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The U.S. Indian School

August 1999: We visited with Carole Green at the Genoa Museum. She has made considerable effort to secure materials related to the Indian School previously located at Genoa. Resources are scattered, can be found at Nebraska State Historical Society, NARA in Kansas City and NARA in Washington, DC. Many of the records have been sealed for "privacy" by the Federal Government - including the records for former students - records that are over 100 years old now. A reunion of former school attendees was being held the following week, five persons were to attend.

We recommend you write directly to Carole Green if you have questions about the Indian School - those who attended, those who were employed there ...


U.S. INDIAN INDUSTRIAL BUILDING - Restoration of this property which is listed in the National Register of Historic Places has been funded with the assistance of a grant -in-aid from the U.S. Department of Interior Heritage Conservation and Recreation Service under provision of the National Historic Preservation Act administered by the Nebraska State Historical Society. Note: Work completed 2001.


This is the only U.S. Indian School building preserved at Genoa, NE.


Sign on the building: "U.S. Indian Industrial School Building built c. 1907 has been placed on the National
Register of Historic Places by the United States Department of the Interior".

The school operated 1884-1934.

See Columbus Telegram newspaper archives for article by Julie Blum published 19 Jun 2003.



An entrance to some long gone building? Located at Northeast corner of Genoa.

Originally, the Pawnee Agency school was located on the property.  The Pawnee sold out and moved to Oklahoma about 1874-79.
In 1884, the US Indian School opened and operated until 1934.


Memorial stone located on east end of school building.
"In memory of the native Americans who attended the Genoa U.S. Indian School 1884-1934
especially those who died and may have been buried here."

Note:  Another monument is located on the east end of the Valley View Cemetery, Genoa, NE.

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