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Nance County Marriage List 1880-1888


This list was donated by Ruthie Imus of BNGS.

See "Marriage Notes" for additional information about some of the following.


William H. Applegate and Julie A. Root
George R. Bellefield and Olive Bullard
Charles Brown and Clara Brown
Edward W. Craig and Mary Smead
Jesse McAllister and Samantha R. Wright
William H. Mills and Maggie M. May
D. L. A. O. Paxton and Mary A. Wilson
William C. Philips and Lucie E. Smyre



Henry M. Braman and Barbara Philip
Nelson J. Bump and Beritia T. Blore
John Eyman and Amelia Bell Osborn
Alson Freeman and Mary Jane Ainlay
Charles Hinshellwood and Cora E.Judson (Certificate of marriage)
Walter Mead and Lilly Kilburn
Gustave A. Mollin and Alta M. Cook
Wm. Rishell and Betsy Halverson



C. W. Ballard and Nannie G. Britton
Allen Bird and Endora Curtis
John R. Calkins and Anna M. Baxter
William Charles Chiasell and Catherine Mary Prowett
John C. Foster and Carrie M. Douglas
Walter H. Gatewood and Clara B. Gibson
Thomas L. Hall and Sarah J. Dack
George B. Hoit and Jennie L. Means
Truemain E. Makon and Ida E. Hooker
Nels O. Nelson and Anna Thompson
William Prowett and Carrie Beagle
George H. Scarlett and Nannie Morrison
Charles Sennett and Laverna Blower
William A. Tyler and Sarah M. Foster
H. B. Ward and Helenia Pierce
DeLane A. Willard and Lotta Anderson



James C. Atkins and Neoma Miller
John Bixby and Jenne E. Taber
Husan Brazell and Cary Davis
W. C. Bullard and May C. Williams
Nim E. Chalfant and Carrie Olsen
Joel Cook and Sophie Anderson
Joseph B. Coply and Farry M. Ellsworth
Clarene J. Gay and Elizabeth Lelacheur
Aaron R. Hadfield and Jessie Burke
Christopher H. E. Heath and Frances Sophia Powell
Horace E. Adams and Frances H. Perrigo
Chas. Hill and Matilda Robison
Edward Hill and Kate Newman
Phillip D. Jackson and Elizabeth Bissell
Robert King and Mary Wood
Carl Knapp and Ida E. Burke
Alexander Lewis and Nellie Rodd
J. C. Loucks and Ena Baird
James Mailly and Wealthy Alberta Bissell
Joseph McElvain and Charlota Gress
William J. Pyle and Edith M. Flaherty
John W. Reeves and Minnie Scarlett (Certificate only)
Albert Rodd and Fannie Lewis
John Schow and Mary Nelson
Frederick L. Shaw and Grace Bennett
Howard P. Smith and Jennie E. Clark
Horace U. Stitzer and Ella R. Clark
Charles Summons and Clara S. Marsh
John C. Tasker and Etta M. Cook
Jacob Umstead and Mary E. Lamb
Hirman Ward and Dora A. Tiffany
S. W. Welch and M. D. Henderson
Elisha Winter and Carlina Abbott



Henry Aldrich and S. L. Bale (application only)
Samuel Anejier and Rody B. Sole (application only)
Samuel M. Bowen and Mary McKinsie
Charles O. Brown and Rosie Daily (Certificate only)
James W. Bull and Kate Sperry
Joseph Coffin and Margaret Foster
L. C. Curtia and Grace Prowett
John A. Davideon and Eliza Clapper
Charles Downing and Junette Forbes
Alton Kinney and Sarah DeBord
D. P. Lewis and Alis Jourdon (unfinished)
Will Jones and Myra Pugh
Nels O. Nerley and Eva Fooke
Joseph Palmer and Roxie Main
Christian Peterson and Kirsten Peterson
Henry Reynolds and Rebecca Gourley
Ben Roe and Sarah Goble (Certificate only)
A. M. Shumaker and Josie Newman
C. M. Thompson and E. Jones
John Wibbels and Anna Kasselder
Samuel M. Welch and Minnie B. Henderson
James M. Wells and Cory Foster (unfinished)
C. W. Whiffle and Lizy Jones



Wm. Ames and Laura Foster
R. W. Baker and Maria Anderson
Semuel S. Baldwin and Ellen N. Miller
Geo. W. Parr and Dora Perigo
Alfred Baxter and Hattie Vosburg
Frank Bowers and Kate Cooncey
Andrew Chenowith and Matty Sessevus
A. E. Cleveland and Rachel Gibson
Isaac N. Copley and Luella B. Fawcett
Ed Edwards and E. B. Crawford
Albert A. Farrier and Lola A. Cook (license only)
Charles W. Glimes and May Royes
Alexander Gordon and L. A. Burlingham (license only)
Wm. Hickey and Agnes A. Foster
Peter Johnson and Lydia Anderson
John Kellham and Reny Resler
J. A. Krause and A. E. Cross
J. A. Lyle and Matilda A. Buergel
Wm. Murdock and Anne Steele
James Odell and Ada Vauder (unfinished)
E. S. Ogden and Matilda Elm
S. C. Peck and G. M. Buelaghau (application only)
G. W. Scull and Anna E. Halsey
Charles F. Sheets and Stella J. Motley
F. L. Sherman and Lizzie D. Glode
E. H. Smith and Mary E Strain
Samuel B. Sowl and Dory M. Gockemonre
A. E. Spence and Rachel A. Ainlay (unfinished)
S. A. Tipton and Bernice E. Jackson
S. B. Turner and Mary D. Tracy
L. W? Wade and Nora F. Hayworth
J. S. Wolf and Nellie Bird



J. M. Berry and A. M. Knight (unfinished)
John C. Blomfield and Jane Anna Barker
Daniel L. Barker and Adelaide M. Eghest
Thomas G. Chissell and Elizabeth Wells
Charles S. Depoy and Mary R. Hall (unfinished)
Squire W. Downing and Florence Scarlett
Edward Dufoe and Elizabeth D. Snow
John O. Erickson and Carrie Helgerson
Robert M. Everett and Christina Larcen
Albert L. Gordon and Emma Fee
Frank D. Goodwin and Mary Etta Baleley
Abner Hawks and Frances Vosburgh
John A. Huston and Mary A. Lowe
Chris H. Jones and Emma Linnerman
George Judson vs Ada McCrillis
William E. Kennedy and Myra L. Ewing
Alonzo A. Linn and Elizabeth Spence Weatherston
William Messner and Sarah Lowe
Edward Nelson Mirs and Eella Ella Morrison
Robinson Nisbet and Lizzie Jackson
William H. Parker and Lizzie E. Webb
Ed W. Olson and Nettie Johnson
John O. Olson and Ida Anderson
Herbert L. Robinson and Anna Laura Broadbent
Simon C. Robinson and Lydia Orr
Amenzo M. Smith and Lacey E. Riley
Frank Snyder and Ada Cornell
William H. Sullivan and Henrietta Biggs (application)
W. D. Van Wert and Sara G. Schwartz (unfinished)
George E. Wait and Eva Darrah
Nels P. Westerbury and Anna Matilda Hager
Webster B. Wheeler and Ada Lois Slaughter (application)
Horace E. Wilson and May Mulford



Frank W. A. Anderson and Mary A. Hatch
Thomas Apgor and Dora Childers
Alex Barnes and Margaret J. Gilies
John E. Bessey and Ada Holderness
William H. Bray and Myrtle J. McCenilis
Drew Chesley and Nellie Schrawger
Giles T. Cook and Mattie A. Smith
Henry M. Connell and Flora V. Fleck
Marshall J. Flynn and Flora M. Tredway
Arthur Forbes and Abbie Cayton
Frank C. Foster and Ethel E. Gorby
John Garrison and Nellie Fish
Justin M. Henderson and Cynthia VanMeter
Frank H. Houghton and Eva M. Loucks
F. Martin Jones and Cetta Forbes
John B. Kemp and Hannah M. Spaclcman
Hugh Kinzer and Mary Kesterson
Charles H. Long and Lefey (Olivia) Peterson
Earnest L. McFayden and Mattie A. Smith (application only)
Hubert McFayden and Agnes Kennedy
Ulysses S. Grant McNulty and Clara V. Horton
Thomas S. Main and Emma B. Mathison
Charles A. Miles and Minnie Augustua
George W. Moyer and Emma Beer (application only)
Henry Nelson and Sena Thompson
Ellsworth Overton and Mary A. Day
C. Olaf Peterson and Matilda Pierson
Richard B. Ramey and Anna Kirk
Jefferson D. Redman and Emily M. Hurley
Thomas M. Richardson and Rosa E. Kelton
Edgar F. Rouse and Martha Ann Badger
Fritz Schliesser and Emma Templin
William H. Sellman and Henrietta Biggs
Henry W. Stock and Lura Danford
Jonathan Taylor and Rebecca Jones
John C. Tierney and Leona Curtis
Edward Watts and Belle Williamson
Frank Wake and Fanny Redmond
Volney Wiggins and Viva Ellen Long
Clinton Wilcox and Susie Rowlet
William F. Williams and Laura May Richards
Seth Willows and Kate Goggles



William Abblitt and Florence Moore
Thomas J. Applegate and Eva Reynolds
John W. Atkins and Lora Gregg
Charles E. Barker and Lena M. Brady
George E. Barker and Emma Lumadue
Arthur Bishop and Eva Kenyon
Percy P. Bishop and Jennie Johnson
Samuel C. Breedeu and Gertrude A. Watts
Charles Brown and Tena Yonders (Application and license only)
Oscar Burton and Nellie Adams (Application only)
Calvin Burt and Ella Cleaveland (Application only)
George Edward Bush and Lottie A. Hodges
Jacob J. Couklin and Laura Srack (Application only)
William Dean and Lizzie Turner
Lester E. DeBord and Mrs. Mary Haley
Thomas Evans and Addie Lawrence
Ernest Fickwiler and Elmira A. Scarlett
Andrew J. Taber and Myrtie Baldwin
J. M. Francis and Emma Taylor
Francis Gibson and Euphemia Wagner
C. E. Gilbert and Ada Bozell (Application only)
George W. Gressell and Susie Anna Hackett
R. J. Holman and Lucy Watkins
Edward L. Hunt and Minnie Sample
W. Layson and Eliza Claridge (Application and license only)
Martin L Moore and Susana Dodds (Application only)
S. T. Rolph and Elva M. Drake
William T.Russell and Lillie Laird
Thomas M. Sanders and Ida M. Frazier
Lester E. Scott and Cora A. Rose
William M. Scott and Lucy E. Frank
Augustus W. Siefert and Tely Munnday
Charles Small and Ida Ewer
Morgan Day and Carrie E. Jordon (Application only)
William J. Smell and Josephine Yonders
Cris Smith and Ann Reeves (Application and license only)
Robert C. Smith and Alice H. Stouter
Edmund L. Streed and Cortintha Swihart
Howell Taylor and Nora Belle Fisher
William H. Weeks and Abbie J. Miller (Application only)
Jesse Widoe and Hannah Goodall




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