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Nance County
The HIRST family of Merrick and Nance Counties, Nebraska


W.F. Hirst Family

(Original measures 8x4 and 1/2 inches)

Scans of two items (photo and birth announcement) provided by Mr. Edward Carter of TN who found these and
other objects bearing the name HIRST at a sale. He purchased two lots.
Mr. Carter collects old postcards, and does genealogy. A review of the objects inspired him to contact this website in hopes
that some person is doing research on this family.
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(Original measures 3 & 1/2 by 4 and 1/2 inches)



Francis M. HIRST b. Jan 1839 VA. Served during Civil War as Corporal in ??? Cavalry
     Married Elizabeth SINSEL (deceased before 1900 Federal census, name from marriage records of children)


Edward S. HIRST b. Nov 1865 in Taylor Co., WV.
      Married Mamie M. HILL b.Sep 1867 in Jasper Co., IA
      They had six children, three sons living in 1900 census.

William F. HIRST b. c1869 in Taylor Co., VA.
     Married Eliza B. RAY b. c1869 in Warren Co., IL

Ernest H. HIRST b. Sep 1871 in WV
     Married Elizabeth HOBBS, b.Sep 1873 IL
     They had two children, two living in 1900 census

John T. HIRST b. c1875 in WV

Ada HIRST b c1878 Taylor Co., WV
     Married Jesse D. Kerr b. c1875 Merrick Co., NE
     Note: groom is resident of Coles Co., IL

James A. HIRST b. Sep 1879 in Merrick Co., NE
     Married Minnie E. COOMES b. c1885 in VA

Lila B. HIRST b. c1890 in Merrick Co., NE
     Married Frank L. CUSHMAN b. c1888 in Illinois or Nebraska?



1890 Veteran's census (Post Office: Archer, Merrick, NE)

1900 Federal Census, Midland Twp., Merrick Co., NE (husband & 3 youngest children), (sons & their families)

Merrick Co, NE Marriage Records (Bk B, p326) (Bk C, p32) (Bk D, p126) (Bk F, pp 56 & 222)

Nance Co, NE Marriage Records (Bk 2, p226)

Scan of birth announcement & family photo from Edward Carter

RAY family - Eliza B RAY named only her father on marriage record. Combination of records - (mostly marriages) on Merrick website indicate she was probably daughter of Andrew RAY & Sarah CLAYTON. We did not find her parents, only her siblings.

Notes from Edward Carter:
   - Additional items in his possession indicate the WF HIRST family moved to Cedar Rapids, IA.
   - wife of William F. Hirst known as "Belle" Hirst
   - 3 employee passes issued by the B&O Railroad to F.M. Hirst in the 1870's show he was carpenter working for RR.
"I hope that some of the family is still around to discover these folks. I would love to reunite them with their relatives. Feel free to list my e-mail address for contact."

10 Jun 2001: Mr. Carter has been contacted by 3G-Grandaughter of Francis M. HIRST, who is delighted to claim the items pictured above.
Thank you for sharing this successful moment!

That descendent is Lorene Sybrandt <>
Please contact her if you have ancestors in common!


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