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Feb 2, 2010

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Last Name First Name Birth Place From Place
Bacon Amos Trumbull Co. OH
(25 Nov 1829-2 Apr 1911)
Bacon Mrs. Amos née ?    
Bacon Charles NJ OH>?
Bacon Sarah née ? OH OH>?
Bady? Daniel VA  
Bagley Almeda MO MO
Bagley Ellen MO MO
Bagley John IL MO
Bagley Leister MO MO
Bagley Mary née ? IN MO
Bagley Orlando MO MO
Bagley William    
Bahuaud Julian   French site
Bailey B. M.    
Bain Miss Jessie E.    
Baird J. T.    
Baker Ann E. PA IN
Baker Charles A.    
Baker E. D.    
Baker Elizabeth née ? PA IN
Baker Henry IN IN
Baker Hugh    
Baker John P. PA IN
Baker Marion Rockport, MO  
Baker Miss S. A. OH see Chesbro
Balderstone Mary    
Baldwin A. J.    
Baldwin Benjamin OH MO
Baldwin Benjamin Jr. NE  
Baldwin David MO MO
Baldwin Elizabeth MO MO
Baldwin Irena MO MO
Baldwin Mary MO MO
Baldwin Martha née ? IL MO
Bale Sarah née ? PA IA
Bale William PA IA
Ball Anna    
Ball W. F.    
Ballard Alexander OH  
Ballard Ira    
Ballard Joseph OH  
Baller Louis    
Baller Sarah J. née Medley Nemaha Co. NE  
Banks Elizabeth MO MO
Banks Levi P. CT IL>MO
Banks Mary J. née ? MD IL>MO
Banks Moses    
Banks Susan IL IL>MO
Banks William H. IL IL>MO
Banserman Samuel VA  
Barada Antoine    
Barada Michael    
Barbee William    
Barber G. F.    
Barber Margaret née ?    
Barber Peter    
Barlow     see Waldter
Barker B. C.    
Barnaby Belize NE IA
Barnaby Emilie IA IA
Barnaby Mary née ? IA IA>NE>IA>NE
Barnaby Michael Ireland IA>NE>IA>NE
Barnaby William IA IA
Barnes Alphens/Alphonse NY MI
Barnes Amanda J. Lee Co. IA  
Barnes Barton Lee Co. IA IA
Barnes C. E.    
Barnes Casner Lee Co. IA  
Barnes Catharine née McCutchin    
Barnes Clarence MI MI
Barnes David Nemaha Co. NE  
Barnes Edwin MI MI
Barnes Ella MI MI
Barnes Elizabeth née Harger IN Lee Co. IA
Barnes Elvira née ? NY MI
Barnes Eunice Lee Co. IA  
Barnes G. W.    
Barnes Hiram J.    
Barnes Isham B. Lee Co. IA  
Barnes John Westmoreland Co. PA Lee Co. IA
Barnes John S. Nemaha Co. NE  
Barnes Luther H. Nemaha Co. NE  
Barnes Lydia H. Nemaha Co. NE  
Barnes Mary KY see Vice
Barnes Mary E. Nemaha Co. NE  
Barnes Miss C. E.   see Drain
Barnes Samuel NE  
Barns A. W.    
Barrone Ernistine Ger.  
Barrett R. F.   could be man below
Barrette Rev.    
Barrette Mrs. née ?    
Barrows Rev. R. C.    
Bartlett J. M.    
Bartler Rosalie Baden, Ger.  
Bascun/Bascom Charles IN  
Baskette Julie   see Deroin
Baskette Soula (Su-See)   see Deroin
Bates Thomas CT  
Bates Jane née ? IN IN
Bates Joseph Eng.  
Bath John Cornwall, Eng. Daviess Co. IL
Bath John Jr. Nemaha Co. NE  
Bath Harriet née Jones Buchanan Co. MO  
Bath Thomas A. Cornwall, Eng. IL
Bauchman Mary    
Bauer J. H. Ger. Buchanan Co. MO
Bauer John    
Bauserman S. B.    
Bautcher Catharine née ? Hanover, Ger. IA
Bautcher Charles Hanover, Ger. IA
Bautcher Matilda Nemaha Co. NE  
Bautcher Rouselman IA IA
Bazin Jean Felix Ste. Remi-Savole, France  
Beals S. B.    
Bean George OH OH
Bean Henry OH OH
Beane George    
Bear J. F.    
Bear J. K.    
Bear Mrs. J. K.    
Beard Bella Nemaha Co. NE  
Beard Elizabeth née Richardson IL IL>MO
Beard Emma née Hagadorn    
Beard Franklin IL IL>MO
Beard John Nemaha Co. NE  
Beard Joseph TN IL>MO
Beard Joseph KY IL
Beard Sarah IL see Gillespie
Beard Thomas IL  
Beatty Daniel    
Beaunon Mary Omaha site, NE Terr. see Monette
Beckell Mr.    
Beckman Rev. F. W. Jr.    
Beckman Rev. P./F. W.    
Beddow Felicita née ? MO KS
Beddow James KY MO>KS
Beddow Virginia KS KS
Bedell I.    
Bedford James S. PA  
Bedford Theodore W. PA  
Beger J.    
Behrends A. J.    
Behrends John Hanover, Ger.  
Belden Cornelia M. OH OH
Belden George P./R. OH OH
Belden Harriet W. OH OH
Belden Inez C. OH OH
Belden Rebecca née ? OH OH
Belden Seymour NY OH
Belden William H. Nemaha Co. NE  
Bell Miss Lydia    
Bell David    
Bell Josephine MO  
Bell William    
Bellangee/r James    
Bender David    
Bender J. J. Boone Co. IN Holt Co. MO > Nodaway Co. MO
Bender Sarah E. née Brown Graham, MO Nodaway Co. MO
Benedict Albert J.    
Benedict Ruth IN  
Benedict Wallace IN  
Bennett Anna née ? Eng.  
Bennett Ann E. née ? VA KY>MO
Bennett Barton S. KY  
Bennet David TN  
Bennett Daniel NY  
Bennett Ellen née ? NY  
Bennett Ferris KY MO
Bennett Hannibal NY  
Bennett Isabella NY  
Bennett Isabella née ? NY  
Bennett James NY  
Bennett John    
Bennett John DE KY
Bennett John W. Hardin Co. KY MO, UT, CA
Bennett Margaret née ? MO MO
Bennett Mary née ? OH KY
Bennett Mary J. KY  
Bennett Nancy J. MO MO
Bennett Robert Scotland? bro. of Anna Bennett Naysmith
Bennett Samuel NY  
Bennett Samuel H. OH  
Bennett Sarah A. Nemaha Co. NE  
Bennett Will    
Bennett William KY MO
Bennett William V. MO MO
Bennett Winfield S. MO MO
Benton Eliza née ? IN IN
Benton George IL MO
Benton Henry IN IN
Benton James IN IN
Benton Marilla A. MO MO
Benton Mary F. NE MO
Benton Minerva née ? IL MO
Berger Alice Nemaha Co. NE  
Berger Hattie OH  
Berger Jacob B. VA  
Berger Mary E. née ? OH  
Berger Rebecca née ? NJ  
Berger Reuben C. OH  
Berger William    
Berger William A. Nemaha Co. NE  
Bergier Ida   see Nincehelser
Bergier Francis Switz.  
Bergier John F. NE  
Bergier Mary A. née ? OH  
Bergier Stephen Nemaha Co. NE  
Bergman L. A.    
Berkhouse Martin Ger.  
Berkley Abigail IA IA
Berkley George W. VT IA
Berkley Jacob B. VT IA
Berkley June VT IA
Berkley Ruth née ? OH IA
Berlet Peter    
Berlin Clara née Miller Bureau Co. IL  
Berlin E. D. Northampton Co. PA IL
Berlin Viola Bureau Co. IL  
Bernard May née ?    
Bernard Laurent France  
Berry Andrew J. KY  
Berry Edward PA  
Berry James OH  
Berry Margery H. MI  
Betts Rev. George C.    
Bickford Alice née Mason McLean Co. IL IL
Bickford Ervin    
Bigford Martha née Mason McLean Co. IL IL
Bigford T. S.    
Billingsley Rev. Amos S. OH  
Bingley George Lincolnshire, Eng.  
Bingley Mary née Marshall Eng.  
Binkley James D.    
Birch Rev. Hiram P.    
Birch Sophronia AK  
Bird A. P.    
Bize Jean Marie Nantes, France  
Bishop James    
Bishop Miss Lucy    
Bishop Wealthy J.   see Dundas
Bixby George F.    
Black E. J. née Smedley Menard Co. IL? Menard Co. IL
Black 5 child. by E. J. Nemaha Co. NE  
Black Isaac    
Black John Scot.  
Black Capt. R. V. Paris, TN Cass Co. IL
Blackburn J. W.    
Blackburn W. D.    
Blackburn Rev. W. S.    
Blacker Allen    
Blacker Corbin    
Blacklaw John    
Blankenship Belle Nemaha Co. NE  
Blankenship Charles Howard Nemaha Co. NE  
Blankenship Deborah E. Nemaha Co. NE  
Blankenship Faerie Nemaha Co. NE see Lorance
Blankenship Harriet W. née Hutchinson Blandinsville, McDonough Co. IL McDonough Co. IL
Blankenship James William   Danville, IL
Blankenship John William Danville, IL Danville, IL
Blankenship Loyd F. Nemaha Co. NE  
Blankenship Martha née Lawler   Danville, IL
Blankenship Mary (Millie) Danville, IL Danville, IL
Blankenship Roscoe Nemaha Co. NE  
Blair John    
Blake Emma    
Blake Henry M.    
Blake John    
Blakeley N.    
Blakeley William    
Blevins Mary    
Bliss John W. MA  
Blodgett C.    
Blodgett Charles    
Blount Elizabeth Virginia née Kite Grove Hill, Page Co. VA Page Co. VA
Blount W. K.    
Boal Belle née Thompson   Monroe, IA
Boal Rhoda née Maddy Monroe Co. IA IA
Boal Dr. Varro M. Franklin Co. IN Bloomfield, IA
Boggs Jennie B. PA see Curry
Bohlken Antje née Siemers Auburn, NE  
Bohlken Gerd Auburn, NE  
Bohlken Henry J. Petersburg, IL  
Bohlken Hinrich Behrends (Ben) Auburn, NE  
Bohlken Hinrich Janssen Langstrasse, Ger Ger > Petersburg, IL > Auburn, NE
Bohlken Johann Hein Castens (Henry C.) Reepsholt, Ger Ger > Petersburg, IL > Auburn, NE
Bohlken Magretha Dorthea née Eggers Auburn, NE  
Bohlken Maria Auburn, NE see Siemers
Bohlken Matilda "Tillie" née Schneider Johnson, NE  
Bohlken Rena Petersburg, IL see Frerichs
Bohlken Taalke Maria née Jacobs   Schoost-Schorten, Ger > Petersburg, IL > Auburn, NE
Bohlken Wibka (Willms) Ger. > ?  
Bohlken Willm Johnson, NE  
Boling Mary A. IN Nodaway Co. MO, see Hager
Bollar Jeremiah O.    
Bool George    
Bool son    
Borland Matilda Canada see Castor
Borlink John Prussia, Ger.  
Bornkman see Bowkman   spelling uncertain
Borsh Alanson M.    
Borsh Francis née ?    
Borsh son by Francis    
Borsh Jennie    
Borsh Anna B.    
Borsh Della M.    
Borsh Lillian May    
Bounds Mrs. Lorenzo    
Bourke Alphonse    
Bourke Bridget née Corbett Ireland Peoria Co. IL
Bourke Cecelia    
Bourke Erin    
Bourke Hannah    
Bourke John    
Bourke Katie    
Bourke Mary    
Bourke Will    
Bourke William Limerick, Ireland NY>Peoria Co. IL
Bourlier Allen OH OH
Bourlier Amelia France OH
Boulier Augusta née ?    
Bourlier Catherine OH OH
Bourlier Fredrick France OH
Bourlier James France OH
Bourlier Louisa OH OH
Bourlier Mary née ? France OH
Bourlier Sophia OH OH
Bourlier Sophina OH OH
Boulier William    
Bourroughs Kate F.    
Bousfield Anne née Cottingham    
Bousfield J. C. Aug 26, 1840 ?
Bousfield John    
Bousfield John B.    
Bousfield John C.    
Bousfield Richard    
Bover Joseph IL  
Bowers Ann née ? Hanover, Ger.  
Bowers Ann NE  
Bowers Benjamin Hanover, Ger.  
Bowers Catherine Nemaha Co. NE  
Bowkman Christina IA IA
Bowkman Dora née ? Ger. IA
Bowkman Dora IA IA
Bowkman Gustowers IA IA
Bowkman John Ger. IA
Bowkman Mena IA IA
Bozart Allen IN IN
Bozart George IN IN
Bozart Jacob VA IN
Bozart Louisa MO IN
Bradford Elizabeth IN  
Bradford O. J.    
Bradley James H. KY  
Bradley Jane née ? IN  
Bradley Oscar J.    
Brand H. A.    
Branson Emiline née ? KY MO
Branson Hiram MO MO
Branson Isaac MO MO
Branson Joseph Nemaha Co. NE  
Branson Martha MO MO
Branstiter Eliza née Adams OH IL
Branstiter Emily Ann née Horn NE  
Branstiter John R. IL IL
Branstiter Henry OH OH>IL
Branstiter Myrtle Laurel NE marr. Lockwood
Bratton Ann née ? Eng. MO
Bratton B. W.    
Bratton Edwin G. MO MO
Bratton George W. PA MO
Bratton John S. Nemaha Co. NE  
Bratton William O. Nemaha Co. NE  
Breitmeyer Andy N. Prussia  
Brek Samuel    
Breull Albert    
Breull John A.    
Brewer William J.    
Bridge Amy Nemaha Co. NE  
Bridge E.   IN?
Bridge Hannah C. née Dague PA PA>IN
Bridge Jane née Sellers   IN?
Bridge Jessie Nemaha Co. NE  
Bridge Joseph W. IN IN
Bridge Martha J. IN IN
Bridge Mary E. Nemaha Co. NE  
Bridge Phoebe L. IN IN
Bridge Schuyler F. IN IN
Bridge William Fountain Co. IN IN
Bridge William H. IN IN
Briggs Ada NY  
Briggs James W.    
Bright Charles    
Brimble Samuel Bristol, Somerset, Eng. WV>OH>NE 1867
Briner Clarence    
Briner Mary Elvira née Randall (w1)   MO
Briner LeRoy    
Briner Lewis Hoover   MO
Briner Othy    
Briner Rosa née Wright(w2)    
Briner Susan née Michael (w3)    
Bristol Mr.   FonduLac Co. WI
Britmeyer Fred W.    
Britt Alexander    
Britt L. F.    
Brity Peter France  
Broady J. H. Liberty, Adams Co. IL MI, IL
Broady J. W.    
Brochers Charles    
Brockman John R.    
Brockman Sarah    
Brooke Dr. George Washington   IL>WI
Brooke Sophia née ?   IL>WI
Brother John P.    
Brother Phillip    
Brown Albert by Sarah A. CT  
Brown Alexander C. MO  
Brown Clement    
Brown Cordelia A. MO  
Brown Delila    
Brown Elizabeth OH  
Brown G. A./C. A    
Brown George PA  
Brown Henry Prussia, Ger  
Brown H. S.    
Brown James NC  
Brown James MA CT
Brown J. P.    
Brown J. S.    
Brown John PA IA
Brown John F. by Sarah A. CT  
Brown John H.    
Brown John W. PA  
Brown James RI CT
Brown James H.    
Brown Jesse PA  
Brown Lemina née Alderman VA Holt Co. MO
Brown Lemina MO  
Brown Levi IL  
Brown Levina F. MO  
Brown Lewis    
Brown Margaret née ? KY  
Brown Margaret née ? PA  
Brown Margaret A. PA  
Brown Margaret J. MO  
Brown Mary née ? VA IA
Brown Mary PA  
Brown Mary A. by Sarah A. CT  
Brown Medora Nemaha Co. NE  
Brown Otis F. NE  
Brown Richard TN Holt Co. MO
Brown Robert L. by Sarah A. CT  
Brown? slave   Holt Co. MO
Brown Sarah PA  
Brown Sarah A. née ? CT CT
Brown Sarah A, Nemaha Co. NE  
Brown Sarah E. Graham, MO see Bender
Brown Simmons NY  
Brown Stephen by Sarah A. CT  
Brown Thomas PA  
Brown Thomas J. IA IA
Brown Volney    
Brown William E.    
Brown W. W.    
Browning W. W.    
Brownlee Mr.    
Brubaker Elias PA IL
Brubaker Rachel née ? IL IL
Bruman Dermot MS  
Bruman Martha A. MS  
Bruns Ann IA IA>MO
Bruns Asbury MO IA>MO
Bruns Catharine NE  
Bruns Caroline MO MO
Bruns James MO MO
Bruns Martha née ? KY MO>IA>MO
Bruns Mary MO IA>MO
Brush Arthur W.    
Brush Charles    
Brush Dr. Joshua N. Fairfax, VT  
Brush Major J. W. Fairfax, VT  
Bryan Mary NC? see Higgins
Bryant D. C.    
Bryant Frances    
Bryant George    
Bryant H. H.    
Bryant Jane née Watson IL or MO St. Louis Co. MO
Bryant Maggie NE  
Bryant Robert    
Bryant William    
Buckan Richard    
Buchanan William    
Buck Mr.    
Buckley Stephen PA  
Burch Charlotte London, Can. see McKenzie
Burch Rev. Hiram West Canada  
Burch Edgar A. Nemaha Co. NE  
Burch Irwin L. NE  
Burch Mary née ? West Canada  
Burdick J. P.    
Burdick A. D. MO  
Burdick Phoebe née Dubuque St. Louis Co. MO MO>UT>ID
Burge Richard    
Burger May née ?    
Burger Col. Peter Loraine, France  
Burke W.    
Burley Ann Will Co. IL see Riordan
Burley Dr.    
Burley George Will Co. IL Will Co. IL
Burley John Ireland NY>Will Co. IL
Burley John Jr. Will Co. IL Will Co. IL
Burley Mary née Shields Ireland NY>Will Co. IL
Burley Thomas Will Co. IL Will Co. IL
Burnett Alfred G.    
Burnett Jeremiah    
Burns Alphonzo PA OH
Burns Asbury W. MO MO
Burns Catherine OH OH
Burns David OH OH
Burns Edward S.    
Burns Esther PA OH
Burns Fuller OH OH
Burns George Nemaha Co. NE  
Burns Isaac VA Johnson Co. NE
Burns James PA OH
Burns Lydia née ? PA PA>OH
Burns Martha née Elliott   MO
Burns Mary A. PA see Titus
Burnes Mary née Moody    
Burns Mr. M. J. Birmingham, IA  
Burns Nancy E. Orleans Co. NY see Patrick
Burns Phoebe née ?   Johnson Co. NE
Burns William VT PA>OH
Burns William PA OH
Burroughs Kate F.    
Burt Mary H.    
Burress Frances MO MO
Burress James M.    
Burress John MO MO
Burress Julia née ? KY MO
Burress Monroe MO MO
Burress Sarah NE  
Burress Thomas MO MO
Burus John MO  
Bush Lydia née Phippenney    
Bush W. W.    
Butler Charles W.    
Butler Daniel    
Butler Dorsey MO MO
Butler Jasper IN IN>MO
Butler Leanora Nemaha Co. NE  
Butler Levi IN IN>MO
Butler Lucy née Lindsay    
Butler Rachael née ? OH IN>MO
Buxton H. P.    
Byles Abraham MO  

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