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greater gifts. The town was laid out by Captain Daniel J. Strout, on his farm in the year 1878, a year before Nance county was organized, and was a small trading point, with only one store and postoffice, until 1892, when the town began to grow and other enterprises were added, since which time it has had a healthy and constant growth. In the last few years there has been erected a number of handsome and substantial business buildings, besides many fine residences.

     Belgrade is lighted by electric lights, the electric plant also pumping the city water, both of which valuable improvements are owned by the town. These plants are equipped with the latest machinery, and the service is very satisfactory.

     There are good schools and churches of different denominations, making it an Ideal home town.

   Genoa and Belgrade are well located and thriving towns in Nance county; also North Star, which is in the west end, and whose general merchandise store is owned by Swanson Bros., being well patronized by farmers in that vicinity.



is situated near the center, north and south of the eastern border of Nance county, at the foot of the bluffs or hills which form the east terminal boundary of the lovely Beaver valley and the north limit of the Loup prairie near where the former silvery stream loses itself in the board expanse of the latter's turbulent waters. The location of the towns is as picturesque and enchanting as can be found in the state. From the summit of the neighboring hills the eye wanders east and northwest, along where the glimmering waters of the Loup dance and sparkle in the sun's bright beams, over miles and miles of grassy meads, verdant groves and fertile plains, where may be seen scores of cottages, farms and stock ranches. The view presented, like a vast panorama, is one to charm the traveler, and of which the oldest residents never grow weary.
   As before stated, Genoa is beautifully located at the base of a line of bluffs or hills. These eminences arise gradually to a height of from one hundred to two hundred feet above the level of the streams, and their sides and very summits are adorned with cozy cottages and palatial residences, surrounded with shade and ornamental trees. A number of fine brick blocks are situated in the business portion of the town. Genoa contains more fine brick buildings than all the balance of the county. At the eastern extremity are the Indian school buildings, a goodly village of themselves to all appearances.
   The population of Genoa is about twelve

hundred, exclusive of the inmates of the government school, and it comprises as respectable, intelligent and moral a community as may be found in any city in the land. Of churches, schools and societies we have our share, and will speak of them in their place.
   No town in the state has a better class of citizens than Genoa, a large per cent of whom are American born, while among our best citizens must be classed the few Swedes and Germans in our midst. Her business men are young, energetic and pushing, having put her where she stands today.



   Situated on the higher land above the Cedar River, and overlooking the beautiful Cedar Valley, which is one of the most fertile valleys of the west, Belgrade basks in her present prosperity, and looks serenely to a future that can bring her only


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