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Nance County



State Representative, 50th District


Member of Committee


Claims and



Member of Committee


Roads and



Republican Candidate for a Second Term

   My support is pledged in favor of Prohibition Amendment at the general election in November, and if the Amend-
ment prevails and I am elected to represent this district in next session of the Legis-

lature, I will use the best influence at my command in support of the necessary legis-
lation to make the purpose and intent of the Amendment effective.

  Author of the law requiring "a white post six inches in diameter, standing five feet above the level of the adjacent road" to be placed at each end of all bridges and culverts not having a conspicuous railing.

  Author of the new bridge law which encourages the building of permanent bridges and the labeling of the carrying capacity of all bridges, and repeals the old law under which every bridge in Nance County was an unlawful bridge.

   Author of the new Auto Registration Act, conceded to be one of the most important laws passed by the 1915 Legislature.
   The only member of claims committee to oppose and lead the opposition to illegal claims against the State, thereby saving the State from the payment of over $15,000 not justly due from the State.

   In favor of a state Highway Com-
mission and the building of permanent roads, and will insist upon Nance

County receiving its just proportion of any Federal or State appropriation for roads and bridges.

   In favor of economy in state; appropriations not inconsistent with good government and the best interest of the people of the State.

   I am highly appreciative of the honor of having been chosen Nance County's State Representative, and I am soliciting your support for a second term upon the merits of my record.

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