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R. J. HOY & SON,


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The oldest and only

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R. J. HOY.

    Col. R. J. Hoy came to Nance county in 1889 from Illinois. He has been engaged in farming all his life. Coming to Nebraska with very little means, it was hard to make a living and pay the bills in the early days, but Mr. Hoy stuck to his job through the lean years as well as the fat ones, and now has arrived at the place where he can take life easy and comfortable.

   Mr. Hoy bought the farm where he now lives in 1894 -- one of the dryest, hardest years in Nebraska's history. He became discouraged and let it go back to the owner once, but took courage again, borrowed a little money and bought it back again. Since then he has prospered, raised a large family of sons and daughters and added more land to his original farm, until now he owns 480 acres nearly clear. Mr. Hoy derives the title of "Col." from his long experience and success as an auctioneer. He began crying sales when he came to Nebraska, and his success has increased to such an extent that a sale bill in this part of the country without Col. R. J. Hoy's name attached to it as auctioneer is almost a rarity. He is busy during the entire sale season, his time from January 1st to March 1st of each year being almost solidly taken up.

  If money could buy the Col.'s native wit, his experience, his voice and his lung power, he could indeed command a handsome sum for it. Col. Hoy has a large acquaintance among the people of Nance county, and no man is more highly esteemed for all the virtues that makes a man than is he.

  Since 1910, his son Rush has been connected with him in the auctioneer business, and is now a competent auctioneer.


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Has cried sales for twenty-five years and is still able to cry as many more.

Dates made at News-Journal office.

Phone 25 or Chestnut 3022.

If you are going to have a sale you will gain much by securing R. J. Hoy & Son as your auctioneers.

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R. J. HOY & SON, Auctioneers

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