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Realities of using the "real records" and extractions -

There will be errors - whether the original record is handwritten or typed.
Names will be mis-understood or mis-spelled.
     The handwriting will often be poor or the ink faded.
     Respondent may not speak English - so does not understand the question and answers incorrectly. Recorder will write down his own interpretation or best guess as the answer.
     Both the respondent and the record keeper may be using English as second language, they may both be "interpreting"!

Extractors try to convey what can be "seen" in the original. 
     Must compare different lines of the original record to "get the feel" of the recorders handwriting.
(We've been tempted to type - "Capitol that may be an "T", followed by an "a" or "o", followed by two low humps which may be an "n", followed by two low loops that seem to be "e's" except there is at least one dot above, followed by tall loop with peculier fragment to right, followed by some letter with a tail that falls below the line, ...")
     It's not legitimate to extract a record as "what it OUGHT to be"! 

GRAVESTONES are often weathered to the point of being illegible. An extract can easily be in error. Try to secure a copy of the cemetery record and compare to the gravestone. What appears in the record book may also include errors, or cause you to change your mind. When you go to the cemetery - carry an umbrella to shade the stone AND a mirror to focus light on the stone from more than one angle.  Please note: We have seen "corrected" gravestones with a new date carved on top of the old. Depending on the light - our perception of which is the "true date" varies! 

It's up to the descendent to find the records, and determine the "real facts". There will be times when you cannot be certain of the "truth". One of the best things you can provide by publishing your family history is notes about differences found and adjustments made. EXPLAIN your choices!

"Corrections & additions" - benefit another researcher!

THANK YOU to those that have helped!

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25 March 1999
In your 1880 Federal census of Nance county, NE on page 4 you have a question mark after Scutterlans, Agst, Anna and John. I was looking again for my ancestor George Young, and noticed the question marks etc. My husband is a Swede and he and I and our kids lived 30 years in Sweden. I asked him about Scutterlans, and we and the kids agreed that something is wrong. Agst could be August. Now tonight I was going down the 1890 Federal census and on page 12a there is an Anna Sudderland whose age fits plus a G Sudderland. Maybe this could help you.
Barbara Quist <>

25 Mar 1999
I would be more than pleased to have my e-mail filed for perhaps some help to someone. We have looked at these names again (and I quite understand the necessity for consistency in working with the census), and my husband and I would guess that the "real" name is Söderlund. I was just thinking of some poor soul starting in Sweden and coming here to look. I realize the foreign names were changed arbitrarily by immigration officers etc. This suggestion can be tacked onto the first.
Barbara Quist <>


Please use this page to post "original surnames". Barbara mentioned surnames that were changed by immigration officials. We both have Swedish ancestors, and the majority changed their own names - generally to something that has little relationship to the original! 
     Those of other ethnic groups changed the spelling to something that "sounded like" the original name. Providing and using the soundex code doesn't solve all these problems.

Barbara made an excellent point - your foreign relatives will have terrible problems figuring out Americanized spellings, name changes, etc.
email your corrections, additions to this page -
Ted & Carole Miller


STROMBERG - Nance & Platte Counties
     Karl "Oscar" and August STROMBERG of Platte & Nance Counties - brothers, sons of Nils Peter SVENSK. Under Swedish patronymic system their surname "should have been" Nilson or Nelson. Karl Oscar immigrated in 1892 to California, "changed surname while working in a logging camp" after struggling with mail problems.
     Two sisters of these men were Alida (Aletha) & Tekla who are believed to have used "SVENSK" as maiden surname. Alida married JE "Carl" JOHNSON. Her 3 daughters supposedly used "CARLSON" as maiden name. They married WALL, SHELANDER & LUNDHOLM. Can prove next to nothing about this group. They don't seem to be related to the STROMBERGs that lived in Polk County.  Carole Miller <>


1890 Gazetteer - Farmers List

surname VOSBERG

Should be VOSBURGH - for Martin Junius & Wilson Deree.
Jeannine <> 14 Apr 1999

St. Peter & St. Paul Parish Cemetery

Volume VI, No. 4 page 126

BERGANTZEL, Dian Lee 1974 - 1974

18 Aug 2006 - ... noticed an error in the Fullerton Cemetery.
You have listed an infant as Bergantzel, Dian Lee.
His name was Ian Lee Bergantzel born Jan 31, 1974 - died  March 28th 1974.

I am his sister. ...
Thank you, Misty (Bergantzel) Woodward <>


1900 Census Nance County, NE

Bellwood, Timber Creek Twp
p8b D152 F153 Kluse, Augustus J.

Should be Augustus F. Kliese
See bio in Compendium of History Remininscense & Bio. of NE pp 111-2

Cedar Twp. ED143 p4a D66 F66 Johnson, Bedt & Ingl

Believe it should be Bennett & Ingre (Nelson) Johnson. Two sons married daughters of Ben Louden of Boone County.

Cottonwood Twp. p7b d118 f121 SAARS, Ramo_ .... etc.

Surname should be SEARS
Connie Williams <>

Cottonwood Twp.
p7b D123 F126 Proutte, W. H.

Should be W. F. Prowett
Note: Housekeeper will become his second wife.

Council Creek Twp.
ED142 p4a D169 F169 Brown, Belamy? P. and family

Head of household should be Welcome P(almer) Brown.
This correction prompted by 9 Jan 2005: email from Michael S. McCormick

<> (inactive 12/4/09 ) regarding 1920 census and a visit to McCormick family website:  (inactive 12/4/09)

Fullerton City Ward 2
ED145 p1a D3 F3 Russow; Sylvester M.

Surname should be RUSSOM
15 Jun 2002: Ruth Moss, <>

Fullerton City Ward 2
p6a D148 F148 McCormick, Abraham? b.Mar 1870 PA...

Given name should be "Alfonso" - he previously lived in Colfax Co., NE, married in Nance Co., NE.

Fullerton City Ward 2
ED145 p7a D169 F169 - Male Piercy

Should be Maley PIERCE

Fullerton City Ward 2
p9b D240 F240 Lanoberry, Ira F ... etc.

Surname should be Lansberry. See marriage records of both daughters.

Fullerton City Ward 3
ED145 p14b D350 F350 BALDWIN family


Genoa -
Soundex B612
p4b D93 F95 Borowiak, Leo M. ...
Family continues onto next page where soundex number is
B620 ... Borowiak, Helen ...

Soundex #620 is correct. Census page posted on the county website has been corrected, but the Archives copy has original error. Error found by Carolyn Vance  <> . Thank you for drawing this to our attention.

Loup Ferry Twp.
ED147 p10b D181 F182 Pattsiger, Luther & Emma J.

See Merrick Co Marriages Book C p193 #1088, and BNGS publication "Fullerton Cemetery Burials", 1994

Loup Ferry Twp.
K530 p11b D199 F200 Kennedy, Cameron ...

...the first name of my great-grandfather is very difficult to read. It appeared to have been erased or written over. He is listed on the on-line census as Cameron Kennedy ... His name was actually Conover Kennedy.
Carolyn Welch <>

Loup Ferry Twp ED147 p12a D212 F213
Surname: MYRES

Surname MYERS. (See Marriage Bk Book 2 p491)

Loup Ferry Twp ED. 147 C p11b D202 F203

Cunningham, Mary ... Father born Iowa, ...

Mary Agnes Kelly, daughter of William John Kelly, born County Down, Ireland, not Iowa.

Evelyn Young <> 23 Jul 2004

Newman Twp.
M350 p1a D6 F6 Madan, Henry J. m 47 Aug 1862 Illinois - etc.

Surname should be MASON

Newman Twp.
p2b D38 F39 Bartshak, John m 42 May 1857 Poland (Aust) - etc.

Surname should be BARTUSIAK

Newman Twp.
p2b D39 F40 Aurthun?, Robert m 46 Jun 1853 Scotland - etc.

Surname should be ARTHUR

Newman Twp.
p5a D81 F82 GLAVER, Cayborn (with L. L. Kenada)

Clayborne GLOVER (see Marriage Bk 2, page 405)

Newman Twp
p5b D89 F90 Jubas, Jan m 29 Apr 1870 Poland (Aust), etc.

Surname should be DUBAS (John)

Newman Twp
p5b D92 F93 Waytawey, L. m 38 Jan 1852 Poland (Aust) - etc.

Surname should be WETOVICK = Wojtowicz
(Wladyslaw = William or Walter)

Newman Twp.
p6a D107 F108 Witteck, John? - etc.

Surname should be VITEK or VITECK

Newman Twp
p6b D108 F109 Uskoski, Andrew m 28 Aug 1871 Poland (Aust) ...
p6b D108 F109 Uskoski, Peter m 27 Feb 1873 Poland (Aust)

Likely to be Andrzej JURKOSKI born 1862
     (check Nance Co Marriage Record Book 2 page 202)

Likely to be Peter URKOSKI

Prairie Twp. -
p1b D11 F11 Plutter, George W., Mary A. and Bert

Surname should be CLUTTER. George W. and Mary A. are my great-great grandparents.
Joy Pearson
 <> Dec 2000

South Branch Twp
McIntyre, Th_m is McIntyre, Thomas O.
McIntyre, Catharine should be McIntyre, Catherine A.
McIntyre, Morris A. should be McIntyre, C. Morris born Sept 19, 1868.

My husband's great, great grandfather is the C. Morris McIntyre.
Carol McIntyre <> 15 Jul 1999

South Branch Twp
p2b D31 F34 Yetergreen?, John m 65 Oct 1834 Sweden - etc.

Surname probably should be ZETTERGREN

Timber Creek Twp
p9b D186 F169 Ervey, Harry ... (etc.)
p9b D186 F169 Ervey, Fern f 7 Jul 1892 Nebraska
p9b D186 F169 Ervey, Fern f 7 Jul 1892 Nebraska

Surname possibly ENRY?
Dwelling corrected to #168 for entire family!
2nd child should be Vera, f, 6, Nov 1893, NE

Family dwelling number and the child will be corrected on the extract posted with the county website - but errors will remain in the Archive version.

Fullerton Ward 1, Nance, NE
ED145 p1a D3 F3
RUSSOW, Sal Vester

Should be SM RUSSOM
He is in the 1890 Gazeteer with the correct spelling.
Ruth Moss <>

1920 Census

Cottonwood Twp.
1920 Fed. Census NE ED 166 p5B D87 F89
King, Nova f  8? c1911 Nebraska  ...

30 Jan 2005: Grand Island Independent obit of Neva Petersen, dau of Merton A. King and Mae Gammon King, was born 1914.
Her spouse, parents and grandparents are buried at Rose Hill Cemetery, Palmer, NE.  See Merrick County website for cemetery extracts.

Council Creek Twp.
1920 Fed. Census NE ED164 p3 D32 F32
Birkel, Jacob and family - two children illegible
Birkel, A___? N? m 12 c1907 Nebraska ...
Birkel, Jacob A.    m 9 c1910 Nebraska ...
Birkel, Lo_an? E? m 7 c1912    Nebraska ...

22 Jan 2002: Columbus Telegram obit of Ernest Birkel (b 1912) indicates the children were Carl, Elizabeth, Clarence, Jake and Ernest.
See the newspaper archives, please.


1920 Fed. Census NE ED 168 p10B D270 F282  
Be__n, Nora   f  24?   c1895   Nebraska

9 Jan 2005: email from Michael S. McCormick <>
This is Nora Brown, F 19, born Apr 1900 NE, father born Connecticut, mother born Indiana

McCormick family website: (inactive 12/4/09)


Nance County Marriage Records

Marriage Records, Book 2, p 24 - 31 Oct 1893
Bride: Inis R. Dana dau of Wilson Vorburg & _ Stockwell
Bride: Inez Dana
dau of W. Vosburg & _ Stockwell.

Marriage Records, Book 2 p 75 -
Groom as Wateman L. NOWLAND

Should be Waterman L. HOWLAND
See Marriage Records Book 3, p 358 and extracts of Osceola Cemetery (Polk Co. website)

Marriage Records, Book 2 p 120

Groom's parents as Simon Foglesong and Lemera Elswick ...

Possibility ... mother is Elmyra Fogelsong buried at Skeedee Cemetery?  No gravestone for a Simon Foglesong.
Marriage Records, Book 2 p 150 -
Groom & his father as COWELL
Surname should be CORRELL
11 Oct 2004 "My Ancestors are Edward A. Correll and his father was Adam Correll. ..."<>

Marriage Records, Book 2, p 152 - 5 Mar 1896
Groom & his father - LEMMONS

Surname should be LEAMONS

Marriage Records, Book 2, p 200 - 8 Feb 1897
Groom & his father - LUSHOK

Surname should be LESIAK

Marriage Records, Book 2, p 206 - 24 Feb 1897
Bride & her father - SYNDER

Surname SNYDER?

Marriage Records, Book 2, p 280 - 4 Oct 1898
Prenninger & Nannenburg

Should be Penninger & Nauenburg?

Marriage Records, Book 2, p 297 - 24 Jan 1899
Groom & his father as Lushok

Surname should be LESIAK

Marriage Records, Book 2, p 327 -
data file in Archives is missing page number, date & place.
NOTE: Jul 2003 - The Archives file has been replaced & this error corrected.

p327 28 Sep 1899 Belgrade, Nance, NE
Rundall, George W. 24 bp: Iowa res: Nance Co., NE  etc.

Marriage Records, Book 2 p 486 - 25 Dec 1901
Bride & her father, surname as Hannan

Surname should be HARMON.

Marriage Records, Book 2 p 557 - 14 May 1903
Bride & her father, surname as SHEOFF

See 1900 Census Fullerton Ward 3 ED145 p15a D361 F361
Surname should be SHEAFF?

Marriage Records, Bk 3 p 52 - 8 May 1904
Bride: Brigham, Dora D.

Surname should be BRIGHTON according to 2g-grandchild's posting on Nance message board. 20 Mar 2004. <>

Marriage Records, Book 3 p 239 - 30 Jan 1907
Groom: Shimbaugh, Mahlon

Surname probably should be

Marriage Records, Book 3 p 254 - 20 Mar 1907
Groom: Willard, Duey J. 26, bp: Iowa, res: Valley Co., NE

Should be my maternal grandfather's brother; Suey Ingersol Willard.   

Troy Upshaw <>

Marriage Records, Bk 3 p289 - 19 Sep 1907
Bride: WOLTERS, Edna L.

Should be Edna WALTERS, dau. of Oliver H. Walters
See Compendium of History Remininscense & Bio. of NE p 122

Marriage Records, Book 3, p 292 -
ZOEN George

Surname should be ZONA

Marriage Records, Book 3 p 301 - 27 Nov 1907
Groom & his father extracted as IRVIN

Surname should be IRWIN -
see Fullerton's 1st 100 Years, 1879-1979 page 176

Marriage Records, Book 3 p 514 - 16 Nov 1910
Groom & his father extracted as ZAGOI

Surname should probably be ZEGAR. See obit of Mary CHOHON,
21 Nov 2002 - in archives of Columbus Telegram


Marriage Records, Book 4 p 39 - 7 Feb 1912
Groom: Stanislaus Salenezne

Surname should be: ZELAZNY?
His parents: Matthew Martin Zelazny & Katherine Legenza

Marriage Records, Book 4 p86 #352 -
30 Oct 1912
Groom: Benedict ROZEK

Should this be Benedict ROSNO?
son of Joseph Rosno and Sophia Galus?

Korean War Veterans List - additions

My brother in law's name is LeRoy R. LANDERS, he enlisted in the navy when he was 16 or 17 in Nance County and stayed in the Navy for 14 years. My brother Walter D. MILLER may have enlisted in Omaha, am not sure. We were residents of Nance Co from 1945 to about 1969, I'll say.

Bette Dew  <>

Originally, we considered adding a "comment" column to record extracts. Turns out, this is not very convenient, particularly for the files posted in the Archives. (They must be done in simple text & are uploaded by the Archives coordinators - alot of work for a single comment to be added.)
     (Diacritical marks don't always turn out, depending on the browser being used by the viewer - so much for the marvels of the internet world! We are now using two different browsers in an attempt to see what the "finished" pages look like. You wouldn't believe the differences!  Images shift and linebreaks move. It will take months to review and "fix" every page.)

This page will be the place for you to post "corrections & additions".
We won't be insulted by these - please, don't you be either! It isn't that we don't believe you - but that we can't "fix" some of these things.

Goofs & goobers KNOWN

AGE & BIRTHYEAR - There is one entire precinct (think it was in Platte County Census), where these data columns do NOT agree. The enumerator apparently had difficulty subtracting and is usually off by 10 years!  Yes, we know about it!  This is an example of extracting and publishing what actually appears - including the errors.

NAMES mis-spelled  "Cuba" for Czuba. "Torson" for Torczon.  "Judy" for Tschudy.
Suspicion - "Warloski" or "Worholski" for Warholoski. This would explain record shortage on this surname - it will not soundex correctly with a missing syllable! Enough difference in spelling that we didn't keep track of all the variations - need to start over on this surname!

     By the way - we don't always distinguish surnames as "belonging" to certain counties. Too many of my Swedes who said they were "from Genoa" were found in the Platte County census - just over the border! The boundaries weren't marked by brick walls - people could live on a farm that crossed over the line, or refer to "home" as the nearest place with a general store that met their needs.
     "Home" can also be the place where a person grew up rather than the birthplace.  Uncle Al was born in Sweden, but that was never his home! He was transported as a toddler and "always lived in Nebraska".
     Phrase your questions carefully when interviewing your relatives - you may get a surprise!

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