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May 22, 2001

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Last Name First Name Birth Place From Place
Paddock A. S.    
Palmer Aaron Holt Co. MO Holt Co. MO
Palmer Alice M. UT UT>ID
Palmer Anna M. née ? NE  
Palmer Bessie NE  
Palmer Christian VA  
Palmer Della née Furlough MD  
Palmer Edith J. née ? NE marr. Palmer
Palmer Edna Nemaha Co. NE  
Palmer Eleanor née Doves Lincolnshire, Eng. Boston, MA> St. Louis Co. MO >Omaha>UT>ID>Omaha>Nemaha Co. NE
Palmer Emma S. Nemaha Co. NE marr. Carlisle
Palmer George Lincolnshire, Eng. Boston, MA> St. Louis Co. MO >Omaha>UT>ID>Omaha>IA>Nemaha Co. NE
Palmer Henry C. Nemaha Co. NE  
Palmer H. F.    
Palmer Irvin NE  
Palmer J. C.   Holt Co. MO
Palmer widow née ?   Holt Co. MO
Palmer 7 child. to widow    
Palmer John Jr. Lincolnshire, Eng. Boston, MA> St. Louis Co. MO >Omaha>UT>ID>Omaha>Nemaha Co. NE
Palmer John C. Lincolnshire, Eng. Boston, MA> St. Louis Co. MO >Omaha>UT>ID>Omaha>Nemaha Co. NE
Palmer John W. Nemaha Co. NE  
Palmer Joseph Lincolnshire, Eng.  
Palmer Joseph F. NE  
Palmer Laura    
Palmer Mary Anne NE  
Palmer Martha E. née Parish IA IA
Palmer Mary E. Nemaha Co. NE marr. Parrish
Palmer Mary H.    
Palmer Mary née Moore Lincolnshire, Eng. MO>NE>UT
Palmer Minerva E. née Tharp Jasper Co. IA IA
Palmer child. by Minerva E. NE  
Palmer Minnie E. Nemaha Co. NE marr. Cook
Palmer Mona M. Nemaha Co. NE  
Palmer Phillip Lincolnshire, Eng. St. Louis Co. MO >UT>ID>Nemaha Co. NE
Palmer Rebecca née ? OH  
Palmer Sarah Lincolnshire, Eng. marr. McNutt, Smart
Palmer Sarah S. UT marr. Hanaford
Palmer Susan Lincolnshire, Eng. St. Louis, MO> UT>MO>>UT>Oneida Co. ID
Palmer William Henry Lincolnshire, Eng. St. Louis, MO> UT>MO>>UT>Oneida Co. ID
Paris Arthur    
Parish Amanda née ? IA IA
Parish John W. NC IA
Parish Martha E. IA see Palmer
Parish Mellisa J. IA IA
Parish Martha E.   see Palmer
Parrish Lee    
Parkelow Mr.    
Parker Alfred Nemaha Co. NE  
Parker Bert Nemaha Co. NE  
Parker C. B.    
Parker Clara    
Parker Claude Nemaha Co. NE  
Parker E. E.    
Parker Ed Nemaha Co. NE  
Parker Emma Nemaha Co. NE  
Parker Ira S.    
Parker Jane née Long    
Parker Joseph MO  
Parker Malinda née ? (w2) Mt. Vernon, OH  
Parker Martha    
Parker Oliver Nemaha Co. NE  
Parker Roy Nemaha Co. NE  
Parker Walter    
Parriott Edgar IA  
Parriott Glen A. Nemaha Co. NE  
Parriott Joseph E. Nemaha Co. NE  
Parriott Minnie S. née Dubuque MO MO> UT> ID>
Parrott William C. Jr. WV WV> IA
Parsell Hannah PA  
Paseton Edgar NE  
Paseton Eliza née ? PA MO
Paseton Robert MO MO
Paseton Thompson KY MO
Patrich Fred    
Patrick Frank    
Patrick Fremont    
Patrick J. M. Rochester, NY Lockport, NY> DeKalb Co. IL
Patrick Jessie    
Patrick Nancy E. née Burns Orleans Co. NY Orleans Co. NY> DeKalb Co. IL
Patterson Archibald Nemaha Co. NE  
Patterson Effie Nemaha Co. NE marr. Conrad
Patterson Eliza Jane née Mitchell IL IL>MO
Patterson Florence Nemaha Co. NE  
Patterson Harry Nemaha Co. NE  
Patterson Herbert Nemaha Co. NE  
Patterson John C. Eng. MO
Patterson John W. Davies Co. IN  
Patterson Lucy Ann née Grubwell    
Patterson Mable Nemaha Co. NE marr. White
Patterson Maggie Nemaha Co. NE marr. Comstock
Patterson Mary Nemaha Co. NE see Cole
Pauley Mr.    
Paulin F. M.    
Paulin John M.    
Paulin Milton    
Pavy Celia née ? OH IN
Pavy Elizabeth née ? OH IN
Pavy Elizabeth Nemaha Co. NE  
Pavy Freeborn OH IN
Pavy Goldsberry OH IN
Pavy Goldsberry Jr. IN IN
Pavy Hulda IN IN
Pavy Mary IN IN
Pavy Minerva IN IN
Pavy Sarah IN IN
Pavy William (Bill) IN IN
Paxton Eliza H. née Semple PA Lee Co. IA
Paxton Robert Francis    
Paxton son of Thompson (died)    
Paxton son of Thompson (died)    
Paxton Thompson Adair Co. KY Lee Co. IA
Peabody Clarence Nemaha Co. NE  
Peabody Eliza J. OH see Fisher
Peabody Elsie M. Nemaha Co. NE  
Peabody Laura A. Nemaha Co. NE  
Peabody Lester M. Nemaha Co. NE  
Peabody Mary E. née Dressler Tazewell Co. IL IL
Peabody Mina C. Nemaha Co. NE  
Peabody Valentine P. Ceres, NY Athens Co. OH> IL
Pearl J. W.    
Peck Emory    
Peck Mrs M. A. Rhodes née Powell Chartres, Cambridgeshire, Eng Vanderberg Co. IN
Peck M. Thomas by M. A. Marshall Co. IL  
Peck Matthew Chartres, Cambridgeshire, Eng Vanderberg Co. IN
Pedigo Melinda née Horn    
Peery see Pury also    
Peery Alexander MO MO
Peery Elizabeth née Fudge VA Gentry Co. MO> Buchanan Co. MO
Peery H. R.    
Peery Henry MO MO
Peery Hester A. MO MO
Peery J. H. Tazewell Co. VA Gentry Co. MO> Buchanan Co. MO
Peery James Tazewill Co. VA VA>MO
Peery John D. Nemaha Co. NE  
Peery Joseph A. MO MO
Peery Margaret MO MO
Peery Martha Tazewell Co. VA VA>MO; marr McGrew
Peery Mary Tazewell Co. VA VA>MO
Peery M. S.    
Peery Rachael MO MO
Peery Dr. Russell VA  
Peery Susan E. MO MO
Pegram B. R.    
Pemberton Amanda OH OH
Pemberton Prudence née ? OH OH
Pemberton Sarah OH OH
Pemberton Simeon OH OH
Pemberton William OH OH
Penny Daniel OH OH
Penny Elizabeth OH OH
Penny Mary née ? PA OH
Penny Minerva Nemaha Co. NE  
Penny Wesley/Westley OH OH
Penny Wesley/Westley Jr. Nemaha Co. NE  
Pentland A. W.    
Peony Daniel    
Perry Ella Livingston Co. IL see Morris
Perry Martha MO see Neal
Perry Thomas J.    
Peters Jackson    
Peterson Lars    
Petit Alfred WI WI
Petit Emma NE  
Petit George K. OH WI
Petit infant son Nemaha Co. NE  
Petit Horace G. WI WI
Petit James OH WI
Petit Mark WI WI
Petit Mary née ? OH WI
Petit Samuel NY OH>WI
Pfouts Lucretia E.   see Holladay
Phelan John A. Petersburg, Menard Co. IL Menard Co. IL
Phelps Emma née Schneider Johnson, NE  
Phelps Walter ?  
Phillips Allen NY MI
Phillips Belinda née ? PA MI
Phillips Charles NE  
Phillips E. NY MI
Phillips Holden? MI  
Phillips Joanna née ? NY MI
Phillips Lydia née ? NY MI
Phillips Mary Nemaha Co. NE  
Phillips William NY MI
Phillips William B. MI MI
Phippenney A. P.   died CO
Phippenney Mrs. A. P. née ?    
Phippenney 5 child. by Mrs. A. P.   CO
Phippenney Calvin E. Pompey, NY MI
Phippenney Henrietta   see Farnham
Phippenney Jennie née McKnight    
Phippenney Lydia   see Bush
Phippenney Mary née Phillips St. Lawrence Co. NY MI
Phippenney Orville    
Phippenney Rosalind   see Good
Phipps Caroline née ? OH  
Phipps Darius OH  
Pierce Elmer MO MO
Pierce Silas    
Pierson D. W.    
Pike Alma OH see Slagle
Pilcher Henry    
Pile Alfred MO MO
Pile Joel MO MO
Pinnell Ida M. Bureau Co. IL see Hutchinson
Pinnell Mrs. Sarah. Lavina née Hall IL Bureau Co. IL
Piper Fredrick Ger.  
Piper J. B.    
Piper Louisa Nemaha Co. NE  
Piper Matilda née ? Ger.  
Plasters Angeline? née ? IN IN>MO
Plasters Daniel    
Plasters David    
Plasters Davidson KY IN>MO
Plasters M. D.    
Plasters Emma V. Nemaha Co. NE  
Plasters Mary J. MO MO
Pohlman J. H.    
Pollock Andrew D. IL IN>IA
Pollock Elizabeth née ? KY IN>IL>IN>IA
Pollock Hiram PA IN>?
Pollock Hiram IN  
Pollock Hiram B. IN IL>IN>IA
Pollock Julia A. née ? KY IN>?
Pollock Lucy A IL  
Pollock Nancy née Lewis KY Winchester, IL
Pollock Nanny    
Pollock Oliver IN IN>IL>IN>IA
Pollock Susan M. IN IA
Pollock Theodore H. Nemaha Co. NE  
Pollock Thomas IA IA
Pollock Capt. W. A. Philadelphia, PA Winchester, IL
Pollock William L. IL  
Pool Eliza ME  
Pool Elizabeth VA  
Pool Feilen VA  
Pool Jane VA  
Pool Madison VA  
Pool Malinda VA  
Pool Martha née ? VA  
Pool Tallyrand VA  
Pool Tillman VA  
Poole Delila née Brown    
Poole Elizabeth Jane    
Poole William    
Ponn Anna E. Eng.  
Ponn Ed.    
Ponn Franklin VA  
Ponn John A. VA  
Ponn John A. jr. VA  
Ponn Joseph W Lorraine, VA  
Pool Eliza ME  
Pool Madison VA  
Pool Martha VA  
Popejoy Mr.    
Potard Zala Minerva   see Adamson
Porter DeForest    
Porter E. H.    
Porter Forrest    
Porter Julia S.    
Poulson Eliza née ? IN  
Poulson Josiah OH  
Powell Miss M. A. Chartres, Cambridgeshire, Eng. see Rhodes
see Peck
Powell Rev.    
Prall Ellen née Hawks Atchison Co. MO  
Prall Rodney    
Pratt Ann IL IL
Pratt Elizabeth   see Graham
Pratt James E. MA IL
Pratt Sarah née ? IL IL
Prescott Arthur    
Presson Rev. H.    
Presson Miss M. A.   see Long
Price Humford KY  
Price John PA  
Price Moses NJ  
Price Robert    
Prichard John NE  
Prichard Rev. Martin ? Vermillion Co. IN
Prichard Mary née Howard PA Vermillion Co. IN
Prichard Susan Nemaha Co. NE  
Proctor Sarah MA  
Prouty Francis [F. L.?] MA  
Prouty Julia A. née ? MA  
Pury Elizabeth J. MO MO
Pury Francis née ? IL MO
Pury Hiram R. MO MO
Pury James M. MO MO
Pury Joseph W. KY MO
Pury Louisa F. NE  
Pury Margaret née ? KY MO
Pury Martha A. MO MO
Pury Joseph W. KY MO
Pury Dr. Russell VA MO
Pury Wilson S. KY MO

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