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Hello -

My husbands grandmother's family came from Genoa and I recently became the owner of a few items - she didn't know who they where or why her mother had them. Her mother had been a school teacher in Genoa and resident of Beaver in the 1930's. I have attached them to this email. One of them is 3 pictures of what I think is a school, there are also a number of articles about a teacher "Jessica Lund" and then there is an article about the Nance county school district Spelling Bee champ for 1947 (who came from Genoa school district). Fourth is an unidentified picture of a woman - no ideas or clues. I am hoping you can find a spot for them where people will be looking.

Amber Moore 


Photo 1. Name of school? Location?

Photos 2 & 3.  Year? Names of students?

Newspaper Clips

Honored at Party

Miss Jessica Lund
Miss Jessica Lund was pleasantly surprised at a birthday party Friday afternoon, April 18. The ladies of the community planned the delightful gathering and arrived at the school house bringing gifts and three delicious birthday cakes. It was indeed, "Happy Birthday Dear Teacher!" when the pupils from the schoolroom joined their mothers from the hall in the "Birthday Song". Everyone enjoyed the social hour and tasty lunch which followed.

The Community Club of District 66, Jessica Lund, teacher, met Thursday evening, February 20. Twenty students in the Dramatic Club and their sponsor, Miss Armstrong of the St. Edward high school, presented the program. A delicious lunch was served after the entertainment.

The Community club of school district 66, Jessica Lund, teacher, met Tuesday evening. The following program was given: several accordian numbers by Willis Stenzel; vocal solo, Mrs. Raymond Peterson; number on musical saw by Keith Berlin; vocal duet, Marilyn Peterson and Rev. Kamrath; chalk talk by Winfred Pearson assisted by Rev. Kamrath. Games were played and lunch served. A large crowd attended.

The patrons and teacher Miss Jessica Lund of District 66 honored Mr. and Mrs. Jasper and Roland at a farewell dinner at the school house last Sunday.

District 66 Community

Club Meeting Wednesday
The Community Club of District 66, Jessica Lund teacher, met Wednesday evening, April 16. The entertainment consisted of four songs by a quartette composed of Clifford Larson, Lawrence Pearson, Gene Fortune and Dwight Nelson; readings were given by Mrs. Alvin Berlin, Adeline and Barbara Linnerson. The games and stunts which followed the entertainment were planned by Eugene Cromwell. Lunch was served after the program.


Martha Wright

  Winner County

     Spelling Bee


One Big Cut Student

  Places in Written


     Martha Wright, seventh grade pupil of the Genoa public schools is the champion speller of Nance county for 1947, as a result of the
county spelling contest held in Fullerton last Thursday by County Superintendent Jessie G. Kreidler.

     The popular blonde little lass is the twelve-years-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Wright, local restaurant operators.

     Lois Smit, daughter of Mrs. Alma Smit, and Jo Ann Munson. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Art Munson were other local girls to win recognition in the contests.

     Winner of second place was Doris Emry, 8th grade pupil in the Fullerton schools. Leona Christensen, sixth grade pupil at District 51 was third and Ruth Anderson, Belgrade eighth grader, was fourth. The winner of first place received a medal, and the others in the winning group received award pins.

     The written contest was held first. Thirty-seven boys and girls were entered in this. After 100 words had been written in this contest, the twelve contestants having the highest scores entered   the oral contest. It was this contest which determined the winners.

     Besides the winners listed above, the other members of the group of twelve who led in the written contest were: Ethel Oeltjen of District 51, Joyce Adams of Belgrade, Lois Smit of Genoa, Dick Person of District 66, Jo Ann Munson of District 12, Tommy Travers of Fullerton, Norma Jane Robinson of District 7 and Margaret Horst of District 27.

    Pupils of Genoa who participated were: Grade 5, Carolyn Morris, Ellen Bane; Grade 6, Lois Smit, Vernon Nelson; and Grade 7, Martha Wright.

    Lois Smit was eliminated in oral spelling which followed a one hundred word written test. Martha Wright entered the final written test and won the traveling trophy, a silver cup, in addition to the individual medal, winning over the eighth grader from Fullerton.

     The trophy has previously been won by the Genoa schools in 1930 by Esther Hinds, and 1942 by Everett Poe.

     The contest was conducted by Dr. Roy Eaton of Omaha. Judges were Mrs. Irene Leard, Mrs. W. H. Russell, Mrs. Myrtle Nicholls, Mrs. Boyd Jacobs, Miss Viola Johnson and Mrs. Harlan Sinnett. Scorekeepers were Mrs. Ralph McCray and Mrs. Frank Major.



Photo 4. Name?

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