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     Charles E. Peterson was born and raised on a farm in the vicinity of Genoa, and has been a resident of Nance County since his boyhood days, except for a period of about two years, which time he spent in California.
     Mr. Peterson, since early boyhood, has had to depend upon his own brawn and resources, and gained an education for himself in the district school. He utilized the start in that education by reading and studying the many subjects pertaining to the most important matters that lead to success. In 1901 he moved from the farm into Genoa and purchased the ice business with funds he had saved at that time; he enlarged and improved his ice plant, and made it a paying and profitable business. His many patrons and associates admired his pleasant, courteous and accommodating manner. He is a good business man, having the qualities of cheerfulness, promptness and carefulness in his own work, and he uses and evidences the same qualities in all matters while in the service of an employer, as well as in his office as a public servant.
     He is now Sheriff of Nance County and a candidate for re-election. His administration of the duties of the Sheriff's office has been such that it has gained for him an enviable reputation among the Sheriffs of our state. He has carried the same qualities in the performance of his official duties that characterized him in his own individual matters. His promptness and care in complying to the commands and matters that come into his office for his attention as an officer of the law, has proven his efficiency, and made him a very popular public official. Our citizens have observed that he takes great pride in keeping the court house and yards in the best possible condition.
     He has proven that, even after being in service of the public as their Sheriff, it is possible to retain old friendship and gain new associates, by doing his duty as such officer in a faithful and efficient manner.
     Charley is an all around, good, capable fellow and a first class officer. He has been tried by a jury of Nance County citizens, who have returned a verdict in his favor, and it is hardly expected that this same jury of voters will reverse their own decision by the returns on election day.


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