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The Fullerton National Bank





The prestige this bank enjoys has been gained by sixteen years of hard work, honorable dealings, prudent management, strict attention to the care and safe-guarding of funds entrusted to us, the real and helpful interest the officials and directors have always taken in the material welfare of our customers.

This is our home and we take an active interest in watching and aiding the prosperity of both town and surrounding country. We would like to see every man and woman who has an income, every farmer, every laboring man, every mechanic, every young man in this community, start a bank account -- it would mean a better town, a better market.

No matter how large or how small your first deposit, we shall be glad to have YOU identify yourself with this bank and make use of the conveniences and advantages afforded our customers for the safe-guarding of their money and the transacting of their business affairs.


The Fullerton National Bank

Member of the United States Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City     

MARTINI. BROWER, President          W. P. HATTEN, Cashier
C. E. CARTER, Vice-President       J. M. BROWER, Ass't-Cashier

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