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Nance County

THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Fullerton was established on September 29, 1881, as the Nance County Bank, with Chauncey L. Wiltse of Grand Island as President and Brad. D. Slaughter as Cashier. On May 29, 1883, it was converted into the First National Bank, with the same executive officers, and under the wise management of Chauncey Wiltse became one of the best banks in Nebraska.

     It is the oldest bank and oldest business concern in Nance County, and all through the settlement and development of this territory it has done more to promote the successful achievements of our people than any other agency. It has always been a safe and reliable bank, and especially during the early settlement of our county had money to assist its patrons when help could not be gotten anywhere else.

     It has a fine record: Of the scores of millions of dollars it has received on deposit from its customers it has accounted for all to the last cent; it has had fewer bad loans in proportion to its business than any other bank in Nebraska that we know of; it has always been one of the strongest banks in the state, and is stronger today than ever before in its history; it has twenty-three stockholders, who own 10,560 acres of choice Nance County farm lands which are free from debt, and the responsibility of its stockholders is considerably in excess of one million dollars. Perhaps it is true that no other bank in Nebraska is so vitally interested in the welfare of its community, by reason of the large and varied activities of its stockholders, as the First National Bank of Fullerton. Its capital is $50,000, surplus $20,000, undivided profits more than $12,500, while its resources exceed $400,000. James R. Russell is President; Chauncey L. Wiltse, Vice-President; J. T. Russell, Cashier, and E. M. Black, Assistant Cashier.

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