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Aug 18, 2006

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Last Name First Name Birth Place From Place
Sabin Mary "Polly" Pomfret, Windham Co. CT see Leach
Sabel Christian Prussia, Ger.  
Sabel Louisa née ? Prussia, Ger. WI
Sabel Manfred Prussia, Ger. WI
Sage Mr.    
Sale Sarah née ? KY IL>IA
Sales Letitia McLean Co. IL see Strain
Salsbury Mr.    
Samuelson F. W.    
Sanders Adaline née ? OH IL
Sanders B. F.    
Sanders Clara née ?    
Sanders Daniel C. IN IL
Sanders Edward France France> USA
Sanders Emma G. IN IL
Sanders George N.    
Sanders Julia née ? OH IL
Sanders Moses IL IL
Sanders Renaldo IN IL
Sanders Sarah née ? IN IL
Sanders Sarah E. IL IL
Sanders Theodore D. Nemaha Co. NE  
Sanders Thomas IN IL
Sanders T. N.    
Sanders W. W. Nemaha Co. NE  
Sandiland Andrew VT  
Sandiland Ann Nemaha Co. NE  
Sandiland Lecta A. née ? OH  
Sapp Edith E.   see Sedoris
Sapp Ellen M. née Walters    
Sapp George OH  
Sapp Henry OH  
Sapp Hester née ? NY  
Sapp Isaac MD OH>IN
Sapp John W. NE  
Sapp Loretta IN  
Sapp Samuel W. Nemaha Co. NE  
Sapp Sarah O. née Lester    
Sapp Susan née ? PA OH>IN
Sargent Mr.    
Sasts? Require NY  
Sattler Caroline    
Saulsey Joseph    
Saunders B.    
Saunders D. C.    
Savage E. E.    
Saville Benjamin England England>US
Saville Mary née ? England England>US
Saville Mattie   see Nosler
Sayer Robert    
Sayre Mrs.    
Schafer Amelia Rosetta née Hitte (w2)    
Schafer Andrew Hanover, Gettingen, Ger Mason Co. IL
Schafer Anna by w2    
Schafer August by w2    
Shafer Charles    
Schafer Frank by w1    
Schafer Henry by w1    
Schafer Herman by w2    
Schafer John by w1    
Schafer Julius by w2    
Schafer Louis by w1    
Schafer Magdalena née Sturm (w1)   Mason Co. IL
Schafer Rudolph by w2    
Schenck John S.    
Schick Mrs. E.T. née ?    
Schick T. L.    
Schlichtemeier Anna Buer, Hannover, Germany see Zabel
Schmid Maria Strumpfelbach, Wuerttemberg, Germany see Hahn
Schnackenberg Margaretha Augustenburg, Hannover, Germany see Walkenhorst
Schneider Adolph R. B. ? Febing, Nemaha Co. NE
Schneider Auguste Johnson, NE  
Schneider Auguste Caroline née Clohom Johnson, Nemaha Co. NE  
Schneider Edward Johnson, NE  
Schneider Emma Johnson, NE see Phelps
Schneider Julius Johnson, NE  
Schneider Matilda Sophia "Tillie" Johnson, NE see Bohlken
Schneider Otto Johnson, NE  
Schneider Wilhemina "Minnie" Johnson, NE see Dirks
Schoenheit August    
Schoenheit Sarah F. née Crook    
Schooley Charles A.   PA
Schooley Sarah   PA, marr Randall
Schreiner Conrad    
Schroeder Sophie Hache, Hannover, Germany see Grube
Schurtz J.    
Schutz Amelia of (w2)    
Schutz Charles of (w2)    
Schutz Ida of (w1)    
Schutz Ida née Ulick (w1)    
Schutz Joseph Baden, Ger. Otoe Co. NE
Schutz Phillipina née Kirsch (w2)    
Schutz Rosa of (w2)    
Schutz Theodore of (w1)    
Schwahn August Prussia, Ger.  
Schwahn Christian Prussia, Ger.  
Schwahn Henry NE  
Schwahn Sophia née ? Prussia, Ger.  
Schwahn Wilhelmina Prussia, Ger.  
Schwahn William Prussia, Ger.  
Schwartz Frederick    
Scott Andy OH  
Scott Elbert A. NY WI
Scott Emily NY WI
Scott Francis WI WI
Scott Hannah née ? OH OH
Scott H. O.    
Scott James OH OH
Scott John NJ  
Scott John KY KY
Scott John L.    
Scott John T. OH OH
Scott J. H. F.    
Scott Margaret née ? KY KY
Scott O. H.    
Scott Obidiah PA  
Scott Willis KY  
Scoville A. H.    
Scoville A. J.    
Scoville Andrew NY OH>IN
Scoville Fred    
Scoville Nora    
Scoville Sarah née ? OH OH>IN
Scrimpure George IN  
Seaman A.    
Sears John    
Sears Robert    
Seaton T. F.    
Sedoris Alfred OH OH
Sedoris Chester O.    
Sedoris Edith E. née Sapp    
Sedoris Ellen née Jones    
Sedoris Frederick OH OH
Sedoris James H. OH OH
Sedoris Jane OH OH
Sedoris Mary née ? OH OH
Sedoris Mary OH OH
Sedoris Matilda OH OH
Sedoris Nathaniel OH OH
Seeley Almeda M. née Kingsbury Quebec, Canada Dayton, OH >Chicago,IL >Jacksonville, IL
Seeley Cyrus C.   Dayton, OH >Chicago,IL >Jacksonville, IL
Seeley Ida Olive   see Bell
Seely Emily Jane Cape Girardeau Co. MO marr. Dunham, Randol
Seely S.    
Seeman Anna A. née Cross PA  
Seeman S. Cleveland, OH St. Louis, MO
Seid John Ger. IN?
Seid Sarah E. née ? IN IN
Seigel Catharine née ? VA  
Seigel David Bavaria  
Seigel Mary V. Nemaha Co. NE  
Segars Ellen née ? OH OH
Segars Ellen by Ellen OH OH
Segars John C. by Ellen OH OH
Segars Williard NY OH
Selee Peter Canada CAN>St. Joseph Co. MI>Otoe Co. NE
Selee Anna B. Nemaha Co. NE marr. Newton R. Rogers
Selee Lydia Ann née Hutchinson Jefferson Co. IN Jefferson Co. IN
Self Edith    
Self George    
Self J. T.    
Self Thomas Marshall    
Self Sarah Frances née Snelling    
Sellars Jane    
Semple Eliza H. PA See Paxton
Sessions Henry Jr.    
Seward Byron M. OH IL>IA
Seward Elizabeth IA IA
Seward Mahala IA IA
Seward Mary IA IA
Seward Stephen IL IL>IA
Seward Susan née ? OH IL>IA
Shadley Daniel    
Shanks William W.    
Sharp Jacob PA  
Sharp Sarah née ? NY  
Sharrett John B.    
Shellenberger Darvin NE  
Shellenberger Elizabeth née ? OH  
Shellenberger Ida Nemaha Co. NE  
Shellenberger Joseph PA  
Shellenberger W. D.    
Shellenberger W. E.    
Shelley Robert MA  
Shellhorn G.    
Shephard Clara IN IN
Shephard Louisa OH IN
Shephard Nora IN IN
Shephard Wilber IN IN
Sherfey A.    
Sherfey Elizabeth   see Waldter
Sherfey John ?  
Sherfey Mary J. NY  
Shields Mary NY? see Burley
Shirely/Shirley G. W.    
Shirely Lucy N. née Hutchinson    
Shirely Horatio    
Shirely Lilta    
Shirely Ollta    
Shirely Manco    
Shock Burget Baden, Ger. OH
Shock Madeline née ? Baden, Ger. OH
Shook Christ    
Shook George P.    
Shook George R.    
Shook John H.    
Shook William V.    
Shroaf Daniel IN IN>IL
Shroaf George OH IL>IN>IL
Shroaf George IN IN>IL
Shroaf Mary née ? OH IL>IN>IL
Shroaf Matilda IN IN>IL
Shroaf Miriam IL IL
Shroaf Rosalina NE  
Shroaf Sebastian NE  
Shroaf Susan IL IN>IL
Shrouf Mahala née ? OH wife of Wilson
Shrouf Wilson OH  
Help!! If you know the proper spelling please let me know.  
Shroap George W.    
Shroup George    
Shubert Henry W. KY IN
Shubert J. W. KY or IN? IN
Shubert James M. IN IN
Shubert Mary née Griffin (w1)    
Shubert Mary née Skeen (w2)    
Shubert W. M. KY or IN? IN
Shuck Annie R. IA Scott Co. IA
Shuck Christopher C. IA Scott Co. IA
Shuck Emma E. IA Scott Co. IA
Shuck George W. IA Scott Co. IA
Shuck John Muskingum Co. OH Scott Co. IA
Shuck John W. IA Scott Co. IA
Shuck Mary M. IA Scott Co. IA
Shuck Nancy J. née Trusler Muskingum Co. OH Scott Co. IA
Shuck Nancy J. IA Scott Co. IA
Shuck Sarah C. IA Scott Co. IA
Shultz Eliza née ? VA  
Shultz Lewis Ger.  
Shurtliff Rev. William    
Shurts Catherine née Hoagland   Franklin Co. Pa
Shurts John   Franklin Co. PA
Shurts Joseph    
Shurts Junie    
Shurts Lizzie    
Shurts Nannie    
Shurts Thomas D. Franklin Co. PA  
Shutz Joseph Baden, Ger.  
Sicafoose Thornton VA  
Sidoras J.    
Siemers Antje née Bohlken Auburn, NE  
Siemers Henry ?  
Siemers Maria née Bohlken Auburn, NE  
Simmons John W. IA IA
Simpson Mr.    
Simpson Fannie NY see Hoover
Skaats Samuel    
Skeen Alexander D. Sumner Co. TN TN>KY> Jackson Co. MO> Buchanan Co. MO >Atchinson Co. MO
Skeen Andrew J. Sumner Co. TN TN>MO
Skeen Andrew S. Nemaha Co. NE  
Skeen Benjamin T. Sumner Co. TN TN
Skeen Benjamin T. Nemaha Co. NE  
Skeen Candis A. née Drain    
Skeen Charles A. Nemaha Co. NE  
Skeen Elizabeth   see Tourtellotte
Skeen Eunice née Harger IA  
Skeen Hattie Nemaha Co. NE  
Skeen J. A. TN died in TN
Skeen J. G.    
Skeen James E Nemaha Co. NE  
Skeen Jennie M.    
Skeen John Sumner Co. TN Sumner Co. TN
Skeen John A. Nemaha Co. NE  
Skeen John W.   died in NE
Skeen Kenyon Buchanan Co. MO  
Skeen Kenyon P.   died in NE
Skeen Lucy J.   see Hyatt
Skeen Margaret   see Snow
Skeen Martha née Watts Charles Co. MO Jackson Co. MO
Skeen Mary   see Shubert
Skeen Mary née Blevins KY KY> Jackson Co. MO> Buchanan Co. MO >Atchinson Co. MO
Skeen Melinda née Denning TN Sumner Co. TN
Skeen Melvina E.    
Skeen Nancy A.   see Linn
Skeen Pearl Nemaha Co. NE  
Skeen Richard    
Skeen Sarah M. Nemaha Co. NE  
Skeen Thomas Benton    
Skeen William D. Nemaha Co. NE  
Skillet Ann née ? Eng. Eng.
Skillet William Eng. Eng.
Skillman Cynthia née Hays IL? Decatur, IL> KY>MO>IA
Skillman Emily B.    
Skillman I. W. Paris, KY various>IL>KY> MO>IA
Skillman J.    
Skillman Mary A.    
Skinkle A.    
Skinkle R. A.    
Slagle Alma née Pike OH IA
Slagle Ephriam PA IA
Slagle Hiram PA IA
Slagle William PA IA
Slaughter Brad    
Slaughter D. R.    
Slaughter W. B.    
Sloan Stephen H.    
Small Almira née ? IN  
Small Carrie Nemaha Co. NE  
Small John A. IN  
Small William IN  
Small W. H.    
Smedley Miss E. J. Menard Co. IL? see Black
Smedley Charles T.    
Smedley G. W. Menard Co. IL  
Smedley Gertrude A.    
Smedley Gertrude née Maddox Springfield, IL  
Smedley Orion O.    
Smedley Scott S.    
Smedley William J.    
Smiley David G?.    
Smilie Norman    
Smith Abigail née néely Licking Co. OH  
Smith Abner TN IL
Smith Adaline C. Nemaha Co. NE  
Smith Albert MO MO
Smith Alfred Eng.  
Smith Amanda J. IL IL
Smith Bessie May NE  
Smith Catharine OH  
Smith Charles B. NY  
Smith Charlotte née ? Eng.  
Smith Caroline née Whitman Luzerne Co. PA  
Smith Caroline IN? see Hughes
Smith Charles A. Q. Nemaha Co. NE  
Smith Charles G. NE  
Smith Daniel OH OH>MO
Smith David T. Nemaha Co. NE  
Smith D. Clinton    
Smith D. T.    
Smith David    
Smith Delos    
Smith Eliza née ? Eng. WI
Smith Elizabeth OH  
Smith Elizabeth Brandon, Suffolk, Eng. see Wheeler
Smith Ellen NE  
Smith Emma A. MO MO
Smith Fanny by Fanny H. Eng.  
Smith Fanny H. née ? Eng.  
Smith Flora A. PA  
Smith George TN IL
Smith Harris B. NE  
Smith Helen J. Nemaha Co. NE  
Smith Isaac WI  
Smith Isla J. née ? IL IL
Smith Jane IL IL
Smith Jeremiah IL IL
Smith John NY  
Smith John OH  
Smith John IL  
Smith John B. NE  
Smith J. L.    
Smith John Q. A. Coshocton Co. OH OH>?>MS
Smith John Q. A. Jr. Nemaha Co. NE  
Smith Julia A. née ? PA  
Smith Ketura A. NE  
Smith Louisa née ? OH  
Smith Lydia   see Medley
Smith Mary née ? PA OH>MO
Smith Mary née ? PA IL
Smith Mary Nemaha Co. NE  
Smith Mary A. WI  
Smith Mary M. IL IL
Smith M. Maud NE  
Smith Mollie née Holladay    
Smith Nancy J. NE  
Smith Perry NE  
Smith Peter Eng. WI
Smith R. B. Luzerne Co. PA  
Smith R. R.    
Smith Samuel OH MO
Smith Sarah IL IL
Smith Sybil née ? NY IL
Smith Thomas WI  
Smith Thomas O. NE  
Smith Tullis M. IL IL
Smith Uriah NY IL
Smith William W. Luzerne Co. PA  
Smith Rev. William    
Smith Willis IL IL
Snodgrass F. L.    
Snow Dr. C. B.    
Snow Joseph ME IA
Snow Margaret née Skeen    
Snow Sabina née ? NH IA
Snyder Adont Prussia, Ger.  
Snyder Ann née ? Eng. MO
Snyder Charles PA MO
Snyder Elizabeth L. née ? PA IA
Snyder Elizabeth née Strain (w1) OH IL>Cass Co. NE
Snyder Emily/Emelie Nemaha Co. NE  
Snyder Francis née ? NY IN
Snyder Francis IA IA
Snyder Franklin IA IA
Snyder George W. Nemaha Co. NE  
Snyder H. D. Highland Co. OH IL>Cass Co. NE
Snyder Henry IA IA
Snyder Jeremiah OH IN
Snyder Jackson OH  
Snyder Joseph PA  
Snyder Lester Nemaha Co. NE  
Snyder Lida née Legg (w2)    
Snyder Louisa    
Snyder Margaret née ? Prussia, Ger.  
Snyder Mary E. IN IN
Snyder Oscar Nemaha Co. NE  
Snyder Rosetta IA IA
Snyder Samuel PA IA
Soper Elizabeth née ? IL IL
Soper Samuel MA IL
Souder B. F. Perry Co. PA LaSalle Co. IL> Buchanan Co. MO
Souder Laura née Collins    
Spears Elizabeth née ? PA IA
Spears Mary IA IA
Spears Nathan IA IA
Spears Samantha IA IA
Spears William PA IA
Spencer J. W.    
Spicer Minerva née Tharp Jasper Co. IA  
Spicer dau 1    
Spicer dau 2    
Spicer dau 3    
Spicer William DE  
Spitzer Lydia A. Hardin Co. OH see Mason
Spritzer Catharine née ? Prussia, Ger.  
Spritzer John Prussia, Ger.  
Sprinkel Charles OH  
Sprinkel Henry OH  
Sprinkel Levi OH OH
Sprinkel Virginia née ? OH OH
Sprinkel Virginia OH  
Spurleck Malinda AL see West
Spurlock David    
Spurlock J.    
Squires Charles J. NY  
Squires Harriet unknown  
Squires Hicta née ? NY PA>IL
Squires Jabez NY PA>IL
Squires Nathan NY  
Sroaf S. H.    
Sroaf S. R.    
Sroup George    
Stafford Mr.   Archeology dig
Standley Anne M. IL  
Standley Eliza née ? KY IL
Standley Francis M. IL  
Standley Hurlbut? IL  
Standley James D. IL  
Standley John W. IL  
Standley Joseph IL  
Standley Richard VA IL
Standley Samuel IL  
Standley William M. IL  
Stanley Anne    
Stanley Delilah J. née ? IN IL
Stanley Elijah    
Stanley Moses TN IL
Stanley William IL  
Stanton Jane A.    
Stanton Thomas GA  
Starr Belle M. Vermillion Co. IL  
Starr Burton    
Starr Caroline A. née Good    
Starr Elizabeth L. Vermillion Co. IL see Lash
Starr Emma    
Starr Jacob R. Vermillion Co. IL  
Starr Jerusha NE  
Starr John B. IL  
Starr Margaret Vermillion Co. IL  
Starr Mary née Delay OH Vermillion Co. IL
Starr Mary C. Vermillion Co. IL  
Starr Judge Phillip Preble Co. OH Vermillion Co. IL
Starr Phillip H. Vermillion Co. IL  
Starr Solomon NE  
Starr Sarah Vermillion Co. IL  
Starr Susan J. Vermillion Co. IL  
Starr William H. Vermillion Co. IL  
Starry Addie    
Starry Alexander OH IN> Jasper Co. & Hamilton Co. IA
Starry Birthena née Woodward    
Starry Buell    
Starry Harvey    
Starry Melissa    
Starry Nettie    
Starry Walter    
Steel John IN  
Steilen/m Martin Prussia, Ger.  
Steilen/m Susan née ? Prussia, Ger.  
Steinman Henry    
Steinmar H.    
Steitz Mr.    
Stephens Amos    
Stephens Anna MD MD
Stephens Elizabeth née ? PA MD
Stephens Jacob    
Stephens John MD MD
Stephens Mark    
Stephens Mary OH  
Stephenson Kennedy IN  
Stephenson William OH  
Stevens Andrew    
Stevens Ellen Logansport, IN see Russell
Stevenson James    
Stevenson William H.    
Stewart Catharine née ? IN  
Stewart Dr. Charles F. IN  
Stewart Charles S.    
Stewart R. A.    
Stewart Robert M.    
Steirs A. L.    
Steirs Miss M. J.    
Stiers Daniel E.    
Stiers Emeline née Clover Grundy Co. IL  
Stiers Elmer Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Guy Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers John B. Guernsey Co. OH MO>CA>OH
Stiers Ida Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers John Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Joseph Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Leila Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Maggie Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Mary J. Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Mary L. Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Minnie Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Nancy née Swift    
Stiers Samuel Nemaha Co. NE died young
Stiers Samuel E. Nemaha Co. NE  
Stiers Samuel L. Guernsey Co. OH  
Stiers Sarah B. Nemaha Co. NE  
Still Mr.    
Stillwell James    
Stillwell Lucinda née ? IN OH
Stillwell William OH OH
Stites Alma née Taylor    
Stites America Melvina    
Stites Casey A. IN IN
Stites Daniel O. IN IN
Stites David IN Jefferson Co. IN, m. 17 May 1857
Stites David P. OH IN
Stites Emoline née Condrey IN IN
Stites Eva Josephine    
Stites Harriet Emoline IN  
Stites Henry IN  
Stites John OH  
Stites Jonathan Henry    
Stites Josephine NE  
Stites Martha née Lewis IN Jefferson Co. IN, m. 17 May 1857
Stites Mary IN  
Stites Nehemiah Edmond    
Stites Sarah J. IN  
Stocker Thomas B. Cornwall, Eng. Jo Daviess Co. IL
Stokes William    
Stone D. B.    
Storm H.    
Stout Clara Bell Nemaha Co. NE  
Stout Cora E. OH OH
Stout Elijah K. OH OH
Stout Grace OH OH
Stout Henry C. NE  
Stout Mary née ? IL  
Stout Monroe W. OH OH
Stout Robert P. Nemaha Co. NE  
Stout Sarah F. NE  
Stout Sophia née ? OH  
Stout Susan A. OH OH
Stout William OH  
Stowell Eliza A. née ?
Stowell Francis
Stowell Isla?
Stowell Martin    
Stowell O. J. Otsego Co. NY IL
Straight H. H.    
Strain Celia NE  
Strain Elizabeth OH see Snyder
Strain Elizabeth Des Moines, IA IA
Strain J. Arthur NE  
Strain John Tippecanoe Co. IN IA, MO, KS
Strain John C. NE  
Strain Letitia née Sales McLean Co. IL IA
Strain Margaret NE  
Strain Martha NE  
Strain Mary NE  
Strain Nettie NE  
Straw Electa née ? CT IA
Straw Harriet IA IA
Straw Philonder NY IA
Strecker Paulina   see Riechers
Streeter Rienzi    
Strickler Jacob PA  
Stringham Jeremiah    
Stroble B.    
Stroble Lizzie née Reist Goshen, IN  
Strole S. C. VA VA
Strong Caroline née ? NY WI
Strong Hezekiah B. NY WI
Strong N. B.    
Strong W. H.    
Stowell Eliza A. née ? MA IL
Stowell Martin MA IL
Stowell Carrie D. née Robertson Cambridge, NY  
Stowell William H. Leroy, NY biography
Stukenholtz Elizabeth née ? Ger. NY
Stukenholtz William Ger. or NY NY
Stull Lillie née Cecil Miami Co. OH  
Stull John S. Marengo, McHenry Co. IL various>MI
Sturm Magdalena   see Schafer
Sturr Mary A. PA IL marr. Geo. Wm. Mason
Stutheit Frederika Sophi née Moerer Brenham, Washington Co. TX TX > Platte Co. MO
Styres Nancy née ? MO  
Styres Samuel OH  
Sullivan Uriah IN  
Summers Barbara L. MO  MO
Summers Hannah A. MO  MO
Summers John J. MO  MO
Summers Joseph C. MO  MO
Summers Qincy? née ? KY MO
Summers Samuel M. Washington Co. MO Holt Co. MO
Summers Samuel R. KY  MO
Summers Sarah Jane née Westfall    
Summers 4 children to Sarah Jane    
Sumner Mary    
Summers William M. MO  MO
Suter Maj. Charles R.    
Sutton Laura J.    
Sutton Maddison KY  
Sutton Susan A.    
Swan Elizabeth A. Peru, IL see Cole
Swan Emily J. IL IL
Swan George H. TN IL
Swan Hiram L. Nemaha Co. NE  
Swan I. W.    
Swan Rev. I./J. W.    
Swan John W. TN IL
Swan John W. Jr. IL IL
Swan Lewis M. IL IL
Swan Lucinda née ? KY IL
Swan Maria née ? VA IL
Swan Martha IL IL
Swan Mary/Maria E. IL IL
Swan Narccissa J. née ? MO IL
Swan Pleasant G. IL IL
Swan S. L.    
Swan Sarah E./A. IL IL
Swan Timothy L. IL IL
Swan William J. IL IL
Swan William Lane TN Peru, IL
Swan William P. IL  
Swan Wilson M. TN IL
Swartz David J. PA died in C. War
Swartz Mrs. E.    
Swartz Frederick Wurtemberg, Ger Reinersburg, PA
Swartz Hannah M. PA PA
Swartz Hiram M. PA PA
Swartz J.    
Swartz Margaret J. PA PA
Swartz Margaret née Lobaugh PA PA>died enroute to NE
Swartz Martha PA PA
Swartz Mary A. PA PA
Swartz Ottoran McD. PA PA
Swartz Peter L. PA PA
Swartz Rachel PA PA
Sweeney Maria Ireland  
Sweeney Mary by Maria NE  
Sweet J. B.    
Sweet James    
Swift Anthony NC  
Swift Dora E.   see Leeper
Swift Elizabeth E. MO see Fowler
Swift? Julia KY see Burrers
Swift Nancy   see Stiers
Swift Samuel    

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