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Jan 17, 2012

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Last Name First Name Birth Place From Place
Macknut see McNutt    
Mackoy T. L.    
Maddox Gertrude    
Maddy Rhoda Monroe Co. IA see Boal
Maddy S. H.    
Maeder N. P.    
Maely? see Morley?    
Magie Rev. J.    
Mahle Elizabeth née Vowel Putnam Co. IN Jasper Co. IA
Mahle G. Wurtemberg, Ger. OH>Jasper Co. IA
Help Can anyone help with the spelling on next 3 versions    
Mahohn Amelia Ger. OH>NE>MO>NE
Mahohn Charlotte M. née Eckart Ger. OH>NE>MO>NE
Mahohn Ferdinand Ger. OH>NE>MO>NE
Mahohn Helena OH or NE  
Mahohn Jacob Strasburg, Prussia OH>NE>MO>NE
Mahohn Luther OH or NE  
Mahohn Otto Ger. OH>NE>MO>NE
Mahon Henry PA  
Mahon Mary née ? Prussia, Ger. PA
Mahon Peter Prussia, Ger. PA
Mahron Jacob    
Majors Mrs. Elijah née ?    
Majors Olive née Nickell LaPorte Co. IN  
Majors S. P. Simpson Co. KY Sangamon Co. IL >Jefferson Co, IA
Majors Thomas J. [T. J.]   IA  
Majors Wilson E. [W. E.] Jefferson Co. IA IA
Maldon John    
Maley John    
Malone Thos.    
Mallory Alice   see Wathan
Manholl Rev. T.    
Manktello Mr.    
Mann Ellen née ? Ireland NY> OH
Mann Ellen NY
Mann Erin M. OH
Mann Ida Nemaha Co. NE  
Mann Jacob T.    
Mann John H. Ireland NY> OH
Mann Nora NY
Manning Catherine NY IL> IA
Manning Charles D. IA IA
Manning Homer P. NY IL> IA
Manning Warren E. IL IA
Marchaud Pierre    
Marconett Brutee France MI
Marconett Eliza MI MI
Marconett Fredrick France MI
Marconett Fredrick Jr. France MI
Marconett/nit Mary    
Mardis W. W.    
Marlatte Effie Nemaha Co. NE see Drain
Marlatte Ellen née ? OH  
Marlatte Jeremiah Monroe Co. NY Holt Co. MO
Marlatte Nellie M. née Gulic    
Marlatte Sarah E. Nemaha Co. NE see King
Marohn Andy Nemaha Co. NE  
Marohn Charlotte L. Prussia, Ger. OH
Marohn Friedland OH OH
Marohn Herman R. Prussia, Ger. OH
Marohn Jacob Prussia, Ger.see Mahohn OH
Marohn Lisetta Prussia, Ger. OH
Marohn Otto J. Prussia, Ger. OH
Marsh Albert D. Chautauqua Co, NY  
Marsh Anna Isabelle Nemaha Co, NE see Kennedy
Marsh Cassius H. Nemaha Co, NE  
Marsh Edward VA  
Marsh Elizabeth née ? IA IA
Marsh Henry H. Chautauqua Co, NY  
Marsh Joseph S.    
Marsh Joseph OH  
Marsh Levina IN  
Marsh Mary Nemaha Co. NE  
Marsh Mary Jane née Thompson Calloway Co. MO  
Marshall Adelia A. IA IA
Marshall Alphonso A. IA IA
Marshall Elizabeth Lincolnshire, Eng. see Guilliatt
Marshall Enoch IN  
Marshall Mary Eng see Bingley
Marshall Mary C. née ? OH IA
Marshall Thomas H. OH IA
Marshall George    
Martin Adame Ireland Nova Scotia, Can.
Martin David VA  
Martin Catharine Nova Scotia, Can. Nova Scotia, Can.
Martin Edward IN IN
Martin Frances Nemaha Co. NE  
Martin G. W.    
Martin James Nova Scotia, Can. Nova Scotia, Can.
Martin John Nova Scotia, Can. Nova Scotia, Can.
Martin John PA  
Martin Mary née ? Ireland Nova Scotia, Can.
Martin Mary Nova Scotia, Can. Nova Scotia, Can.
Martin Phillip M. VA  
Martin Phebe Ruby OH see D. J. Leach
Martin Sarah née ? PA IN
Martin S. P.    
Martin William Nova Scotia, Can. Nova Scotia, Can.
Mason Alice McClean Co. IL marr. Bickford
Mason Adelia by Nancy Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH >IA
Mason Alice Susan née Cole Malad City, Oneida Co. ID Oneida Co. ID
Mason Amanda E. by Nancy Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH >IA
Mason Anna by Nancy Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Bertha M. by Nancy Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Bessie Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Bonney by Rosa M. NJ  
Mason Catherine E. née Gergens OH  
Mason Charles Drum Fairfield Co. OH Hardin Co. OH >IA
Mason Charles Drum Jr. Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Charles M. by Rosa M. NE  
Mason David by Nancy Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH >IA
Mason Eddie by Rosa M. NE  
Mason Edward Ireland  
Mason Effie S. Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Elmer Ellsworth. Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH
Mason Emmet Montgomery Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH
Mason Ervin P. by Rosa M. NE  
Mason Ethel L. Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Finley Elwell Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH
Mason Frank W. Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Florence G. Nemaha Co. NE marr. Doss
Mason Florence M. née Hinkle KS KS
Mason Grace Evelyn Nemaha Co. NE marr. Curtis
Mason George W. by Nancy Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH >IA
Mason George W. Fairfield Co. OH? Hardin Co. OH? >McLean Co. IL
Mason Harriet née ????   marr. Nathan Mason
Mason Jessie Alphonetta Nemaha Co. NE marr. Buckley
Mason Lee D. Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Leroy S. Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH > Douglas Co. NE
Mason Laura M. née Thompson    
Mason Lloyd Lerenzo   Hardin Co. OH
Mason Lydia A. née Spitzer   Hardin Co. OH
Mason Marquis L. IN marr. Sarah
Mason Martha McLean Co. Il marr. Bigford
Mason Mary A. Nemaha Co. NE marr. Thompson
Mason Mary née ? PA  
Mason Mary Jane née Turner ME NY?
Mason Mary L. NE  
Mason Mattie née ?   McLean Co. IL
Mason Mazy S./J. née Rebuck PA PA
Mason Morris H. NE  
Mason Nancy Ann née Coats Hardin Co. OH or IL Hardin Co. OH >IA
Mason Nathan   marr. Harriet
Mason Oliver Perry Brookfield, NY NY
Mason Oscar Wayne Nemaha Co. NE  
Mason Perry D. Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH
Mason Peter Costella Howe, NE  
Mason Robert McClellan Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH
Mason Rosa A. née Hodge NE  
Mason Rosa M. née ? Ireland  
Mason Sarah Ann Hardin Co. OH Hardin Co. OH
Mason Sarah M./W. née Thompson MO marr. M. L. Mason
Mason Thomas Ireland  
Mason Thomas J. Hardin Co. OH see Richardson Co. NE
Mason Walker Leroy by Nancy IA IA
Massey William R.    
Masters Kate OH  
Masterson Robert D. OH  
Mathews Austin W. IL IL
Mathews David Theodore OH OH>IA
Mathews Francis E. IL IL
Mathews George OH OH>IA
Mathews Josephine IL IL
Mathews Mary J. née ? IL IL
Mathews O. J.    
Mathews Royal IL IL
Mathews Sterling IL IL
Mattix Sarah Anne   see Culp
Mauck Isaac PA  
Maunn J. H.    
Mauring Catharine née ? NY IL>IA
Mauring Homer P. NY IL>IA
Maxfield Rev. Jno. B.    
Maxwell Agnes Whiteside Co. IL IL
Maxwell Alexander K. Whiteside Co. IL IL
Maxwell Anna née Wardrop Renfrewshire, Scotland NY>IL
Maxwell Daniel Scotland NY>IL
Maxwell Edward J. Nemaha Co. NE  
Maxwell John Lanarkshire, Scotland NY>IL
Maxwell John Jr. Scotland NY>IL
Maxwell Walter S. Whiteside Co. IL IL
Maxwell William G. Whiteside Co. IL IL
May Rev.    
Mayhew H. W.    
Mayo Henry S.    
Mead Albert    
Meals/Neal George NE  
Mean John H.    
Mears H. M. St. Louis, MO Platte Co. MO> Ft. Leavenworth, KS
Meath Mary A. Mayo Co. Ireland see Engles
Meddows Eli KY MO
Meddows Irena/Irene MO MO
Meddows Kisiah née ? KY MO
Medford Annie E. née ? VA  
Medford Charles Nemaha Co. NE  
Medford Ella VA  
Medford James MD MD> VA
Medford James jr. NE  
Medford Joseph    
Medford William VA  
Medley Alfred   Crawford Co. IL > Atchinson Co. MO
Medley Austin M. Crawford Co. IL Atchinson Co. MO
Medley Frank Crawford Co. IL Atchinson Co. MO
Medley Frank M. [F. M.]    
Medley George W.    
Medley Harriet E.    
Medley John J.    
Medley Lydia née Smith    
Medley Martin R. Crawford Co. IL IL
Medley Mary Nemaha Co. NE  
Medley Mary née Grieves   Crawford Co. IL > Atchinson Co. MO
Medley Raney (Rainey) May    
Medley Richard    
Medley Sarah J. Nemaha Co. NE see Baller
Meek Martha IN  
Meigs Mr.    
Meisler Fredrick Prussia, Ger.  
Mellick Andrew NJ  
Mellick Eliza née ? KY  
Mellick Mary E. MO  
Mellick Sarah A. NE  
Meller Elizabeth WI? see Huddart
Melvin Elizabeth née Lambert NY MO
Melvin James NH MO
Melvin James G. MO MO
Melvin J. Lambert    
Mercer Clara Liberty, IL IL
Mercer Elizabeth née Flora PA IA>IL
Mercer J. J. Clarion Co. PA IA>IL
Mercer Minnie Liberty, IL IL
Mercer David Benton City, IA IA>IL
Meredith Caturia née ? IL  
Meredith John IL  
Merritt Susan Clark Co. OH see Richardson
Mesnet C. L.    
Metcalf Benton IL  
Metcalf Emily née ? KY IL
Metcalf Sarah IL  
Metcalf Sarah C. IL IL
Metcalf Thomas J. IL  
Metcalf William B.    
Mewcomb H. K.    
Meyers N.    
Michael Laura née Palmer    
Michel Marie M. Adelaide Swit.  
Michel Yock    
Michon Pauline H. née ?    
Michon Willie    
Middleton John W.    
Miles Abbie H. New England see Richards
Miles William NY  
Milholland Henry OH  
Milholland Philena née ? IN  
Miller Alice   see Wathan
Miller Charles IN  
Miller Clara    
Miller Eliza    
Miller Henry    
Miller John OH  
Miller John H.    
Miller Joseph    
Miller J. P.    
Miller Lyman    
Miller S. B.    
Miller W. H.    
Millstead James IL  
Millstead Mary née Adams    
Millstead Oline James    
Minnick Elizabeth née ? KY  
Minick H. O.    
Minnick Hiram PA  
Minnick John S. PA  
Minick Mrs. J. S. née ?    
Minnick Mary A. NE  
Minnick Nathaniel PA  
Minick W. L.    
Minnings Barnard Prussia, Ger. VA
Minnings Barnard Jr. VA VA
Minnings Charles NE  
Minnings Doretha? née ? Saxony, Ger. VA
Mitchell Eliza Jane IL see Patterson
Minnings Ellen NE  
Minnings Henry Nemaha Co. NE  
Mitchell J. W.    
Mitchell Joseph France IL>MO
Moerer Bulah Dorthy Sophia née Zabel   Platte Co. MO
Moerer Franz F. C. Sr. Meckelberg, Prussia TX > Platte Co. MO
Moerer Franz F. C. Jr. Mecklelberg, Scherine, Prussia TX > Platte Co. MO
Moerer Frederika née ?    
Moerer Freiderika Sophi Brenham, Washington Co. TX marr. Stutheit
Moerer George Meckelberg, Prussia TX > Platte Co. MO
Mohle William Prussia, Ger.  
Monette Abbie L.    
Monette Cassie    
Monette David M.    
Monette Jenelene    
Monette Maggie    
Monette Mary née Beaunon    
Monette Michel Montreal Dist. Can IA>IL> ?> Richardson Co. NE
Monette Michel Jr.    
Monette Peter    
Montgomery Jasper W.    
Moody Mary    
Moody Robert    
Moon Branson VA  
Moon Lucretia née OH  
Mooney Anne    
Moore Alexander IN  
Moore Alva Nemaha Co. NE  
Moore B. H.    
Moore Fredrick NJ  
Moore George B. Lisbon, Androscoggin Co. ME ME
Moore Harriet née ? IN IN
Moore Louisa M. née Cushman Webster, ME ME
Moore Lucretta née Hawks    
Moore Mary England see Palmer
Moore Mary IA  
Moore Miss M. F.    
Moore Rachel Irwin   see Tipton
Moore/Moose John IN  
Morel Charles Ger.  
Morey Edmund    
Morey Miss M.    
Morgan A. W. Somerset, Pulaski Co., KY IN>IL>CA> Logan Co. IL
Morgan Eliza C.    
Moren Josheph    
Morgan Emma    
Morgan Gen. T. J.    
Morgan Hattie    
Morgan Miss Eliza    
Morgan O. A.    
Morehead Miss    
Morley Charles IL IL
Morley Daily née ? Ireland OH>IL
Morley Jane IL IL
Morley John Ireland OH>IL
Morley William OH IL
Morris Albert IN  
Morris Almon PA  
Morris David    
Morris D. M. Greene Co. PA LaSalle Co. IL> Livingston Co. IL >various> IA
Morris Ella née Perry Livingston Co. IL  
Morris 7 child. by Ella Nemaha Co. NE  
Morrison Carrie M. Nemaha Co. NE  
Morrison Derbon née ? OH OH
Morrison Edwin B. Nemaha Co. NE  
Morrison John H. Miami Co. OH OH>CA>OH
Morrison Josephine W. Nemaha Co. NE  
Morrison Laura B. Miami Co. OH OH
Morrison Mary F. OH OH
Morrison Mary Hall    
Morrison Mattie M. Nemaha Co. NE  
Morrison Nancy A./E. née Favorite Miami Co. OH OH
Morrison Phil Sheridan Nemaha Co. NE  
Morrison Robert OH OH
Morrison Rev. V. V.    
Morrison William    
Morton Anna    
Morton Cora    
Morton D. A. Mt. Vernon, OH Atchison Co. MO
Morton Dora    
Morton Laura J. née Sutton Mt. Vernon, OH Atchison Co. MO
Morton Minnie    
Morton Nellie    
Morton William    
Mosely Eliza   see Holroyd
Mosely Mary née ? Eng.  
Mosely Theodore    
Mosely Thomas Eng.  
Mosler M. Victoria    
Moyer Rosina    
Muir Betsy MO MO
Muir Downie D. Carbondale, PA  
Muir Esther née Davidson PA?  
Muir Frank D. Carbondale, PA  
Muir R. V. Lanarkshire, Scotland NY>PA>NE>MO>NE
Muir Robert D. Northstar, MO MO
Mullin J. M.    
Mullis Elizabeth née ? NC IN
Mullis Rev. G. D.    
Mullis Joel IN IN
Mullis John GA IN
Mullis John Jr.    
Mullis Mrs. John Jr. née ?    
Mullis inf. dau. to Mrs. John Jr. Nemaha Co. NE [died]
Mullis Levina IN IN
Mullis Meliva IN IN
Mullis Olina IN IN
Munson Alonzo H. IL IL
Munson Mary Jane née ? IL IL
Munson William IN IL
Murray Thomas    
Myers Nathan    

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