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Nebraska State Genealogical Society, Ancestree
Vol. 1 no. 2 page 70
Compiled by Mrs. Louise Berlin, Genoa Ne 68640
Source: Genoa Centennial Historical Album, 1857-1957

Lodges organized in 1879 in Genoa, Nance County: Central Lodge No.1343

   Knights of Honor. Members: D.A. WILLARD, F. L. DAGGATT, Lewis CRANE, J. T. BOWEN, J. W. WILLIAMSON, C. R. SHAW, Samuel BLORE, John TRAVIS, H. J. HOWARD, Lewis HEADBERG, Volney WIGGINS, Chas RAKESTRAW, Albert McINTYRE, Chas. HAMILTON, George E. WILLARD, W. W. TOLMAN, Warren LONG, W.A. DAVIS, James BUMP.

   Knights of the Sun. Officers: O. NETSELL, Gus WILSON, G. S. MOLLIN, E. V. CLARK, I. J. DAY, D. A. WILLARD, Irvin HUGHES, C. S. CLARK, F. CAILLOUX, P. J. HEINBACH. John DONEHUE, William AIMES.

   Genoa Lodge No. 210 I. O. G. T. Officers Gustav WILLSON, Anna CROSS, Edith PATTERSON, W. D. WILLSON, Mrs. A. NETSELL. Chas. CROSS, Mrs. May WILLSON, Lemuel BALDWIN, Mrs. Alto MOLLIN, W. W. BURGESS, A. NETSELL.

Nebraska State Genealogical Society, Ancestree
Vol 1 no. 2 page 74
Compiled by Mrs. Louise Berlin, Genoa No 68640
Source "Genoa Centennial Historical Album, 1857-1957" (extract)

   Wedding: Gustav A. MOLLIN 25 (b WI, son of Alfred & Louise GEILER MOLLIN), and Alta M COOK 22, (b NY, dau of Mowry & Sarah Cook) married 28 Nov 1881 at the home of the bride's parents, Genoa by V. L. BARNES, Notary Public.

NSGS NE Ancestree
Fall 1982 Volume V no. 2 page 56

Redwing Cemetery, Nance Co., NE

NSGS--NE Ancestree
Winter 1983 Vol VI no. 3 page 114 (continued Vol VI, no 4, page 125)
     St. Peter & St. Paul Parish Cemetery, Fullerton, Nance County, Nebraska

NSGS Nebraska Ancestree
Fall 1986 Vol 9 no. 2 pages 21- 27
Sts. Peter & Paul Parish Cemetery, Krakow, Nance Co., NE

NSGS NE Ancestree
Fall 1989 Vol. 12 no. 2, page 53

St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church,
Genoa, NE (Nance Co.)

   The first church was erected in 1900, for the sake of the Catholic Indians attending the Genoa Indian School.

   The first child to be baptized after Genoa was made a parish in 1920, was Richard Joseph CZAPLA on 18 Jan. 1920. His father, Henry CZAPLA.

   Otto Leo REDMAN & Eleanor CZAPLA were the first to be united in marriage within the parish on 7 Apr. 1920.

   Ground was broken 8 July 1951 for a new church; dedicated 5 Oct. 1951.

(From ST. ROSE OF LIMA Church Dedication, Oct. 5, 1952, Genoa, NE)

NSGS NE Ancestree

Fall 1993 Vol. 16 no. 2

Extracts from Belgrade Herald - 1911 (pp 55-57)

Extracts from Belgrade Herald - 1913 (p 58)

Extracts from Belgrade Herald 1908 (p 60)

NSGS NE Ancestree

Summer 1994 Vol. 17 no. 1

Cemetery in Beaver Twp. (p 28)

School District #13, Olive 1901-1902 (p 28)

School District #4 1905 (p 29)

School District #13, Olive, 1907 (p 29)

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