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Journal office arrived to commence business. Although there were but few here then, we found those few as a rule energetic young men who had come west to seek a location; and it is a remarkable fact that although the succeeding winter was the darkest hour that Fullerton can ever see, every one of these young men are yet present with us, as energetic as ever, and in most cases highly prosperous. The only business house at that time was the real estate office of Slaughter & Lindsay, located here for the purpose of selling the Indian lands, but before the issue of the first paper, S. Buckner put in a general stock and N. C. Judson a good line of groceries. As new residents continued to come in with their families, the question of school became very important, and as the village was unable to establish one itself, Mr. H. F. Judson, rather than go without the educational facilities for his children, erected a building, and a private school was established by his daughter, Miss Cora Judson, whose efforts through the winter deserves the praise of all. The erection of buildings was slow on account of the uncertainty of county seat affairs. Election day did not fully settle matters; it was a long time before Fullerton was recognized as the county seat, and our county officers duly installed. Yet there were plenty who had confidence enough to build in the place, H. F. Snider & Co., for instance, Geo. Rogers, N. B. Odell, H. M. Wilson, J. N. Reynolds, S. Roberts, and a great many others. But with the settlement of the affairs and the opening of spring, Fullerton received a boom that has been equalled but in few instances in the State of Nebraska. As a business place it is but one year old now, and yet it has a population comparing favorably with any of the old cities in the vicinity. Although the county is not as well settled as those surrounding, nearly all kinds of business is represented. Among them we have:

     Slaughter & Lindsay, real estate and law, the first agents for the sale of the Indian lands, Mr. Lindsay being also county judge.

     N. C. Judson, the oldest merchant of the place, who carried a complete stock of groceries, and has in connection the postoffice.

     H. F. Snider & Co., the next to open, with dry goods, groceries and a general stock.



S. & Co. are now making arrangements for extending their store so as to make room for their new goods.

     N. B. Odell came next in order. He has a drug store as completely filled as is needed in any village of Nebraska. Lately he has taken in Mr. Harman as partner.

     J. N. Reynolds, county clerk and real estate agent, owner of the Reynolds addition to Fullerton, a beautiful piece of land just west of the original site, which is already well covered with residences.

     O. D. Fitch next, with hardware and tinware. A first class stock.

     Geo. Rogers, proprietor of one of the best hotels in the state -- the Cedar Valley House -- opened about last Christmas.

     R. Rogers, livery stable in connection with the above.

     H. M. Wilson, blacksmith, and an excellent one, too.

     H. E. Reynolds, furniture of all kinds.

     N. K. Brumberg, blacksmithing.

     J. H. Anderson, billiard hall and saloon.

     J. Harwood, wagon shop.

     A. Malneg, boot and shoe shop.

     Jas. Zibbell, livery stable and stage lines.

     F. Fuller, lumber and coal.

     W. H. Bowman, meat market, who has sold to H. Magoon.

     Jas. Butler, harness shop, sold to H. Ogden.

     S. C. Mulford, dry goods, etc.

     E. B. Spackman, shelf and. heavy hardware, windmills, etc.

     S. L. Sturtevant (now Sturtevant and Kiff), groceries, provisions, fruits, boots and shoes.

     Peter Meiklejohn & Co., agricultural implements and farm machinery of all kinds, wagons, buggies and rubber paint.

     Fuller & Meiklejohn, loan agents and attorneys-at-law.

     Cy H. Bilmore, drugs and medicines.

     A. J. Young, barber.

     Miss Ella Bires, millinery.

     Bentley & Tiffany, grist mill.

     Miss Laura Tull, millinery.





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Fullerton, Nebraska




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