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"Nebraska State Gazetteer, Business Directory and Farmers List for 1890-91" J.M. Wolfe & Co., Publishers, 1890.

Business Directory

Belgrade, a post-office and station on the Cedar Rapids branch of the U. P. Ry. in the northwestern part of Nance county, about nine miles north of Fullerton, the county seat. Population, 100.

Belgrade Business Listing

Andrews John mgr, genl mdse.
Beardsley G W, sta, tel and ex agt.
Haylord Delia, Postmaster.
Hayford W D, genl mdse.
Hodges Frank, justice.
McChensey G C, grain, live stock.
Stein H, Hardware, agl implts.
Strout Wm, grain, lumber, live stock.

Fullerton lies near the center of Nance County, of which it is the county seat, at the junction of the Loup and Cedar rivers, on the U. P. Ry., 218 miles due west of Omaha. It has a population of 1,600. The Cedar river is of inestimable value here in affording water power, as its course forms numerous horseshoes of from one to three miles in length. An excellent flouring mill is in operation here, having a daily capacity of 150 barrels of flour and from three to four carloads of feed. It utilizes the water of two turbine wheels of 48 and 60 inches respectively. Its mill race is 200 feet long, emptying back into the river again which has traversed one and a half miles and has a fall of 14 feet. These horseshoes are very numerous here and can be easily put to use. The Citizens State Bank is a local monetary institution recently incorporated and has a capital of $60,000. It occupies the lower floor of a splendid brick block recently erected of St. Louis pressed brick, costing $20,000. Other improvements consist of handsome residences and several brick blocks. The press is ably represented by the Fullerton Post, democratic, James W. Tanner editor, and the Nance County Journal edited by M. H. Barber. Frank S. Gay is still the popular proprietor of Gays hotel and is deserving of patronage. The churches are M. E., Presbyterian and Baptist, the two former having splendid edifices.

Fullerton Business Listing

Agnew W S & Co, genl mdse.
Baggs M. bakery, confectionery.
Bake C F. real estate, loans, ins.
Barber M H, real estate, atty, editor, prop Nance County Journal.
Barber W H, phy.
Barker Charles, jeweler.
Barr L E. brick mfr, mule breeder.
Barre W W, notary public.
Bates D B, apiarist. Baxter H, cigar mfr.
Benson Edgington & Carleton, hardware.
Binney J H, phys.
Brady L M, phys.
Brown Martin L, atty.
Brown B F, confectionery, bakery.
Brown C O. wagonmaker.
Bullard Hugh, carpenter.
Burnell G M, harnessmaker.
Carleton Geo M, live stock.
Citizens State Bank, capital $60,000, E D Gould pres, F M La Grange cashier.
Commercial House, Z E Fullerton prop.
Cook & Nonamaker, genl mdse.
Cooncy Clark, genl mdse.
Craig H C, shoemaker.
Critchfield W F, atty, collections, abstracts.
Darby & Bro, Merchant tailors
Davis W H, nursery.
Dean & Co, genl mdse.
Edgington A & Son, notions.
Farmers Home, Jacob Vogt prop.
Ferrier & Davis, photographer.
First National Bank capital $50,000, Chauncey Wiltse pres, Theo C Koch cashier.
Fitch H J, agl implts.
Forbes J A, Meat market.
Fuller & Paton, grain elevator, coal, lumber.
Fullerton Hotel, E P Garten prop.
Fullerton Post, J W Tanner pub.
Fullerton Roller Mills, Martin, Potter & Co, props roller flour mills.
Garten E P, prop Fullerton Hotel.
Gay Frank S, prop Gays Hotel.
Gays Hotel, F S Gay prop.
Gooden Al, contractor, builder.
Gould E D, pres Citizens State Bank (Gould & La Grange),
(Gould & Miller), notary.
Gould & LaGrange (E D Gould, F M LaGrange), stock growers.
Gould & Miller, breeders Percheron horses.
Harmon S J, justice.
Harris Bros (S and L Harris), real estate, loans, ins.
Harwood John, wagonmaker.
Hawkins R C, justice.
Hunter & Lemyre,barbers.
Hurley Bros, brick mfrs.
Jackson Z E, prop Commercial House.
Johnson Ed Dr, drugs, stationery.
Johnson J F, phys.
Jones Will G, real estate.
Jones Wm, horse breeder.
Kelly A L, Poland China hogs.
Kreidler J E & Co, hardware.
LaGrange E M, lumber and coal.
LaGrange F M, cashier Citizens State Bank, notary.
Lemire Ovid, blacksmith.
Lewis E A Mrs, millinery.
Luce Walter, auctioneer.
Luce Wm, hog breeder.
Lumerry Bros, grain.
McClelland J W, atty.
McKelvey G L, jewelry, musical inst, sewing mdse.
McMillan Bros, drugs, phys.
Macklem & Forbes, confectionery, grocery.
Malueg A, shoemaker.
Martin, Potter& Co, prop Fullerton Roller Mills.
Mason J R, druggist.
Mawhiney & McGrew, livery.
Meiklejohn & Thompson, attys.
Miller A & D, pumps, windmills, agl implts.
Miller C A, meat market.
Murphy I C, dentist.
Nance County Journal, M H Barber editor and prop.
Odell N B S, real estate, ins, loans, notary.
Ogden M H, harnessmaker.
Parker J R, auctioneer.
Partridge George, feed stable.
Penney & Son, genl mdse.
Phillips W C, real estate, loans, ins, notary, collections.
Reid & Morgan, attys, abstracters.
Reynolds H E, furniture.
Rolf S F, confectionery, groceries.
Russom S M, sta, tel and ex agt
Sheaff T M, agl implts, wagons and buggies.
Smith E H, phys.
Smith G P, meat market.
Snyder Frank, carpet weaver.
Spackman E B, breeder Poland Chillas.
Spurrier L Mrs, millinery.
Stenberg Bros, blacksmitbs.
Swann Robt, groceries,
Tanner J W, pub Fullerton Post.
Taylor L, blacksmith.
Templeton W F, groceries.
Van Cleve E T, carpenter
Vogt Jacob, prop Farmers Home.
Wheeler Clay M, postmaster.
Wilson Bros, genl mdse.
Young & Searle, barbers.
Zibbell J W, livery.

Genoa is a thriving village on the O. N. & Black Hills branch of the U. P. Ry., at the junction of the Albion & Cedar Rapids branch of the same road in the eastern part of Nance county, 14 miles from Fullerton, the county seat. It is situated in the stock and grain growing section of the state, large shipments being made of both products. There is here established an Indian Industrial School, sustained by the government with 250 pupils, of which 150 are males. The grounds pertaining to the school cover 320 acres and are beautifully laid out an ornament to the village. The main building covers 6,000 square feet, built of brick and was originally the school of the Pawnees. In 1884 this building was enlarged and is at present used for the main school room and dormitories. An additional building was recently completed for use as school rooms and dormitories. two stories of brick size 40x60. Other buildings contain the dining room, carpenter, shoe, tailor and harness shops, the laundry, hospital, stables, warehouses and farm buildings. The whole is under the supervision of W. B. Backus, superintendent; J. M. Perrigo, assistant superintendent; Byron Dieffenbach, clerk; E. C. McMillan, physician; Mrs. W B. Backus, principal teacher; Wm. Thiel manager tailor department; Wm. Civish, manager shoe department; Hubert McFayden, industrial teacher; W. F. Beckett, manager harness shop; A. J. Arnold, manager broom factory; Ole Oleson, manager carpenter shop; Edwin Hoare, farmer. Teachers: Miss Susie M. Jones, Mrs. Eleanor W. Nelson, A. J. Tabor, jr., A. B. Holmes; Miss Anna Williamson, matron; Mrs. Martha Knox, assistant matron; Volney Wiggins cook; Mrs. V. Wiggins, laundress. The pupils come from all the various tribes of Indians, the most numerous being the Crows, Omahas, Apaches, Pawnees, Wyomings, Sioux, Winnebagos, Arapahoes, Arickorees, etc. The Pipe of Peace is a five-column quarto paper published monthly at the school by Indian printer boys. The population of the town is about 1,000, exclusive of the inmates of the Indian school. The grain elevator here has a capacity of 14,000 bushels daily and a storage capacity of over 100,000 bushels. The Motter House has recently been renovated and remodeled, and under new management is giving good satisfaction to the traveling public. The oldest newspaper in Nance county is published, the Genoa Leader by John F. Bixby. It is live and progressive. Churches are the Methodist, Rev. T. W. Owen; Congregational, Rev. Robert Killip, and a society of Friends.

Genoa Business Listing

Adams H E, notary.
Ames & Hickey, brick mfrs.
Backus W B, superintendent Indian Industrial School.
Baer G M, lumber. Ball D B, genl mdse.
Bank of Genoa, O E Green pres, H E Adams cashier.
Bentley Wm M, furniture.
Bixby & Ely, pubs Genoa Leader.
Bosler C A, furniture.
Brown & Moran, saloon.
Bullock Frank, carpenter.
Civish William, shoemaker
Clark E V, atty and real estate.
Clark S C, painter.
Conard David L, cigar mfr.
Davis John, livery.
Davis W A auctioneer.
De Money B A, postmaster.
De Money L N Mrs, confectionery.
Eaton Frank, painter.
Fairchild & Co, genl mdse.
Genoa Elevator, E L Burk mgr, grain and live stock.
Genoa Grain & Cattle Co, grain elevator and live stock.
Genoa Land Co, A J Taber mgr, E V Clark sec.
Genoa Leader, J F Bixby editor, Frank M Ely mgr.
Genoa State Bank, S H Anderson pres, G Wilson cashier.
Goodwin F D, genl mdse, real estate.
Green L L, lumber.
Haber J H, blacksmith.
Horton A M, prop U P coal yards.
Horton Fred, phys.
Horton W C, prop Genoa restaurant.
Houser H W, carpenter.
Hughes John, genl mdse.
Kraus Joseph, agl implts.
Leffingwell W J, contractor and builder.
McFayden John, restaurant.
McFayden P L & Co, hardware and agl implts.
Manchester Hattie, millinery.
Mapes E, carpenter.
Miller M K, ice dealers.
Mollin G A, genl mdse.
Motter & Co (W S Motter, James P Mohler) props Motter House.
Motter House, Motter & Co props.
Motter W S, undertaker
Moudy M U, atty, abstracter.
Newman S L, confectionery.
Osborne J A, drugs.
Perrigo D C, coal.
Pipe of Peace (The), Indian Industrial School pubs.
Plank C E, sta, tel and ex agt, drugs.
Randall J H, atty.
Ressler J H, veterinary surgeon.
Riley W C well borer.
Schmces J H, harness maker and village clerk.
Shrigley D H barber, hair dresser.
Smith D G, meat market.
Snyder Wm, meat market.
Sodderland Gus, feed mills.
Spear A & Co gem mdse.
Stevens Henry, livestock breeder.
Sunderland John, feed mill.
Taber A J sr, mgr Genoa Land Co.
Thompson Geo M, jewelry.
Travis J M, blacksmith.
Walton W E, nurseryman,
White C W, justice.
Wilkinson Dave, livery.
Williams N A, phys.
Williams G, notary.
Wilson Eva Miss, millinery.
Winterbotham W H, hardware.
Wright C R, live stock.
Young G S & F H confectionery.

Glenwood, a postoffice in the southwestern part of Nance county, 18 miles from Fullerton, the county seat. Population, 25.

Glenwood Business Listing

Brown A, postmaster.
Gorby S P, blacksmith.
Smith Jacob, justice.
Smith Nora Miss, dressmaker.

Olive, a postoffice in the southern part of Nance county, 20 miles from Fullerton.

Red Wing, a postoffice in the northwestern part of Nance county, 12 miles northwest of Fullerton, the county seat.


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