen) Cunningham
1.  (Elise) Marguerite (Cunningham) Dobson and Wesley Dobson
      a.  Clell Leroy Dobson was born February 25, 1924. Married Margaret Hall April 10, 1954.
      b.  Naomi Evelyn Dobson was born November 12, 1927. Married William Edward Bib January 11, 1947.
           William E. Bibb was born April 4, 1925. William E. Bibb died .
           They had one child Janalyn Gail born April 17, 1956.
      c.  Wayne Theodore Dobson born August 26, 1934. Married Edith Wright October 9, 1952.
2.  (Clara) Blanche (Cunningham) and (Edwin) Clyde Russell
      a.  Ardith Doris Russell was born June 10, 1925. Married Warren Granger November 2, 1946.
           Warren Emerson Granger was born August 10, 1923.
      b.  Lenore Evelyn Russell was born December 9, 1926. Married Ray Ernest Peregrine August 8, 1948.
           Ray Ernest Peregrine was born August 25, 1923.
      c.  Madeline Blanche Russell born July 18, 1928. Married Leo LaVern Bedke August 8, 1948.
           Leo LaVern Bedke was born August 4, 1923. Madeline (Russell) Bedke died August 11, 1962.
           They had three girls (1 set of twins).
           Leo married Marlene VanderVoost Richardson on January 9, 1965.
           Marlene VanderVoost was born May 5, 19 . They had two children.
      d.  Kenneth Edwin Russell was born June 7, 1930. Married Marie Rose (Mary) (Brase) Lockard
           July 12, 1955. Marie Rose (Mary) Brase was born October 17, 1936. They had 3 children.
3.  Alice (Cunningham) Holmstedt and George T. Holmstedt
       a.  Judith Louis Holmstedt was born October 7, 1929. Married Darrell


* 20 Jan 2006 email from Cindi Hooten: Husband's name should be Claude Edward HOOTEN.


Horz. bar

            Perry Willoughby November 4, 1948. Darrell Perry Willoughby was born June 11, 1924.
       b.  Donald Theodore Holmstedt born August 24, 1932. Married Dorothy Reif on August 3, 1958.
             Dorothy Reif was born April 17, 1940. Dorothy (Reif) Holmstedt died October 13, 1969.
            Married Bonnie (Holm) Royle on August 3, 1970. Bonnie Holm was born May 2, 19  .
4.  Dorothy (Cunningham) Peterson and Leo F. Peterson 
       a.  Leonard Charles Peterson was born July 1, 1932. Married     .
       b.  Beverley Yvonne Peterson was born February 26, 1936. Married Daniel (Miller) Wiseman.
          They had 3 children. Beverley (Peterson) Wiseman and Daniel C. Wiseman were
          divorced in December 1979.
       c.  Nancy Diane Peterson was born September 11, 1938. Married     Hillerman.
5.  Myron Cunningham and Opal (Myers) Cunningham
       a.  Allen Edger Cunningham was born March 23, 1938. Married      .
     Myron Cunningham and Velma (Kruger) Cunningham
       b.  Velma Louise Cunningham was born May 3, 1945. Velma Louise Cunningham died
       c.  Myrna Joy Cunningham born August 5, 1946. Married Jack Berryhill.
       d.  Charles Joseph was born January 27, 1949. Married     .
6.  Ruth (Cunningham) Greer and John J. Greer
       a.  (John) Gordon Greer was born May 15, 1936. Married Marlene Ann Santin on October 17, 1958.
             Marlene Ann Santin was born November 18, 1936.
       b.  Roger Douglas Greer was born June 21, 1941. Married Virginia Schmidt.
7.  Olive (Cunningham) Frederick and Chester Frederick
       a.  Linda Lea Frederick was born November 1, 1936. Married Rich Everett Adamson on
           February 4, 1956. Richard Everett Adamson was born March 1, 1935.
       b. Deanna Gail Frederick was born July 25, 1939. Married Kenneth Eugene Hardin September 8, 1963.
           Kenneth Eugene Hardin was born March 12, 1938.
8.  Julia (Cunningham) Newman and Charles W. Newman
        a.  Karen Patricia Newman was born October 17, 1941. Married J. Wilton Smith January 24, 1960.
             J. Wilton Smith was born October 21, 1940.
        b.  Julia R. (Jackie) Newman was born July 10, 1943. Married George R. Emery May 1, 1960.
             George R. Emery born May 17, 1939. George R. Emery died January 29, 1977.
        c.  Merry Jo Newman born July 3, 1946. Married Frank Earl Etheredge February 20, 1968.
             Frank Earl Etheredge, Jr. was born January 28, 19   .
        d.  Sandra Kay Newman born April 18, 1950. Sandra Kay Newman died June 18, 1952.
        e.  Flora Olive Newman was born January 21, 1954. Married Bobby Mathews December 21, 1974.
             Bobby Mathews was born February 2, 1953.
9.  Harold Cunningham and Mona (McGuire Fost) Cunningham
      Step daughters adopted.
         a.  Laurie Jean (Forst) Cunningham was born December 22, 19   .
              Married Peter Gevers, Jr on      . Peter Gevers Jr was born June 21, 1941.
         b. Livia Gay Forst was born May 19, 1949. Livia Gay (Forst) Cunningham married Kevin Stanley
             Rosentreter May 9, 1969. Kevin Stanley Rosentreter was born in 1942. They were divorced in 1978.

Horz. bar


 Grandparents - Kenneth and Grayce (Wildman) Cunningham
1.  Eugene and Della (Carlson) Cunningham.
     Jill Ann Cunningham was born January 3, 1967. Scott Eugene Cunningham was born March 15, 1970.
2.  Nancy Cunningham (not married)
 Grandparents - Donald and Bethel (Kellogg) Cunningham
Parents - 1. Larry and Jackie (Underwood) Cunningham
   Sixth Generation - Debra Jo Cunningham born September 28, 1967. Chris Allen Cunningham born
          January 23, 1970.
Parents - 2. Michael and Bonnie (Cunningham) Grabowski.
   Sixth Generation - Robert Michael Grabowski born July 15, 1976. Rebecca Lynn Grabowski born
         September 3, 1973.
Parents - 3. Ronald and Beverly (Cunningham) Dwinell, no children.
Parents - 4. David and Dora (Lepant) Cunningham, no children.
   Not married 5. Jo Anne Cunningham
 Grandparents - Robert and 1. Fern (Kentopp) Cunningham 2. Maxine (Harlan Wilkins) Cunningham.
      Mark Robert Cunningham born October 17, 1959. Timmy Scott Cunningham born March 7, 1966.
      Stepsons - Billy Wilkins born May 12, 1945. Drew Wilkins born November 24, 1955.
 Grandparents - Clyde and Blanche (Cunningham) Russell
 Parents - Warren and Ardith (Russell) Granger
      Nancy Gail Granger was born Setepmber (sic) 28, 1948. Married Theodore Joseph Appelhanz, Jr. August 17, 1968. Ted Appelhanz born February 28, 1947.
   Sixth Generation - Kimberly Kay Applehanz born February 28, 1972. Tonya Lynn Applehanz born August 16, 1974. Mathew Joseph Applehanz born February 28, 1977.*
      Thomas Eugene Granger was born August 9, 1951.
Parents - Ray and Lenore (Russell) Peregrine
      Linda Lee Peregrine was born and died March 23, 1949. Robert Eugene Peregrine was born
      and died May 21, 1950. Donald Ray Reregrine was born November 15, 1955. Janet Kay
      Peregrine was adopted and born on April 15, 1963.
Parents - Leo and 1 Madeline (Russell) Bedke 2. Marlene (VanderVoost) (Richardson) Bedke
      Cynthia Sue Bedke was born September 18, 1951. Married Robert P. Menz August 4, 1972.
      One child, Neal. Born      . Divorced 1977.
      Jacqueline Jo Bedke (twin) was born November 26, 1954. Married Byron Russell Yung
      August 31, 1974. Byron Yung was born June 13, 1952. One child, Rachel Lynn. Born June 19, 1978.
      Vicki Lea Bedke (twin) was born November 26, 1954. Married Charles Schilling April 2, 1977.
      From 2nd marriage
      Michael LaVern Bedke was born January 4, 1972. Darcie Ann Bedke was born February 2, 1974.
Parents - Kenneth and Mary (Brase Lockard) Russell
      Rhonda Elaine Russell was born January 19, 1957. Married Keith Allen DeBraal October 5, 1975. Susie Jo
      DeBraal born June 7, 1976. Christal Renee born November 13, 1979.
      Shelly Rose Russell was born January 24, 1958. Married Jerry Fredrick Frentz June 5, 1976. Jerry Frentz
      was born March 9, 1955. Timothy Jon Frentz born August 8, 1977.
      Randy Edwin Russell was born May 12, 1963.
Grandparents - George and Alice (Cunningham) Holmstedt
Parents - Darrell and Judith (Holmstedt) Willoughby
      David Lee Willoughby born October 22, 1952. Douglas Allan Willoughby born October 13, 1954. Married
      Nancy Margaret Smith August 11, 1978.
Parents - Donald and 1 Dorothy (Reif) Holmstedt 2. Bonnie (Holm) (Royle) Holmstedt
      Jane Ellen Holmsted born September 24, 1959. Danny Michael Holmstedt


* 14 Oct 2008: Corrections from Nancy Appelhanz < >

Parents - Warren and Ardith (Russell) Granger
      Nancy Gail Granger was born September 28, 1948. Married Theodore Joseph Appelhanz, Jr.
        August 17, 1968. Ted Appelhanz born September 6, 1947.
   Sixth Generation - Kimberly Kay Appelhanz born February 9, 1972. Tonya Lynn Appelhanz born
        August 16, 1974. Matthew Joseph Appelhanz born February 28, 1977.


Horz. bar

      born May 8, 1961. Laurie Sue Holmstedt born January, 29, 1963. Carrie Ann Holmstedt
      born April 22, 1965.
      From the 2nd marriage Robert Dean Holmstedt born November 14, 1972.
      Stepsons - Larry Michael Royle born August 7, 1968. Greg Royle born November 5, 1969.
Grandparents - Leo and Dorothy (Cunningham) Peterson
Parents - Leonard and     Peterson
      Dennis     Peterson born in 1954. Larry   Peterson born in 1957.
      Craig      Peterson born in 1961. Janel    Peterson born in 1963.
      Matt      Peterson born in 1966.
Parents - Daniel and Beverly (Peterson) Wiseman
      Diane (Miller) Wiseman Steven (Miller) Wiseman Kelly Wiseman
Parents -     and Nancy (Peterson) Hillerman
      Deborah Lynn Hillerman born June 4, 1956. Catherine Louise Hillerman born August 28, 1959.
Grandparents - John and Ruth (Cunningham) Greer
Parents - (John) Gordon and Marlene (Santin) Greer
      Diane Marie Greer was born December 28, 1960. Sharon Lynn Greer was born July 17, 1962.
Parents - Roger and Virginia (Schmidt) Greer
      Sally      Greer was born     .
Grandparents - Chester and 1. Olive (Cunningham) Frederick 2. Beulah (Nichlasson) Frederick
Parents - Richard and Linda (Frederick) Adamson
      Cynthia Marie Adamson born September 18, 1958. Charles (Chuck) David Adamson
      born February 7, 1961.
Parents - Kenneth and Deanna (Frederick) Hardin
      Jeffrey Scott Hardin born October 1, 1970 adopted.
Grandparents - Charles and Julia (Cunningham) Newman
Parents - J. Wilton and Karen (Newman) Smith
      Amanda Jo Smith (twin) born December 20. 1961. Andy Williams Smith (twin) born December 20, 1961.
      James Wilton Smith, Jr. born January 25, 1963. Ted Benjamin Smith born March 30, 1965. Patricia Ann
      Smith born February 9, 1973.
Parents - George and Jackie (Newman) Emery
      Julia Ann Emery born January 4, 1961. Sherry Elise Emery born September 19, 1962. Donna Sue
      Emery born July 31, 1964.
Parents - Frank and Merry Jo (Newman) Etheredge
      Frank Earl Etheredge, Jr. born January 28, 1969. (Patricia) Rachel Etheredge born January 9, 1971. Nadine
      Merry Etheredge born July 16, 1973. Charles David Etheredge born February 16, 1976.
Parents - Bobby and Flora (Newman) Mathew
Grandparents - Harold and Mona (McGuire Forst) Cunningham
Parents - Peter and Laurie (Forst Cunningham) Gevers, Jr.
      Steven Thomas Gevers born May 28, 1973. Bruce John Gevers born July 23, 1974. (Laurie) Dorothy
      Gevers born August 11, 1978.
Parents - Kevin and Livia (Forst Cunningham) Rosentreter
      no children - divorced in 1978.


   Arna Agnew Peterson was born April 23, 1915 to Charles Edward and Edith Eleanor Agnew Peterson. His father Charles was Nance county Sheriff so Arna was born in the old Nance county Court House as was his two sisters and a brother. Charles also served two terms as a member of the Fullerton City Council and was mayor when the local city park was established. During World War I, he was chairman of the Nance County Draft Board.
   Smith Grimes Agnew moved to Fullerton in 1902 from Pottawattomie County, Iowa. The reason he decided to move here was that he had two brothers William and John, living near Fullerton. He bought two farms in the Loup river

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