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H. C. MagoonC. ApplegarthspacerHarrison Clifton MAGOON, b. Nov. 19, 1846, Lowell, Mass, d. Nov. 25, 1922 and is buried in the Arlington National Cemetery with his wife, Clara M. APPLEGARTH, b. Toronto, Can. July 25, 1849, d. March 19, 1927. He was a lawyer, and judge. He was also a Civil War veteran with the 2nd Minnesota Sharpshooters, and Co. C, 1st Minnesota Battalion. There are land records for them in Nance County and Grand Island, NE. The 1880 Census Nance Co., NE listed his occupation as Farmer. The 1885 Nance Co. census, Fullerton Village, gave his occupation as County Judge. There is also a record of a H. M. Magoon as a coroner for Nance Co., during 1881. Lists 2 years in Presidential Post Office, Hay Springs, NE, no dates.

Harrison's parents were Henry C. MAGOON b. N.H. (parents: Josiah MAGOON Jr. and Fanny DANA), and Mehitable Wyman CLEMENT MAGOON b. Hopkinton NH (parents: Caleb CLEMENT and Lydia GILE). Henry C. and Mehitable lived in Lincoln NE. The other sons are Charles Edward MAGOON, provisional Governor of Panama and Cuba, under Taft and Roosevelt. The other son was Dana MAGOON, who established the first school in Lost Creek Twp., Platte Co., NE. and died at age 27. Henry Sterling MAGOON and Charles Edward MAGOON are listed in The Political Graveyard.

Harrison Clifton and Clara Applegarth MAGOON's children were:

  • Arthur, b. approx 1865, MN.
  • Harry Freddie (Fred Augustus), b. approx 1871, MN., m. Effie Celestine RANDALL. Buried near Nash, OK.
  • Anna Mae, b. July 5, 1873 MN., m. James Truman NEELY in Hay Springs NE. Both are buried in St. Louis, MO.
  • Jennie, b. approx 1877, NE, m. Will RIDGE. Buried in OK.
  • Frank, b. approx 1877, Hay Springs NE.
  • Myrtle (Maud), b. approx. 1879/80, NE. m. Joseph RHODE. Possibly buried near Washington D.C.

This family was close to the Mickeljohn and Pershing families, in Nebraska & Wash, D.C.
Joanne Roth <>  change in email address May 2006


Almon Miller (1817-1878) NY - m. Mary Ann Evans (1822-1884) NY

They had eight children. Three children moved to Mead Twp, Merrick Co., NE.
Albert Miller (1842-1920) NY - m . Lovica Silloway (1847-1929) NY
Louisa Miller (1844-1904) NY - m. George Waite (1839-1924) NY
Hudson Miller (1848-1913) NY - m. Matilda Woodruff (1853-1946) NY

A. & L. MillerspacerAlbert Miller & Lovica Silloway were married 29 Oct 1864 in New York. They had 16 children born in New York and Nebraska. Only 7 survived to adulthood. They all lived in Fullerton, NE. Most are buried in Bureau Cemetery at Pierce Chapel, Clarks, NE.

Warren "Ray" Miller (1868-1946) NY - m. Clara Bessey (1869-1958) IA
Grace Mae Miller (1870-1955) NY - m. Joseph Snodgrass (1866-1934) MO
Hattie Adel Miller (1872-1955) NE - m. D. "Dudley" Miller (cousin) (1857-1941) NY
Charles Albert Miller (1881-1949) NY - m. Lillian Evans (cousin) (1882-1914) NYspacer- m2. Lucy E. Shively (1891-1960) NE (below)
Mary "Mae" Miller (1883-1967) NE - m. Charles Wellman (1876-1950) IL
Edna Miller (1888-1910) NE - m. Walter Headlee (1886- ?) NE
A. Adelbert Miller (1894-1971) NE - m. Edith Bennett (1897-1970) NE

C. A. MillerspacerCharles A. Miller & Lillian Evans were married 16 Mar 1902. They had 3 ch.:

     Bernard Raymond Miller (1903 NE - 1959 CA) - m2 Hazel Galbraith (1917-1974), 2 ch.

     Neva Bernice Miller (1906, NE - 1971 CA) - m. David L. Sweeney (1899 KS - 1972 CA) 2 ch. Divorced. m2: Ira Cappen. Divorced.

     Theodore William Miller (Sr) (1908 NE - 1990 CA) - m. Mildred M. Kingdon (1911 NE - 1993 CA) Had 2 ch. (below)

Charles and his 2nd wife Lucy Shively had one daughter, Lois June born 13 Jun 1927, Fullerton, NE. She married first to Delwyn Lindholm of Stromsburg, NE - and second, Harry Dawson of Fullerton, NE. Lois Dawson died 29 May 2005, Texarkana, TX. Predeceased by both husbands.


T. W. MillerspacerM. M. MillerspacerTed W. Miller (Sr) married Mildred Marie Kingdon, May 25, 1931 in Fullerton, NE.

Their two sons are Ted (Jr) & Richard.

     Ted married Carole Gutzwiller of San Bernardino, CA who's family came from Platte Co., NE.


Ted & Carole Miller <> are the volunteer coordinators for Nance County.

If your Grandfather hung out at Charlie Miller's office, we'd like to hear the stories. If you have a favorite about Aunt Hat - we'd like to hear that as well. According to a cousin (Dorothy Hurd Ahlers of Belgrade), there should be lots of tales about Aunt Hattie. Will share any info we have on these lines.  NOTE: Dorothy Ahlers died 6 Oct 2002.

Descendants of Robert James

Robert James MORRISON was born December 24, 1844 in Green Co., Greensburg, Kentucky, and died 1904 in Fullerton, Nebraska. (He was son of James Morrison, b. 1797 TN).
He married Mary Jane THOMPSON in 1863.

Children of Robert MORRISON and Mary THOMPSON were:

     Nancy J. MORRISON, (1864 - 1948). Married George S. SCARLETT. Their children were Charles (b. 9 May 1883 - d. Mar 1971), Lydia, & Minnie Scarlett.
       NOTES: The SS number of son Charles Scarlett was issued in NE, & his last zip was Gering, NE.
               His children were Linda, Karen and Donna.
     William J. MORRISON (1866 - 1882)
     Sarah Katherine MORRISON, (1868 - 1936). Married John RUSSELL. Their children were: Hanna, Albert E., John Jr and Nellie Russell.
     Deliah E. MORRISON (1870 - 1887). Married Ed MYERS. Had one child: Ed Myers Jr.
     James Robert MORRISON (b 2 June 1872, Shoals, IN; d 28 Aug 1945, Plainview, Nebraska)
           SEE BELOW
     Elizabeth MORRISON (1874 - 1951). Married Walter RUSSEL. Their children were Harry, Blanch, Louise and Roy Russel.
     John Thomas MORRISON (1876 - 1924). Married Cora FURNEY. Their children were Oundalyn and Frank Morrison.
     Martha MORRISON (1879 - 1963). Married Ralph SHILEY. Their children were Harold, Dorothy and Helen Shiley.
     Minnie Belle MORRISON (1881 -1886)
     Daniel MORRISON (1883 - 1964). Married Kathleen KENNELLY. Their children were Robert, Mary Jane and John B. Morrison.

James Robert MORRISON (b 2 June 1872 in Shoals, IN; d 28 Aug 1945, Plainview, NE).
Married Alice Celinda KINNEY, 1 Sep 1897 (dau. of Charles KINNEY and Emma NOBLE).
Both James R.& Alice C. (Kinney) Morrison are buried at Clarks Cemetery, Clarks, NE.

Children of James R. MORRISON and Alice C. KINNEY were:

     1. Ralph K MORRISON, (b 14 Aug 1898, Clarks, NE; d 17 Oct 1973 Tallahassee, FL)
          Married Lydia HENKE, 27 July 1920 in Fullerton, NE. (She was daughter of August HENKE)
          Their children were:
           a. Norris Ralph (b 7 Jan 1930, Albion, NE; d 3 Mar 1986, Houston, TX).
              Married Eva C. HOLZ 7 Jul 1950 at Ipswich, SD (dau of Wilhelm Holz & Emily Garmatz).
           b. Robert Myron (b 28 Oct 1933, Spalding, NE)
               Married Eleanor HERSHFELD 23 May 1961 in Orlando, FL.
     2. Harold Curtis MORRISON (b 16 May 1900).
     3. Dorethea Ester MORRISON (b 16 Aug 1902; d 7 Dec 1908).
     4. Lucile Emma MORRISON (b 17 Sept 1906).
           Married Kenneth MORRIS in Omaha, NE in Nov 1928.
           Their children were Doris Irene, Charles, Rodney and Wayne Morris.
         Lucile Emma married second to George KOBS, 1 Apr 1956 in Lincoln, NE.
     5. Herschel Charles MORRISON (b 29 July 1911, Fullerton, NE).
            Married Myrtle Lorene HALL, 27 Nov 1935 in Tekamah, NE.
            Their children were:
               a. Darwin (b Omaha, NE), m. Mary Helen HERRING, 18 Apr 1959, Winterhaven, CA.
               b. Charles Dale (b 14 May 1946, Grand Island, NE; d 9 Nov 1974 Kansas City, MO. He is                    buried at Memory Gardens Cem., Clinton, MO).
                   Married Donna Kay SALMON, April 21, 1964 in Castle Rock, CO.
     6. Doris Irene MORRISON, (b. 17 Aug 1916, Fullerton, NE)
           Married Emory BERGH, 14 Sep 1940 in Omaha, NE.
           Their children were:
               a. Sherry Lee Bergh (b. Plainview, NE) married Allen Ray CHRISTENSEN 15 Jun 1963 in                        Plainview, NE.
               b. Cheryl Doris Bergh (b. Plainview, NE), married Richard Alvin WEIGEL 17 Dec 1967 in                      Plainview, NE.
               c. Galen Emory Bergh (b. Plainview, NE), married Joann FRICKENSTEIN 4 Apr 1971.
               d. Garland Melvin Bergh

Stephen Morrison <>, son of Norris R. Morrison


son of Ole INGVALDSEN (1800-1889) and Anna Serena OLSDATTER (1807-1845)
b 11 Jan 1835 Braskerud, Våler, Hedmark, Norway,
d 21 Sep 1923, bur Valley View Cemetery, Genoa, Nance County, NE
daughter of Syver Torstensen of Engelsrud (1791-?) and Karen OLSDATTER (1794-?) of      Trangsrud.
b 21 Mar 1833 Bakken, Åsnes, Hedmark, Norway,
d 10 May 1924, bur Valley View Cemetery, Genoa, Nance County, NE.

They married1859 in Norway and emigrated 1869 to America.
There were 9 children born to them:

1 - Olivia Serena OLSON b 5 Apr 1858 Braskerud, Våler, Hedmark, Norway,
     wed John SCHRAM; children Olivia and Ruth
2 - Sigvard "Sig" OLSON b 30 Sep1860 Braskerud, Våler, Hedmark, Norway,
     died 24 Dec 1888 at Rico, Colorado. Never wed.
3 - Ole OLSON, b 22 Dec 1864 Braskerud, Våler, Hedmark, Norway,
     later lived in Hay Springs, Sheridan County, NE
4 - Karl OLSON, b 11 Sep 1866 Braskerud, Våler, Hedmark, Norway,
     d 1940 CA, wed Amy CORNWELL, had 10 children
5 - Albert OLSTON, b 25 Nov 1869, Manistee, Manistee County, Michigan,
     wed Katie Belle BEDFORD; children Norman Kenneth, Ruth, and Ida
     (Name changed for Olson to OLSTON at some point)
6 - Otto OLSON, b Mar 1871, NE
7 - Anna/Annie OLSON, b Jul 1873, wed Hugh SOULE after 1900,
     lived in Grand Junction, CO in the 1920s, divorced, d 1959
8 - Camilla "Milla" OLSON, b c 1876 NE, d 1890-95 NE, never wed, died young
9 - Gustave Frederick "Fred" OLSON b May 1879 NE

They lived in Columbus, Platte, NE from 1881-1885, in Council Creek Twp. Nance Co, NE per 1885 state census, and in 1910, Genoa.

Would like to contact any descendants. Stef Olson email <>
Original mini-genealogy: 9 Jul 1998. Additions & corrections: 14 Sep 2001. Address change 12/02.


I'm researching the family of Simeon and Martha E. (TODD) PICKEREL. Any additional information about the family would be appreciated, especially death dates and places for Simeon and Martha.
Thanks, Bob Saunders  <> Salem, Oregon  26 Nov 2001

Simeon and Martha Pickerel Family History

NOTE: Sources available upon request.

Simeon PICKEREL born (tentative) 1852, Maryville, Nodaway Co., MO; married Martha TODD, 21 July 1871, Nodaway Co., MO; mentioned in a probate record involving Nancy Todd, sister of Martha, 31 Jan. 1872, Nodaway Co., MO; no further information

Martha E. TODD born ca. 1852, MO; parents James Timothy and Lucinda (FELTON) TODD; resided Christian Co., MO, 1860, with parents, and Nance Co., NE, 1910, with Errin Wagner family (Martha is listed as a widow); married (2) Henry HOOKER, 17 Oct. 1911, Merrick Co., NE; died (tentative) 1945, NE.

Lewis Monroe PICKEREL born 3 May 1872, Maryville, Nodaway Co., MO; married Mrs. Maggie ROBERTS, 12 March 1902, Merrick Co., NE; resided Nance Co., NE, 1902 and St. Joseph, MO, 1974; died (tentative) __ Jan. 1874, St. Joseph, MO; buried Memorial Park.

George PICKEREL born 28 Aug. 1873, Nodaway Co., MO; married Laura GRAVES, 24 Nov. 1896, Nance Co., NE; resided Nance Co., NE, 1896, Newman Tsp., Nance Co., NE, 1900 and Prairie Creek Tsp., Nance Co., NE, 1910 and 1920; children - Francis M. (b. ca. 1899, NE), Henry W. (b. ca. 1903, NE), Wesley Q. (b. ca. 1905, NE) and Lester E. (b. ca. 1911, NE); no further information.

James Henry PICKEREL born 29 Aug. 1876, MO; no further information.
Note: J. Henry "Pickell" found in 1900 Fed. Census Cottonwood Twp, Nance Co., NE ED144 p7a D115 F118 - farm laborer living with J. M. Todd (who is probably his uncle, James Monroe Todd).

Leota PICKEREL born __ June 1879, MO; resided Prairie Creek Tsp., Nance Co., NE, 1900, with James Clark and family (Lee O. PICKEREL, male, age 20, born June 1879, MO, farm laborer) and 1910 (Leeota O. PICKRELL, female, age 31,b. ca. 1879, MO, farmer); no further information.

Mary Rosella PICKEREL born 4 May 1884, Maryville, Nodaway Co., MO; married Frank Marion YORK, 9 Apr. 1902, Fullerton, Nance Co., NE; resided Nance Co., NE, 1902; children - Dollie Viola (b. 1905, NE), Nellie (b. 1903, NE), Edith (b. 1907, NE), Charles Henry (b. 1910, NE), Rosella (b. ?) and Delbert (b.?, ID); Mary died 14 May 1973, Nampa, ID; buried Emmett, ID.


(Photos posted NEGenWeb Project Ancestor Sharing Center)



Simeon RATHBUN b: 16 Dec 1827 Washington Co, Ohio d: 9 Aug 1909 bur: Sunset Cemetery Nance Co, NE
     married1857 in Illinios to
Mary Ann COLLINS b: 7 April 1841 Ohio d: 13 Feb, 1897 bur: Sunset Cemetery, Nance Co, NE
Their children (all born in Burns, Henry Co, IL)
     Leander Mitchell RATHBUN b: 15 April 1858 d: 8 Nov 1934 Nance Co, NE
     Jefferson Douglas RATHBUN b: 23 Aug 1860 d: 23 Mar 1898 Boone Co, NE
     William Edward RATHBUN b: April 1864 d: 23 April 1951 Nance Co, NE
     Howard RATHBUN b: 1867 died young in Burns, Henry Co, IL
     Mary Ann RATHBUN b: 1869 d: Jan 1921 Nance Co, NE
     Ella RATHBUN b: 1872 d: abt 1904 ?
     William Everett RATHBUN b: 1877 died young in Nance Co, NE

Lisa Humrich <>


Brothers: Stephen, William, John. NY> PA> MI> NE 1810-1900's

     I'm looking for parents and birthplace of Stephen ROLPH, b: 1810, (probably NY), married: Zervah Oliver WHITNEY in 1834, the family lived in Wilson, NY, they moved to Branch Co. MI in 1854 and on to NE in 1874 where Stephen died in 1876.
Their children:

1 Abigail ROLPH, b; 1836, m: Parul Eaton
2 Joseph ROLPH b: 1837, m: Helen Warren
3 Mary ROLPH b: 1840, m: Albert Raymond
4 Benjamin ROLPH b: 1842, m: 1. Mary Preast,      m 2. Augusta Young
5 Orrisa ROLPH b: 1843, m; George Rhodes
6 Catherine Esther ROLPH b: 1846, m: Edward Smith
7 Jerome ROLPH b: 1848, m; Cordelia Lake
8 Ann Mahalia ROLPH b: 1853, m; Hiram Crowner
9 Guy ROLPH b: 1856


     William was born in Corinth, Saratoga Co. NY, c: 1815, d:1903 in Fullerton, Nance Co. NE.
He married Charlotte Paine/Payne/Paign. Their children::

1. Polly Ellsworth b: 1835, m: Charles Marble
2. Armina Wealthy b: 1839, m: George Dunkin/Donkin
3. Mahalia A b: 1840, m: William Fisk
4. Sarah b: 1843, m: Wiliam Langhorn
5. Charlotte Adeline b: 1845, m: John Schoonover
6. Lodima b: 1846
7. Stephen F. b: 1849, m: Elva Drake
8. Jenny b; 1851/2

     John, b: 1816, Corinth, Saratoga Co. NY, d: 1889 in Bone Creek, Butler Co. NE. married Elizabeth ____
Their children:

1. Conrad b: 1859
2. Margrette b: 1858
3. Rosetta b: c1862
4. Isabelle Eugenie b: 1869

Ozzi <> Sep 2002


JOHN HENRY SCHLOTFELDT - Born 6 Mar 1860 in Clinton county, IA, and his wife MINNIE nee RANGE. (Parents came from Germany in the 1850s).  Some of their children were born in Nance Co. in what they described as Genoa.  

1900 census shows the family in Prairie Creek Twp, ED148 p6a D99 F100.

Schlotfeldt; John 40 b. Mar 1860 IA Farmer m. 17 yrs parents b. Germany
Schlotfeldt, Minnie L. 37 b. Mar 1863 Germ. 5 ch/5 living m. 17 yrs parents b. Germany
Schlotfeldt, Pearl E. 14 b. Jan 1885 IA school sg  
Schlotfeldt, Ruby D. 11 b. Jan 1889 IA   sg  
Schlotfeldt, Ada J. 8 b Sep 1891 IA   sg  
Schlotfeldt, Ora C. 6 b. Feb 1894 NE   sg  
Schlotfeldt, Hattie H. 2 b. Oct 1897 NE   sg  

The last of their 8 children died in 1994 at about 96 years of age. Her married name was HATTIE HAZEL PEITSCHER.  Her family notes say:
    "John took his family to Nance County, Nebraska in 1894 per the notes made for posterity by his children. Ora & Hattie were born in the town of Genoa. Per the notes, they left their four room cottage in Walnut, IA which then became the home of Minnie's mother, ("Grandma Range").  Daughter Hattie thanks her parents for the struggle it was to feed and school them.   Hattie spoke of how difficult it was to make a living in the sandhills of Nebraska.  

     Ruby, 1889-1941, of Walnut, Iowa, remembers the move as she was 5 years old and her Grandma Sindt gave her and Pearl each a gold necklace upon leaving.  She remembers the train ride to Palmer, Nebr.  She said there were very few neighbors in Nebraska.  They built a little 4 room house in Genoa, and she says "that was home to me".  "Mama was the only one who helped Dad build the house out of cottonwood trees."
     They worked at farming there until 1912 when they moved back to Iowa. Hattie was 15 then and remembers the train trip back.  She carried the bird in a cage to a station in a small town in eastern Iowa where friends met them and took them to McCausland, Scott County, where her grandparents had settled originally when they came from Germany. John died in nearby Princeton in 1932.
     Mr. Fay Schlotfeldt provides an added note:  Cousins from another branch who had settled in Moline, IL went to Grand Island, NE.  Henry Schlotfeldt of that family had a cigar factory there starting in March of 1881. That is mentioned in Nebraska History notes.  He later went on to the Nebraska legislature.

Provided by Fay & Jan Schlotfeldt <>, 31 Dec 2005. 

Their Schlotfeldt website -

Note: Ada married Alva A. Bump - see Nance Co Marriages Bk 3 p541 #226

Additions of 5 Jan 2006 -

Photos of John and Minnie on the SCHLOTFELDT website.

John had worked for the railroad and owned a hardware store in Walnut, IA before taking his family to Nance County. A copy of a biography of John is available from the Pottawattamie County Genealogical Society Iowa Biographies Project.

Three children were born in Genoa after the 1900 census --

     Arthur Oleah b. Sep 28, 1901 - d. Feb 1970 in DeWitt, Clinton, IA

     Wenonah Arline b. June 3, 1904 -  d. July 1974 in Reno, Nev.

     Edna Mae, b. May 7, 1907 - d. Jan 1976 in DeWitt, Clinton, IA

Regarding Ada: Her husband, Alva Bump died March 31, 1915 (we think in Nance County, but have not verified). Ada left Nance County after that and remarried to George Badger, Feb. 1, 1920 in Iowa City, Iowa.

Note: Many pages of the 1910 Nance County census are nearly illegible. 


Charles Ferdinand SCHWENSEN b: 14 Oct 1889 Belgrade,

     married in Belgrade on 3 Apr 1912 to
Bertha Elizabeth WARD b: 3 Oct 1889 Belgrade.

They had 5 children all born in Belgrade.
Robert Rudolph SCHWENSEN b: 9 Feb 1913
Inez Irene SCHWENSEN b: 23 Jul 1914
William Ward SCHWENSEN B: 23 Jan 1916
Wayne Eugene SCHWENSEN b: 18 Aug 1923
Phyllis Jean SCHWENSEN b: 4 Dec 1930

Charles and Bertha at some point moved to Fullerton . They are buried in Fullerton as well as their son William.

Lisa Humrich <>


...the 1885 census report ... turned out to be of considerable interest to me. Your ... census list broadened that information considerably, and I am writing this e-mail to give you the parts that interest me, and may find a home somewhere in your files.

On pages 3 and 4 can be found:
1) Pugh, TJ (Thomas Jefferson) and his wife, RS (Roxanna Strawn) ... their children, Pearl (son), Thomas and Daisy.
2) Smith, EH (Edward Hingston), physician and his wife, ME (Mary Elizabeth Strawn), "married within the year".
3) Jones, Wm, Real Estate and his 16 y.o. wife, Myra (Pugh).

Roxanna Strawn Pugh and Mary Elizabeth Strawn Smith were sisters, nearly a generation apart in age. Roxanna and Tom Pugh were newly married when Elizabeth Patterson Strawn died, in 1865 in Mt Pleasant , Henry Co., Iowa. From that time until her marriage to Dr. Smith, Mary Elizabeth Strawn's home was with the Pughs. From Mt. Pleasant the family moved to Red Oak and then to Fullerton, apparently following the Union Pacific railroad work.

The Strawn name is well-known in Pennsylvania as an early Quaker family. The father in this family was Amos Cooper Strawn, born 1810 in Perryopolis PA, to Job and Mary Cooper Strawn. The family lived in what is still today the best known property in Perryopolis, known as Washington's Grist Mill, due to its earliest ownership in the George Washington family. Job Strawn purchased it from the second owner so there is no direct connection to the Washington family, which had owned most of the SW corner of Pennsylvania since the French-Indian War of 1762.

When Amos Strawn and Elizabeth (Bettye) Patterson left Pennsylvania for Iowa, with four children, they were either following railroad opportunities or possibly some "underground" rr movement, as they were (still) Quakers (the last generation). Four more children were born in Iowa before the mother's death. The three oldest sons all served in Iowa militia during the Civil War. In Henry Co., Amos Strawn seems to have left farming for brickmaking, being involved in the construction of a poor farm/ asylum in that town.

Edward Hingston Smith, MD, a Canadian from Montral, had to have been newly graduated from McGill Medical College when he came to Fullerton. In the census he lists his birth year as 1858, but I believe it was 1860. Mayme Strawn lists her birth as 1860, but it was 1858 (all other sources). Dr. Smith's middle name is a clue about his origens; his mother's brother, William Hales Hingston, MD, had been the mayor of Montreal , 1875-77, and was a senior surgeon at Laval Hospital; he was married to Margaret MacDonald, a daughter of the governor-general of Ontario. WHH was knighted by Queen Victoria and also received two medals from two popes--for his work during several epidemics in Montreal, as well as being the first English speaking Catholic mayor of Montreal. A Canadian journalist is compiling a biography of the Hingston family this year, as there has been growing recognition of the contribution WHH made to civic life plus those of his oldest son, who was a Jesuit educator from his ordination in 1911 to his death in 1964. All this to say that leaving the comfortable, urbane environs of Montreal for the Nebraska frontier represents a young man's grandiose adventurous spirit without much common sense!

How many other young spinsters were in Fullerton to be married to Dr. Smith is wholly unknown, but it seems likely that Tom Pugh was active in taking his now very grown-up ward off his hands. As Dr. Smith's wife she had to have been somewhat of a mystery to him, as he had very strong, influential women behind him in Canada (grandmother Hingston, born Eleanor McGrath in Cloyne Ireland, raised her brood as a widow) and one of the Smith girls became a nun. The first two Smith children died in infancy, so it must have been a great relief when Helen Frances survived her 1894 birth. Unfortunately by then, underlying kidney disease was making her father's life that of a semi-invalid (he made at least two trips to Montreal by train for treatment.) He died at Christmas in 1896, and within a month, his widow and daughter left Fullerton for Mt. Pleasant, apparently never to return to Nebraska. The Pughs lived into the 1920's by which time my mother was school age (b. 11/15); she was dumbfounded to discover the existence of Aunt Roxie in her lifetime and has no memory of her mother, alert to this fact. (Mayme died in 1916).

William Jones is listed as the executor for Dr. Smith, a connection that waa puzzling ten years ago, but then it became clear that he was the first husband of Myra Pugh (who was distantly known to my grandmother as Myra Draper). It will take more research to discover what brought the end of that union.

The real star of this family was Thomas Pugh,Jr., who had a career in the US Navy. The husband of one of his descendents, Lyle John Garrity, has put together a detailed lineage of this line and submitted it to the Strawn Project. I have hopes of supplementing that material with the Smith data--which in other files is non-existent. The only Smith child, Helen Frances, married Edmund George Schutz, of Milwaukee, in December 1914. Their four children, Helen Elizabeth Boyd, Charles Edmund Schutz, John Jacob Schutz and Barbara Strawn Kuhny are living, as are ten grandchildren, nine greats and four gr-greats. I am the oldest grandchild, born 1938, driven to put something together while I can.

I have no idea if your Fullerton site is set up to link to other sites, but there is a big Strawn family website (search for Strawn in Rootsweb) and a Hingston search puts one into the 1910 biography in the Catholic Encyclopedia. ... it is likely that I am the first to contact you about this trio, unless Lyle Garrity has preceded me. I do believe he tried to find Myra, in Beatrice NE, where she must have lived with Mr. Draper, but from his material, I am not clear that he found data.
29 Mar 2003: Lucinda Boyd <> Chicago IL

NOTE: List of Nance County marriages for 1885 shows "E.H. Smith" married "Mary E. Strain". (Book One is believed to have burned in a courthouse fire.)

Addition - 2 Apr 2003:   Besides Fullerton, I believe that there are Amos Strawn descendents in Seward (specifically the Roth and Scheer families) plus lots whose names are ... around Omaha.
...Lyle Garrity ... is the standard bearer for the Pugh contingent (of whom there are many descendents.)
As I wrote, a journalist in Montreal is writing a Hingston biography and I am "fishing" for Smith information ... Thus my sentiments are mostly focused on alerting others with a shared interest in these resources.


Sowl - Richards - Powers

Benjamin Franklin SOWL (1855-1919) married

Nancy A. RICHARDS (25 Mar.1861-13 Mar.1953),

and had the following children:

Rhoda Consada (2 Feb. 1879 - 29 Apr.1971)

Hattie Phrancelia (18 Nov. 1881 - Apr. 1943)

Theda Louella (my great great grandma; 24 Nov. 1883 - 20 Mar. 1931)

Wilma A. (30 Nov. 1885 - bef.1987)

Lydia (8 Sept. 1888 - bef.1987)

Fred (12 July 1890 - bef. 1987)

Charles (24 May 1892 - bef. 1987)

Orville (18 Mar. 1895 - 24 July 1975)

Ernest (27 July 1898 - bef. 1988)
Hazel (24 June 1906 - bef. 1988)

Theda Louella SOWL went on to marry

Thomas POWERS (22 Oct. 1883 - 14 Nov. 1918) and had

the following child:


From Dave and Vicki Butler <> 13 Apr 2005


John M. Van LEER, born 29 Dec 1835, OH. Died 1932.  Buried Fullerton, NE.

Married c1857, Indiana? to

Amanda M. GAY, born 29 Oct 1839, IN.  Died 1921. Buried Fullerton, NE

Albert L., b. Mar 1860, IN  
William J., b. 15 Nov 1863, IN   

Married first - c1893 to Jose (maiden name unknown).

     2 daughters - Theresa (died young) & Gladys. Jose died 1901.

Married second - 16 Feb 1906 to Alvaretta TRAVIS (Nance Co. Bk 3, p164).

     They had 3 sons in 1920 census. (Were living in Fullerton, NE)

William, his first wife & child Theresa are buried at Fullerton, NE.

Ada B., b. c1865, IN    
Robert Hueston, b. c1868, Covington, IN  
  Married 1901 to Mary M. MILLER - Platte Co., NE  
Mertie M., b. c1873, Fountain Co., IN  

Married 23 Feb 1892 to Stephen ARRANTS - (Merrick Co. Bk C p81)

One daughter named in History of Merrick Co. Nebraska, Vol I p109

Maggie D., b. c1876, NE    

Married 15 Nov 1896, to Henry NELSON (Merrick Co. Book C p355)

One child, Emmett August appears in Merrick Co Marriage records - Book H p15

Claudius, b. c1878, NE    
Worrel, b. c1880, NE    
  Married 12 Oct 1901 to Estella SIMMONS (Nance Co Book 2 p467)

John & Amanda Van LEER can be found in 1880 and 1885 census records at Loup Pct, Merrick County, NE.  John appears in 1890 Veteran's census, PO Box Palmer, NE.  (Civil War - Co B, 63 Ind. Vol.)  1900 and 1920 census, they are living in Fullerton, NE. 

Extracts of these records are on-line. 

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