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Feb 3, 2006

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Last Name First Name Birth Place From Place
Gade/Gaede Charles Prussia, Ger.  
Gade/Gaede Melvina Prussia, Ger.  
Gade/Gaede Renhard Prussia, Ger.  
Gager Aaron ?  
Gager John ?  
Gallagher Thomas Toronto, Can.  
Gallup Amos A. CT IA
Gallup Henry A. IA IA
Gallup Lucinda née ? IA IA
Gallup Mary E. IA IA
Gally Thomas    
Gandy Dr.    
Gardner F. M.    
Garnsman Cobert Hanover, Ger. IL
Garnsman Mary née ? IL IL
Garrett Jerermiah Vardmum   Holt Co. MO
Garrett Elizabeth Jane née Poole    
Garrett Charlotte E.    
Garrett Delila E.    
Garrett Jeremiah Vardemum Jr. Nemaha Co. NE  
Garrett Martha J.    
Garrett Robert L.    
Garrett Sara Ann    
Garrett Thomas Benton    
Garrett William S.    
Garrity Margaret    
Gates A. G.    
Gates Ada Brownville, NE marr. Royce
Gates Adelia Brownville, NE  
Gates Albert S. OH  
Gates Alice M. née Kennedy IN IN>NE
Gates Anna Brownville, NE  
Gates Elizabeth J. née ? PA  
Gates Marietta Brownville, NE  
Gates Mary Brownville, NE marr. Kroll
Gates Laura Brownville, NE marr. Long
Gates Milo L. NY IN>NE
Gavitt J. W.    
Gaylord Moses NY  
Gelker J.    
Gentry John KY  
George Hudson    
Gerdes Atta née ? Hanover, Ger.  
Gerdes John H. Hanover, Ger.  
Gergens Catherine E. OH see Mason
Gergens Matlenia   see Tenney
Gibson Edmonia E. Nemaha Co. NE  
Gibson James W. Scotland  
Gibson James W. Jackson Co. MO Oregon, MO
Gibson John MO  
Gibson Maranda née Haskins IL  
Gibson Mary E.    
Gice Rhoda A.    
Giddings Rev.    
Giel Nancy P.   see Hacker
Gilbert Annie E. née Coriell   Rock Co. WI
Gilbert C.    
Gilbert Charlie J. Rock Co. WI Rock Co. WI
Gilbert Eva    
Gilbert Frank C. Rock Co. WI Rock Co. WI
Gilbert Jennie D. Nemaha Co. NE  
Gilbert Julius Camden, NY Rock Co. WI
Gilbert Nerva M. Rock Co. WI Rock Co. WI
Gilchrist David    
Gilchrist Henry    
Gile J. A.    
Gillard Eliza    
Gillespie John OH  
Gillespie Margaret KY  
Gillespie Sarah née Beard IL IL> MO
Gillespsie William    
Gillette A. H.    
Gilliland David Ernest Nemaha Co. NE  
Gilliland Edward J.   VA> WV> MO
Gilliland Julia A.    
Gilliland Mrs. Josiah    
Gilliland Margaret Lucinda née Randol   VA> WV> MO
Gilliland Samuel    
Gilliland Virginia V. née Dillon Nemaha Co. NE parents WV
Gillis Eleanor née Howard Greenwich, Washington Co. NY Liberty Twp. Porter, IN> Rio, IL> New Hartford, Black Hawk Co. IA
Gillis 6 child. by Eleanor    
Gillis Seneca   IN> Rio, IL> New Hartford, Black Hawk Co., IA
Gilman Robert    
Gilmore A. H. Preble Co. OH IN, CA
Gilmore Albert D. IN  
Gilmore Eugene Nemaha Co. NE  
Gilmore Grace Nemaha Co. NE  
Gilmore Josephine née Allen Johnson Co. IN  
Gilmore Lydia A. MO MO
Gilmore Nancy née ? OH MO
Gilmore Nathaniel MO  
Gilmore Paul IN  
Gilmore Perry MO  
Gilmore Robert OH MO
Gilmore Samantha NE  
Gilmore Sarah MO MO
Gilmore Walter A. IN  
Ginder James Jr. IN  
Glasgow Alice IA IA
Glasgow Sarah née ? IA IA
Glas[i]gow William G. OH IA
Goff David J. NY  
Goff Bartlemy ME  
Goff John ME  
Gohene Hugh    
Gohene Milton PA  
Goldsberry John VA  
Good Ada née Putney    
Good Caroline A.    
Good Catherine A. IN  
Good Clara    
Good David    
Good Delila née ? OH OH>IN
Good Ellis E.    
Good Emery    
Good Eunice    
Good George W. IN  
Good Harriet A. WI?  
Good H. B.    
Good Henry IN  
Good Jacob IN  
Good Jesse IN IN
Good Joseph IN  
Good Joseph D. W.    
Good Mary IN  
Good Minerva née Stanley TN IN
Good Oliver H. P.    
Good Rev. Salathiel J. Sullivan Co. TN IN> Richland Co. WI
Good Rosalind née Phippenney    
Good Sabina    
Good Salina    
Good Sarah IN  
Good William A. IN  
Goode Rev.    
Goodloe John R.    
Goodrich James PA  
Goodrich N.    
Goosman Cobus Ger. Menard Co. IL
Goosman Mary E. née Whittle   Menard Co. IL
Gordon Rev. Mr.    
Gorr Francis Ireland  
Gorton/Gordon? Rev. Philo    
Goshen C.A.    
Goudy Betsy née ? NY IA
Goudy Cyrus OH IA
Goudy Jeanette née ? OH MO
Goudy Dora A. MO MO
Gourley John Scotland  
Graham Caroline IN  
Graham Charles H.    
Graham Ellen L.John IN  
Graham Esther A. née ? NY IN
Graham Elizabeth née ? VA OH
Graham Elizabeth née ? OH IN
Graham Elizabeth née Pratt   Stark Co. IN
Graham Esther A. née ? NY  
Graham George W. VA IN
Graham Jacob B. VA IN
Graham Jesse KY OH
Graham Jesse IN  
Graham John OH  
Graham John IN  
Graham John MO KS
Graham J. M. Otsego Co. NY Otsego Co. NY
Graham Lucinda Nemaha Co. NE  
Graham Martha née ? MO KS
Graham Mary IN  
Graham Robert Nemaha Co. NE  
Graham Sara E. née Lippit    
Graham Sarah née ? OH IN
Graham Stella    
Graham T. Jesse   Stark Co. IN
Graham Thomas OH  
Graham Walter IN  
Graham William VA IN
Grant John    
Grant W.    
Grantz? Jacob    
Graverse/Traverse Elizabeth NE  
Graverse/Traverse Mathia? MI  
Graverse/Traverse Rachael née ? PA  
Graves Mahala Pearl née ?    
Gray Phebe NY  
Green Ebenezer MA  
Green Thomas IN  
Green T. M.    
Green William OH  
Greenawalt Susan    
Greene John    
Greever Mr.    
Grey Martha Preble Co. OH see Hughes
Grice Anna NY NY
Grice Anna Eng.  
Grice Charles Eng.  
Grice Edward Eng.  
Grice John B. Eng. NY
Grice John Eng.  
Grice Julia née ? Ireland NY
Grice Julia NY NY
Grice Mary NY NY
Grice Samuel Eng.  
Grice Susan née ? Eng. Eng.
Grice Susan Eng.  
Grice Thomas NY NY
Gridley J. B.    
Grieves Mary    
Griffin Daniel ?  
Griffin Dennis OH  
Griffin Ephraim OH  
Griffin T. H.    
Griffin Mary    
Griffith Will    
Griffiths Morris H.    
Grivel Joseph    
Groesbeck Albert IL IL
Groesbeck Elizabeth IL IL
Groesbeck Jacob NY IL> MO
Groesbeck Jacob A. NE  
Groesbeck John Nemaha Co. NE  
Groesbeck Mary née ? KY IL> MO
Groesbeck Mary née ? NY IL
Grosbeck Mary née ? OH IL
Groesbeck Mary E. IL IL
Groesbeck Stephen [Jr.] IL  
Groesbeck Stephen NY IL
Grubb Catharine née ? PA IL> IA
Grubb Edwin PA IL> IA
Grubb E. L.    
Grubb E. T.    
Grubb Frances IA IA
Grubb Oscar IL IL> IA
Grubb Sarah IL IL> IA
Grube Justus H. Vilsen, Hannover, Germany  
Grube Maria S.W. Johnson NE see Oestmann
Grube Sophie née Schroeder Hache, Hannover, Germany  
Guenter Emma 0. W. Prussia, Ger see Niehaus
Guenther August    
Guernsey E. F.    
Gulic Nellie M.   see Marlatte
Guilliatt Elizabeth née Marshall Lincolnshire, Eng Tippecanoe City, OH
Guilliatt 5 or 6 others by Elizabeth    
Guilliatt Emma Nemaha Co. NE  
Guilliatt James Nemaha Co. NE  
Guilliatt Jane Nemaha Co. NE  
Guilliatt Joseph Nemaha Co. NE  
Guilliatt Sarah E. Nemaha Co. NE  
Guilliatt Thomas Lincolnshire, Eng Tippecanoe City, OH
Guilliatt Thomas R. OH  
Gurrell Ann née ? IN IN
Gurell James IN IN
Gutzmer Brunkon née ? Prussia, Ger.  
Gutmzer Charles Prussia, Ger.  
Gutzmer Hellmer Prussia, Ger.  
Gutzmer John Prussia, Ger.  
Gutzmer Mary Prussia, Ger.  
Gutzmer Therry Prussia, Ger.  
Gutzmer William Prussia, Ger.  
Gwinn Barton D. IN  
Gwinn Dr. David KY  
Gwinn Elizabeth née ? IN  
Gwinn Roan IN  
Gwinn Thomas S. M. IN  

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