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Nance County

  To The Public      This souvenir edition containing the early history of Nance County, with pictures of public buildings, business houses and professional men, has been published for our readers and patrons, and to advertise the industries of our county.

     We also desire to increase our subscription list and want your co-operation.

     The News-Journal is the oldest paper in Nance County, the first issue appearing in 1879.

     Our policy has always been to assist with all our might in boosting our town and county and to publish the news so the outside world might know that we live in the best town in the state and that Fullerton has a bunch of live, progressive business men, as well as the most substantial farmers in the state of Nebraska.

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To Our Advertisers

     We desire to express our appreciation and sincere thanks to all persons and firms that have so liberally assisted us in making this Souvenir Edition a success by giving us their advertising, which is necessary in making a weekly paper possible and an edition like this a thing of beauty.

     We assure all merchants and patrons of the News-Journal that we will do all in our power to promote co-operation and arouse the principal of reciprocity among our readers and advocate the patronage of home trade.

     Again we thank you for your generous support.

H. BURTMAN, Editor and Publisher.


Mr. H. Burtman, who, on October last assumed control of the News-Journal. Mr. Burtman is a native of Boston, Mass., where he was born in 1880. In 1895 he went to New York and learned the printing trade. There he remained eight years, he left New York to hold a position when he had full charge of one of the largest printing plants of that city. In 1903 he went back to Boston, where he opened a printing establishment of his own and operated it for six years. In 1909 he concluded to go west, and came to Omaha, where he had relatives, and was connected with the World-Herald. In October, 1910, he made a contract with H. M. Kellogg to take the



formanship of the News-Journal, and remained in that position until October 1st, 1912, when he bought the News-Journal from Mr. Kellogg, and has ever since tried to give its readers their money's worth by putting out a newsy paper.

     Mr. Burtman will continue the policy under which the News-Journal has grown and progressed as heretofore, its constant aim being to serve the people and to stand always for the best interests of Fullerton and Nance county. The News-Journal, now the largest, circulates in Nance county, and will strive to keep it growing by giving its readers a clean newspaper in every sense that the term implies.


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