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Vol. XVI
Business Directory for 1917
POLK-McAvoy Directory Co., Omaha, Nebraska

     BELGRADE. Pop 550. Nance county. An incorporated village on the U P R R 10 miles n w of Fullerton. Has Methodist and Evangelical churches, an opera house, a hotel. 2 banks, 2 grain elevators, an electric light plant and water plant. A weekly newspaper, the Herald, is published. Land sells at from $60 to $125 an acre. Ships grain and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Anton J Ruzicka P M.

Ainley Benj J real est
Anderson Frank I gen store
Andrews Bros Auto Co (Warren H and Geo W)
BANK OF BELGRADE (Capital $25,000 Surplus and
     Undivided profits $17,000) John R Pierson Pres
     G W Andrews Vice Pres H T Jackson Cashr E A
     Andrews Asst Cashr
Belgrade Herald Robt Dopf pub
Belgrade Opera House R 0 Kadel mngr
Brown & Murray (Fred W Brown Wm J Murray)
Chicago Lumber Co Ollie W Hetrick mngr
Christiansen Chas auctioneer
City Electric Light & Water Plant Carl Cooper sup
Clark Jesse B Pool
Clayburg Alb C propr Hotel Andrews
Cooley J E & Son (Jno E and floyd P) lumber
Craig Wm H barber
Delancy Clifford A notions
DeLanney Leo A phys
Dopf Robt pub Belgrade Herald
Eldridge Jno B baker
Farmers Grain & Live Stock Assn T Earl De Vol mngr
Farmers State Bank (capital $15,000) W P Logan pres
     W C Logan cashr
Fitch Henry A jeweler
Gerber Saml H garage
Haas-Hord Cattle Co Alf Kuykendall mngr grain elevator
Hayford Wm. L produce
Hinton Thos E blksmith
Hotel Andrews Alb C Clayburg propr
Hullinger Edw W drugs
Jackson G Ward vet surgeon
JACKSON HAROLD T cashr Bank of Belgrade Real
     Estate and Insurance Agt
Kadel R Orval drugs
Kennedy Win H harness
King Henry E Phys
Knight Alb W propr Loyal Theatre
Loyal Theatre Alb W Knight propr motion pictures
McCann Jas W pool
McChesney Mrs Sarah gen store
Mann Mrs Mary milliner
Marshall Chas S livery
Martin Wm meats
Nelson & Harris (Olaf J Nelson Frank Harris)
     gen store
Palmer Bros automobiles
Penfield N Louis furniture
Philamalee Harley J plumber
Rathbun Jos S restaurant
Slater Chas C real est
Smith Bros (Chas H and Geo W) gen store
Stearman Victor E barber
Stepnosky Jno W r r exp and tel agt
Van Wormer Fred H real est
Vosburgb Saml H real est
Woods Geo blksmlth
Yocum Ernest E dentist

     FULLERTON. Pop 2,000. Nance county. An enterprising and prosperous incorporated city, the county seat and one of the most beautiful residence cities of Nebraska, surrounded by a rich farming and stock raising country on the U P R R 34 miles w of Columbus. Has Presbyterian, Methodist, United Evangelical, Episcopal and Catholic churches, a public library, 3 banks, 3 hotels, 3 grain elevators a creamery, an electric light plant and water works. The Chautaugua Assembly grounds are located 1 mile n w of the city and has a large yearly attendance. Two weekly newspapers the News journal and the Post are published. Land sells at $50 to $160 per acre. Ships grain and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Chas S Anderson P M.


Abel Chas W osteopath
Adams Clarence grocer
Adams Clarence E conf
Adamson Ernest garage
Adamson Wesley J contr
Anderson Bros (Hewitt B Wm M and Arthur R)
Anderson Grant N lawyer
Arnold Frank G real est
Babb Joshua M real est
Bachmann 0 Karl chiropractor
Bailey & Todd (Orville B Bailey Ernest B Todd)
Bake Clarence F cigar mnfr
Baldridge Willis A baker
Barber Nelson N automobiles
Barnes J Dudley drugs
Beal Wm C photogr
Beeman & Miller (Willard Beeman Saml N Miller)
Bennett & Wagner (Bert Bennett Irven R Wagner)
Blofield Jno 0 real est
Bowman Geo flour
Brooks Isaac A ins agt
Brower Martin I lawyer
Brown Wm A bill poster
BURTMAN HERMAN Pub The News Journal
Calumet Hotel Geo E Masters propr
Carnegie Public Library Mrs Maude Johnson
Clark Mrs Stella restaurant
Clarke Jas I county atty
Copple Plenna R dentist
Davis Wm H real est
Diers Jno gen store
Dolson Elmer E real est
Ellsworth Anson B county surveyor
Eyler Wm S P barber
Farmers Co operative Co P J Hagarty mngr
Farmers Grain Co J N Campbell mngr
Farmers Hotel Thos S Gooding propr
Farmers State Bank (capital $50,000) D W Killeen
     propr C J McClelland cashr
Fellers Arthur D real eat
Finch Geo G clothes clnr
First National Bank (capital $50,000) J R Russell pres
     J T Russell cashr
Fullerton Cemetery Assn Clarence F Bake sec
Fullerton Chautauqua Assn E B Penney pres
     Alb Thompson sec
Fullerton Electric Light & Power Co C E Peterson pres
     C N Philbrick sec and mngr
Fullerton Elevator Co Edw E Agnew mngr
Fullerton National Bank (capital $50,000) M I Brower
     pres W P Hatton cashr
FULLERTON POST Wolfgang Schmidt Editor
Fullerton Water Works W H Davis comnr
Gay C J Automobile Co (Clarence J Gay
     Orville D Hober)
Gay Mrs P Elizabeth milliner
Gilmore Earl R plumber
Gipson Wm R dentist
Gooding Thos S propr Farmers Hotel
Greek Cyrus real eat
Griffin Bros (Fay A and Gilbert D) drugs
Hadley Lua auctioneer
Hall Roy E phys
Hendricks Mrs Carrie laundry
Hess Bros (Carl and Aug) shoes
Hess Chas A notions
Hickerson Sterling P furniture
Hogan & Davis (Allen T Hogan Chas E Davis)
Holman Jae S shoemkr
Hoppock Freeman R conf
Hord J B & Co Martin Nelson mngr grain elevator
HOTEL KNAPP THE Mrs Mary K Soren Propr
     Hans Soren mngr (See p 312)
Hoy R J & Son (Rush J and Rush C) auctioneers
Huff Martin H ins agt
Johnson Frank W phys
Johnson Jno F phys
Kemp Jag H lawyer
Kielion Michael F produce
KNAPP HOTEL THE Mrs Mary K Soren Propr
     (See adv)
Krasne Frank M gen store
Kreidler Jno E hardware
Kremer Lewis G furniture
Kucera Jos H meats
La Grange Erwin M lumber
Lemire Frank E barber
Lyons Chas A automobiles
McCay W J & Son (Wm J and Sylvan C) farm impts
McKee Robt N baker
McKown & Knowles (Roy A McKown Munson
     L Knowles) hardware
McLean Adelbert, produce
MANGELS WM C Bonded Abstracter Real Estate
     Loans Insurance and Notary Public
Marvel Geo H pumps
Masters Geo E propr Calumet Hotel
Mawhinney Robt A livery
Meixel Geo A vet surgeon
Michael Henry C real est
Miller Chas real est
Miller Dudley D plumber
Mogensen Matthew blksmith
Myers Jos W harness
Nance County Medical Society H E King pres
     F W Johnson sec and treas
NEWS JOURNAL THE Berman Burtman Pub
Ohaver Paul C Phys
Orton Wesley H real est
Parvin Jno 0 drugs
Penick Wm 0 automobiles
Penny & Bryson (Edgar B Penny Alb E Bryson)
     dept store
Pitchford Myrtle milliner
Porterfield Jno feed
Prowett Harold vet surgeon
Redfield Marshall feed
Richardson R Alb meats
Rishel Edw feed barn
Robinson Gilbert F county judge
Rohner & Castle (Jacob B Rohner Marshall Castle)
     farm impts
Rose Wm L lawyer Royal Theatre
Stephen P Rolph propr
Saley Robt W pianos
Schmitt & Perll (Matt J Schmitt Frank J Perll)
Scofield Jesse W r r exp and tel agt
Sheaff & Son (Thompson M and Arthur 0)
     farm impts
Shields Jos R lawyer
Shull Wm C barber
Smith Jas M harness
Smith Wilson garage
Snyder Bryan restaurant
SOREN MRS MARY K Propr The Hotel Knapp
     (See adv)
Stanley Harry M housemover
Swanson Bros (F W and J N) gen store
     (North Star)
Tabler Mrs Emma laundry
Thompson Alb lawyer
Tooker Floyd plumber
Tranbarger Earl R notions
Vanclavek Chas tailor
Vanderkolk Vigor bus line
Vanleer Wm J jeweler
Varhulovski Usic blksmith
     (North Star)
Walker Thos B grocer
Walrath & Sherwood Lumber Co
     J Wm Campbell mngr
Williams & Darling (H Elvin Williams
     Henry N Darling) grocers

     GENOA: pop I,200. Nance county. An incorporated city of the second class on the U P R R 20 miles w of Columbus. Has Baptist, Catholic Congregational, Episcopal, Methodist, Presbyterian and Lutheran churches, an Indian Industrial School, a public library, a commercial club, 2 banks, a hotel, 3 grain elevators, an electric light plant and water works. Two weekly newspapers the Leader and the Times; and a monthly the Indian News are published. Land sells at $50 to $135 per sere. Ships grain and live stock. Exp Am. Tel W U. Elb M Vaught, P M


Abbott Claude L lumber
Anderson Fairon T restaurant
Backman Oscar K chiropractor
Battles Stephen T Jr hardware
Beer Robt B r r exp and tel agt
Boren Maurice E furniture
Bratt Alf real est
Carroll Peter baker
Chase Geo H notions
Christy Edw T restaurant
Cuddiford Chester A blksmith
Davis Homer phys
Evans Guy W hardware
Farmers Union Produce Co Wm P Peterson mngr
First National Bank (capital $50.000) 0 E Green pres
     B D Gorman cashr
Genoa Automobile Co (Bowen F and J Irwin Lamb)
Genoa Commercial Club F H Young pres
     S P Battles Jr sec
Genoa Electric Light & Water Plant Jas Farris supt
Genoa Indian Industrial School Saml B Davis supt
Genoa Leader Fred H Young pub
Genoa National Bank (capital $50,000) G A Mollin pres
     A M Mollin cashr
Genoa Public Library Mrs Emma Shields librarian
Genoa Times Chas J Stockwell pub
Goodwin Frank D real est
Grand Theatre The Henry 0 Peterson mngr
     motion pictures
Hanson Axel plumber
Harris C Lincoln pool
Haughawout Elmore dentist
Headlund Victor L ice
Hedberg & Lawson (Emil P Hedberg Alb G Lawson)
Hodge Geo auctioneer
Hoover Chas M nursery 3/4 mile e
Hord T B Grain Co Luther E Pickett agt
Houser Blanche milliner
Indian News Elizabeth Fisher mngr
Irish Mort D barber
Jacobson & Hickey (Walter Jacobson Chas Hickey)
Jensen Alb P baker
Johnson Bros (Peter R and Eric) gen store
Johnson Frank T jeweler
Johnson Jno C produce
Kenfield Marion B harness
Kennedy G Edw gen store
Kent & Burke Co E L Burke pres A E Gates see feed
Kent & Burke Co Alb Combs agt grain elevator (Kent)
Krause Jos seeds
Lawson & Larson (Alb G and Chas J Lawson
     Peter Larson) grain elevator
Little Clarence E photogr
McFayden Hubert M farm impts
McMillan Richd A drugs
McWilliams & Little (Wm E McWilliams
     Arthur L Little) grocers
Martin Wm E auctioneer
Mollin Gust A ins agt
Monarch Land Co (Wm E Martin Chas 0 Nelson)
Monroe Independent Telephone Co Alf Bratt pres
     E B Daniels sec
Munson J N & Son (Jno N and Oak) farm impts
Nelson Chas V. feed
Olson Oscar A propr Stillman Hotel
Osborne Frank M drugs
Parker Jno C shoemkr
Person Benj furniture
Pugsley Pierre 0 lumber
Randall Wm I vet surgeon
Redbird Simon architect
Redmond Frank barber
Reed Hugh A dentist
Riley Lyman A real est
Rose Geo F lawyer
Shields Chas H real est
Skoog N J & Sons (Nels J Nels N and Aug) gen store
Soderlund & Lundberg Bros (Jno G Soderlund
     Eric A and Oscar Lundberg) blksmiths
Spear E M Co E M Spear pres Mrs L M Spear sec
     gen store
Stillman Hotel Oscar A Olson propr
Stockwell Chas J pub Genoa Times
Theel Paul W tailor
Tooker Robt H barber
Tumbleson Benj F vet surgeon
Valley View Cemetery Assn G A Mollin pres
     Jno Young sec
Vaught Orville C notions
Venger Max gen store
Vizzard Mrs Mabel milliner
Western Grain Co Saml S Kissel agt
Willard Delane A real est
Williams Creighton D phys
Winnell & Son (Robt and Geo A) fuel
Wullbrandt Jno pumps
Young Fred H pub Genoa Leader
Young Jno E meats



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