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C. N. Philbrick

Letter NANCE COUNTY territory was formerly the main hunting grounds and the final reservation of the Pawnee Indians in Nebraska. The Pawnees are one of the great mysteries of prehistoric America. Unlike other Indian tribes, they have no legendary history which identifies them with early occupants of other parts of the country. And their customs and traditions are unlike those of other tribes. They claim to have been created right where the palefaces found them and to have descended from the union of the morning star and the evening star. For nearly five hundred years these savage warriors are known to have offered annually the most beautiful young maiden of their race or of captive tribes as a sacrifice to their great ancestor, the evening star. Only a short time ago the sacred pit where these maidens were buried was found in the Indian Hill vicinity near the southwest corner of Nance County. The Skidi clan of the Pawnees were the only Indians in North America, north of the Rio Grande, who practiced human sacrifice.

   The Pawnees were first heard of through the Illinois, the name being of that language. Originally they were divided into four bands, the Tsawe (Grand Pawnees), Tskitkakish or Tapakawkees (Tapage Pawnees), Petoweras or Taoahowerats, and the Skere (Pawnee, Mahas, or Laups). The Pawnees were rather industrious and cultivated beans, corn, melons, etc.

   As early as 1840, near the present town of Fullerton, the county began to acquire an appearance of civilization, because missionaries appeared from time to time, and there were a few scattered settlers.

   There was a sort of treaty in 1832, by which a right of way was granted to immigrants on the south of where the Indians were supposed to have prior rights. The line was to be the Loup river, but of course there was no real supervision or control, so the Indians roamed more or less at will, though they did, in 1839, cross to the north of the Loup. Two bands made their villages south of the Cedar which at that time was known to them as "Willow Water."

   In July, 1843, some seven hundred Sioux attacked the Pawnees near Plum Creek, killing approximately seventy or eighty Pawnees. Immediately after the battle, the Pawnees left for their summer hunt and upon their return all four Pawnee tribes met at their village near the mouth of the Cedar river.

   Because of fear of the warlike Sioux tribes, a treaty was made on Aug. 6, 1848 with the four confederate bands of Pawnees then living on the south side of the Platte, but whose possessions were on the north side. By this treaty the Pawnees relinquished to the U. S. government all the land extending from Kearney to Grand Island and from the Platte river to the bluffs on the north. This was the last treaty made with the Pawnees until after the organization of the territory of Nebraska.

   Under a treaty dated Sept. 4, 1857, during the administration of President Buchanan, the Indians sold more of their lands and were given the tract comprising the present territory of Nance County.

   The first treaty of which there is any mention of the future Nance County was made in Table Creek (now a part of Nebraska City) on Sept. 24, 1857. That treaty ceded all of the Pawnee land in Nebraska except a small tract on the Loup, which was later to be sold for the benefit of the Indians. By an act of congress, April 10, 1876, provision was made for a survey and appraisal of these lands. The first sale of ceded land was the Pawnee reserve of Nance County. Some of the earliest purchasers of this land were Brad Slaughter, James S. and V. S. Hoy, Edwin D. Gould, Fayette M. LaGrange, Joseph A. Edgington, Thomas Titterington, James Bone, Arlineus Brower, Joseph W. McClelland, John Reimers, Alonzo Thompson, Chauncey Wiltse, John B. and Wolfgang Schmidt and many others.

   A personal letter from William E. Walton, who established a trading post at Genoa in 1870, states he sold the business to Stacy Matlock in 1873 and was appointed to take a census of the Pawnees and found there were 2,400 of them. Walton's letter also says Nels Skooge had worked for him in his business and when pay day came, Skooge supposed he would get all his wages. Walton, however, declared, "Any man who worked for me must live on 90-cent dollars." Skooge disliked the idea at first, but by following that practice consistently, he accumulated a fortune.

   In November, 1874, approximately two thirds of the Pawnees left for their new reservation in the Indian territory, and the remainder of the tribe joined them in 1875. The Indians were permitted to stay for nineteen years in their Nebraska reservation, according to the treaty.

   The first settlement made in Nance County was in 1857 by a colony of Mormons led by H. J.


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Judson. (sic*) In all there were one hundred families. In the fall they constructed cabins and dugouts for winter and in the spring the land was surveyed and allotments made. In 1869 the Pawnees arrived to take possession of their reservations. During the three succeeding years, the Mormons attempted to remain and hold their possessions, but the numerous struggles between the Sioux and Pawnees kept them in constant jeopardy and in 1863 they broke up and scattered.

   In 1879 the legislature provided for organization of the Pawnee reservation into Nance County. on June 16 Governor Albinus Nance, for whom the county was named designated Orisen E. Stearns, George McCheneny and J. W. Whitney as special commissioners, with D. Eager, special county clerk, for the work of effecting permanent organization. Fullerton. which was only a system of streets marked by stakes, was named temporary county seat. Randall Fuller, one of the first buyers of reservation land, is reported to have erected a building in the town about this time.

   Mr. Fuller owned the land at that time and of course wanted the county seat located there. He offered to donate sixty acres of land to the county for an addition to Fullerton, if it would be the county seat. This was done, and the county sold lots to raise money to build the courthouse. This later burned and a new one was built in 1894.

   Nance County is located near the center of the state. It is about fifteen miles in width, and thirty miles in length, and contains some 280,000 acres of land.

   The county is traversed from west to east by the Loup and from north to south by the Cedar and Beaver rivers. Numerous smaller streams, the greater number of which are dry, are the Skeedee, Cottonwood, Horse, Plum, Council, Timber and Ash creeks.

   The surface varies from smooth, level valley and table lands, to rolling prairies, rugged hills and abrupt bluffs. At one time a large amount of timber grew along the rivers, but the early settlers "borrowed" it from the government and the loan has never been repaid. Little is now left but the cottonwood and willow trees which skirt the banks of the larger streams.

   The first Nance County election was held Tuesday, Nov. 4, 1879. On Jan. 13, 1880, the special commissioners reported R. R. Warn had been elected county commissioner for a one year term, Henry Ruby for two years, and Thomas F. Miller for three years, and J. W. Reynolds had been elected county clerk. Other officers were S. L. Sturtevant, county treasurer; W. H. Bone, sheriff; M. L. Lindsay, county judge; Dan Barker, superintendent; G. H. Haskins, surveyor; J. W. Reynolds, clerk of the district court; Edgar Tiffany and Andrew Erickson, justices of the peace; Stephen Roberts and L. A. Thompson, constables; Lewis Thompson, assessor and Erick Nelson, overseer of highways.

   Nance County's first educational project was a government school for the Pawnees.

   In 1863 the government decided to educate the youthful Pawnees in the arts and sciences of civilization, and the following year a contract was let to Joseph P. Becker (later of Columbus) at $30,000. The school was established in 1884, near Genoa and at that time consisted of a single building. Since then extensive improvements were made from time to time until there were seven large brick buildings occupied by the shops and classrooms and many little braves were taught the methods and manners of civilization.

   The institution was essentially of an industrial character with half of the time being devoted to the usual school curriculum and the balance to acquiring some useful knowledge of everyday life. The boys were taught farming, gardening, carpentering, blacksmithing, painting, tailoring, printing, harness making, and shoe making, while the girls were taught sewing, cooking, housekeeping and laundry work. Each department was under the charge of a competent instructor, who had made a special study of that particular trade or calling. The buildings were heated by steam as well as lighted by electricity from a plant operated by the school.

   In 1902, Dr. W. H. Winslow was superintendent of the school. He was followed by Sam B. Davis, who was superintendent until the institution was discontinued in 1932 or 1933. In 1913 the enrollment was nearly four hundred, with a magnificent plant of thirty one buildings. More than $50,000 worth of buildings were erected that year. The Indian school property is now used as an overflow "farm" for paroled prisoners from state institutions.

   The public school history of Nance county began in 1879. In September of that year the first school meeting was held in front of the old Pawnee land office in Fullerton. Those present were Slaughter, Tiffany, Dresser, Noah Judson, Hosea Judson, Rev. R. G. Adams and Jacob Smith. Arrangements were made whereby Hosea Judson agreed to build a school house, on condition that Fuller and Slaughter donate the lot. This was done, and a house was constructed which has long since been removed. Miss Cora Judson, now Mrs. Charles Hinshilwood, was engaged at a salary of $2.00 per scholar for the term to teach the school.

   In 1880 the first school, with eighty four pupils, was held in a building on the block south of the court house and owned by O. E. Stearns. The district was changed soon after to form "Shady Nook," Dist. 2, a rural school near Genoa. The first record of money being apportioned to this district was in August 1880. Genoa school Dist. 3 was organized in December 1870. Dist. 4, near Palmer was formed in December 1879, and Belgrade, Dist. 8, was organized the next year.

   Nebraska Wesleyan University was organized in Osceola in 1879, and in 1881 was moved to Fuller-


*Surname should be HUDSON.


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ton. Randall Fuller donated ten acres of land for a location. It was a beautiful site, overlooking Fullerton and the surrounding Loup and Cedar valleys.

   The building was erected, and school opened Oct. 13, 1881. The faculty consisted of J. J. Fleharty, president; Miss Lillian White, George W. Crozier, George B. Holt, W. J. Pyle, Miss Josie Newman, 0. D. Fitch, Miss Flora Smith and Mrs. Delia T. Merkley. The university was later moved to Lincoln, where it is now in operation. The university building, however, still stands in Fullerton.

   The Methodist Church was organized in 1879 by Rev. R. G. Adams. It was the first church in Fullerton, and some of those who assisted in the organization were Mrs. Brad D. Slaughter, Mrs. Martha Reynolds, Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. 0. E. Stearns, R. G. Adams and Mrs. Phillips. Rev. R. G. Adams, the first pastor, preached one year and was succeeded by Rev. R. B. Wilson, who also preached a year. Rev. J. J. Fleharty, president of the Nebraska Wesleyan University, then took up the pastor's duties at which time services were held in the university chapel.

   The Presbyterian Church was organized Aug. 27, 1882. The first meeting was held in the university chapel. Rev. George L. Little preached and acted as moderator of the meeting. John Paton and J. S. Shuck were the first elders of the church. The first pastor was Rev. J. C. Irwin of Cedarville, Ill., who was installed as pastor Oct. 11, 1885.

   The Fullerton Evangelical Church was organized in the summer of 1899 with a membership of nine, by Rev. L. G. Brooker, missionary and conference evangelist. It was made a part of the Nebraska conference during the session held at Blue Springs in 1900. The present church was erected in 1900 and was dedicated on July 8 of that year by Bishop Rudolf Dubas. Rev. L. G. Brooker was assisted in the pastoral work by Mary V. Hall. In 1900 Rev. A. Essley became the first appointed pastor.

   Some of the first Catholics to settle in this section of Nance County were Hartley Lamb, Phil Kaveny, John Powers and John Tallon. The first priests to attend the few scattered Catholics were pastors at Columbus, Father Boniface and Father Flood, about 1885. From that date to 1895, they ministered to a little mission church at Fullerton, assisted by Father Pat O'Reilly, A. Walbaurn and Father Delfosse, residing at Albion, and by Father John Hayes, Pastor O'Conner and Jules Devos. The present pastor at Cedar Rapids, Father G. Vermullen, was afterward appointed to hold regular services at Fullerton from 1900 to 1913. The parish was then organized into a self supporting unit with Father Weise as its first pastor, in June, 1913. Mission records show purchase of land for present cemetery was made in 1891.

   The Union Pacific railroad was built as far as Genoa in 1881, but was not extended to Fullerton until 1884. Bonds in the amount of $17,000 were voted as an inducement to have the railroad built south of the Cedar river to Fullerton. There was some question as to the legality of the bonds and W. F. Critchfield, an attorney, set out to prove their illegality. The bonds were repudiated.

   No history of Nance County would be complete without mentioning the tragic death of Horse Creek's five residents, which was reported by T. F. Miller the morning of Oct. 3, 1884. Dr. Smith, coroner, and Sheriff Zibble with a large number of citizens went to the scene about twelve miles west of Fullerton.

   Mr. Percival had been found, shot through the body, near a hay stack. His wife and little daughter were in bed, the mother shot through the neck and the daughter through the head. A short way from the Percival home, the body of Hugh Meyer, with whom George Fernival had lived, was found in his bed. He, too, had been shot.

   The next day the body of H. A. G. Baird, who had lived near some of the victims, was discovered about three hundred yards from the house where Meyer was found dead. The man suspected as the murderer disappeared, supposedly going to Council Bluffs and then south. Later it was reported he had been seen in Texas. An investigation could not prove the correctness of the rumor and no further attempt was made to solve the mystery.

   The Nance County Journal was the first paper in the county. The first issue appeared in October 1879, and was published by A. E. Verity. In 1880 J. K. Calkins bought a half interest and in January 1881, J. F. Bixby bought the other half. Later A. L. Bixby purchased Calkins' interest and the firm was known as Bixby Brothers. The paper was sold later to M. H. Barber who ran it until about 1896. At this time the paper's name was changed to the Fullerton News Journal and was edited by H. Burtman.

   The Telescope, a weekly paper, was edited by J. S. Shuck. The first issue appeared March 14, 1884, and it ran until Feb. 25, 1887. it was then discontinued.

   The Genoa Leader was edited for many years by Fred Young, and the Genoa Times by Dan Brewer. John Teserek purchased the Leader and later consolidated it with the Times to form the Leader Times, which he publishes at present.

   J. W. Tanner was one of the organizers of the Fullerton Post, the first Democratic newspaper in Nance County, which appeared June 8, 1888. Mr. Tanner sold his interest in the Post in 1902, and the paper then appeared under the management of Dopf & Taylor. This paper was afterward sold to Wolfgang Schmidt. In September 1928, the two papers were consolidated by W. H. Plourd under the name Nance County Journal.


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   The Fullerton Electric Light & Power Company began operations in 1903, having been started by I. I. Bennett and Thomas Lee. A water power plant was built east of town on the Cedar river and was used until 1906. The entire system was purchased by W. P. Hatten, S. F. Rolph and A. H. Ellsworth who operated it for a short time, when it was sold to C. J. and Frank G. Arnold. Soon after the business was purchased by Arnold, he arranged with the owners of the Fullerton Mill & Elevator Company to take over their water power development and furnish them power for the mill. In 1911, C. N. Philbrick purchased the electric business and ran it until 1916 when it was sold to the present owners. Philbrick continued to manage the business until the present water power plant was built in 1923. Between 1916 and 1923 the Fullerton property was connected by transmission lines to Genoa, Belgrade, St. Edward, Central City and other towns. The Genoa municipal electric light property as well as the St. Edward and Belgrade plants were purchased and now form part of the electric system.

   The exact date of the Fullerton Mill and Elevator Company's organization is unknown but its experiences were varied from success to wash outs--the mill was once undermined and fell into the river--it burned in 1914, and was then discontinued. J. N. Campbell was secretary and manager at the time of the fire.

   In August 1932, a "homecoming" for all Nance County was held with one day special programs at Genoa, Belgrade and Fullerton. Several thousand former Nance County residents attended the entire period. National recognition of the movement was given in the press.

   The Fullerton State Bank under the management of eleven directors was organized June 1, 1882. It is not known now when this bank discontinued business. The Citizens State Bank exact date of organization unknown, was formed with the following officers: E. B. Gould, Fayette LaGrange and W. Barr. It continued to operate until 1895 or 1896.

   The First National Bank was organized on May 1, 1881. It was the first bank in the county and was known as the "Nance County Bank. Chauncey Wiltse (formerly of Grand Island) was the founder and Brad Slaughter, A. S. Austin, M. S. Lindsay, John Paton and George Hait were associated with him. The bank was reorganized as a national bank on April 10, 1883. The building where the bank is now housed was built in 1891 and the institution has been continuously located there.

   The Fullerton National Bank was organized in 1900. M. I. Brower was elected president, A. R. Miller, cashier. The bank has continued as a sound banking institution ever since it was organized.

   The first Nance County fair was organized in 1886 with grounds east and south of Fullerton. It was held on what was known as the "Woodline" farm. It is not clear who the first officers were, but the best information is that E. B. Gould was president. Tom Miller, E. M. LaGrange, Bill Jones, and N. B. S. Odell acted as directors. Woodline farm was used for producing fast horses, and many notable trotting and pacing animals were sired there. The fair continued with considerable success until 1895.

   After closing of the fair in 1895, Nance County had no activity along that line until September 1920. At an organization meeting May 25, 1919, arrangements were made to purchase enough land for the purpose. Sam B. Davis of Genoa was elected president, and Alfred Olson, vice president. Economic conditions forced the fair to close after the 1933 exhibition, and the buildings and equipment were moved to the present location on North Broadway in 1935. Since that time the fair has. been an annual event.

   On Feb. 13, 1938, members of the St. Peter Parish of Fullerton organized a "Cow Club." Its purpose is to improve stock and agricultural methods. A new building on the church lots will provide better facilities for the movement.

   ANDERSON, ARTHUR EYMAN: Retired; b Macon Co, Ill Sept 20, 1861; s of Samuel H Anderson-Nancy Caroline Eyman; ed Decatur Ill HS; Butler U, Indianapolis Ind; U of N, BA 1888; Phi Delta Theta, m Harriet Robbins June 4, 1889 Mills Co Ia; s Lewis Robbins, Charles H, Ralph Earl, Arthur Eyman Jr; 1882-92 cash, Genoa State Bank; 1893-1924 farmed, Nance Co; 1924- ret; past mbr sch bd; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, literature; res Genoa.

   ANDERSON, LOTTIE MICKS: Osteopath; b Lexington, Mich; d of Philemon S Micks-Clara Louise Stewart; ed Alliston Ontario, Canada HS; Still Coll of Osteopathy, Des Moines, DO 1905; grad work Mercy Hosp, St Joseph Mo; Still Coll of Osteopathy 1906; Kirksville Mo Coll of Osteopathy 1928; m Peter S Anderson June 25, 1903 Omaha: s Merle M, Dr Carroll S; Harlan B; 1906 selected asst at Los Angeles Coll of Osteopathy; 1906-09 osteopath, San Jose Cal; 1909-11 osteopath Cedar Rapids; 1911- osteopathic physician & surg, Fullerton; past mbr Neb & Amer Osteopathic Assns; NE Neb Dist Osteopathic Assn: author of article in Osteopathic Profession magazine Dec 1938; RNA mbr & phys; Civic Improvement Club; Presby Ch; res Fullerton.

   ARNOLD, FRANK G: Real Estate & Insurance Dealer; b Scotia, Neb Sept 21, 1884; s of Charles Jacob Arnold-Mary Urban; ed Scotia HS 1902; Boyles Bus Coll, Omaha 1904; m Effie Diers Oct 30, 1906 Fullerton; 1902-06 in coal & grain bus, Fullerton; 1906-10 power & light bus; 1911- real eat & ins bus; 1932- pres Neb Fedn of Co Taxpayers Leagues; mayor 1 year; AF&AM 89; Comm Club; Presby Ch; Indep; hobbies, fishing, golf; res Fullerton.

   ATKINS, ALLEN B: County Treasurer: b Genoa, Neb Jan 16, 1900; s of John W Atkins-Lora E Gregg; ed Genoa HS; LBC; m Geraldine Sattler June 4, 1932 Central City;



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s Robert Allen: d Ruth Alice; 1918-20 with Spear Store, Genoa; 1923-31 Nance Co dep clk; 1931- Nance CO treas; AF&AM, past master; MWA; Neb Assn of Co Treas; Lions; Comm Club; mbr vol fire dept; 1928-36 BSA scoutmaster; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, golf; off Courthouse; res Fullerton.

   BAKE, CLARENCE F: Real Estate & Insurance Agent; b Fullerton, Neb Nov 1, 1887; s of Cyrus Franklin Bake-Rebecca M Smith; ed Fullerton HS: m Willmoth 0 Pancoast June 22, 1915 Fullerton; s Franklin Theodore, John Charles, Volcott Dwight; d Willmoth Lucille; 1907-18 cigar mfr, Fullerton; 1914- real est & ins dlr; KP: Comm Club; FOE 1981; Presby Ch: Indep; hobby, hunting; parents settled in Nance Co 1881, started present ins & real est bus; off C F Bake Agcy; res Fullerton.

   BALDRIDGE, WILLIS A: Baker; b Centralia, III Jan 30, 1880; s of Joseph R Baldridge-Mary Copple; ed Fullerton HS; m Pearl Barber May 12, 1901 Fullerton: s Joseph R; d Margaret Edith; 1906- bakery opr Fullerton; during Sp-Amer War enl May 1898, regimental band, Co L disch Feb 1899; AF&AM 151; WOW: Columbus Camp of USWV; Meth Ch; Rep: hobby, music; res Fullerton.

   BARNES, MRS JOSEPHINE SHUTE: Homemaker; b at Warren, III; d of Benjamin Harvey Shute-Henrietta Evans; ed at Coon Rapids Ia HS 1891; Lucy Wheelock Kindergarten Training Sch, Boston; Amer Conservatory of Music under Karleton Hackett, Chicago; m James Dudley Barnes1, June 26, 1907 Coon Rapids Ia; d Henrietta Josephine; pres PEO; chmn lib bd; OES 191; DAR; Presby Ch, past dir of choir; Rep; hobby, music; res Fullerton.

1James Dudley Barnes (dec 1939) was born Jan 17, 1874 Idaville Ind; s of Alexander Barnes-Elizabeth J Nutt; came to Nance Co 1886; ent the drug bus as ptr of R A McMillan, Genoa in 1894; pur his store in Fullerton in 1900 which he operated until death, was VP of Neb Pharm Assn, pres Lions & past pres Golf Assn also secy Nance Co ARC; he was a Mason & belonged to the Presbyterian Ch.

   BARTLETT, GROVER WILLIS: Physician & Surgeon; b Marcus, Ia Aug 11, 1877; s of David Bartlett-Anne Bell; ed Scribner HS; Omaha Med Coll, MD 1900; m Mabel Mae Rave Nov 2, 1921 Sioux City Ia; s Arthur David, Grover Jr; 1900-24 prac med, Scribner; 1924-34 prac med, Primrose: 1934- prac med, Belgrade; Meth Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Belgrade.

   BATTLES, STUART A: Farmer; b Genoa, Neb July 15, 1901; s of Stephen T Battles-Elizabeth L Irwin; ed Genoa HS; U of N; m Mae A Olson June 26, 1930 Genoa; s Richard S: 1919- farmer, Nance Co; AF&AM 125; mbr Nance Co Soil Conservation Com; Congl Ch; Rep; res Genoa.

   BITNER, JACOB R: Superintendent of Schools; b Colby, Kas Nov 7, 1890; s of Daniel N Bitner-Catherine Snyder; ed Hastings Coll Acad; Hastings Coll, BSc 1919; U of N, MSc 1933; Phi Delta Kappa; m Dr Mary J Sheldon Aug 5, 1925 Rutland Vt; s Daniel Sheldon; d Mary Jaque; 1919-20 supt of schs, Kenesaw; :1923-24 HS instr, Grand Island; 1924-supt of schs, Fullerton; AF&AM; Lions, past pres & dist gov 1935: Neb Schoolmaster's Club; past pres; NSTA, past pres. & treas; pres Neb HS Activities Assn; Amer Leg, sr vice comm; Presby Ch; hobby, golf; res Fullerton.

   BLACK, EVERETT M: Banker; b Dodge Co, Neb May 28, 1896; s of Ira C. Black-Lillie M Rendall; ed Fullerton HS 1914; m Ina Hotchkiss Oct 12, 1920 Shelby (dec Apr 1927); s James I; d Ethel Patricia; m Dilla Fitzgerald Apr 22, 1932 Fullerton; 1916-26 with First Natl Bank, Fullerton; 1926-27 in groc bus, Bowman & Black, Fullerton; 1928- cash First Natl Bank, Fullerton; during World War enl Dec 1917, in France with 35th div, 129th machine gun batt, disch May 1919; Amer Leg, past adjt & comm; Neb Bankers Assn; pres Comm Club; city clk; secy Nance Co Fair Assn; committeeman for BSA troop 151; Golf Club; AF&AM 89; FOE 1981; Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, hunting, golf; res Fullerton.

   BOSAK, FRANK J: Machinist; b Poland Feb 14, 1886; s of Mike Bosak-___ Madej; m Helen Knopik Dec, 1909 Fullerton; s Charles, Edward, August, Walter, Fred, Jerry; d Emmelia (Mrs L Peters), Edna, Dorothy, Dolores; 1904-19 farmer, Nance Co; 1919- opr of machine shop, Fullerton; past mbr sch bd; Neb Blacksmiths & Welders Assn; Cath Ch; Dem; hobby, farming; res Fullerton.

   BOWMAN, GEORGE R: Merchant; b Plattsmouth, Neb Jan 3, 1893; s of Clinton A Bowman-Algetha Browder; ed Albion: m Lillie Marie Hutchinson May 22, 1917 Albion; s Robert George; 1906-15 with W B Martin, Albion; 1915-17 in groc bus, Albion; 1917-29 with Penny & Son, Fullerton; 1929- in groc bus, Fullerton; Comm Club; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, livestock, res Fullerton.

   BROWER, ROBERT C: Attorney; b Fullerton, Neb Oct 12, 1896; s of Martin I Brower-Ella L Clark; ed Fullerton HS 1914; U of N 1914-17; U of Mich LLB 1919; Phi Alpha Delta; m Lenore Heyrock May 19, 1923 Billings Mont; s John M, Thomas D; d Helen J; 1920-22 prac law, Kalispell Mont; 1922- prac law, Fullerton; Comm Club; Lions; Nance Co & Neb St Bar Assns; FOE 1941; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies gardening, fishing; res Fullerton.

   BROWN, FRANCIS J: Dentist; b Genoa, Neb Aug 11, 1905; s of Michael Brown-Anna Clarke; ed Fullerton HS 1923; U of N, DDS 1928; Delta Sigma Delta; m Helen Tilden July 8, 1927 Glenwood Ia; d Meredith Ann; 1928-35 dentist, Oxford; 1935- dentist, Genoa; Central Neb Dental Soc; NE Dist Dental Soc; Neb St, & ADA; Lions; Congl Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Genoa.

   BURKE, EDWARD L JR: Stockman; b Kentfield, Cal June 12, 1902; s of Edward L Burke-Mary D Stearns; ed Taft Sch, Watertown Conn; Yale U, BA 1926; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Elihu Club; m Eloise Grossnicklaus Apr 4, 1936 Fullerton; s Edward L Burke III; 1926-28 with Kent & Burke Co; 1928- mgr Kent & Burke Co, Genoa; dir Genoa Natl Bank; Amer Natl Livestock Assn; Omaha Club; AF&AM; Lions; Episc Ch; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Genoa.

   CHRISTENSEN, CLARENCE EMIL: Merchant; b Platte Co, Neb Dec 15, 1900; s of John Christensen-Dora Michaelson; ed Genoa; m Mae Hanson June 20, 1934 Columbus: s Richard Elvin, Gale Emil; 1927-28 with Atwater Construction Co, Genoa; 1928-36 with Farmers Store; 1936- ptr in C-K Groc; Lions; coun MWA; KP, chancellor comm; Meth Ch; indep; hobbies, hunting, fishing, golfing; res Genoa.

   COPPLE, PLENNA REUBEN: Dentist: b Clinton Co, III July 29, 1876; s of Charles Copple-Lucy Melvina Jackson; ed Nance Co; Anderson Ind Normal; Northwestern U, DDS 1902: Delta Sigma Delta; m Goldie Grace Tranbarger Sept 10, 1902 Anderson Ind; 1897-98 tchr, Nance Co; 1902 dentist, Greeley; 1902-04 dentist, Central City; 1904-06 dentist, Gas Kas; 1906- dentist, Fullerton; Comm Club; AF&AM 89. past master; OES: mbr lib bd, past secy; mbr vol fire dept: Lions, past secy; MWA, past camp clk; Neb St & ADA; Meth Ch: Rep; hobby, flowers; off National Bank Bldg; res Fullerton.

   DOPF, BOB: Publisher, b Rockport, Mo July 28, 1882; s of John D Dopf-Mary Burnett; ed Rockport Mo HS; m Ida Mae Ludington June 19, 1909 Fullerton; s Robert Stewart, Donald Pershing; d Marjorie Theo; prior to 1905 worked on Atchison Co Journal, Rockport Mo; 1905-07 opr of restaurant, Rockport Mo: 1907-09 worked on Fullerton Post; 1909- editor & publisher Belgrade Herald; AF&AM past master; past mbr town bd; past chmn sch bd; ch mbr vol fire dept; Rep; hobbies, fishing, gardening; res Belgrade.

   FONDA, GLEN C: Dentist; b Genoa, Neb Feb 9, 1901; s of Harry E Fonda-Nannie Patterson; ed Osceola; Creighton U. DDS 1924; Delta Sigma Delta; m Marjorie Snider May 31, 1924 Council Bluffs Ia: d Margaret E; 1924-28 dentist, Belgrade; 1928- dentist, Fullerton: Comm Club; mbr bd of edn; pres E Central Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; FOE; Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Fullerton.

   HEAL, LOUIS W: Theater Owner: b Seward Co, Neb Jan 10, 1880; s of William Heal-Mary Charlotte Bock; ed Seward CO; m Clara J Shuck June 28, 1920 Superior: d Joy Jeannette, Helen Lillian, Mary Lou: 1906-17 with T B Hord Grain CO: 1917-34 opr of Sterling & Empress theaters, Superior; 1934-38 opr of Pastime theater Ravenna; 1938- opr of. Royal theater, Fullerton; Comm Club; Prot; Rep; res Fullerton.

   HYATT, RALPH S: District Manager Light & Power Co; b Fremont, Neb Dec 12, 1893; s of John W Hyatt-Sadie Stewart; ed University Place HS 1911; U of N, BSc 1915; m Margaret Kulla Dec 22, 1914 Lincoln: s Robert Stanley; d Virginia; 1915-16 city water & light commr, University Place; 1918-24 VP & gen mgr Cornell Hydro Electric Co. Valentine; 1924- dist mgr Ia-Neb Light & Power Co, Fullerton; Lions, past pres; AF&AM 227; Comm Club: Presby Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; res Fullerton.


In Nebraska


   JOHNSON, ADLAI G: Superintendent of Schools: b Abrams, Wis June 30, 1892: s of E J Johnson-Myrtie E Richer: ed Anselmo HS; WSTC; U of N, BA 1924, MA 1928; Phi Delta Kappa; m Ethel M Garwood June 30, 1922 Casper Wyo; s Doyle E, Herbert T: d Betty Lou, Darrell I; 1919-22 supt of schs, Newcastle; 1924-25 tchr. U of N; 1925- supt of schs, Genoa; during World War enl May 1917, 2nd inf Co D, disch Nov 1918; Amer Leg; NEA; NSTA; AF&AM; Dem: hobby, gardening; res Genoa.

   JOHNSON, AUGUST R: County Sheriff; b LaCrosse Co, Wis Apr 6, 1873; s of Mathias Johnson-Daarde Knudson: ed Nance Co; m Iva Robertson June 18, 1907 Oakland, Cal: s George Stanley, Hollis Mathias, Norris Wilfred; d Viola Marie; 1909-19 farmer, Nance Co; 1919-25 with Continental Oil Co, Nance Co; 1926- Nance Co sheriff; FOE; Neb Sheriff & Peace Ofcrs Assn; Meth Ch; Rep: hobby, travel; off Courthouse; res Fullerton.

   KELLOGG, WILBUR R: County clerk; b Clarks, Neb Oct 2, 1893; s of Sheridan R Kellogg-Irene E Wetherell; ed Fullerton HS; m Alice H Helms June 28, 1916 Central City; s Wilbur Raymond, Ronald Edward; d Doris Rosalie, Bethel Lorraine Joyce Joan, Janice Elaine; 1910-18 worked in printing offs, Broken Bow, Albion & Gering; 1918-34 farmer, Nance Co; 1934- Nance Co clk; Comm Club; Farmers Union; Neb Assn of Co Commrs, Co Clerks, Co Registers of Deeds & Co Highway Commrs; Central Neb Co Ofcrs Assn,, Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, gardening; off Courthouse; res Fullerton.

   KEMP, JAMES H: Attorney: b Shenandoah Valley, Va Oct 6, 1871: s of Thomas J Kemp-Elizabeth Kibler; ed Luray Va HS; William & Mary Coll 1891; U of N, LLB 1898; m Nellie Orton June 15, 1909 Fullerton; 1898- prac law, Fullerton; Neb St & Amer Bar Assns: Nance Co atty 2 terms; former Neb sen, pres of sen 1913; past mbr sch bd; VP First Natl Bank; Neb St Hist Soc; Lions: AF&AM 151; OES; Presby Ch: Rep; hobby, golf; off Kemp & Brower. Attys; res Fullerton.

   KENNER, WALTER V: Banker: b Utica, Neb May 16, 1887; s of C A Kenner-Etta Cheyney: ed Central HS Omaha 1905; U of N, BA 1909, LLB 1911; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Phi; m Ethel I Green Jan 1, 1916 Genoa: d Virginia, Gladys, Shirley: 1911-12 prac law, Omaha; 1914-18 in mfg bus, Omaha; 1918-39 VP First Natl Bank, Genoa: 1939- VP Genoa Natl Bank; Neb St Bar Assn; pres sch bd: AF&AM; Meth Ch: Rep; res Genoa.

   KING, HENRY E: Physician; b McDonough Co, Ill Sept 21, 1875; s of Samuel P King-Zerilda D Paugh; ed Bushnell III; Western Normal Coll Bushnell Ill 1894-96; Creighton U. MD 1903; m Myrtle Bratt Nov 30, 1906 Genoa; d Frances (Mrs Herman Weigle), Elizabeth; 1904-14 prac med. Genoa; 1914-27 prac med, Belgrade; 1927- prac med, Fullerton; during World War enl June 15, 1917, MOTC Camp Funston Kas, enl as lt promoted to maj, disch Feb 15, 1919; Amer Leg; Nance Co Med Soc; Neb St & AMA: Lions; Comm Club; Prot; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Fullerton.

   KNOWLES, MUNSON L: Auto Dealer; b Knoxville, Ia Dec 31, 1872; s of James W Knowles-Frances Carder; ed Emerson Ia HS; Tabor Ia Coll, 1890; m Jessie Scarlett Sept 23, 1896 Fullerton; s Leonard F, Theodore T; d Ina May (Mrs Frank E Newman); 1891-1906 farmed, Nance & Burt Cos; 1906-15 in harness bus, Fullerton; 1916-18 in hdw bus, Fullerton: 1917- auto dlr; 1923- Chevrolet dlr; IOOF; Presby Ch: Rep; hobby, autos; res Fullerton.

   KRAUSE, HAROLD P: Merchant; b Albion, Neb June 10, 1891; s of P A Krause-Carrie Louise Faulkner; ed Albion HS 1910: U of N 1910-14: Kappa Sigma; m Vivian B Brengle June 4, 1921 Perry Okla; s Harold Paul Jr; d Betty Jean; 1915-18 with Lee Kountz Hdw Co, Omaha; 1919-21 homesteaded in Wyo; 1919- mgr P A Krause & Sons, Fullerton; during World War enl May 1918 in 338th field arty, 88th div, disch Jan, 1919; Amer Leg, past co comm; past pres & secy Lions; mbr city coun; BSA troop com, pres; AF&AM 78; Comm Club; Episc Ch; Rep; hobbles, golf, hunting; res Fullerton.

   KREIDLER, JESSIE G: County Superintendent of Schools: b Denison, Ia Feb 17, 1885; d of Wilber H Kreidler-Nancy Gertrude Landon: ed Fullerton; U of N 1906-07; PSTC 1907; KSTC 1910, 1923 & 1926; Alpha Omicron Pi; 1904-06 tchr, Nance Co; 1908-13, 1919 tchr Fullerton city schs; 1913- 14 tchr city schs, Lincoln; 1914-17, 1921-27 tchr, Nance Co; 5 mos in 1925 tchr, Merrick Co: 1927- Nance Co supt of schs; OES 191; NSTA; NEA; Natl Geographic Soc; past mbr DAR; past mbr Pythian Sisters; Womens Civic Club; Music & Drama Club; Womens Bus Club; Presby Ch; Rep; hobbles, stamp collecting, travel: off Courthouse; res Fullerton.

   KREMER, LEWIS G: Furniture Dealer & Undertaker; b Millerstown, Penn Aug 24, 1878; s of W F Kremer-Virginia Aldrich; ed Fullerton; Hastings Coll; Omaha Med Coll; Northwestern U; m Emma Palmer 1908 Fullerton: d Gertrude Emma, Lois Helen; 1908-10 Nance Co dep treas; 1910- furn dlr & funeral dir, Fullerton; during Sp-Amer War enI May 1898 Co I, disch July, 1899; AF&AM; Lions; Fullerton Golf Assn; Presby Ch; hobby, golf; res Fullerton.

   KUDSK, LARS: Lumberman; b Gjern, Denmark Jan 17, 1904; s of Jens Kudsk-Elizabeth Peterson; ed Gjern, Denmark; m Bernice LeMasters July 24, 1934 Albion; s James, Gerald Lee, Neal Lars; came to US in 1926; 1931- with Cedar Valley Lbr Co, Fullerton, became mgr 1935; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; FOE 1981; AF&AM 89; Danish Brotherhood; Comm Club; Presby Ch; Dem; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Fullerton.

   LAWSON, ALBERT G: Ford Dealer; b Platte Co, Neb Apr 1, 1887; s of John H Lawson-Carrie B Nelson; ed Platte Co: LBC 1911; m Harriet Bratt Apr 20, 1919 Omaha; s Edwin Bratt; d Anna Jeanne; 1911-13 worked in Hargreaves Whol Co, Lincoln; 1913-14 emp in retail store, Genoa; 1914- Ford dIr; mbr sch bd; Neb Auto Dlrs Assn; Lions; Dem; hobby, travel; res Genoa.

   LEACH, MELVILLE C: Merchant: b Red Oak, Ia Dec 28. 1887; s of Matt Leach-Hannah Beaty; ed Fullerton HS; m Minnie Scriven June 26, 1913, Omaha; 1913-24 with Penny & Bryson, Fullerton: 1924-34 traveling salesman for Fairbanks-Morse in Neb; 1934- opr Gamble Store, Fullerton; KP; Comm Club; Presby Ch; Indep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Fullerton.

   LEININGER, GEORGE S: Lumberman; b Mercer Co, 0 Sept 18, 1871; s of Henry Leininger-Margaret Meyer; ed Mercer Co 0: Grand Island Bus Coll 1895; m Ethel Burns June 27, 1900 Ansley; s Harold B, Donald M, Forrest G, Vance E; 1892-96 sch tchr; 1896-1900 Sherman Co supt of schs; 1902 in grain bus, Smithland Kas; 1903-11 in lbr bus, Loup City: 1911-17 In lbr bus, Gordon; 1917- in lbr bus, Fullerton; Neb Lbr Mchts Assn; mbr bd of edn 5 years, Gordon, 13 years Fullerton; mbr city coun 4 years; AF&AM 89; Lions: Presby Ch, elder: Dem; hobby, gardening: res Fullerton.

   McDERMOTT, KENNETH F: Physician; b Calloway, Neb Feb 10, 1907; s of W C McDermott-Pearl Stewart; ed Grand Island HS 1926; Creighton U 1927-29; Omaha U, BA 1931; U of N, MD 1935; Phi Beta Pi; m Louise Heusinger Nov 27, 1925 Grand Island; d Gloria Louise: 1935-36 interne in Douglas Co hosp; 1936- prac med, Fullerton; Comm Club, dir: Nance Co, Platte-Loup Valley. & Tri-County Med Socs; Neb St'& AMA; AF&AM 89; Meth Ch; Rep: hobby, photography: res Fullerton.

   MATTEA, LOUIS A: Merchant: b Nance Co, Neb Dec 15, 1894: s of Mike Mattea-Bernice Knopick; ed Nance Co, Grand Island Bus Coll; 1913-23 farmer in Nance & Boone Cos; 1923- opr accessory store, Fullerton; during World War enl July 1917, in MTD, disch May, 1918; Amer Leg 151, past secy; FOE; KC; Cath Ch; Dem: hobbies, hunting, fishing, aviation; res Fullerton.

   MOON, WILBUR E: Merchant: b Independence, Kas Mar 29, 1890; s of Silas S Moon-Margaret J Harding: ed Adams Co Washington; Ritzville Washington HS; m Sadie Morgan Feb 29, 1916 Spokane Wash: s Glenn Wilbur, Dale Edward; prior to 1929 jeweler, Pullman. Wash; 1928-33 worked with Amer Auto Assn, Spokane Wash; 1933- in groc & meat bus, Belgrade; Neb Retail Groc & Meat DIrs Assn; BSA chmn; past mbr sch bd; jr warden AF&AM 269; Prot-, Rep; res Belgrade.

   NEWTON, RAYMOND A: Physician., b Stamford, Neb Aug 17, 1901: s of Ziba Newton-Gertrude Arford: ed Beaver City HS; York Coll, BA 1923; U of N. MD 1926; Alpha Kappa Kappa; 1926-27 interne Ancon Hosp, Panama, Canal Zone; m Mary Addison July 28, 1928 Newcastle (divorced July 27, 1937); d Mary Ann; 1928-30 prac med, Walthill; 1930- prac, med, Genoa; phys Genoa state prison farm; Nance Co Med Soc, past pres; Neb St & AMA; mbr city coun; mayor; AF&AM; pres Lions; Congl Ch; Indep; hobby, fishing; res Genoa.



Who's Who

   NICKERSON, E EARL: Banker; b Henry, Ill July 29, 1879; s of James Nickerson-Ann Eliza Tabor; ed Boone Co; St Edward HS 1896; U of N 1900; m Lydia A Doyle July 29, 1903 Fullerton; d Anna Jean (Mrs Clark Hallgren), Dorothy Melissa (Mrs George Westerfeld); prior to 1934 in banking, merc & ins bus, Nance Co; 1934- treas Belgrade Co-op Credit Assn; village clk; AF&AM 269; Meth Ch, SS supt; Rep; hobby, poetry; res Belgrade.

   OLSON, ALFRED 0: Farmer & Stockman; b Norton, Kas Apr 3, 1878; s of Nels Olson-Celia Schontz; ed Nance Co; m Millie Olson Feb 3, 1910 Fullerton; s Allen William, Edwin, Kenneth; d Nellie (Mrs R Homsteadt), Della; 1890- farmer, Nance Co; AF&AM 89; mbr Nance Co com; Soil Conservation Com; secy Co-op Creamery; mbr twp com; mbr fair bd; mbr Nance Co planning com; dir REA; bd mbr PCA; mbr sch bd; Meth Ch; Dem; res Fullerton.

   O'MARA, WILLIAM H: President of Hatchery; b Eddyville, Neb Mar 5, 1898: s of John W O'Mara-Mae Brown: ed Dawson Cc; parochial schs, West Point; U of N; m ---- ; s Billie; d Mary Margaret; 1922-31 in sales & sales. management work with milling cos in middlewest; 1931 in hatchery bus, St Edward; 1932- in hatchery bus, Fullerton; 1936-39 prop Terry's Chickery, Terrytown; 1936-39 pres Albion Hatchery Inc; Comm Club; LOOM, Scottsbluff; Neb Poultry Improvement Assn; Cow Club, past gen chmn; KC: Cath Ch; Dem; hobbies, fishing, hunting; res Fullerton.

   PALMER, GEORGE: Retired Farmer; b Hazardville, Conn Nov 24, 1878; s of Abraham Palmer-Emma Wilson; ed Hazardville Conn; Nance Co; m Flora Pitchford Dec 5, 1916 Nance Co; 1893-1920 oprd farms in Nance Co; 1920- resident of Fullerton & opr of farms; dir Cedar Valley Pub Power & Irrigation Dist; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Fullerton.

   PENNEY, EDGAR B: Manufacturer; b Chicago, Ill May 10, 1869; s of S H Penney-Elizabeth Wilcox; ed Chicago III HS; priv tutor at Lake Geneva Wis; m Minnie Freeman Apr 22, 1891 Omaha; s Freeman S, Frederick D; 1893-99 with Penney & Son, Fullerton; 1899-1905 in merc bus, Lexington; 1905-18 in merc bus, Fullerton; 1918- owner C A Mosso Laboratories, Chicago; AF&AM 89; MWA: past mbr city coun; Episc Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; off 215 S Leavitt, Chicago Ill; res Fullerton.

   PEPPER, CHARLES H: Retired; b Grand Junction, Ia Sept 28, 1877; s of Charles H Pepper-Mary Smittle*; ed Nance Co; m Gertrude Vosburgh Feb 22, 1898 Belgrade; d Gladys Fern (Mrs Harry Andrews), Mable Ella (Mrs George McBride); prior to 1907 oprd farm in Nance Co; 1907-18 worked in mdse store, Belgrade; 1918-39 oprd oil bus, Belgrade; 1939-ret; past mayor; past mbr town bd; past mbr sch bd;, Meth Ch; Rep; hobbies, gardening, sports; res Belgrade.
   * other sources give her maiden name as SMITH

   PEREGRINE, RAY A: Farmer & Stock Raiser; b Nance Co, Neb Dec 16, 1889; s of George R Peregrine-Elvira DeLay: ed Fullerton; HS 1909; U of N, 1913; m Mabel S Mogensen Nov 25, 1915 Fullerton; s Ray E; d Maxine E; 1910- farmer & stock raiser, Nance Co; Presby Ch, elder; Dem; hobby, music; res Fullerton.

   PETERSON, MRS ARTHUR F: Homemaker; b Genoa, Neb Apr 13, 1886; d of John W Williamson-Carrie E Atwood; ed Genoa HS 1904; m Arthur F Peterson Mar 10, 1908 Columbus; s John E; 1908-20 farm homemaker in Platte Cc; 1920- resident of Genoa; DAR, Columbus ch; Meth Ch, SS supt; Rep, Nance Co committeewoman; hobbies, history, sports: res Genoa.

   PHILBRICK, CHANDLER N: Insurance Dealer; b Winona, Minn Mar 20, 1866; s of Chandler Philbrick-Anna C Veldboom; ed Luverne Minn; m Anna Coles Jan 12, 1891 Rock Springs Wyo; s Fred C (dec); d Estelle P (Mrs Harold C Koch), Shirley S (Mrs Louis C Barstow); 1890-1902 in bus, Luverne Minn; 1902-11 mgr municipal light plant, Luverne Minn; 1911-16 owner & opr electric light co, Fullerton; 1916-25 mgr Ia Gas & Electric Corp Nance Co; 1925- ins bus, Fullerton; FOE; IOOF; KP; MWA; Nance Co Hist Soc; Presby Ch; hobby, birds; res Fullerton.

   PLOURD, WILBUR H: Editor & Publisher; b Odell, Neb Sept 18, 1893; s of William Plourd-Elizabeth Hohman; ed Indianola HS; Fremont Normal, BE 1916; m Hazelle Mangan Aug 16, 1916 Kimball; s Marvin Wilbur; 1916-17 supt schs, Utica; 1919-20 supt schs, Loup City; 1920-24 supt schs, Fullerton; 1924-publisher & editor Nance Co Journal, Fullerton; during World War enl Dec 1917 310th aero squadron, sgt 1st class, disch Dec 1918; Amer Leg, past comm; NPA, past pres; past pres Lions; Comm Club, past pres; com chmn BSA; AF&AM 89; KP; MWA; Meth Ch; hobby, amateur motion pictures; res Fullerton.

   RICHARDSON, R ALMUND: Retired; b Jo Daviess Co, Ill Feb 29, 1864; s of Amos Richardson-Melvina Mosher; ed Freedonla Ia; m Alice Orila France Feb 23, 1890 Fenton Ill (dec); 1888-1909 oprd farm, Nance Co; 1902-10 oprd impl bus, Fullerton; 1910-15 Nance Co treas; 1915-17 oprd meat market, Fullerton; 1917- ret; 1939 mayor; mbr city coun; IOOF; Rebekah; Dem: hobbies, fishing, gardening; res Fullerton.

   ROSE, GEORGE F: County Attorney; b Merrick Co, Neb Nov 10, 1875; s of Henry Rose-Sarah J Thomas; ed Clarks HS; U of N, LLB 1901; m Daisy B Lamb Nov 1, 1909 Genoa (dec May 1915); s Forrest I, Bowen F, George D; m Lillian Bake June 30, 1928 Omaha; 1902-29 prac law, Genoa; 1929-30 prac law, Fullerton; 1938- Nance Co atty; Fullerton city atty; KP; secy Nance Co Hist Soc; Neb St Hist Soc; Neb St Bar Assn; Lions; Presby Ch; Rep; res Fullerton.

   RUSSELL, ARTHUR L: Farmer & Stock Raiser; b Nance Co, Neb Oct 7, 1898; s of William T Russell-Lillie Laird; ed Fullerton HS 1917; LBC 1918-19; m Grace Milby Oct 6, 1927 Fullerton; s Richard Laird, Rodney; 1919- farmer & stock raiser, Nance Co; Presby Ch; Indep; hobbies, hunting, fishing; res Fullerton.

   RUSSELL, JOHN T: Banker; b Nance Co, Neb Sept 3, 1890; s of W T Russell-Lillie K Laird; ed Fullerton HS; LBC 1909-10; m Jessie Whitney May 26, 1915 Fullerton; s John W; d Margaret, Jean; 1913- with First Natl Bank. Fullerton 1928- pres, Neb Bankers Assn; Comm Club; Lions; Presby Ch; Indep; hobby, fishing; res Fullerton.

   SEBERG, JOHN LAVERN: Dentist; b Upland, Neb Dec 29, 1910; s of Lewis A Seberg-Edith Spoors; ed Elwood HS 1928; U of N DDS 1936; Xi Psi Phi; m Janet Clark May 1, 1938 Elwood; 1936- dentist, Fullerton; East Central Neb Dental Soc; Neb St & ADA; Lions; Comm Club; Golf Club; Prot-, hobby, golf; res Fullerton.

   SENFTEN, WILLIAM JERRY: Creamery Operator; b Claremont, Ill June 8, 1889; s of Fred Senften-Susan Von Almon; ed Claremont Ill; Hastings; Ia St Coll; U of Ill; U of N; m Edith Nott June 8, 1918 Spalding; s John W, David Lionell; d Dorothy Marie; 1913-27 oprd creamery, Spalding; 1927- opr of Golden Rule Creamery, Genoa; KP; MWA; Lions, past pres & org of local ch; AF&AM, past master; OES, patron; dist commr of BSA, local scoutmaster; asst foreman vol fire dept; pres city coun; mbr Nance Co NYA bd; Comml Club; Congl Ch; Rep; hobbies, wood-turning, astronomy; res Genoa.

   SHOTKOSKI, WALTER: Lumberman; b Genoa, Neb Nov 18, 1895; s of Joseph F Shotkoski-Kathrine Yetek; ed Genoa; m Julia Sturek Sept 6, 1921 Genoa; s Edward T; 1913-17, 1919-20 carp, Genoa; 1920-mgr Sack Lbr & Coal Co, Genoa; during World War enl Oct, 1917 Co B 314th ammunition train, 89th div, disch June, 1919; Amer Leg; mbr sch bd; past city bd; Cath Ch; hobby, sports; res Genoa.

   SLEIGH, IVAN R: Merchant; b Frankfort, Kas Apr 4, 1894; s of John Sleigh-Laura Fowler; ed Washington Kas HS 1913; Neb School of Bus, Lincoln; m Hazel Philbrook Nov 16, 1924 Washington Kas; s Donald Keith, Richard Dale; 1928-29 mgr Brown-McDonald, Minden: 1929-36 mgr Brown-McDonald, Lexington; 1936- mgr Brown-McDonald. Fullerton; during World War enl May 1918 in US Naval Res radio div. disch July, 1919; Amer Leg; Comm Club; pres Lions; AF&AM 145; Meth Ch: Indep; hobbies, fishing, reading; res Fullerton.

   THOMPSON, ALBERT: Attorney; b St Clair Co, Ill Oct 9, 1860; s of Abel Thompson-Delia Charles: ed Ewing Ill Coll; Washington U. St Louis, LLB 1885; m Kate Taggart June 6, 1893 Burlington Vt; s Carroll Naramore, Dudley Eugene; 1886- prac law, Fullerton; 1908-09 Nance Co atty; Neb St Bar Assn; past mbr bd of edn 2 terms; MWA; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, books; res Fullerton.

   THOMPSON, CARROLL: Attorney: b Fullerton, Neb June 26, 1901: s of Albert Thompson-Kate Taggart: ed Fullerton HS 1919; U of N. LLB 1924; Phi Alpha Delta; Pi Kappa Phi; m Pauline Gilmore June 26, 1925 Fullerton; s Don Gilmore; 1924-


In Nebraska


prac law, Fullerton; 1926-38 Nance Co atty; Nance Co & Neb St Bar Assns; Comm Club. Lions; AF&AM 89; Presby Ch; Dem; hobby, golf; re, Fullerton.

   THOMPSON, DUDLEY EUGENE: Attorney: b Fullerton, Neb Apr 30, 1909; s of Albert Thompson-Kate Taggart; ed Fullerton HS 1926; Hastings Coll 1926-27; U of N. LLB 1933; Pi Kappa Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; m Dorothy E Smith May 28, 1938 Genoa; d Carol Jean; 1928-30 tchr, Fullerton city schs; 1933- prac law, Genoa; Neb St Bar Assn; Lions, gov dist 38 A; Congl Ch; Dem; hobby, fishing: res Genoa.

   VACLAVEK, CHARLES: Tailor & Cleaner; b Slavice, Moravia, Germany Sept 6, 1880; s of Frank Vaclavek-Maria Pokorni; ed Slavice, Moravia, Germany; m Anna Svoboda Feb 18, 1907 Omaha; s Charles F, Emil K; 1904-05 worked in tailor shop, Schuyler; 1905-09 worked in A J Sistek tailor shop, Omaha; 1909- opr cleanIng & tailor shop, Fullerton; FOE; Comm Club; hobby, outdoor life; res Fullerton.

   VANCE, MILFORD G: Clergyman; b Bloomington, Neb Aug 23, 1899; s of Martin George Vance-Arminta Kirtley; ed Hastings HS; Evang Theological Seminary, Naperville III, extn course; m Lydia Esther Routlinger June 14, 1920 Sutton; s Kenneth Milford, Vernon Gene; d Wilhelmina, Lois, Virginia Lee; 1924-27 pastor, Huntley; 1927 pastor, Blue Springs; 1927-29 pastor, Rock Co; 1929-32 pastor, Hastings & Guide Rock; 1932-36 Pastor, Washington Co; 1936-37 pastor, Kearney; 1937-pastor, Fullerton, Fairview & North Star Chs at Fullerton; during World War enl May 1918 in med dept Fort Bayard N M, disch May 1919; Amer Leg, chaplain; org of Rural Chris Fellowship in Nance Co, first pres; mbr Nance Co Land Use Com; pres Fullerton Ministerial Assn: past BSA scoutmaster at Hastings & Kearney, now scoutmaster, Fullerton; editor 3 years of Neb official organ for Evang Ch; secy of stewardship Evang Ch; Rep; hobbies, stamp collecting, photography; res Fullerton.

   WEEMS, HORACE W: Farmer & Stockman; b Greenville, Tenn Jan 26, 1882; s of John A Weems-Mattie Ball; ed Fullerton HS 1900; U of N, LLb 1902; m Addie Adams, Helena Mont; 1903-13 miner, Mont; 1913- farmer & stockman in Nance Cc; KP; pres Nance Co Taxpayers League; Dem; hobby, fishing; res Palmer.

   WILLIAMS, CREIGHTON DAVID: Physician & Surgeon; b Neola, Ia Jan 12, 1883; s of David Williams-Flora Elizabeth Armstrong; ed Neola Ia HS 1900; U of Ia, MD 1906; m Elizabeth Gertrude Pruitt May 14. 1907 Omaha; 1906-07 interne Uni Hosp, Ia City; 1907- prac med, Genoa; 1928- opr Genoa Hosp; during World War enl Sept 13, 1917 capt med corps, Fort Benjamin Harrison Ind. Pittsburgh Penn, base hosp Des Moines Ia, 19th div, disch Dec 13. 1918; Amer Leg; 1924-28 mbr city coun; 1928-30 mayor; Nance Co & Platte-Loup Med Socs; Neb St & AMA; AF&AM 125; Congl Ch; Rep; hobby, sports; res Genoa.

   WOZNIAK, JULIUS A: Farmer & Stockman; b Polk Co, Neb Jan 6, 1879; s of Frank Wozniak-Frances Vichlec; ed Polk & Platte Cos; m Josephine Nowak Apr 16, 1913 Fullerton; d Eleanora; 1896- farmer & stockman, Nance Co; past mbr FOE; KC; Cath Ch; Rep; hobby, fishing; res Fullerton.



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